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  1. Did they say when they plan to fix this? I can't find anything from Asobo acknowledging
  2. I tried my first flight yesterday with the new version of the CRJ and I lost the glideslope around 1000ft. I captured everything perfectly fine and right about 1000ft, the plane started to dip below the slope. I had to disconnect, add a bunch of power to get back up to get on the G/S. Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. Do you know if they fixed the plane shooting through a STAR towards the end of the arrival? I think that is an Asobo issue but wasn't 100% sure. Every time I have flown a star, at the end when needing to enter a turn in NAV mode, they plane keeps flying straight
  4. Ok.. This is definitely still the old version. I wonder what I need to do to get the update installed
  5. I downloaded the update today from the Marketplace. It says I am up to date, but when I did a flight, I saw no changes. Is there something I can look for to tell me that I am actually updated?
  6. Pretty frustrating... a few things get fixed and that breaks a bunch of other things! Not really a complaint, just an observation. There are lots of things I enjoy about it.
  7. Was this something that was caused by the last update or just something that they have been planning to fix for a while?
  8. Ah.. I thought it might have been setting / system related. Thanks
  9. I've done a few flights since the most recent update and to me it seems as though the textures in the distance are blurry. For example, in the flight deck of the CRJ or Airbus, looking through the cockpit the textures in every direction seem very blurry, almost as if they were having trouble loading. The ones straight down are a little better but don't look as crisp as they used to. Any thoughts on what this could be from? Current settings are below. Flying has been very smooth on the last 2 flights in the CRJ with an exception of approaching drzewiecki Chicago and FSDT ORD. I don't think many systems can handle that combo...Thanks!
  10. I am trying to find some more liveries and was wondering if there are any other places to download besides https://flightsim.to/. I am also interested in the 550 models since there seem to be way more 700 liveries out there. Thanks!
  11. If you bought on the Marketplace, has it been uploaded yet? I am not at my Sim PC. Is that the only place you can get the update?
  12. Ok... I think I've made up my mind. Thanks for saving me some cash!
  13. I am thinking of getting some scenery from Fsxcenery via Simmarket. How is the quality of these airports? The pictures are hard to tell so I want to see what people think of it. Thanks!
  14. Actually, yes I was. There was precipitation out of KSYR so I bet that was the cause. I flipped on the anti ice but my guess it that i did that too late. Thanks for confirming!
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