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  1. Another happy Steam user. Initally bought the MS Store version, had terrible trouble with it when I tried to install it (that was the pre-release version) to a drive different from C (details in an older thread). Never had an issue with the Steam version. You may also consider that the base files of the MS Store version go into access-restricted directories. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Voted. That's the best way to get things running, IMO. Kind regards, Michael
  3. I strongly disagree here, too. It's certainly a great time for a lot of addon developers. Considering myself, I have spent more money/month for MSFS than for any simulator before. This may not apply to all and I know it doesn't apply to you, but the exploding amount of addons offered for MSFS speaks for themselves. Even if you subtract a few slouches, there are so many beautiful airports, nice planes, missions, low-cost utilities like Bijan's seasons or the upcoming GTN 750, more than I can buy and have time to use. I am sure the peak in the plane department is yet to come, but it will come. Where I agree to you, is that MSFS is better adapted for bare-bone usage than its forerunners indeed. Kind regards, Michael
  4. I still have a bad smell from the day where most freeware developers withdrew grants to use their models from the competing FSLTL group. Justified or not, the result was a monopoly for AIG, at least in the freeware realm, and as we know monopolies are rarely conductive for development. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Did you report this to c0nnex at the SPAD.neXt Discord or otherwise? Kind regards, Michael
  6. The first one I expect to be actually available might be the free AIG. They seem to be far into development and even in contact with Asobo, according to the official forum. At this point, it's unclear, though, if this will be a real "one-click-install" or more involved. Moreover, I am sure we'll see a commercial program in the tradition of TrafficGlobal within a year. Just Flight would be stupid not working on it as they could make a premium. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Let me eloborate a bit more. This is the typical remark which helps no one. It certainly does not encourage Asobo or MS to improve development of MSFS, rather to the contrary. Its only outcome - if any - may be to keep new or present users from using MSFS and potentially to shrink the MSFS user base. At a point MS will certainly decide which resources they will devote to the project in the future. Size of the user base will be one input for further decisions for sure. Up to a potential closure in case the project will prove to be unprofitable. And that's not because MS is particularly greedy, any healthy corporation would do so. If you think failing of MSFS would lead to a boost of the other sims you may be up for a surprise: This would be the first time that loss of a competitor would lead to a speedup of the rest. Just to the contrary. You can rather expect the remaining two to return to their slow pace we have seen for more than a decade now. We all will loose, should MSFS fail. And the same argument applies to the other sims, btw. Kind regards, Michael
  8. I am pretty content with were we are, and I use it on a nearly daily base. For my style of flying (low and slow with a point on sightseeing) it's pure gold and I can live with a few niggles (which other sims have as well, btw). But if you don't like it, you're always free to use one of the alternatives. Kind regards, Michael
  9. I keep hearing this but can't confirm it. I usually fly at night in Europe, i.e. at daytime in the US. When I take off from KSFO (which is my usual testbed) it is overcrowded with planes (granted, ugly liveries, but still) and I see quite an amount of Live traffic in the Bay area. Maybe it's a server thing? Kind regards, Michael
  10. DOD = Department of Defense? Sorry, not a native speaker. Kind regards, Michael
  11. Just as a note: There's already a lengthy and interesting topic on the Bell 47G https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/599787-flyinside-bell-47g-for-msfs-released/ Kind regards, Michael
  12. I have dozens of such entries, actually most of them. Departures without Landings, Landings without Departures and flights without neither. It's a well-known "feature" which has been with us for a long time. It must depend on the startup/shutdown procedure as I observed starting from a runway (i.e. running engines) is usually acknowledged. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Sorry, then I took it a bit easy indeed. I just thought it's like mirroring a texture in photoshop. I asked myself several times why Asobo never wanted to do it themselves. Thanks for making this clear. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Unbelievable. And I thought this issue would be so hard that no one under the sun would be able to resolve it.😉 Kind regards, Michael
  15. Once again: Which flight model did you choose? And no, my first attempts were not better. But with practice and more practice I start to have fun with my (now) couple of MSFS choppers. I find VR helps a lot. The image may not be as crisp as on a 2D screen but you get a more immediate feeling of the state you are in. Kind regards, Michael
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