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  1. That contrat was already canceled. Microsoft took back ownership of FSX:SE. It was in one of the early announcements on MSFS and is written on the Steam page. Publisher: X-Box Game Studios. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Real Traffic provides a time-shift feature, I think it's using a server where data are cached, but server costs money, so this is payware. I mentioned this for you to perhaps have an open eye just in case you'll come across a solution... who knows. While I am busy this week I can certainly make a quick test in case of a new version. Unfortunately, I am not that educated which plane belongs to which gate (there are always those guys who immediately detect an AA 767 never uses this and that gate at airport K***) as I mainly fly GA from/to ramps. I just hate empty airports and sometimes like some planespotting on a busy airport. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Hi Chris, I gave it a test drive - and yes, it does work. I put my plane to KSFO and ADSC-B spawned 3 life planes plus 50 static planes at the gates. I used FS-FlightControl to display AI planes and saw them on approach. I am quite impressed. I also tried EGLL where I only found static planes, but that's probably okay at this time of day. My setup: I used PSXSeecontraffic plus ADSC-B both on a networked machine with Prepar3d5 running on the main machine. Initially, I was confused when ADSC-B showed numerous "Connection refused" messages, but this was only until the simulator was up and running (which is long enough). Perhaps these might be suppressed or substituted by more meaningful ones (e.g. wait until simulator is running). Given I usually only find time in the evenings where there's virtually no traffic in Europe, it would be nice to have time-shifted traffic, but I am afraid this is asking too much from a free program. Thank you very much for developing this tool. Perhaps Nico can point to it on the PSXSeecontraffic page as a free alternative to Real Traffic. This was a quick initial test only, and I am afraid I won't find time for more testing this week, but will come back to it in the next week. Kind regards, Michael
  4. You are completely right. I have done systematic tests in one of then earlier versions of Prepar3d in the hope to get rid of ground morphing over hills when using HD mesh (Pilot's Ultimate at that time). I think I tried pretty much any sliders in the hope to relief the CPU and/or GPU. It didn't change a iota. I've switched machines since, so you might expect the new machine (guess, it has better performance) would get rid of that "feature". Didn't help as well. There are some aspects of Prepar3d (like blurries) which can be ameliorated by brute force, but others (like ground morphing, autogen loading in patches with distance higher than medium, or floating houses) are inherent to the engine. The sad story is no one from LM even cares to make a statement on this. Of course there are always people who never saw these aspects, and I believe them. If you fly airliners exclusively, take off from the usually flat major airports, fly for a few hours over clouds and are busy with the instruments on approach there is little chance you will see morphing terrain or patchy autogen. I fly VFR at an altitude of 3000 ft and find all those aspects pretty disturbing. Kind regards, Michael
  5. There have been numerous discussions on measures against morphing in mountain regions using HD meshs. The plain and simple result was: There are none. Kind regards, Michael
  6. If you got access to the alpha and run into issues with accessing, installing, or starting MSFS, please do NOT report it here. On the one hand it breaks the NDA, on the other hand you won't get help from MS/Asobo here anyway. Instead, report the issue in the alpha forum, there's a high probability someone ran into a similar issue before. The alpha forum has a good search function, try this first. I think you can access the alpha forum even if you can't access the Insider area of the MSFS website, but not 100% sure about this. There have several hints how to proceed if you can't access the MSFS website Insider area. What helped me when I as unable to login once, was the following procedure which has been posted repeatedly. There are a few alternative hints around, too. Besides, you may want to try a different browser, Edge works for fine me (as long as I don't check Auto sign-in). Kind regards, Michael
  7. It's been reported on the P3D forum repeatedly and acknowledged by the devs but not yet amended in HF1. Typically it occurs on wide-screen monitors, including my 3440x1440 screen. Maybe you want to tell them again. Kind regards, Michael
  8. I had weather set externally via Simconnect using FS-FlightControl with two (slightly) overlapping layers and this led to "please correct errors". Took me some time to isolate the issue. The author has modified FS-FlightControl now to avoid such setting if weather is set using it. Kind regards, Michael
  9. There may be several reasons, but here's an exotic case of non-speed related blurries I incured once and how I remedied them: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/550614-blurries-under-prepar3d4-and-how-i-got-rid-of-them/ Kind regards, Michael
  10. I didn't try it, but perhaps. I had them in the Simulator folder until 4.5 and loading time (with a lot of more sceneries installed overall) was < 5 min. Now the question is, is the new add-on.xml method or the new simulator the culprit. Kind regards, Michael
  11. I should add the highest increase in loading time by a wide margin came with the 200 or so ORBX add-on.xml entries. Kind regards, Michael
  12. I timed it yesterday. From klicking the icon to the ramp (no settings screen as I set airport etc. using SimStarter) 11 (eleven) min. This includes all ORBX sceneries (but not all of them active at a time) installed via add-on.xml, FLAi planes for PSXSeecontraffic and some (not yet too many) other airports. No AI ships yet. I think that's insane. And it's running from a SSD. I never observed comparable loading times in 4.5 where ORBX was installed into the sim. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Here's the procedure which worked for me once I had this issue On Xbox.com 11 Click the user icon in top right, and Click sign out. When signing back in on FlightSimulator, don’t … check the Keep me signed in. Leave it blank. Step 2 is the important part. Kind regards, Michael
  14. I consider those two as examples where the .xml has to go into the Prepar3d config (AppData) directory on the FS (server) machine and the .cfg has to go into the MyDocuments directory on the AS (client) machine. I had my own versions of both of them in the named directories for other programs (SPAD.neXt, FS-FlightControl, etc.) to work before and they do work properly, so I didn't touch the AS incarnations ... which may or may not be right. You can follow the discussion here, if you are in the proper mood😉 https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/waiting-for-simulator.12018/ Kind regards, Michael
  15. I've reported it at the AS beta forum (together with a number of the same cases) and HiFI has noted the case. I think I'll better wait for their result before changing any configuration (even more in comparison to the logiles I submitted). Kind regards, Michael
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