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  1. On the FBW, I had mapped the tiller to my Hotas Warthog "INCR DECR" Axis. Most all of the other mappings I had for the FBW carried over with an exception of the tiller. Any trick to getting that set up so I don't have to steer with my rudder pedals?
  2. Are there any view profiles out there that are available? When I got in the sim, the cockpit view was very zoomed in as a default and the only way to get it correct was using the mouse to pan and Unzoom. Is that correct or is there a profile out there?
  3. I know it is super early, but i thought I saw on a stream that there will be airline specific Simbrief profiles to pick in Simbrief. Anyone know where that might be or did I mishear that?
  4. Yep.. That seemed to work. I loaded a different livery and different airport so that seemed to do it
  5. Anyone having issues getting into the EFB? I am hovering/clicking on the fingerprint button and the apps will flash as though it is going to work then lock back up. Also, I can't turn on the batteries or connect to external power in cold and dark. I know it was just released but thought i'd see if anyone else has this issue
  6. Weird, when I do that it opens up for a few seconds then goes back to lock
  7. I interpreted it as that he knew they were getting ready to release and his guess was tomorrow
  8. The last 2 times i've fired up Track IR, I only get one of the 2 green lights on (left side only) and it doesn't pick up the simulator. Does anyone know what the issue could be and how to fix it? I use the clip that goes onto your headset if that makes a difference.
  9. From what I can tell on their discord based on convos and reactions from the testers is that the plane is great so I am curious as to what is keeping them from giving updates or saying what issues they are running into. I don't really know what goes into a beta test but i am curious if they ran into a major road block or if they are trying to add more features and it is being more difficult than anticipated.
  10. What I don't understand (and this isn't a knock on them at all) is that they constantly say things like "we are working very hard with the beta team and can't provide updates, etc." all the meanwhile they are responding to the different chats on their discord. In my opinion, if the testers and the people running Fenix can take the time to respond and communicate to questions, etc. on discord, they could provide status updates on what is going on. IMHO
  11. This one looks WAY better than the first one posted.
  12. That was the issue. I had something mapped to the apu on my thrust lever so I turned it of. Thanks!!
  13. All of those were done. I am 100% positive and only fly the Airbus and have been doing so for years. I’ll keep troubleshooting
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