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  1. Thank you for replying. Next time it worked indeed. Of course I made a Google search before posting, but nothing usable came up for this strange message. Btw, I'm just about to renew my RT license. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Hi, I get numerous messages above in the logfile and there is no traffic displayed. See the attached file (remove the .jpg which AVSIM doesn't enjoy). I think this started with switching to PSXT. And idea what's going wrong? I had PSXTraffic working fine before. Thanks for any hint, Michael
  3. Supposedly they managed to collect all the former 1st tier ORBX developers. Kind regards, Michael
  4. As far as I know, Asobo is in no way involved in this. Servers are provided exclusively by MS. Asobo develops the core engine and some add-ons only. I may be corrected, if wrong. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Can confirm, exactly the same. It's Eastern Europe and DC-3. I didn't care right now and just went flying. But I agree, a company like MS should be able to cope with such traffic. Kind regards, Michael
  6. I just posed a polite question on this in the Official Forum https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/why-was-there-no-question-on-the-aerial-grounds-tiles-popping-bug-in-yesterdays-q-a/610494 We'll see if it will find any reaction. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Yes, that World Hub was touched in several places. It's ready and there was some discussion about two guys reponsible for quality assurance even. However, it is on hold for review by Microsoft higher admins for security (or something like that) check. No date was given for final release. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Sometimes we can have sweet dreams. But who knows... Kind regards, Michael
  9. I think the questrion of terrain texture morphing was briefly posed by Jayne but I didn't get the answer (if there was one). Can anyone elucidate, as this has been with us now for a year now. Kind regards, Michael
  10. I can get motion sick after long flights (which I rarely do, mostly it's 1-1,5 h maximum) with a lot of turns, ups/downs, and there may be some more factors involved which I simply don't know. Low fps can lead to motion sickness, too, but at my present system I've locked fps to 30 using the OpenXR toolkit which it very rarely drops below. (We better don't start another discussion if 30 fps is "terribly jerky" here again.) Kind regards, Michael
  11. This is very a good advice. When I got my first headset (an Acer one) lent from my son, he introduced me to a game with fast flying dragons to follow which he presented me proudly as a demo. I was motion-sick within a few minutes and never believed I would ever make friends with a headset in a flightsim. Kind regards, Michael
  12. I did a lot of MSFS flying in Morocco, notably from the coast where there are a few nice addons (airports and cities) through the desert to Marrakesh (now hit by the earthquake). Deserts make a lot of difference between photo and landclasses, and I recall critique on ORBX LC Africa at that time. But Socotra is new to me. Sorry for going a bit off-topic Kind regards, Michael
  13. My main advice would be to find a way to test a VR goggles yourselv, either lending from a relative (that's what I did) or perhaps from a shop, if possible. Just 10 min in a shop will not do. I did the former and will not return to a 2D screen, but it's a personal thing and everyone's experience is different. Kind regards, Michael
  14. I did this already. I bought a Maskat scenery time ago and investigated the desert and mountain region afterwards, albeit not with a chopper. Should do it again. It's an interesting desert/mountain region, no doubt. Kind regards, Michael
  15. Thank you Noel. I'm just back from a chopper flight over Dubai City. I'm a bit late with choppers until getting proper hardware now (plus the wonderful H145). I am really excited what I saw. I know pretty much any of the legacy / competing sims and have flown over Dubai, but I've never seen such a level of realism, by a big margin. No, it's not perfect - neither will FS2024 be - but it gives me enjoyment for my life. Yes, I've made critical remarks on missing/broken features in MSFS and I will go on to do so (preferred on the Official Forum with higher visibility). But global disrespect for the developers, continuous demand of missing features without knowing the economic / technical / enterprise priorities - which I confess I don't know - don't help a iota and only lead to continuous frustration - but will certainly fail to give us a better sim. Happy flying and kind regards, Michael
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