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  1. While it’s nowhere near top payware quality, it’s better than default, and is doing the job nicely until the Orbx version comes out, whenever that maybe.
  2. I have a GTX1080, 8gb, is that enough ?
  3. What do you call plenty of vram? I have a GTX 1080 with 8gb. Thanks
  4. Sorry Ray. First flight back it behaved as normal with your suggestion of checking the deviation settings. Going to conduct some more flights to confirm. Thank you for the suggestions. Andy.
  5. Have been a user of RC4 for a long time and love it. However ran into an issue whereby i needed to re-install. This is what i have, Prepar3d V4.5, FSUIPC registered version. Installation was fine however have ran into a strange issue. Beginning of the flight works fine, get up to cruise altitude, set autopilot everything appears rosy, so i head off to do some housework. However when i get back to the aircraft RC4 is continually coming up with the old "fly heading ### until receiving suitable navigation". Now i've had this in the past but have solved it by just asking for a 'direct to' the next waypoint, however the heading its asking me to fly is actually the heading i'm currently flying. So my last flight for example, its asking me to fly heading 090 until receiving suitable navigation, but i AM flying 090. The waypoint i am currently flying to is not in the select group when i want to use the above work around. Whats strange about this is that before when this has happened it has always asked to fly a heading thats been a reciprocal heading and always near the departure airport because of the first waypoint thing, but this is asking for it at cruise, and the heading is the one i'm actually flying. I have never come across this before, and googling away i can't find a solution to this particular problem. I've updated AIRAC's for both Prepar 3d and PMDG, re-built the scenery database within RC4 and used makerwys all to no avail. I was thinking that maybe it has something to do with waypoints between the two programs not matching which is why i did the preceding, but alas to no avail. Has anybody seen this issue or have any ideas how to solve? Thanks. Andy. I
  6. I used to fly on those all the time as well Whitey. I remembered they used to climb like a brick !
  7. I am doing exactly as you are.
  8. It is but I don’t think CASA would approve of me flying a Qantas 737 out of there.😜
  9. YPPH Perth from ORBX. Been waiting for a decent Perth scenery since before I was conceived.
  10. Be aware though that if you use Little Nav Map or any other aircraft tracking software, you won’t be able to see the F 117 on it.
  11. It is amazing. I mainly fly in Australia with ORBX AUS V2, but this just about matches it. Outstanding work.
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