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  1. I ATC myself. Don't care if that plane is on the runway. My crash detection is turned off. I'll go right through it on my terms, don't need anybody telling me what I can and can't do! 😆
  2. I just built a new PC and I uninstalled the Client on my old machine which asked to deactivate, yes obviously. When I installed on my new machine the next day there was no problems re-activating.
  3. Isn't new hardware always coming out in the next few months? You're never truly ahead of the curve when building computers. Something is always obsolete the next week. That is a point I've been trying to get across. Those Ideal specs are for just MSFS. If you want to be able to run a high fidelity aircraft and whatever other addons we will start stacking into the sim, you will want to build a system that is far above the ideal specs.
  4. If wifi is needed, why buy a network card instead of a motherboard with it built in? It will make for a cleaner build and the ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming WiFi board is still a modest $169.99.
  5. X, K, KS, M N L O P Q R S I don't think it will matter to be honest. As long as you get a top of the line CPU worthy of gaming, whether that be with AMD or Intel I'm sure you will be just fine. Possibly we are over analyzing this. I'm building a system with an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and a GTX 2080 Ti and calling it good. I won't lose any sleep over it.
  6. PC building is a hobby, no? It goes hand in hand with my other hobby of flight games simulators. Not too often I get to build a new PC so I get excited about it. And when a new sim comes around is about the only time I can justify in my mind, and to my wife on why I need to spend all this money. I don't have the spare cash to just drop $3,000 on a new build all at once so I get a list together with the parts I want and buy it over time. I take into account update cycles for processors and GPU's so if something may be on the horizon I'll hold off on that part. But it's a safe bet I can get a case, power supply, ram, motherboard and other things right now. That technology doesn't change a whole lot. In about a 4-5 month time I'll have everything ready to put together. My goal is to build a PC that is spec'd even higher than what was released as "Ideal Specs". That way I can account for framerate heavy addons.
  7. I'm starting to lean that way myself. Had Intel CPU's my whole life but now I'm spec'ing out a Ryzen build. This is a tense moment, ranks up there when I made the Mac to PC switch 10 years ago.
  8. I'm just going to buy everything for the build minus the CPU/GPU and see what happens with the next release of those on the horizon.
  9. From my quick search, an i7-9800X is not even available to purchase anywhere. So why they would list it as Ideal I don't know. Doesn't seem to ideal to me if I can't buy it. As we have been made aware, it has way more maximum memory bandwidth. The weird thing is if you look at current i9 X series processors they don't list the max memory bandwidth for any of them so it's hard to compare. I play other games as well so I may just say forget about the X series and go with a K.
  10. Day late to the party but I just read this entire thread. One thing I don't recall seeing was anybody mention addons. So these recommended specs are going to be just for the base simulator. With that said, we start throwing things at it like PMDG, FS Labs, FSDT or FlyTampa, weather, clouds... this.. that... We fill this thing up with addons like you know we will, the ideal specs just became the recommended and the recommended just became the minimum.. if a person at the minimum puts in some addons they may be in trouble. Sure my specs aren't the best, they aren't terrible either. I have an i7-6700K and a GTX 1080 and it runs P3D on it's own great! Most sliders to the right. But add in the PMDG 777, ORBX everything, airports, the works from REX... now my sliders are in the middle. So just food for thought. It may not be a bad thing to go a little overkill on specs to compensate for all our addons we will have years down the road from now. Also anyone that are rural and have difficulty with faster internet speeds, you'll be a prime candidate for SpaceX Starlink when that becomes available.
  11. A little more information would be helpful. Which simulator version, and any vector addons installed? First though I would make sure your ORD is placed above the Chicago City in the scenery order.
  12. I'll pay for the upgrade. So will a lot of people.
  13. Being able to ditch Vector and all the addon airport elevation issues was worth it enough to pay another $60 for v5
  14. You gotta give it time people. We are one day into a new release. Let the developers get everything updated. Once the wrinkles are ironed out and we get a hold on the new graphics settings I'm sure it will be loved by many. I can see much potential and improvements in this release. Oh and I did buy it yesterday and am satisfied. Been working on integrating everything I own into v5 that has been updated thus far.
  15. My TrackIR was not working until I opened up Chaseplane. All good.
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