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  1. yes fsx sliders at zero. the app-data mentions incompatable program. Heres what happened. i had an old program of traffic 360. I installed it and it didnt work right. i uninstalled it and ever since then, No voxatc traffic. I think somewhere , voxatc still thinks traffic 360 is still in there. 360 must have left something somewhere after uninstall and vox is recognizing it, I liooked for it but just cant find anything. I did a restore point to before the install of 360, same difference. I believe it to be somewhere in FSX since traffic 360 resided there, but where. Vox is still picking it up as being there. ANY IDEAS??
  2. I had a sound card problem that corrupted Voxatc so I uninstalled it and reinstalled 7.43. It works fine but I have no AI traffic. Ive adjusted all the sliders in Voxatc and in FSX. Vox initializes fine but without poppulating the AI traffic. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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