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  1. I recall back in v3 there was a scenery config tool that would allow you to only load scenery that you want in your flight. Meaning, if I was flying from KSFO-KLAX, I would only pick those 2 airports to load in the tool prior to my flight, and P3d would not load any of the other addon airports I have across the US. Is this available / compatible with v4.1? Also, if it is, would that help at all with frame rates or does that have nothing to do with it. I wasn't sure if it was just for load times or if it could help reduce studders and add frame rate. Thanks
  2. I would like to know this as well. Something I have been wondering about for a while.
  3. Is there a way to create a few different commands on one plane and then load another plane and export those settings over? For example, I am flying the FSL320 IAE and created some switch settings on my warthog thrust lever (spoilers, reverse, idle reverse, flaps, etc.). Am I able to load the CFM version, and take what I created in the IAE and load it to the CFM or do I need to do it individually for each plane? Thanks!
  4. My thoughts exactly
  5. Has anyone gotten this to work in 4.1? For the life of me I cannot figure out how to install it. If anyone has success, would you mind letting me know how? Thanks!
  6. It should be automatic from the navigraph app as far as far as I️ know. I️ just open the app and look for updates.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply..
  8. Can anyone tell me if these work well in 4.1? Thanks.
  9. What are you using for that? It looks good.
  10. Does anyone know if there are any future plans for photoreal scenery in P3d that looks similar to the ortho stuff? I️ know mega scenery is out there but that doesn’t look good. Just wondering what the future holds. Thanks.
  11. To those who have used this new release, did they remove the outdated liveries?
  12. Having both the NGX and 777 along with FSL in the hangar, I can say that all 3 are very complex in terms of system functionality, aircraft dynamics, and features. I don't think anyone would argue that. All 3 are great but you are making it sound like FSL is some toy with a lack of system integration. That is the farthest from the truth. All three planes simulation actual operation very well and just because you can do PA announcements in FSL doesn't make it inferior to the others!
  13. I am going to politely disagree with this statement. I would say the majority of the people that I see post flights on youtube are looking for a cinematic effect, regardless of the type of plane they are flying (PMDG, FSLabs, Q400, etc.). They do views from wing, galley, outside, so on and so forth. To say that FSlabs have been adding features for simmers that want to play passenger and not pilot is wrong. I would say they are at minimum equal to, if not beyond, realistic and accurate flight simulation of the real thing than any other sim on the market. Besides, real world pilots activate and deactivate autopilot at around the same time as I have seen youtubers do as well.
  14. Does anyone know if KBZN works with 4.1? Thanks
  15. T must be something with fly Tampa and UTL. This ctd only happens at cyyz and only at night. Cyyz should be compatible. I also noticed that this happens when flying out of cyyz. I was able to fly into that airport at night with no problem.