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  1. Can anyone tell me what the trigger phrase is to go from S.CREW/ENG to TAXI ? Ive tried just about everything. The only thing that works is clicking the button to change it. Aslo, I was getting the FO asking if fuel was ok and the FA telling all passengers on board but it just stopped. Any help would be apprecieated. FS2CREW DEFAULT 737 VOICE COMMANDER EDITION Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Bryan: Im flying FSX and using FS2CREW Default 737 voice commander. I have 2 small problems. First I go through prestart checks, then before start checks just fine. When the mode changes to S.CREW/ENG, It doesnt change to "TAXI" CHECKS.I have to change it manually. After "BEFORE START CHECKLIST" I thought at first movement prior to engine start to announce "CABIN CREW ARM SLIDES" would change it from S.CREW/ENG to "Taxi" but nothing does it except manually clicking the button to change it. Got me goin crazy. Also I heard the "ASKING IF THE FUEL IS OK" one time and never again nor do I hear the FA tell the captain that all passangers are boarded. Everything else works just fine, audio is good, speech recognition is good. Im running GSX and using them for pushback so "AES" IS yes, pushback required is no as is doors and gate dep gate arr. Two very high end machines are running this walk in simulator, so I dont think the problem is there. I did hear them ask about fuel and passengers once after a reinstall, but that was it. I hope you could help Thank you
  3. yes fsx sliders at zero. the app-data mentions incompatable program. Heres what happened. i had an old program of traffic 360. I installed it and it didnt work right. i uninstalled it and ever since then, No voxatc traffic. I think somewhere , voxatc still thinks traffic 360 is still in there. 360 must have left something somewhere after uninstall and vox is recognizing it, I liooked for it but just cant find anything. I did a restore point to before the install of 360, same difference. I believe it to be somewhere in FSX since traffic 360 resided there, but where. Vox is still picking it up as being there. ANY IDEAS??
  4. I had a sound card problem that corrupted Voxatc so I uninstalled it and reinstalled 7.43. It works fine but I have no AI traffic. Ive adjusted all the sliders in Voxatc and in FSX. Vox initializes fine but without poppulating the AI traffic. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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