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  1. Do you really think FSW + its addons will be "cheap" when (if) it ever will pick up speed? Maybe you can have a look upon Train Simulator to get an idea. Sure, no one forces you to but those addons - but no one forces you to buy P3D addons either. Concerning the simulator itself, I gladly pay 200 $ every 2 years (yes I did, beginning with Prepar3d1) for getting something professionally. And no, I am not rich, but simming is my hobby. I had quite some hope for the Dovetail project when it was started years ago. However its meander path through forum announcements without any reply from the Dovetail initiators, oddly-defined questionnaires, that ugly Flight School and now an incrementally evolving FSW (when will they repair the snow in summer on ground seen through clouds?) took me any confidence. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Haruo's Freeware Japanese Landclass is excellent. Works with FTX Global Base and Vector. Kind regards, Michael
  3. That's the question which occured to me quickly, too. In any case we should be able to use them with PSXSeecontraffic/Live Traffic which allows arbitrary external AI packages to be included, as far as I understand. Kind regards, Michael
  4. If this comes true, this would be a huge gift to the simmers community. As it's done within VATSIM, I am pretty sure permission has been given where models or liveries have be reused. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Thanks for correcting. I recall early forum discussions on PSXSeecontraffic just convincing me to the opposite, i.e. transponders are (usually) off on ground. But my brain gets old, perhaps I just misunderstood something. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Not wasted, yours is done well, too. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Thanks Dave, that's excellent. It's all but trivial to set this. Perhaps the mods can make this sticky? Kind regards, Michael
  8. Wow, that would give 3 hearts, if possible. Thank you! Hopefully this can be made sticky. Kind regards, Michael
  9. I wrote "weak on cargo". Kind regards, Michael
  10. As a GA flyer, I am not that dependent on accurate plans, I just want plausible traffic instead of just empty airports. The present plans are from sometime in the last year. I recall F1 promised to deliver a Power Pack and updated flightplans regularly but given the devloper has a tendency to disappear into the blue air for longer time spans, I wouldn't rely on this too much. Besides, UTL is weak on cargo traffic. However, there are two 3rd party two addon packages available for FedEx and UPS (which I didn't install yet myself). Kind regards, Michael
  11. Maybe not everyone, but I wouldn't mind Thanks again and kind regards, Michael
  12. I would much appreciate a Nyxx-made Poppet-style itmized list. I have been following all those discussions around SF, AS2016, ASCA, and Envtex (which I all own) with interest, but found the host of - at times contradicting - material a bit daunting. One special aspect: Envtex was left out from some of the considerations. I have seen beautiful shots with clear blue skies in some of those dozen topics. I always get a mere grey heaven when using Envtex sky textures. Maybe this aspect could be touched upon as well? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  13. As I stated in the 4th contribution of this thread. And someone was so kind to repeat in the mean time. Kind regards, Michael
  14. There are alternative tools. Easytoolz does AM settings and is free (but Germany language...). Kind regards, Michael
  15. Yep, that's what I find intriguing, too. And btw, if you are looking for a former time there is 48 hrs "canned life traffic" available, too. Don't say you never will use it. I usually only find time flying at late night and my local German airports are not that busy at night . Kind regards, Michael