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  1. The same thing happened to me yesterday flying from KEWR-KLAS. After I entered KLAS in the window and confirmed I closed the window. When I opened it later in the flight I noticed that KLAS was no longer in the box. When I arrived no traffic.
  2. It is now fixed for me. By the way, the way it worked for me was to remove traffic on the menu, reset the slider to say 50% and then hit regenerate traffic. Traffic reloaded and it was substantially reduced.
  3. If you exclude a custom airport for the jetways will GSX still read profile when installed or do you need to re-include it. Any help on this is much appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Looks good! I am enjoying mine very much. What type of monitor are you using? I am running three 27-inch monitors using Nvidia surround and am thinking of switching to one. Thanks!
  5. Mark, Please disregard my question. I was able to figure out what I messed up and fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Hi Mark. Thanks for a great app! I am running both P3d and MSFS and have purchased licenses for both. However, when I installed the MSFS app it created an identical desktop short-cut as my P3D. I tried to rename the new one to MSFS and when I did, it resulted in one working desktop shortcut for MSFS only and none of my P3D products are licensed with it. The old shortcut stopped working so I can't figure out how to launch the server for P3D. I clearly messed something up. Any thoughts on how I can fix this? Thank you in advance for your help! Regards, Todd
  7. kavs8, I found a fix for me. In the configurator I checked 3d grass and everything worked. Terminal K there, no elevation issues. Also selected spring for the season although not sure that matters. Try it and see if it works for you and let us know. Thanks!
  8. I have this same issue. Using FTX Global and Orbx Open LC Europe. I tried rearranging the layers but no luck so far. I am also missing terminal K even though the jet bridges are there. Since their forum is down I did a google search and it would appear they had similar issues in older versions but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. I never had these issues in P3dv4. I may try the inibuilds exclude file to see if that makes any difference. If you find a solution please let us know and I will do the same! WIth that said what is working looks great.
  9. I fly mostly cargo in the 744 and 748. Aerosoft Cologne/Bonn is a good choice. Not sure if it is on sale but a lot of UPS 747 action there. Agree with RKSI and Anchorage. DD UUEE also sees a lot of ABW 747 Cargo flights as well. KORD also gets a lot of 747s. Your choice as to DD's scenery or FS Dreamteams. Flightbeam Quito also gets a lot of 747's and its a great scenery. There is also a Viracopos that is great that you can get at sim market. Good Luck and enjoy! Todd
  10. All, An update from me. I was able to successfully restore my computer to an earlier date after which everything worked fine, 100%. However, once I did that Win10 automatically downloaded the updates again. I created a new restore point as a precaution and then let the updates install when I powered down. After a reboot I tested P3D again and everything was still good. I can only assume I had a corrupted install in the first instance or Microsoft somehow fixed the problem in the new download? Who knows. Just glad to be up a running again. If I learn anything else I will let you know. Good Luck! Regards, Todd
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