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  1. I’m not an airline pilot myself, just hold a PPL. So in saying that, if i want a comparison between flying the real thing and what we simmers fly sitting at our desk, no offence, but I’ll take the word of someone who’s actually flown the bus over a simmer. They can make a comparison between both, you and i can’t.
  2. Don’t want to start a fight here Nyxx, but unless your a type rated A320 Pilot, to completely dismiss someone who is by telling them there comment is a joke on an aircraft they fly for a living, well THAT is a joke. If you are, then the both of you can discuss at hand the different opinions on the aircraft and we can sit back and enjoy the ride !
  3. Since i only fly Tubeliners, i have a question. Speaking of the birds, when you have a bird strike, can you hear them crunching and grinding as they go through your engine? 😜
  4. jerrycwo4"Is this one of the "things" AFCAD would do? Have more AI fill some of the empty gates?" Jerry, as long as there is AI aircraft flightplanned to that particular airport then yes, it will fill the gates.When you see aircraft land, then disappear before they taxi off the runway, thats because there are no parking slots available for them to go to.By creating more, or adding a new scenery with an AFCAD that has parking slots, then those aircraft will have somewhere to go. It all comes down to if there are aircraft flightplanned to that airport.Chuck B."Would you know how I could use Lee's program to make taxiways visible in my map view in FSNavigator for my FlyTampa sceneries?"You dont use Lee's program to make the taxiways visible.As RFields5421 said, you use FSNavDB to update the AFCAD's.Basically, you modify the airfield you want with AFCAD, or if you have a new scenery, just install it then run FSNavDB.You will find FSNavDB in the modules/FSNavigator/Bin folder in your Flightsim folder, the big yellow compass looking icon.Hit that and down the bottom you will see "Create Database". Make sure your "FlyTampa" is checked, and hit the "Create Database". It may take a while, so grab a cup of coffee.When its finished, you should see the newly modified, or newly installed AFCAD in your FSNAV.Pan Pan Pan
  5. Jerry, with AFCAD you can basically create a new airport or edit an existing one.What can you create or edit i hear you ask?Taxiways, parking slots, aprons, ATC communications, navigation aids etc. for airports.For example, if you have a favourite bush airport and this bush airport does not have any of the above except for the stock standard runway by itself in the middle of nowhere, then AFCAD will allow you to add these in, thus bringing your airport alive.I use AFCAD mainly for updating airports that have no parking slots, taxiways and ATC etc so that AI aircraft can use them.It also has an "Aircraft Editor" so use can assign certain AI aircraft to certain parking slots. For example, if you have a FEDEX hangar and building at a particular airport, but your FEDEX AI aircraft park a zillion miles away, you can modify the parking slots and Aircraft in order for your FEDEX aircraft to park in the correct location, at the FEDEX terminal.Hope this helps Jerry.
  6. Thanks for the input gents.Im off to work for two weeks, work away.Will wait until i get back before i have another crack at it, as there is that much info running thru my head im just starting to confuse myself.Tally ho........
  7. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=32982
  8. Hello everyone.I am at my wits end trying to calibrate the throttle quadrant through FSUIPC.I have the single throttle, prop and mixture quadrant.I downloaded John Cooks guide, and have had no problem with calibrating elevators, ailerons, assigning buttons etc.But the throttle quadrant ?, boy oh boy!!!I can get the jets sorted without too much trouble, because there's no condition levers involved.Yet when i try to calibrate an aircraft with condition levers, such as Flight One's Conquest, all #### breaks loose.One minute i get the throttles working, but condition levers wont.Then if i happen to fluke both working, then just one condition lever will work and the other wont, or when pulling on the condition lever, the throttle lever will move.I calibrated the prop control for one condition lever, and the mixture control for the other condition lever, but then the throttle wouldnt work.As you can tell, when it comes to setting up the throttle quadrant, i have absolutely no idea what i am doing.Can anybody out in Avsim world help me with this?Thanks, Andy
  9. Bloody ####, you guys must be mind readers.Today i had it happen twice.Once flying into Dublin in a Metroliner, light chop, nothing out of the ordinary.Just before the piano keys at approx. 150ft i had a huge downdraft slam me into the runway.Second flying a Skippers Brasilia into Perth Australia and again, same thing, although i was ready for it after what happened earlier and managed to pull back violently on the column before ballooning down the runway; luckily i had plenty of runway to use!!!Use activesky as well.
  10. Downloaded this aircraft, repainted it in RAAF colours, but am having a pig of a time trying to fly this thing.No disrespect to Mike, it could be something im not doing right.The problem im having is when the autopilot is trying to capture the altitude whilst climbing. When it does try to capture, it porpoises like you wouldnt believe, up to 3000ft + and -, and continues to do so, it just wont capture the selected altitude. Does anybody else have troubles similar to mine with this aircraft?
  11. The only thing i can think of is the bitmaps aren't there. But considering this is happening to more than one aircraft, its unlikely, but worth looking at anyway.
  12. I have AI aircraft that change over to the frequency 199.990 and when this happens they then maintain the altitude they were at, eg A070 when they should be climbing up into the flight levels.As well as this, they drop speed to well below what they should be doing, AND maintain there current heading sometimes flying upwards of 40nm off track.They then get the instruction to resume own navigation. Then the frequency jumps back to the frequency they should be on and they resume normal flight, re. nav, speed and altitude. (i have a utility similar to TCAS that displays other AI aircraft, giving their airspeed, altitude, callsign and frequency)RC4 doesnt assign them that frequency, in other words i never hear them get handed off. I just notice them flying in this erratic manner and notice that strange frequency.Its the frequency that leads me to believe that something is out of the ordinary. Is there something simple that im not seeing?Thanks in advance for help.Pan Pan Pan
  13. Staffan, The Metro sexy? You are one sick puppy. I tell you what, i'll contact DR PHIL and get you on his show.I flew in one just a week ago and i tell you what, i had more room in the Piper Warrior i fly then in that confined piece of junk. Ive flown in quite a few aircraft, but never have i felt like a sardine as i have in a Metroliner.The only saving grace of that flight was that the Captain was one #### of a cute blonde woman. Looking at her, the groundspeed decreased by 30kts due to the drag created from the rise in my pants.
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