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  1. have the same opinion. Each headset which he is speaking about is the best one you could ever had...
  2. I have the same issue now. Today I flew DA62, everything was ok. Now loaded for a flight and the screens are black... Tried 3 different airplanes with G1000, all are black.... Can anybody help? Comp restart did not help...
  3. Why nobody cares about 737CL? Only two people expressed their wish for the CL in this thread... That is a great line of planes 737-300-400-500... But 737CL has been cursed since FS2004... Only Wilco had a project but there were several projects after which passed away shortly... Will the day come when we see 737CL in the sim? Pitty that there are not much simmers who like the CL, don;t know why....
  4. It might be.. It doesnt happen to me often, but last time when I fired up VR after 2D started flight, for the course of the flight there were stutters. Especially vivid by the end of the flight...
  5. But Quest 3 is good enough, I think. But I have never tried the alternatives. So, it is difficult to compare. But at the current stage it is good enough.
  6. I had the same issue. Then I bought virtual desktop. Now everything is fine. Just needed to make some tweaks with the settings. I think that there is no VR headset which is plug and play... Must play around with the settings....
  7. would be nice to know about your solution 🙂
  8. I am using as same as you. But I heard that the cause might be GP scheduling ON. Must be OFF. Will try that.
  9. You say that it wasn't the case before? I've noticed that there are problems at certain airports.
  10. Hello, Guys! Need some advice. I am using Quest 3 with virtual desktop. Periodically facing a problem when the picture in VR freezes, while on the monitor everything moves well. If I reboot VR glasses without exiting the sim, then everything goes ok for 3 or 5 min then it freezes again... Should notice that this happens on the ground in a certain airports. For instance, I tried to depart from LIME and every 5 min I had a freeze problem. But I managed to depart and everything was ok during the rest of the flight... The same was yesterday in a LEMG... Where should I look for a problem solution? Does it depend on a codec I use in streamer app? Or maybe something in virtual desktop settings?
  11. I still have the issue periodically. If I cannot start a flight, I go back to 2D , start flight and then switch to 3D...
  12. Everyonce in a while a have the same issue 🙂 What I do is push forward thrust and pulldown the mixture. Then it fires up.
  13. THanks for your feedback! But the problem has been resolved since yesterday. I did the same as you described. I am using cable with my Quest 3. Just powered off the router for several seconds and it worked out 🙂
  14. I use TAA. But will try to set sharpen to 0. Thank for the hint!
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