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  1. I can live with even 20 fps in sceneries like these, even more as they still feel quite smooth in P3D4 (at least on my system). My real concern are the ground blurries which I hate and could get rid of pretty much anywhere else. As you mention it, is there an Orly addon available for P3d4? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  2. It really looks amazing and moreover it gives me the impression of flying above the real thing, as far as I can jduge, not just a collection of randomly scattered houses. It's a paradise for VFR flying, moreover in view of the numerous little airfields, most of them grass, which I just start to discover. Optimization is another question. Referring to airports, there are hogs like AS Sacramento (probably never to enter P3D4). And there are the FB airports which are fun to fly not only visually but also because of their stellar performance. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Thanks guys. 1. Tony, all Prepar3d and addons are sitting on an Intel SSD. For mechanical drives, France VFR suggests defragging which, of course, is not an option for SSDs. 2. Gerard, I'll try to lower settings. I realize that the inner city (where issues stack up) are mostly specific objects instead of autogen. This may be the difference to ORBX TrueEarth Amsterdam which, while being quite dense, too, I am under the impression is mostly autogen. Autogen in the suburbs seems to work better. I already tried FFTF Dynamic (with the AGL height setting and 0.01-0.33 between 0 and 2000 ft) which did not help either. I more or less expected this, as above 2000 ft (which usually applies when I am above the inner city) FFTF is set by FFTF Dynamic to 0.33 and that's what the sim adjusts automatically from the beginning when I set fps to 20, too. Despite, I will try some of your suggestioins re sliders. Honestly, I am always a bit reluctant to do so, as if cutting the fun out of the scenery I could have stayed with OpenLC EU as well. Plus, France FVR in their manual suggest high settings themselves to enjoy the scenery (of course with the compulsory caveat as long as the system can bear it...) I'll start with lowering LOD which I didn't try yet. One notch back shouldn't ruin the scenery. I should add this is in a wee little Alabeo C172 Cutlass with no cockpit on display and running most of the addons including SPAD.neXt driving a hardware panel on a networked laptop. I use PSXSeecontraffic (running on the laptop was well) but I doubt this has much impact over the inner city far from LFPG (where performance is good and no blurries at all). As I said, the setup works pretty well in all ORBX land including beasts like the San Francisco Bay area. Kind regards, Michael
  4. I bought VFR France Paris-Ile de France (plus the accompanying aiport packs) a few days ago. I've been a long-time ORBX user but Paris in ORBX OpenLC EU just doesn't cut it for me, sorry. I was able to marry France VFR Autogen with ORBX using AutogenConfigurationMerger and this works (as I checked back and forth). However, I am underwhelmed by the performance of VFR France Paris under Prepar3d4.2. The scenery as such looks great and is extremely dense and has many nice objects, however (i) Autogen often loads pretty late, (ii) ground textures are blurry. Now this could be the result of my high settings, I have most of the sliders maxed, except autogen draw distance at "medium" to avoid autogen loading in patches (and some shadows off, water one below max, mesh at 5 m). I would agree to this statement, however, using the very same settings I get continuous 30fps in FT Amsterdam and over ORBX TrueLandscape Amsterdam (i.e. the City). Yes, continuous 30 fps, no autogen missing and ground textures at least much more clear than in Paris (let's say within what is possible with photo textures in Prepar3d4.2...) I also have great performance elsewhere (ORBX NCA..) but this is LC-based and doesn't compare directly. Even during takeoff from T2G Paris Charles De Gaulle performance is good and textures are clear yet. Issues start when I enter the city center later. I tried the France VFR forum, but that's essentially in French and doesn't have much user info on the recently released Paris-Ile de France for Prepar3d4 anyway. Does anyone - notably users of this scenery - have any tips or experience what to do? Most of the time I run unlimited with my monitor set to 30 Hz, VSync/TB on. I already tried limiting fps internally to 20 which should help fighting blurries, however does help marginally only. And 20 fps (sometimes even dropping lower) is not what I would call great, although it's still "relatively" smooth. (As a sidenote, I did not yet acivate the additional performance killers in the "Extras" directory.) Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  5. pmb

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    Plus, you need time. While TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP= 9 is bearable yet, TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 makes loading time unaccaptable(>5 min). Thus, I decided to settle with 9, for now. You may compare this to AeroflyFS2 using photo scenery (+ autogen) as well, starting up within 15s and rendering sharp until the horizon. So it can be done. Kind regards, Michael
  6. At least he attended FSExpo a few days ago. Kind regards, Michael
  7. pmb

    P3d v4.3

    Yep, I would acknowledge an expert's answer as well. As far as I recall from early announcements of DX12, it allows shifting more work from the CPU to the GPU. Of course only, if the game is coded for this. Kind regards, Michael
  8. pmb

    Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator news

    That's the difference, perhaps. I don't even know how to spell those animals. I like to fly in places where I either have been in RL or would like to be. But who knows, perhaps I want to live in Deadstick's Twin-Peaks-like region after having seen it in game? Kind regards, Michael
  9. pmb

    Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator news

    Yep. That would include me. As a mostly GA flyer, I will certainly give Deadstick a spin, but the lack of real-world scenery is a major disadvantage in my eyes indeed. Even more, as I don't see an advantage of modelling a fictional part of the world over a real one. Kind regards, Michael
  10. pmb

    P3d v4.3

    If DX12 would be confirmed - which no one knows - it would be nice to know if it allows true full-screen mode again. As far as I recall this got lost (for that pseudo-full-screen mode we enjoy today) with the transition to DX11. Kind regards, Michael
  11. pmb

    P3d v4.3

    Yep. Keep in mind Win 7 support will be discontinued I think in Jan. 2020 anyway. Kind regards, Michael
  12. pmb

    P3d v4.3

    Can we keep the XP evangelists to the XP forums (again)? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Michael
  13. pmb

    No Taxiing or aircraft in the air

    Okay, thanks. In fact, filling in the destination is not a big deal, you just have to get used to it. Usually you should know where you want to touch ground again (and you still can modify the entry in case of changing your mind, of course). Best regards, Michael
  14. pmb

    P3d v4.3

    Not me. Although I follow XP development (and that of other sims) as well. Kind regards, Michael
  15. pmb

    P3d v4.3

    Agreed, that would benefit from a complete rebuild indeed. However, contrary to the DX12 thingy (which I think I read someplace...) I don't recall having them ever mention such. Kind regards, Michael