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  1. TFDi doing a collectors edition, pre-orders or "paid betas" has absolutely ZERO effect on anybody's life that chooses not to participate so I don't understand the negativity towards it. In the end it is not a bad thing. People who want to buy in can buy in, doesn't matter to me one bit. It costs a lot of money to put the time and research in to make an airliner of this detail. If doing a collectors edition helps fund that process along to bring the general public a fantastic MD-11 in the end I'm all for it. Most of us know how good their 717 is so I'm quite excited for this MD-11. Putting this aircraft out to a thousand people first to finish the development and gather feedback will only give ones like me who did not pre-order a better product.
  2. In the EFB under the Options page, click on Throttle Calibration. Have you gone through that process yet?
  3. Most definitely, Jerome. The work on the sounds are coming along great! Looking forward to having this one in the future.
  4. I went at it with an open mind and took my time to figure out what is where and where is what. Nobody likes change, especially when you get so content with how things are. Give it a week or two with the new website and we'll all be muscle memory clicking around in it like we were in the previous version. Some things I do like about it is the dark theme, I'm a sucker for those. The My Downloads page now has integrated the what used to be Mod Manager I believe it was, and what needs to be updated all in to one section so that is cool. You can search your downloads now which I don't believe being able to do that before? Correct me if I'm wrong. But anyhow, I know when us simmers get an unexpected change in our world we often grab our pitchforks and torches without a second thought. Give it time, things will be okay.
  5. You're being a little light on the prices of the 737's so let's break this down. If you were to purchase the 737 package right now it would cost you $224.96 for an average of $56.24 per variant. Just Flight is selling 4 variants of the F28 for $69.99 for an average of $17.49 per aircraft. If you want to go by PMDG's pricing model the Fokker would be extremely cheap if you had the choice to purchase individual variants. If the B146 is anything to go by, the F28 will be an incredible addon worth the price.
  6. Life is too short to be worrying about something a year from now that is 100% out of my control. I'm buying add-ons and will continue buying add-ons up until release of 2024. Then I'll buy 2024, pay for add-ons again, upgrade for free, upgrade for a fee, whatever it takes. But for now, 2020 has a ton of life left in her.
  7. I'm currently trying this out and I like the improvements. It does make this aircraft more useable. I purchased it when it was released, played around with it for a minute and moved on. This mod was just what it needed for me to give it a second chance.
  8. I think this is what's going to be the demise of fs.to. Creators will no longer upload any future projects or updates to current projects. Let's fast forward 3 or 4 Service Updates later to MSFS and a majority of the files on fs.to will no longer be compatible with MSFS. Essentially fs.to will become a host of airports and liveries of the past.
  9. I've been getting this lately as well. Simple PC restart has fixed it every time.
  10. I just noticed this the other day and was also disappointed. The Orbs store started off with quite a few MSFS airports but after each weekly or so refresh the numbers dwindled down to the one airport we see currently. My theory is ORBX lost their behind on the sheer numbers of how many MSFS airports were getting picked up for essentially free. I feel ORBX was quickly surprised at how popular the Orbs would be and they had to reel back on the reigns just a little bit.
  11. Thr ATR will appeal to a niche market. If Blackbird and Asobo release an ATR that are indistinguishable in fidelity, the winner goes to the first to release. The Asobo version has backing from ATR themselves which is huge. As Blackbird mentioned, the Asobo version will most likely sell cheaper than what Blackbird needs to make a profit and recoup high development costs. By the time Blackbird would get their ATR to market, 90% of the customer base would have already bought the Asobo one. This is a smart decision by Blackbird. We will still get a really good ATR so not much to worry about. Now Blackbird can shift their resources to other aircraft from their lineup.
  12. Every since SU11 this started happening to me as well. No amount of this on or off or this set to this or that made any change. You aren't alone and at the official forums it's talked about as well. Hopefully the next update will fix it.
  13. There is another 206 coming from Cowan soon. Both look really good!
  14. This is why I never take performance opinions into account when purchasing a scenery. For one person it's great, for another it's bad. Only way to find out is to find out for yourself.
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