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  1. Now I have vsync set to 50% of the monitor rate. Will try to reduce to 120Hz and make 33%.
  2. But I don't think that this is the IR issue... Because sometimes everything works well. Will try to play around with the settings
  3. I don't know how exactly to explain the issue. When I turn my head the movement is smooth but the picture during the movement gets kind a blurry. I understand that when the complex scenery is near then it happens. But with my specs I didn't expect such things... My previous setup was simpler but I had a bit worse result, but just a bit... My monitor has freesync on. 165hz 2K. In the sim settings are all utra. TLOD 200, texture LOD 150. I assume that there should any parameter to tweak, but don;t know which exactly... But the thing is like I metioned before, on youtube there are plenty videos when on lower machines all the head moves are silky smooth and crisp....
  4. Hello, Folks! Maybe you can help me to resolve my problem. The thing is that I am using TrackIR 5. When I turn my head the movement on the display is smooth but during the motion the picture is jaggy. I don;t know how exactly to explain what I mean, but will try. Just recently I got a brand new comp. The specs are in the signature. Before that I had RTX3070, Z590, i7-11700K. In a default aircraft I was getting pretty much satisfiying results. Even in Fenix or PMDG in light custom sceneries the movement was silky smooth. In heavy airports I experienced that jagginess on head movement. I bought a new comp. Which should be more powerful than the previous one. But as I said even in light aircarfts the movement is smooth but the picture during motion is jaggy. I hope you understand what I mean. I went through several turorials on youtube how to change the settings in the comp, nvidia panel etc. But apparently I need somothing to tweak or visa versa. Maybe you know how to fix the issue? I see many videos on youtube when people use TrickIR and with lower machines and the picture is very smooth on head turns...
  5. updated the specs in the signature. Today did 1h flight on VATSIM. Just a short disconnect from the voice server happened but quickly restored. The sim had no issues.
  6. Thank you, Bob! I will try. I just recently upgraded to Z790 motherboard.
  7. Hi, guys! Maybe you can help me to find any clue for problem solution. I fly in VATSIM. A while ago started facing situations when vpilot disconnects from the server. Right after that I get warning in the sim that there is problem with internet connection. Then the vpilot may connect by itself and sim gives warning that connection is successful. I don't know how these two things work out together, but it bothers me... I did not have such issue before. It may happen several times during a flight every 2 minutes. I don't think that there is problem with my internet. Because when I not in the sim I always use internet and experience no problems at all. Maybe any other software affects that? But don't know where to look for the problem solution....
  8. Try to disable antivirus. I have free AVAST, it prevents TDS from working
  9. Hello, Fellows! Could you advise the most convenient and optimal software for sim video capture? I know that many people use nvidia shadow play. Other use OBS software. Nvidia shadow play, as far as I understand, consumes less fps, but loads CPU with it processes running in the background. OBS consumes more FPS, as I heard. What are your opinios regarding the matter? Thanks in advance!
  10. yes, I have the same problems. It started previous week. I flew from EHAM to EDDB and in Berlin the scenery was missing. Next day on the way back both airports were present. Next flight from EHAM to LIML. LIML was missing and the fps drop was obvious. Next day flight back to EHAM was ok for both airports. Next flight EHAM-EDDF, Franfurt had the issue... Fight EDDF-EDDM, EDDF-LOWW, no issues... And yes, as it was said above , during boarding there were no pax in every problematical cases. So, I may assume, if the GSX did not start up correctly, it is better to reload the fligh.
  11. I did not notice anything wrong. The advantage for me was just to free up my hard dics space. The sim loading time did not change. If you have any doubts, just make files backup and remove them from the sim folder and test it.
  12. I also read that thread and followed the advice. Removed. Nothing wrong was noticed.
  13. Hello, guys! Just have a question regarding the link which was give above: https://www.flightsimulator.blog/2022/09/21/performance-boost-tricks/ There is an instruction to: Remove 60GB of offline mesh files to speed up flight loading times. As far as my hard drive is getting full I decided to delete the files. But now I am a bit concerned if I should have done it. A while ago I was flying over the Alps and an was amazed how the rocks were looking. But yesterday I flew again over the alps and I thought that they did not look like before. I don't know, maybe nothing has been changed and I just think that it has. Or indeed the deleted files affected somehow the mountains look. What do you think?
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