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  1. Thanks. I’ll see if this makes a difference
  2. Also, for those suggesting i reduce my clock speed, this is what I show in Nvidia inspector https://www.flickr.com/photos/186732856@N04/?
  3. Were you able to resolve it?
  4. I don't see an area in my Nvidia inspector to "show overclocking" . The button is not there. Is there another place i need to look? There is nothing to push in the bottom right Would a restore work?
  5. What if I did a system restore to a restore date that was before I was having these issues? Would that work possibly?
  6. I am beginning to think it is/was something to do with Windows updates. I called and was troubleshooting with a tech that built my PC and the first thing he noticed was that a Windows update didn't finish so he thought that was the culprit. He helped completely update Windows and freed up a bunch of space on my hard drive because it was near capacity. We thought that would do the trick. It didn't.... When I called back and talked to them some more, they basically said this message is a Windows and Nvidia issue and there really isn't a fix unless Windows releases another update or Nvidia sends a new driver, or both. It is something related to DirectX possibly?
  7. Can someone let me know how to remove an axis profile that I created for an aircraft and apply a new one? I have a livery with an axis profile assigned that I want to change to a different profile. However, the part where i would add a profile is greyed out. Thanks!
  8. I only installed one scenery before this started to happen. I had a few successful flights with the scenery and then the issue started. I removed the scenery and the problem still occurred. I haven't removed AI or weather but I can try. I don't understand how that could be the culprit since I haven't updated AI in a long time and the only weather update I did was Skyforce and I was getting the error before and after the update. How would I decrease Vram? We tested the GPU and it tested fine. What does P3d being out of focus mean? I am not running any config mods, but I can wipe the shaders. Can you remind me how to do that again? Thanks for the help everyone... This has my head scratching!
  9. One more thing to note, the 1 flight I did that didn’t result in the error, was a night flight. All of the othe 6 flights that had the message and crash was a day flight. I don’t know why that would cause the issue but thought I would point that out. I’ll do a test night flight tomorrow and see if I get a crash
  10. Worked for me too. Thanks!
  11. I still don't have a resolution. I had the guys that helped build my PC and check the GPU. They said it was running fine. They helped free up some space on my hard drive because i was near capacity. I still get the error and crash. They thought it was also because i didn't do a windows update. So I updated and I am still getting the crash. I am lost! What a perfect time to be without P3D when I am stuck in the house! I also did the suggested steps from page 1 and that didn't seem to iron it out (even though I thought it did after 1 successful flight). I am now 6-7 in terms of getting this crash in the last 7 flights.
  12. As an update, I finally get CP to start allowing me to access my presets and use everything like normal. However, all virtual cockpit views are now black and I can't see anything. Any thoughts?
  13. I posted this in the P3d forum then realized there was a Chaseplane forum. I recently made some changes to my PC (windows update, deleted a bunch of files i didn't need) and when I launch Chase Plane, the only clickable areas are presets (all of my previous presets are not there) and preferences. Camera, Aircraft, Replay and Community are grayed out. When I launch the sim, it recognizes CP in the views tab, but I can't really do anything with Chase Plane. Do you know what could have caused this or what I can do to fix it? I also had to load it as it didn't start automatically like it used to when starting P3D. Thanks
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