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  1. I'm going to buy more products from //42 just to spite you all.
  2. ORBX Summer Sale! 57% of products are 10% off. 16% of products are 20% off. 10% of products are 30% off. 15% of products are 40% off. 2% of products are 50% off!!!! There. Fixed the headline so there won't be any more confusion.
  3. You could try adjusting elevator and or rudder trim to counter the roll.
  4. Yes I do expect to see a huge shift, myself included. I will be purchasing as soon as I possibly can. We will be able to jump back and forth between the two as it has been stated that both versions will be able to coexist at the same time on your computer. Support for 2020 is expected to continue. How long that is we don't know. But Asobo will not just turn the lights off on it once 2024 releases. Asobo has said that most 3rd party addons will work in 2024. Even a lot of developers have stated they will not charge for 2024 compatibility. Surely some of the more advanced ones will need a hotfix to work out of the gate. I would not think of 2024 as a completely new flight sim. Think of it more like going from P3Dv4 to P3Dv5 or X-Plane10 to X-Plane 11. Same core sim, just new features. If addons need to be updated they will be in days, weeks, months. Not starting over and needing 2-3 years to see aircraft release again.
  5. This problem has been coming up more frequently lately on their discord channel. https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/22062-my-scenery-is-not-showing-even-though-it-shows-as-installed-in-content-manager/
  6. These developers are like small mom and pop shops in your local town. They depend on patrons to support them to feed their families and stay in business. To quit buying from them is not a good idea. You are worrying over nothing. Asobo has said all addons will be compatible. Even most developers said that they will not charge for their addons to be updated to 2024. You guys, this is not going to be some giant new sim that is started over from scratch. 2024 will literally be the same sim/game as 2020 just with added features and improvements. Just like P3D did with versions 1 though 6. All the same sim/game, charged for each and every one of them for the new features. Sure, some addons needed to be tweaked with a patch, but ya know what, they all worked just fine, most within days. You are safe to continue buying and using addons all the way up until the release of version 2024. And you can still use 2020 for as long as you want. Enjoy what you have in front of you and cross the 2024 bridge when it comes. Quite possibly still 7-9 months away.
  7. The ini app initially opens as a full screen app when first installed but there is a button on the top right corner to make it windowed and you can resize.
  8. You all have to keep in mind the purpose of this helicopter. It is not supposed to be extremely hard to fly and have a precise flight model that requires a lot of rudder input. It is something that is meant to appeal to a very large range of users including Xbox and casual simmers who just want to have fun and enjoy a helicopter that is easy to fly for a cheap price. That's it.
  9. I think this is a smart move. Aerosoft's post Mathias Kok reputation depends on this A330. It was quite clear that the public wasn't very fond of having a single engine variant and at the level of fidelity similar to past Aerosoft Airbuses. If they take the time to make it better, add more features, more engine variants along with CEO and NEO I'm all for it. I obviously don't speak for everybody but I wasn't going to be a customer based on their previous release roadmap. But now that it will be planned as an entire A330 package, it's definitely has caught my attention.
  10. I've had this happen a few times. Each time it has been an addon in my community folder that was causing the hang. I do not use the addon linker but for me it was just trial and error. First try starting the sim with an empty community folder and see if you get a successful startup. Then you can start adding in batches of addons to your community folder until you find the one that is causing the problem. I'm not saying this is definitively your problem, but it is obviously one that can happen from time to time.
  11. I think it was last year's big sale and there were like 10 things I wanted to purchase. I started buying away, $4.99 here, $3.99 there, on to the next one and next one. Eventually by the 4th or 5th item I got a decline as my bank flagged all the numerous back to back transactions as fraud. What a pain, they really do need a basket or cart system.
  12. TFDi doing a collectors edition, pre-orders or "paid betas" has absolutely ZERO effect on anybody's life that chooses not to participate so I don't understand the negativity towards it. In the end it is not a bad thing. People who want to buy in can buy in, doesn't matter to me one bit. It costs a lot of money to put the time and research in to make an airliner of this detail. If doing a collectors edition helps fund that process along to bring the general public a fantastic MD-11 in the end I'm all for it. Most of us know how good their 717 is so I'm quite excited for this MD-11. Putting this aircraft out to a thousand people first to finish the development and gather feedback will only give ones like me who did not pre-order a better product.
  13. In the EFB under the Options page, click on Throttle Calibration. Have you gone through that process yet?
  14. Most definitely, Jerome. The work on the sounds are coming along great! Looking forward to having this one in the future.
  15. I went at it with an open mind and took my time to figure out what is where and where is what. Nobody likes change, especially when you get so content with how things are. Give it a week or two with the new website and we'll all be muscle memory clicking around in it like we were in the previous version. Some things I do like about it is the dark theme, I'm a sucker for those. The My Downloads page now has integrated the what used to be Mod Manager I believe it was, and what needs to be updated all in to one section so that is cool. You can search your downloads now which I don't believe being able to do that before? Correct me if I'm wrong. But anyhow, I know when us simmers get an unexpected change in our world we often grab our pitchforks and torches without a second thought. Give it time, things will be okay.
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