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  1. There must be something special about those WU PG cities, swiching off PG as such doesn't seem to help. I agree, it sounds a bit like black magic and perhaps it is. I actually like PG (granted, with a few esceptions) and don't want to loose those PG cities including, say Tokyo. That's why I don't consider this a solution. You can find more on this effect and the solutions in threads here on AVSIM and the official forum. Yes, Dev mode on has been reported as a solution, too, but has the disadvantage of your flight not being logged. And as always it's possible your issue is caused by something else. Kind regards, Michael
  2. You could check if that's the ground performance issue observed since SU9. It's caused by the main thread being exhausted and it does (according to my experience) only affect certain airports. This way you can take off from a "good" airport with high fps and land on a "bad" one with low ones. You should be able to check this by taking off/landing from/to a few airports. If it's this effect, it can be circumvented by uninstalling all WU PG cities (which I don't consider a solution, though). Kind regards, Michael
  3. No doubt this is annoying. Wouldn't it deserve another question for the next Q&A (specifically asking why it magically disappeared from the list). You'll get my vote. I already made a Q on ground performance after SU9 (which a mod wanted to have under a general performance question, though). Kind regards, Michael
  4. Agreed. This also supports what @GSalden noted. Contrary to what I recalled, MS/Asobo do corrections on former WUs which makes it important to report issues (in the proper place). I only visited Rome yesterday, but this will need a rework. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Ah yes, you are correct, there were indeed minor updates to older WUs coming packed with later ones. Probably I forgot about them as I don't recall any changelog or even mention what they corrected - or did I overlook these, too? Kind regards, Michael
  6. While I fully agree that's the way to go, I don't recall any single case of a hotfix or such for a World Update. As far as I recall the devs never touched again a country/region which received a World Update, so far. All previous hotfixes and bugfixes concerned Sim Updates only. Despite, I am all for using the feedback thread. Plus, it's still time to make an Italy "tree" question for the next Q&A which, perhaps, wakes Asobo up. Rome looks indeed, well, "special" now. And thanks to @Cpt_Piett and @Fielder for the hint to REX Accuseason. I was a true believer in Bijan's seasons so far which, unfortunately, are stalled right now (for known reasons) but the Accuseason tree hight feature is indeed convincing. Kind regards, Michael
  7. The BMW airports are on a discounted sale in the Marketplace (and maybe elsewhere) on occasion of the release of the Italy WU. Not sure if this means they will work as they are or have been updated or don't work or... Kind regards, Michael
  8. I had to install all world updates via the Marketplace so far. Kind regards, Michael
  9. If you like, you can use SteamVR. I tried this a few tiimes and it works as such. While SteamVR allows more settings the disadvantage is an additional layer between the video driver and the simulator. This may lead to issues, notably when switching between VR and 2D. I settled with WMR so far. An btw, I'd highly suggest the OpenXR toolkit with the Reverb https://mbucchia.github.io/OpenXR-Toolkit/ See the thread on the Official forum for some suggested settings. You fortunately don't need the hand controllers, mine are resting in their bag. Kind regards, Michael
  10. I have collected quite a lot of Italy scenery already, Freeware and Payware alike. I'm afraid there will be issues for some time untily the makers adapt. Probably a good idea to deactivate all what I have now in the beginning. Kind regards, Michael
  11. I've just got a Déjà-vu: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/617463-what-have-you-done-in-600-days-j/ Lots of answers. No need to start a new thread. Kind regards, Michael
  12. For those already with experience on the Sting, could one say that it's in the former A2A class, who seem to struggle to make it into the MSFS market? If so I'd really look forward to that great little plane. And yes, @simbol has proven not only to be an outstanding developer but also a valuable contributor to AVSIM. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Same here, no loading screen in a Steam installation the last night. And I have the latest Gaming Services Update. Maybe it's the -fastlaunch option which I use? Kind regards, Michael
  14. Thanks, that's MS Store-based as well. Any Steam users seeing a splash screen? Kind regards, Michael
  15. Flugschule Uetersen makes sightseeing flights close to yours. Usually they take off from Uetersen but for an additional payment they go from EDDH Fuhlsbütttel. We made such a flight just a week ago and it was really nice. I found the harbor the most impressive part, and there's a great MSFS freeware Hamburg harbor scenery available from Simdocks (not PG but hand-made). Kind regards, Michael
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