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  1. Awesome thank you! I have not had the chance to get it for XP yet but now is as good as ever!
  2. PWJT8D

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    I've done two successful flights with the GTN750 and it's been great! I didn't have any problems with the autopilot flying the route or approaches.
  3. PWJT8D

    European airports

    I was exactly like you for years and years. After I caught the urge to fly abroad, I've filled up Europe with airports. People have already mentioned a lot of great sceneries but what helped me the most with flying overseas is a Navigraph Charts subscription. It is very handy to have worldwide charts available seeing as won't do you any good over there 😄
  4. I just tried Chaseplane and the Q400 for the first time and I would randomly get muffled sounds when switching to an outside view, or muffled sounds when switching to an inside view. I found that if at any time I get muffled sounds, I just click anywhere with my mouse and the sounds come back.
  5. You're not alone but for some reason I keep buying them! 😄
  6. PWJT8D

    Limited zoom range

    Make sure you have Wide-view Aspect Ratio checked in your P3D settings. This option will be under the Display section.
  7. PWJT8D

    TFDI 717?

    Yes, yes you should get it.
  8. The JRollon CRJ was a great addon when it was 2011. That was a long time ago. To answer your question in a nutshell, the Aerosoft CRJ is a lot better and I think you will be disappointed with the JRollon one. I sure had a lot of hours in it myself but as time moves on, so does flight simulator advancements. I would recommend you sit tight and see what SSG comes out with, they are currently in development of the CRJ-700.
  9. PWJT8D

    Maybe I was the only one to miss this?

    That is some great news! I hope more developers will follow suit.
  10. Do you by chance have HDR turned on? I think that is where you need to go look in your P3D Lighting settings. Under HDR there is the Bloom setting which will do exactly what you are describing, the brightening and dimming of your "simulated eyes" going from a bright area to a darker area. Also if you are using PTA presets, the one I am using has the recommended HDR settings in the Preset Comments.
  11. PWJT8D

    Maddog X Cheseplane

    If you open up the Maddog Load Manager, navigate to the Setup tab and you need to uncheck "Enable built in 3D view selector panel". That way the Maddog will no longer use it's own preset views, and you can set your own views as you like from within Chaseplane.
  12. PWJT8D

    Pocket Rocket

    It certainly will be a fun aircraft, looking forward to taking it for a spin... literally. 🙃
  13. PWJT8D

    CS 757 III v1.3

    You can't buy a Ford and demand the quality of a Ferrari.
  14. Do you recall having the pitot heat on while getting this error message?
  15. PWJT8D

    A2A christmas sale 25% (2017)

    We have all been tricked by JLuis for digging this year old thread up.