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  1. If I get to my destination and taxi to the gate before I run out of fuel having never even looked at my fuel quantity, all is right with the world.
  2. When literally all this thread has contributed is drama and controversy. Oh the irony. I may not be considering being a future customer of the 310 but I can at least respect Milviz's achievements on their hard work and hope that many people who like the 310 can enjoy it.
  3. Good news for all you that purchased it for P3D. With that $100 off it's only $9,999,899.99 to upgrade.
  4. Removing or renaming the community folder is not necessary. Asobo's wording is not very good when mentioning this which causes a lot of confusion. We know that whenever we run an update it may break some of our addons. This is nothing new, we've been dealing with this for years and years. So if you update the sim and have problems with crashing, simply remove addons from your community folder as one may need to be updated for in this case SU9 compatibility. All I do, and I've done this from the beginning is open the Microsoft Store, click Get Updates and let it do its thing. When that is done, I run MSFS and let it do its update. When that is done I go to the Content Manager and look for additional updates there. I restart the sim when everything is done. That is all. No need to over complicate this.
  5. Flybywire A32NX Working Title Citation CJ4 Working Title G3000 Working Title G3X Download the Working Title G1000 NXi for free in the MSFS in game marketplace Flightsim.to is great for managing all of your freeware add-ons like scenery, aircraft and liveries. Toolbar Pushback I would also recommend a seasons add-on. There are two to choose from, Bijan Seasons and REX AccuSeason. As to not clog up this thread with a war on which one I own or which one I think you should own or what other people think, do your own research, plenty of info out there on these two packages. This is a good list that I think gets you plenty of depth into MSFS. Of course once you get used to the sim, go nuts. Plenty of great payware aircraft and airports out there that you are used to from P3D. And some really great aircraft on the near horizon as well.
  6. TrackIR is not a VFR or IFR tool. It's a flight sim tool. You can use it however you like! I even have some car racing sims that it works in as well. I would never fly without it.
  7. It sounds like your motion blur is turned on. In the MSFS options menu you can find this setting and toggle it on or off.
  8. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I read somewhere that this is a limitation of the MSFS SDK at the moment and nothing to do with AIG. The scenery developers can not yet fully make gate assignments for airlines.
  9. Flightbeam is having a 25% off all products for a Month-End Flash Sale. The sale will end without notice so grab what you can, don't wait!
  10. Everyone will have their own opinion on what driver works best for everyone, works best for their specific computer, people who don't notice a difference, and some who experience placebo. Me personally, I update my driver every single time my Geforce Experience tells me there is an update. My driver is never out of date and I have never had to roll one back. Do you have any addons in your community folder? That bit of information could also help us diagnose. If you are experiencing issues the first thing is to empty your community folder and see if the simulator runs as intended.
  11. We can't help you without knowing your computer specifications and screenshots of your MSFS settings. The white layer I think you are referring to is a setting called Bloom. Turn that off.
  12. The longevity of this edition of MSFS depends on PMDG (and others) being in the simulator at their full capacity. Asobo is a business and they are fully aware of the benefits from addon developers that have a big following. Without PMDG and their closest competitors, MSFS will not have the sustainability to continue on for years to come, it would more than likely fade. The end of the day, it's all about selling copies of this simulator, selling Xbox Gamepass, getting more people into the Xbox metaverse. Asobo and Microsoft will do everything in their power to make sure this happens. Rest assured and with a little patience, we will have this bird, and many more.
  13. Yes, Navigraph as an iPad app that you can download.
  14. Yes it does, you can watch this YouTube video which explains the Simlink process for MSFS.
  15. Looks to be a very well done addon, can't wait to fly it! I still have yet to spot a Honda Jet in the real world, beautiful looking airplane.
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