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  1. Working fine for me. Yes you can install and use any of the Flight1 GPS units and in the DC-9 autopilot use AUX NAV and it should track your GPS route just fine. I installed the GTN750 via the F1 GTN configurator. If you liked the aircraft in FSX then it is the same aircraft, just ported for P3D. I still had my McPhat highres cockpit installer on my hard drive and installed that just fine as well. Unfortunately the cargo expansion will not work.
  2. PWJT8D

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    I will buy it after I recoup from paying my property taxes that are due at the end of the week 😱 The price does not really bother me. Yeah it may be a little on the higher side for something listed as an expansion. With the new features and moving people, the added customization at the gate with slewing objects and all that I'm sure took a big chunk of time to do. Possibly their wording could have been done differently, instead of it being an expansion to the original they could have dropped version 1 all together and listed this as the new GSX 2.0 and gave existing customers a discounted rate. But this is why I don't make flight sim addons, because I'm no coder or business man so I will leave the decision making to those who do that. Inflation is a fact of life. Something we all have to live with. We keep complaining about our heat, electricity, internet, food, gasoline (petrol for those of you across the pond) all keep getting more expensive. These developers have to deal with the same thing. Servers aren't getting any cheaper to host all of this stuff. Bandwidth is ever increasing. Lines of code are exponentially getting longer and taking more time to code as our addons get more advanced. Time is money.
  3. PWJT8D

    Lost in the addons....

    I also use Google Earth to drop a pin with some brief information on what airport I have. Soon though this will be obsolete when FSElite's DCTRY is released. Quite a wonderful scenery program they are coming up with. But as for aircraft I would guess you could just write down a list or something. Sometimes I will start up P3D just to scroll through the aircraft I have to make a decision on what I want to fly that day.
  4. PWJT8D

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    If you orginally bought it from Just Flight like I did, I just recieved my voucher code email maybe an hour or so after you posted
  5. Do you both know why Coolsky released these aircraft for P3D? Yes they originally had no intentions to release for P3D but customers kept asking and asking and asking year after year. So they finally said okay, we will. That is no reason to bring them down about it, and I've seen this brought up elsewhere too. We should thank them for it, appreciate that they changed their minds. Secondly, do you two know why Coolsky didn't improve textures, lighting, visual qualities or anything else? It's not a "smacks of laziness and disinterest" Its because they COULDN'T! So before you say things like that maybe you should bite your tongue. Sure Leonardo and Aerosoft did plenty of updates to their products but they owned the rights to the entire product. Coolsky does not. McPhat Studios did the texture work inside and out as well as the 3D cockpit, and also the cargo model expansion. When McPhat closed down, they took the licensing with them. Therefor, there is no way to contact McPhat to have them update their work on the aircraft and bring it up to todays standards. There is no way to make the cargo expansion work with P3D without violating McPhat's rights. So all Coolsky could do was touch the original code to update it to 64bit and get it to work within P3D. And to add, I have all three aircraft working just fine. I'm using Windows 10.
  6. PWJT8D

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    I was a beta tester and I have Windows 10 and the latest version of P3D. I don't think you have anything to worry about. The Coolsky MD's are a much much older build than the Leonardo version which was completely redone for P3D. Because of that, the Leo version will have more features and better textures to todays standards, however, also a lot more expensive so it is just a matter of what you like. The Coolsky DC-9 still remains the best available DC-9 without question.
  7. PWJT8D

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    Updated and working great! Thank you RealAir!
  8. PWJT8D

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    Obviously. You went through a lot of trouble with that post to run Espen in the mud. I'll go through the same trouble to back him up. Keep in mind this aircraft was released SIX years ago. They did an excellent job in creating a great model of the DC-9, one to this day that still hasn't been matched. Seems your views have done a complete one-eighty since this post of yours on October 28, 2014.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I do have the Coolsky DC-9, I don't own the CS737. When I zoom in on the instruments when flying the DC-9 in IFR, it feels as I'm in the real airplane. The refresh rate & smoothness of all the analog instruments & the looks, are just so real (thanks to McPath). I've never seen such realism in any other analog airplane. The FDE is one of the best, on par with PMDG NGX & Majestic Q400.. :wink:" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Espen never had plans of a P3D update for the DC-9 so his intentions of as you put it "a new opportunity to make some cash" are entirely your opinion. But the majority kept asking and wanting the DC-9 to be flyable in P3D over at the Coolsky forums. He finally caved and work began. Of course I believe he should be compensated for his time being put into this. There won't be any new added features. The aircraft is just being adjusted to work within P3D. The biggest inconvenience will be anything to do with McPhat such as the texturing and cargo model. This P3D update will only include the passenger version of the DC-9. The cargo version was entirely McPhat studios as they own the rights. Two circuit breakers and some failures not working seem rather petty to me in the whole scheme of things. To each their own I guess. And just curious, why would you ever want to pull a glideslope circuit breaker anyways?
  9. Once you generate your plan on simbrief and are looking at your briefing, scroll down below the flight plan map and look in the OFP section. In there it will list your CI (Cost Index). It will say something like "CRZ SYS CI 20" That CI number is what you will enter into the FMS' PERF INIT page. All your speeds will be controlled by that cost index and the FMS. As well as any speed restrictions that are part of any SIDs or STARs.
  10. You can have a look at Black Marble. I do not have it but I know a lot of people do and they love it for their night lighting.
  11. PWJT8D

    AVSIM review of Coolsky DC-9

    Without question, yes to the Coolsky version. It is a great representation of the DC-9.
  12. PWJT8D


    I don't have any expansions. I'm usually okay with the base package. I don't have anything from Captain Sim so I can't say for them but I do have all of the base PMDG offerings. I find that the 737 800/900 are too similar compared to the 600/700 to warrant additional spending. As well as the 777, I don't need the slight differences to justify purchasing the expansion. With that said, I do want the 748 when it is released. There seems to be a lot more tech that has been added to that aircraft over the base model.. and it's a 747 so yeah I want it.
  13. Very exciting news, I miss their DC-9. It was one of my favorite aircraft for FSX.
  14. PWJT8D

    Aerosoft DC-8

    The latest issue of PC Pilot Magazine was released today and they did a review of Aerosoft's DC-8 if anyone is interested.
  15. Very excellent scenery, I picked it up yesterday. Sure it has it's niche market, but as more and more of Attitude Simulations sceneries populate the Great Lakes Region, they will all begin to tie together. I frequent this area a lot so it does apply to me, and it's beauty can only be appreciated in person, but Attitude does one heck of a job recreating it.