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  1. Well, then I guess a new GPU might be what the doctor ordered. Two GB is just too low, unless you run only FSX/PD3 native out of the box scenery.
  2. I have an i7-8700K running at 5GHz. I also run two GTX 970 cards pushing a 1080p projector a 1920 x 1080 touch screen monitor with the instruments run in VC only mode. I have a USN Elo 10" touch screen that runs Garmin 750 & 650 and a VGA FMC screen that only shows the Win 10 Logo. Using GPU-Z, I have never seen the two cards go over 60% or use more than 3GB of memory each. Note: I fly with fair skies and puffy clouds. I have never tested them in IMC. I fly everything from GA to Bus jets and military jets. No airliners. For scenery, I either use MegaScenery V3 or Orbx. Now what this means to you, I haven't the foggiest. 🙂 I guess I think for most people the super GPU cards are overkill, unless they are running 4K.
  3. I had to reinstall TrackIR after uninstalling Chaseplane. Uninstalling Chaseplane kills TIR for me. So when I reinstalled Chaseplane in order to test it and TIR for you, it was on a clean installation of TrackIR.
  4. Here are the report file and a screenshot of what the screen looked like after pressing F-12 to center. I was able to get it to work by going to an outside view pressing F-12 then back into VC view. Hummm, I don't see anyway to upload the image and log file. Insert Other Media only gives me two options, URL or Existing attachment. When I click on existing attachment it tells me I have none, without giving me a means to upload. If you give me an email in a PM. I will email you the report and image.
  5. It only happens with TIR. Keven. When I turned of TIR the image reverted to normal POV. Of course, I no longer had movement other than switching views.
  6. I can't say, because I always run IRTrack. This weekend, I will reinstall Chaseplane and check that out. Are there any other things you want me to check?
  7. Keven, the camera controls looked fine. I could almost roll the aircraft 180 wings level right side up. However at about 170 degrees the aircraft would just flip over again. I have uninstalled and deleted the Chaseplane folders. It may be less convenient than Chaseplane, but I can fly again. Maybe Lennie can provide you with the screen shots you need?
  8. I am so frustrated with Chaseplane I want to either curse or cry. My problem is that every time I load an aircraft the pilot's view is inverted. I run PD3 V4.3 and IRTrack. Without Chaseplane everything works fine. Install Chaseplane and it works fine the first time. The next time you run the simulator and load the scenario or aircraft, the pilot's view is inverted. The other views are fine. However, Track IR will not work with them. Totally Frustrated!
  9. jmig

    P3Dv4 and RV-7 / RV-8

    Thank you Bert and Ron! I have her flying and looking good, thanks in a large part to you. Ron, I hope you can forgive me. One of your repaints for the RV7 is purple and gold, which happen to be the colors of my college, Louisiana State University. I slightly darkened the gold, changed the green assents to white, and added LSU to the wings and tail. Now, she is a real Tiger.
  10. jmig

    P3Dv4 and RV-7 / RV-8

    Thank you Bert. I re-downloaded the aircraft from Flight1 and it now works as advertised. I can see the wings and tail, and the manifold pressure gauge works. However, I still don't know where the simv4 xml file goes?
  11. jmig

    P3Dv4 and RV-7 / RV-8

    Is the Baytower site still up? Never mind, 🙂 I can look. If so, I will re-download.
  12. jmig

    P3Dv4 and RV-7 / RV-8

    Has anyone figured out where the simv4 xml goes? I installed it into PD3 V4.3 tonight. It works mostly. The manifold gauge doesn't work. I never tried the autopilot. The landing light didn't light up the runway when I landed. However, the panel lights worked. The wings didn't show, but she flew. 🙂 I want to install the mods Bert and Ron made, but I wanted to make sure the airplane worked before going through all that trouble, perhaps for nothing. She is a sweet little airplane.
  13. Hi Guys, Thank you for all the input. RichieFly, I am running at 1.35Vdc. I have not noticed the fan noise. I am in a cockpit and the computer is about four feet away between the cockpit nose and the screen on the wall. So, maybe it is far enough away,,,then there is my hearing..or lack of, as my wife will say. 😉 I think, following ZLA Steve's advice, I will do some stress testing, just for confidence. If it passes, I will leave well enough alone. I break enough things trying to tweak them. Happy Flying,
  14. I just built a new flight sim rig around an i7 8700K CPU and an ASUS Maximus X Hero motherboard. For cooling I am using a Corsair H105 liquid cooler. Memory is 16GB of DDR4 3200. I am running this on Win 10 Home. I watched some YouTube videos on overclocking and use one by a young German named der8auer. Using his advice and instructions I was able to OC to 5.0 GHz. I am happy with this. I did not try any stress testing. I don't care if it lasts 8 or 24 hours under 100% load. All I care about is its performance in PD3 V4. I did my version of stress testing by loading up Iris's PC-21 and flying out of John Wayne Airport in Orange County CA. I run ORBX Global, Vector and So California scenery. I have found that this test is a good stress test for my type of flying. During the 15 minute flight the FPS with the stock cfg were bouncing anywhere from the high eighties to the forties. I watched the cpu temps and they generally hung in the sixties with a max of seventy four degrees C. Now my questions. I am not a OCer. I am 70 years old any just happy that I can still build the computer and follow directions, In following directions I, as the the gentleman did, set the Sync CPU Ratio to Sync all cores. As I understand it, this will cause all six cores to run at 5.0 GHz. Is this necessary for PD3? It obviously generates more heat to max out all six cores. Would it be better if I were to only OC one or two cores and allow the system to handle the rest? My second question has to do with the memory. Is it possible to OC the memory? Will it provide any reasonable benefit to do so. If so, what is a good target setting for 3200 DRAM? Thank you,