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  1. Thanks. I appreciate you answering my questions!
  2. With all due respect, I would rather hear it from the users of the application rather than the ones that created it. Everything looks fine and dandy on their site but in reality that isn't always the case.
  3. Sorry if this has been mentioned deep into a bunch of AS threads but I thought I'd ask a few questions here. Hoping this can be clarified. 1) How does AS differ from the default weather when it comes to live weather (i only fly in live weather)? 2) Are the clouds visually different than the default? 3) How does this AS differ from the AS that I used in P3D? What is missing / what is included? Basically I was never a fan of the default weather when it comes to how the clouds and the cloud layers were depicted so I was hoping AS would solve that. Thanks again and sorry if this has been discussed
  4. Just curious if there are any A320 Overhead panels out there compatible with MSFS (preferably Fenix) that are plug and play that don't require a full blown A320 Home cockpit or MIP. Something like a standalone over head panel with a mount or stand. Everything I have seen seems to be for full cockpits, Skalarki for example. Is there anything out there or is there anything in the plans for the future that has been announced?
  5. I would open a support case or post something to their discord.
  6. I can also say that I have only been flying the Fenix since it came out and have never experienced any sort of AP disconnect at any stage of flight.
  7. I can't seem to find any instructions on their Facebook. Did you just run the installer?
  8. Ok.. I think I had the same issue. I'll try to figure out what i need to do and hopefully it can get up and running
  9. Is there a setup somewhere that explains how to get it working? Also, what does that mean for De Flight? Do they work together or is it one or the other?
  10. When you say too much sharpening, do you mean AMD Sharpening in the sim?
  11. I don't think i have an option for DLSS with DLSS mode DLAA. Is that in the sim or in Nvidia settings?
  12. I should have clarified what I was wanting to do. I fly the Fenix and know the doors can be opened and closed, and I know how to turn up or down the PA system from the radio panel. I have a bunch of airline specific announcements that I want to hear in place of the default GSX. Nothing against the default GSX as I have used that for years. I would just rather only hear the specific announcements that I have downloaded for the Fenix as a change of pace. Right now I only know how to have them both on and often times they conflict with each other.
  13. Is there a way to turn off the redundant sounds of the people boarding the plane "howdy ma'am" and the flight attendants "chatter"? I don't mind the sounds of the bins closing and the foot traffic... Just looking to get rid of the voices.
  14. Dumb question, how do you use DLSS with DLAA? I only see one or the other in the settings
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