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  1. Not directly related to this version, but something I've had in mind for some time. Would it be difficult to make direct icons for 2 or 3 user presets in the menu bar (in addition to the none and all icons)? Kind regards, Michael Edit: I see this is virtually implemented in the new version with the preset selection line. Well done!
  2. TIN = Triangular Irregular Network, another term for Photogrammetry. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Avid Addons Linker user here. Will test the new exe. Thanks for continually working on it. Kind regard, Michael
  4. No. I have Contrail and iniBuilds Manager, as well. But personally, I find ORBX most easy to manage. YMMV, of course. If it will not show up on ORBX the next days I'll get it via Contrail, probably. (And as a little rant: I now collected 10 or so of those little helpers, every one with its pros and cons, but would find live easier with just one of them.) Kind regards, Michael
  5. I would like to get this, but would prefer to buy it via ORBX. No sign yet over there, though. Kind regards, Michael
  6. I see (and enjoy) the cars racing. Unfortunately they disappear into the thin air after half a round. Anyone else seeing the same? If not, I might go searching if it's a mesh conflict with something else in the area. Not that I don't see cars disappearing during every flight, it's just a bit more annoying here. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  7. Sure, SPAD.neXt connects via Simconnect to the sim. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Yup, but the quality and features of most of them are just amazing. Where FB, and perhaps FT, were pretty alone with really outstanding airports for P3D, the default level of MSFS airports these days is so high, it's just breathtaking. Kind regards, Michael
  9. Only to mention, there was a topic on another recently released airport where people demanded statics to be removed (sorry, don't recall from head which one it was). The optimum is certainly a switch, as some devs have it, but as a user of PSXT/RT I personally dislike statics as well. Kind regards, Michael
  10. The sim itself needs only your MS account credentials. You can even install it on a second machine which never has seen MSFS before. There may be addons, though, needing registry entries. Kind regards, Michael
  11. I somehow missed that other ttread but that would be the icing on the cake of PSXT. I don't have much time for flightsim right now and I'm not an expert at judging subtleties of traffic😢 but I think I would fill the formal conditions. I'll mail you and leave it to you to decide of you add me. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Do you have a link? I don't see it. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  13. These are xml files, albeit without the extension. You can open them with any ASCII editor, e.g. notepad. These are the default files, not the user-adapated ones. Just open them and have a look. Kind regards, Michael
  14. According to one of the forum articles, the 1250410 is fixed, while the other figure is variable indeed. Kind regards, Michael
  15. For Steam users, there are local copies under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\208453332\1250410\remote That's for my installation, numbers might differ for others. I am not sure how they are synchronized with the Cloud, but access data are pretty recent, thus they seem to be. I researched this together with the developer of the tool FS2002 Control which reads off current controls assignments and writes them to a human-readable file. I think there are local copies available for Store users as well, but I don't have a Store installation to verify this. See also here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/anyone-know-where-your-controller-config-is-stored-on-disk/241669/9 Kind regards, Michael
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