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  1. They don't even have an EFB ! Oh c'mon, someone had to do it.
  2. Unreal, i waited all day to see if was going to be released and finally gave up and set off for Adelaide from Perth. Reached TOC, opened up AVSIM and there it is, uugghhh !
  3. I have decided to fly planes in MSFS 2024…….and land them.
  4. Of course every aircraft has faults. But I’m not the one claiming PMDG is the Halo company when it comes to flight simulation and their aircraft are Ferrari’s. There not, they have their faults just like any other company/aircraft. I don’t know why people get so defensive when it comes to them. I’ll leave it at that before this heads south.
  5. How about sticking to the magenta line on the first tight turn after departure, or any 90 degree turn for that matter, always overshoots. That issue has been there in all Flightsim versions. Again i’m not going to sit here and slag them off because they do make a fine aircraft, but to say it has no faults is wrong.
  6. But Ferrari, Tesla, heck even a Mitsubishi have an automobile version of an EFB. PMDG…. nope. They do make a nice aircraft i’m not denying that, but it does have it’s faults.
  7. 1/ Realistic dangerous weather: Under Investigation. 2/ Open up the weather system to 3rd Party Devs: Not Planned So does number 2 mean the likes of PMDG and FENIX can't implement weather radars and if so, what's the point of number 1 ?
  8. But that’s how it’s supposed to work. While you fly the aircraft, the Pilot Not Flying handles all radio calls.
  9. Yep, exactly my thoughts. Add to that aircraft parking. My hometown is Perth and to have Virgin Australia parking where Qantas should be and vice versa, International Aircraft parking at the Domestic Terminal, nope, just kills it.
  10. No offence to PMDG, but i find Fenix' Airbus is much better in the flying department. And i'm not just talking about MSFS, i found the same behaviour back in P3D. The aircraft struggles to follow the LNAV path, in particular departing airports. It often can't follow the magenta line in the turn, it always overshoots it to the point where i re-input the waypoint its trying to capture to avoid it snaking back trying to intercept the path. And yes, the bank angle selector is fine. Descents are a problem as well. I find following the VNAV path the aircraft will sometimes lose airspeed below what's set for the VNAV path, up to 20+ knots. I need to turn off Autothrottle and manually bring the speed back up. And i've always believed the aircraft struggles with turbulence. I've had a descent rate of 800fpm, speedbrakes out and the speed really struggles to drop. I've dropped the landing gear to create some more induced drag but it still struggles. I know the 737 is a slippery beast, but that's too much. Under normal circumstances i would re-install, but as i said i have found this behaviour with their previous 737's in past Sim's. With localiser capture as opposed to the Fenix, you don't want the intercept path to be too great in the 737. Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. Agreed on the plethora of videos. 320 Sim Pilots content on YouTube is excellent, a real 320 Pilot I believe.
  12. I transitioned not long ago after years and years flying the Boeing. Learning curve is not a steep as you think it maybe. The hardest part for me to get used to is the MCDU, i find Boeing's FMC so much easier and more user friendly but mind you i have used it for years so......... Anyway give it a go Noel, you never know you might enjoy it !
  13. Hi Noel. Like you, i had lots of time on Boeings over the years, within the last few months have transitioned to the Airbus, specifically the Fenix A320. The transition was not as daunting as i thought it would be, have to say the Airbus is a bit easier to fly, nowhere near as slippery as the 737. But i do hate the MCDU, i find the FMC of the Boeing much friendlier, although maybe with more time things might change. But the Fenix is a lovely aircraft to start with so if you don't mind shelling out the coin, you can't go wrong with that aircraft. SimPilotA320 has some great tutorials on how to fly the Fenix, well worth watching. Enjoy the ride ! Andy.
  14. Well Dave, we are in the knockout stages of the World Cup now so if England are in a penalty shootout, you’ll be back to simming in no time !😜
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