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  1. Hardware Adequate? -- Advice Sought

    I think a lot of Prepar3d4.2 users will envy you. Go on. Kind regards, Michael
  2. I never used HT in Prepar3d1-3 as performance was always better with HT off (and there were less blurries), and I tried it from time to time. This has changed though in Prepar3d4, on my system (and on a new machine, I should admit, but the previous was 4+4 cores as well). Not only does HT on give less stuttering/a smoother running but also the gross processor usage ist better by something like 10 %. I've got the feeling Prepar3d4 is grateful for any additional core it can use for texture loading. I should say, I never overclocked my systems, though. But I have outsourced as much as possible of the external flightsim-related programs (even Saitek controls/panels via SPAD.neXT) to a networked machine. I don't use any AM, but process priority of Prepar3d.exe ist set to high (I found this helpful for fihting blurries years ago already). Just my observation on my system(s), of course Kind regards, Michael
  3. Thanks, on second reading I find it covers PNW + GER, too. Thats's like X-mas and Easter on one day. Time to save for a 3 TB SSD, but that's worth it. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Has this been really confirmed? Kind regards, Michael
  5. P3D v4 Stutter Issue

    That's exactly my finding. I use a 30 Hz monitor and the simulator is fluent most of the time, i.e. as long as I can keep 30 fps (granted, that's with high settings). Unfortunately, I can't keep even these 30 fps overall, notably not at large Hubs with a lot of traffic and dense autogen around (think of FSDT KLAX + ORBX SCA), and that's where the fun stops. Next, you can try which slider to draw back and how many notches etc. to get the darn thing fluent. Or just live with the microstutters. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    E.g. here The high-resolution checkbox corresponds to TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 which is said to need 6 GB. There are more places to find this value, I recall also a statement by Poppet Elaine here at AVSIM. Well, but if it looks good.. I would say go on Kind regards, Michael
  7. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    Spot on, Howard. In the shot, I just took off from KSFO (FlightBeam KSFO HD). The airport textures (in my back) are indeed far from being that crisp like the ORBX textures in front of me (although not as terrible as in the shots by the OP). This isn't the fault of FlightBeam, though. It's indeed the result of the fact that Lockheed Martin either can't or don't want to cure that phototextures issue over several versions now. And, yes, it concerns more or less all photo areas, including those ORBX created around some of its airports. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    I re-read your original posting. The "Use high-resolution terrain textures" checkbox is definitely incomatible with your hardware. Usage of this option requires at least 6 GB of VRAM on your graphics board. (The option "TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10" I use requires at least 10 GB). On the other hand, you are using a GTX 970 card with 4-x GB performant VRAM (not even all the 4 GB are running performant on the 970). As a result, Prepar3d will run despite, but take the rest of the required VRAM from your main RAM which is considerably slower. There may be more issues beyond, but this does for sure apply. BTW, if you delete the prepar3d.cfg file, I am sure the one made by the simulator upon the next start will have the checkbox unchecked in view of your hardware. Kind regards, Michael
  9. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    Just to convince you I am not lying, here is a screenshot, straight "v", no doctoring. I hope you agree these textures are sharp. (Better download and load into an image viewer to judge). You may consider: - This is ORBX Northern California. - This is close to KSFO and certainly "difficult" terrain. - No tweaks applied, except an "officially approved" one, i.e. "TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10" and high-resolution textures checked, which can make textures a touch more crisp, but only if the machine can handle it, otherwise it might be even detrimental. It will definitively not cure the blurries from the OP. - Hyperthreading on. No Affinity Mask. Process Priority for prepar3d.exe set to high which I found does help fight blurries on several machines over the years. (I forgot to mention it as it's done via SimStarter in the background.) - Machine not overclocked, I never overclocked any of my machines over nearly 30 years of flightsimming. - I outsourced as many programs as possible to a networked machine. Controls/Saitek panels/FIPs via SPAD.neXt, FS-FlightControl as Moving Map, ActiveSky and/or Skyforce (if in use), PSXSeeconTraffic/Real Traffic all running on a networked laptop. Kind regards, Michael
  10. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    While the GTX970 has known issues (I had it myself for some time) I doubt this is the main cause. Blurry textures are most often not caused by a GPU bottleneck but by some CPU bottleneck or inappropriate CPU tweaks. That's what I keep reading and can confirm myself. You probably started already with a new/clean Prepar3d.cfg. Reinstalling the simulator may not help as long as you keep the prepar3d.cfg in place or reuse it. Starting with a clean prepar3d.cfg often removes blurries. The more difficult task is to find the sweet spot afterwards. One more thing I would try is enabling HT. I had been flying with HT off throughout all Prepar3d versions before 4.0, but found Prepar3d4 runs better with HT on (and acutally no AM). That's on my system and yours may be different but it might be worth trying. You can check this using the Task Manager/Performance Monitor (or some equivalent tool). Aside what I observe in the simulator, I see better CPU usage (CPU gross usage percentage) as well as texture loading, which is essentially done by cores 2, 3 etc.,when I run with HT on. I have all ORBX sceneries (yes) and I don't see blurries (with a few very rare localized exceptions) and certainly not over the type of terrain shown in your shots. Kind regards, Michael
  11. EDDB Released

    And here's the correct configurator Kind regards, Michael
  12. EDDB Released

    Be careful NOT to run the configurator which seems to have a bug according to the AS forum. It doesn't rename files but just deletes them, what's not exactly the same. I'm sure they will provide an upgraded configurator soon. (According to reports, the beta didn't seem to have had this "feature".) Kind regards, Michael
  13. FSDT Ohare v2 Previewed

    Now tell me what economics makes people wanting Barcelona trice and no one wants Madrid. Maybe because they prefer that guy ... ah no politics. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Ultimate traffic live

    I have to confess a sin - I renewed the Real Traffic subscription - which I raraley do with subscriptions. But you made so many improvements during the last time (notably relieving the need to enter the destination airport) I couldn't resist. I'll see if I can find something to improve. Now, that I've got it installed it's pretty simple actually. However, upon inital setup it was a bit overwhelming with the interplay of 4 programs. However, I did it straight according to the manual and that worked. Kind regards, Michael
  15. Ultimate traffic live

    It nees a bit to setup, yes. But once you've done that it's pretty nice. Just start Real Traffic and PSXSeecontraffic on the laptop and it's up and running. This one is real real traffic (30 s delayed) or canned real traffic, if you like. One drawback may be the need for a subscription to Real Traffic providing the data. If you don't like it, forget it. I like it and use it alternately with UTL. It just came in my mind as you asked about fps and a networked setup. Kind regards, Michael