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  1. I'm fortunate enough to only have to reset the parking brake 😄
  2. I can confirm. I have about 25 takeoffs and 700 landings lol. It usually never logs a takeoff.
  3. Fantastic! Unfortunately I did have to turn off multiplayer after the last update due to the stuttering and low frames. My sim works great with it off. But the best part of multiplayer for me is seeing the hilarious gamer tags 😆
  4. My computer can run the sim on Ultra, and it did wonderfully on the original launch of the sim. As I mentioned earlier in this thread that no matter what settings I used I still had bad stutters and low frames since the last two updates. @sanh suggested multiplayer to be the culprit. I turned multiplayer and AI aircraft off and the sim smoothed right out, back up to Ultra. Thanks for the tip. Also to note, I was doing a lot of my testing in the TBM with the improvement mod, G3000 mod and road data mod. I wanted to add that the road data mod provided by Working Title lowed my frames and induced stutters as well. Some other users were having this issue per their discord, but others not, so do your own experiment. So if you have the road data mod try removing that and see if that helps while flying anything with the G3000.
  5. Although I've had a very stable sim, only 3 CTD's since release and over 200 hours, the best performance I ever had was the very first version. Every update has chipped away at something and my performance and stutters get worse and worse. This last update it got really bad where I started cranking down settings and it just didn't make sense. GPU/CPU loads were below 50% and still stuttering. Maybe DirectX12 will cure it? I'll cross my fingers. Edit: I see in another thread that the stutters may be multiplayer related.
  6. No fix has been released yet for the Working Title G1000. They are aware and are working on it. Best place to get this information is on their Discord.
  7. First thing I would look into would be your aileron, rudder and elevator control axis sensitivities. You may want to experiment with higher deadzones if you have not already. You can also adjust where your controls are centered. Sometimes if you have a slight bit of input noise coming from a peripheral it can cause some off-track flight.
  8. How can they be stored in the cloud when live weather always shows clear skies? *ba-dum tish* Thank you, thank you everyone. I'll be at the merch table after the show.
  9. Looking in your FMC at your flight plan, do you see any points that say DISCONTINUITY?
  10. I got the message for the first time today right after starting up the sim and sitting at the main menu. I clicked yes and let the sim sit there, after a few minutes it went to the PRESS ANY KEY screen, as I did when prompted. I got back to the main menu and my logbook was still there. Only thing I found that happened was it cleared all my nonessential options back to default. What I mean by that were my key bindings and graphics settings were saved, but all the sound options, user options, vehicle density options all reset to default. So not entirely a big deal, took about 5 minutes to reset all that stuff. At least the important things were saved. So far I'm two hours into a flight and been going okay.
  11. In the manual they explain what to change if you are experiencing low FPS with weather updates. There are a couple different options you can try for how REX updates the weather. Some have more or less impact on FPS.
  12. Some wonderful additions to the changelog! App no longer steals focus from MSFS so audio remains, that was one thing that irked me in the last version. Obviously I lived with it but very nice that the developer was able to correct it.
  13. That's what I like about it. If I use Live Weather, the World Map screen will give me wind direction and speed and thats it. Once I get into the sim it could be different, and my ATIS has read the same line for months now so that doesn't help me. At least with REX I can see my actual METARS when doing my flight planning and it will inject that into the game and be pretty accurate visually.
  14. They're rolling in the dough with the new airports they don't want to give in to the upgrade discounts just yet haha. But yeah I feel ya, a ton of my ORBX favorites are still stuck over in P3D.
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