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  1. I third the above. I enjoy the airplane. It has my favorite characteristic. It's fast! I thank the developer(s) for a job well done.
  2. The idiosyncrasies of MSFS(or any flight sim for that matter). I have the T45 and fly it with a reverb G2. I have had no problems. I flew it yesterday. I won't even hazard a guess, as to what the issue is. I will just quote a former President, "I feel your pain." Good luck in solving the problem.
  3. If all else fails RTFM. Otherwise, it hides in a drawer (virtual today). 😉
  4. I have this little red rectangle floating in my VR headset. It is showing something about the CPU/GPU usage. For the life of me, I have NO idea how it got there (I am sure I turned in on and don't remember) or how to get rid of it. It is not the Developer FPS box. It only shows in VR, not on monitor view. Anybody know what this is, and more importantly, how the heck I can get rid of it?
  5. I have a homebuilt cockpit with half-dozen I/O cards plus joystick, throttle, and rudders attached. I have learn from experience that some peripherals do not play well with hubs, even powered. As dogmandbird suggested, you might try connecting directly to a computer usb port. I connected directly to the computer and (knock on wood) have had zero issues with my G2.
  6. I have Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling set to High performance and don't have any issues. When I hit CTRL-TAB the house goes away and the aircraft shows. You might want to reinstall WMM and SteamVR. Since, the game plays on the monitor, it seems to me that the issue is with the VR interface. You might also try setting your MSFS graphics at minimums, just in case it is an overloading of memory issue. If that works, increase. Good luck! issues like these can be a PITA.
  7. I usually build a new flight sim computer every four to five years. My last build was about five years ago, so I am researching components to build, considering my age, probably my last computer. I have budgeted $2500 for the system, not counting the nonexistent graphics card. I have a RTX 2070S that I will use until someone who has less money than Jeff Bezos can afford to buy a 3000 series GPU. I am leaning toward the i9 10900KF CPU. However, all of the motherboard choices are rather confusing. I know that I should get a Z490 chipset. I have looked at the Asus ROG Maximus or a Strix because I have used Asus in the past and have had good luck with them. However, I would consider other brands. The prices of motherboards run from two to three hundreds to over a thousand, all with the Z490 chipset. So, why the large price variance? What should I look for in a motherboard? I do know that I want an M2 slot, and for the mother board to have some sort of intelligent overclocking. My current system is overclocked to 5 Ghz and that seems like a sweet spot for the flight sims. I am also looking for as many usb ports as possible. I am using a cockpit with six different controllers plus a HP Reverb G2 VR headset. I plan on using water cooling and a 850 to 1000 Watt power supply. Thanks, John
  8. Alan, Since we are telling war stories (too bad there is no ale or cider), I will tell you a T-41 story that you might like. In my pilot training class was a fellow who had played defensive end for the Air Force Academy football (American) team. You can imagine that he was rather large and muscular. Anyway, he had an even more vocal instructor than most of us. One day, he was in front of me to takeoff. I moved into number one position as he took the runway. He sat there for longer than usual. Then the aircraft turned around and taxied off the runway back to the ramp area. I figured that he had a mechanical problem and took off. After I returned from my flight's debriefing I learned what had happened. The instructor had already been yelling at him for real or imagined grievances. One of the items on the before takeoff checklist was to close the small vent window on the left hand side. He missed that and the instructor laid into him like a girlfriend after you return home drunk as a skunk. So, in his anger, he grabbed the vent handle and yanked it close so hard that the handle broke off in his hand. Obviously, they had to naturally cancel the flight and he taxied back to the ramp. He told me later when we had advanced the T-37's that his instructor never yelled at him again.
  9. Mescalero? I didn't know that was its name. I flew it early on during USAF pilot training, but we only knew it as the T-41. Many a pilot's dream died in that airplane under the eyes and vocal cords of the ex-WWII civilian IPs. I remember being yelled at for being 15 feet off my assigned altitude. You did learn to fly the assigned altitude and heading.
  10. As yurei said above, MSFS does not play well with ON/OFF toggle switches. I have had success with FSUIPC to program toggle switches and MSFS normal binding to program the momentary push buttons on the HOTAS. @Rotten88Scoundrel, Have you tried using MobiFlight on the Leonardo?
  11. I have never actually flown a F-15. I do, however, have over 800 hours in the F-4. I was able to purchase the DC F-15 for $15.00 because I already owned the P3D version. It is worth $15.00. Flight dynamics and handling are important to me. I was happy to find that its handling was solid and steady, as a heavy large wing loaded aircraft should. Landing was as solid as the real world F-4 was, and I assume the real F-15 is. I did find the T/O to be squirrelly at around 120-130 kts. just before rotation. I don't know if that is a model or MSFS issue. As a retired real world pilot, I tend to stay inside the cockpit. I am not a stickler on visual detail. I never paid much attention to it in real airplanes, nor do I in virtual airplanes. Can I easily read the gauges and MFDs and is the important stuff there? That is what is important to me. I find the cockpit details to be good enough. The same for the sound. Where I am disappointed is in the avionics. Dean (DC-Designs) states that this is not a study-level model. I agree that a MSFS model does not need the weapon systems. I do want to navigate, however. My "C" model is missing the VOR/TACAN arrow and the ILS steering bars. While it will tune a VOR/ILS station and show its designator and DME on the HUD and HSI, I never got the steering bars. I mentioned this on Sim-OutHouse and Dean stated that this would be fixed in an up-coming patch. If that is fixed, I will be happier with this model. I also find the MFD(s) pitiful. There is one fixed image or screen. You can not change screens or select NAV sources. This, to me, is a serious lack of basic aircraft functionality. If the GF1000 can be coded, a basic MFD can be coded. I should be able to switch the weapons load out screen from the primary MSD ("E" model) to a side MFD and put the HSI in the middle, where 99% of pilots would have it. I should be able to select GPS, TACAN/VOR, and ILS NAV sources. This isn't study-level, it basic avionics. As for the people complaining about the lack of supersonic flight, on average, less than one percent of flight time is supersonic. Yes, it would be fun to blast through Manhattan supersonic and watch the windows blow out (if MSFS did that) of the skyscrapers. However, that is not something pilots are allowed to do in real life. 😉 FSX (not sure of P3D) never simulated correct supersonic flight either. In supersonic flight the air molecules cannot move out of the way fast enough. So, they are packed together denser than normal. This is the compressability factor of a gaseous medium, like air. The compressed air flowing over the flight control surfaces make them more effective at supersonic speeds. The real aircraft will limit the movement of elevators and ailerons during supersonic flight. Otherwise you could get a pronounced and dangerous pitch up or roll of the aircraft for the same stick movement. This same compressing of the air molecules is what caused the destabilization of early aircraft in the trans-sonic region of flight that cause deaths of some early test pilots. Modern designs like the F-15 are designed so the only way the pilots know they are supersonic is looking at the Mach meter. I don't know how MSFS coding will handle supersonic flight? I guess that is why it is taking so long to implement. I agree with the majority in that this isn't worth $41.00 USD. If Dean can add the additional functionality listed above and improve the cockpit visuals and sounds, I think it will edge closer to being worth the asking price. Even then, however, I think $25-30.00 USD would be more market friendly.
  12. I wonder how I was able to map my GF-MCP with FSUIPC7, if the SDK is so limited? Somehow John and Pete figured it out.
  13. I believe it should be in the SDK. Or, it is under the Developer's module.
  14. I think that some of you are missing the big picture with his review. I do not think he is whining or being overly negative. In my opinion all of hits nits are accurate and factual. The fact that he worked on the original Microsoft versions of Flight Simulation is not germane, other than allowing him to have an inside perspective of flight simulation software and its development. Yes, FSX was no different out of the box than MSFS2020 is. It was a pretty full of eye candy game and not much else. It was the third party developers, both freeware and payware that made it and its brother P3D the “sims” they are today. That being said, I think it is fair to expect more from this new “sim” than just more eye candy. After all, it has been twenty years. Surly software development and especially game software development have progressed to the point where we can get more advanced software for our money. I just purchased a new Sony 4k TV to watch the fall football games (go figure 😊). I expected it to be more than a prettier image. I expected its “Smart” features to be smarter than my 15 year old Sony. I believe I got more than just a nicer picture. The new TV is easier to use. It automatically detected my WiFi and quickly found all the things it was supposed to find and do. MSFS does have “smarter” features. The new weather is fantastic. The marshalling and ground services are way beyond FSX/P3D. Unfortunately, that and the pretty scenery is all that is different. The UI is not setup for serious flight simmers. The avionics, according to what I have read by others, leave much to be desired. I have never flown glass cockpits in real life, so I don’t know if the issues I am having are because of poorly programmed avionics or self-inflected by this old steam gauge pilot. I do find the autopilots, trim, and controller setup frustrating, however. Lastly, I would like to state my opinion of flight models and realism. I have over 3000 flight hours in both military and GA aircraft. It is my opinion that the only tests that can be done on flight models and realism are; one, does it fly the numbers. The second thing you can do is subjective. Does it seem to maneuver like the real airplane. Is the roll rate and pitch rate like what the behavior of the real aircraft? That is it. Non real world pilots cannot understand just how important seat of the pants flying is to a real world pilot. In the USAF we did 2G overhead breaks to the downwind. I never had to look at the G-meter to see if I was pulling 2 Gs. I could tell by feel. The same for 6-7 G BCM. You knew by the pressure on you, the vibration of the airframe, and reactions of the airplane to control movements. This same intuitive knowledge is part of GA or Airliner flying. None of these are possible in simulation flying. I don’t care if you have a $30 joystick or $1000 professional control setup. So, if the default aircraft seem to fly like you would think a real world airplane of the same make and model fly, and it more or less hits the climb, speed, etc. numbers, be happy it is a good model. I apologize if this came off as didactic or pedantic in tone. I usually keep my thoughts to myself. However, I just thought some of you were being a bit unfair to BruceAir. MSFS will be a great addition to the sim flying world, once shortcomings and defects are corrected, either my MS or others. I for one am looking forward to seeing this new “game” mature into a “sim.”
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