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  1. Zimmerbz


    Any updates / rumors on the ORD front? Things seem quiet for having 3 versions in development.
  2. Zimmerbz

    Orbx Scenery Question

    Good to know. I was under the impression that the ORBX KSAN out now was the new version.
  3. Zimmerbz

    Orbx Scenery Question

    I am using the latest version of P3d
  4. Zimmerbz

    Orbx Scenery Question

    Hey guys... I bought and installed ORBX KSAN and deleted LatinVFR SAN via the tips above. However, I get CTD's now around KSAN. Last night I flew SFO-SAN and got a CTD on the arrival and I tired to do the reverse flight tonight and got a CTD when turning onto 27 at ksan. I run ORBX LC north America but not vector. I was doing both flights on Pilotedge and for what its worth every time I have tried to fly into KSNA, I get a CTD. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what could be the problem? I have a high end set up so my hw shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Zimmerbz

    Orbx Scenery Question

    Thanks. Dumb question but is your suggestion to do either or? Or both?
  6. Zimmerbz

    Orbx Scenery Question

    I recently bought ORBX KSAN for v4.3. I had LatinVFR running but thought Orbx was a little more up to date. I couldn't find LatinVFR in Add or Remove and there wasn't an uninstaller. I installed Orbx through FTX but couldn't remove LatinVFR in the sim. It was greyed out. So my question is, how do I know if Orbx or Latin is installed and if Latin, how do I remove it successfully? In the scenery library in the sim, Latin Lib (where I assume KSAN sits) is above latin SAN. I just want to make sure only Orbx is running. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  7. 2 questions. Does PTA need to be running before every flight or do you only run the exe to make changes? I am using the 12 month shaders from gsalden along with sky force and with the latest version of P3d, blue sky looks grey, even in tropical places like Florida. It almost looks like the clouds blend into the sky particularly when panning around. Any thoughts on what this could be? Let me know if I need to provide additional info. Thanks!
  8. Zimmerbz


    True, but even when it is released it will be better than v1 and waaaay better than the default.
  9. Zimmerbz


    Ok.. Cool. I thought I might have missed something. It would be interesting to hear what is holding back the release but I doubt we would. I hope it is released sooner in 2018, than later. This is the one airport missing from my list of addons that will make it easier to get around the US as many of my airports can be reached from ORD in under 1.5
  10. Zimmerbz


    Where did you see Sep? I thought that was for GSX
  11. Zimmerbz


    Just curious if there has been any updates on the 3 upcoming versions of ORD in terms of release dates, etc. The FSdreamteam one looks pretty polished but I can’t seem to find anything other than “2018”
  12. Zimmerbz

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Question.... outside of Fslabs and active sky, which of the popular addons require a download update? Are any ready out of the gate without a reinstall?
  13. Zimmerbz

    Update Question

    Thanks... However, I am still confused as to what each installer gives you. I am pretty sure with 4.2 I didn't install scenery and everything seemed to work just fine and I didn't have to install any of my airports. Is there something really neat about what is included in the scenery installer for 4.3 that I should know about?
  14. Zimmerbz

    Update Question

    Looking through the change log I see a lot of updates that don't really pertain to me (at least I don't think). If I am looking to update for improved performance and better dynamic lighting, do I just need to install the client? I understand that I need to upgrade the client, but am not sure If I will miss out on anything else by not installing scenery or content. I don't want to mess with my 3rd party airports so I think I would just need to do the client but also want to see what I'd be missing if I didn't do content or scenery. Maybe I just do client and content?
  15. Zimmerbz

    GSX question

    Is there a download anywhere that allows you to remove the robotic voices from ground to cockpit to something that sounds more realistic?