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  1. All of the sudden within the Fenix virtual cockpit view, I am getting the external compass, engine/airspeed info, and flap and trim info. It is as though MSFS thinks i am in external view. I can't seem to find where to get rid of that. Any ideas? Not sure why this happened and it has never done this before. In the assistance menu, it says Volocopter at the top and I can't change it. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  2. I saw in the April 20 update there there is a KPHL listed in the marketplace but I can't find any pics or reviews. Anyone have it and is it any good?
  3. Anyone using this and also have DD KEWR installed? How is the performance?
  4. In what ways? I haven't flown the FBW since Fenix was released but am curious what surpasses Fenix. I am not knocking it, I would just love to hear the differences.
  5. Do you just type it anywhere in the ini file?
  6. Thanks.... When you say a lot of features, can you give me an example? For my hardware, I have a realistic stick and thrust lever that are USB and run fine without any calibration. In PS3, I used to calibrate via USB but I haven't done that in FSUIPC. I don't have any other Skalarki, Prosim, etc. components either. All of my controls are bound within MSFS as well. Can you give me a few examples of some features that I can take advantage of?
  7. 2 quick questions.... Currently I am using the unpaid version of FSUIPC. What would I gain if I went with the paid version as it relates to MSFS? I currently fly with the Fenix primarily. What is the latest version and how can I tell what version i am running?
  8. Where do you find this to change it to 0? Also, does it need to be the paid version?
  9. Do you have a roadmap of what you plan on doing down the road in the US?
  10. For what it is worth if it makes any difference, I am using the Fenix 320 and fly primarily in the US. So are you saying that stutters can be caused (and why they happen sometimes and not others) are based on MS/Asobo's servers? I guess i never thought of that but it makes sense.
  11. What has been the consensus lately in terms of DX11 vs DX12; particularly with stutters on final approach. Recently before and after the latest update I have been using DX 11, and performance is awesome out of major complex airports, but some airports such as ORD, LAX, EWR, I get stuttering when landing. I was wondering if there was anything in DX12 that would help that after the update. Also, why is it that I can fly out of major airports/cities and it is smooth, but when flying into one, performance drops? Shouldn't it be the same, good or bad? My specs are in my sig. Thanks!
  12. Until recently, I have been getting my flight plan loaded in the maps section of Navigraph on my iPad. I pull the flightplan from Simbrief, but the last 4-5 flights I've done, everything is there but my mapped out flight plan. Simlink shows my location, but if I am not in a chart or airport map, there is no flight plan shown in the map. Any idea how to get that back? I'm sure it is just toggling something on, but I have checked everywhere and nothing seems to work. Thanks!
  13. Did my first flight with this and tweaked a few things and it was pretty much spot on. Thanks for all your help on this as well as my other questions from other threads!
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