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  1. toddl

    P3D v4.4 Compatibility?

    Yep. No problems with the PMDG 777.
  2. Hi, I am having a recent problem operating the HGS. Whenever I am on the ground I can only partially see it. Once I am in the air it works fine, but as soon as I point it at the ground it disappears again. I suspect there must be a setting that is causing this conflict with my ground textures but notwithstanding my best efforts to change my graphics settings nothing works. I am running P3dv4 and have not had this problem before. I have not changed my graphics driver in a long while. I would also add that this is NOT a PMDG issue. Other add-ons with a HUD are having the same problem. With that said I thought I would post here to see if anyone had any ideas. Thanks in advance for any help! Regards, Todd Legon
  3. toddl

    Good flying books recommendations?

    "Skygods" by Robert Gandt. A fascinating and entertaining history of Pan American World Airways from the beginning to its end. A lot of great true stories that had me laughing out loud. I also have the audio version which is wonderfully narrated. Highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of commercial aviation during its glory years. Regards, Todd L
  4. toddl


    Outstanding Steve!! Not to date myself but I remember flying on "Whisperjet service" on EAL 727s when I was a kid. A few "Whisperliner" L-1011s as well. After all Eastern was the "Wings of Man!" Thanks for the memories! Looking forward to this one. Regards, Todd
  5. toddl

    Sunglasses required

    Steve, Great news about the "thermometer." Looking forward to the "smile" for some west coast flying! Love the old liveries! Thanks again, Todd
  6. toddl

    Sunglasses required

    Nice blank canvas Steve. The old Northwest "thermometer" livery would sure look good on that, if anyone other than us even remembers it... Keep up the great work! Thanks again for the AA Beta, really enjoying it. Regards, Todd
  7. Great work Steve and thanks! Spent a lot of time on these birds. When I loaded it up I swear I could smell the stale coffee, literally! So accurate it was Pavlovian...... Thanks again! Regards, Todd L.
  8. Me three.... Hoping for some news on how to fix this as I love the products when they work. Thanks! Todd Legon
  9. toddl

    No Autoland EICAS message

    Erwan, In my experience that occurs when there is a disruption in electrical power (in my case caused by user error!). Sometimes I have hit the apu power switches to disconnect them after start up when they have been already automatically disconnected. When that occurs and/or after I re-disconnect them I get that EICAS warning. I have also found that if I shut down the APU after start up before putting the packs back to normal I sometimes get that message as well. If I put the packs on first I don't get it. Regardless, the plane will still actually auto land even with the warning as I understand it (although I have never tried) but I guess you are not supposed too!! I am sure someone with greater knowledge than me can explain this better but I hope this helps. Regards, Todd Legon
  10. It's because you are running on three screens. PMDG has made modified panel configs to address this. I received mine by submitting a support ticket describing the issue years ago so I suggest trying that. Good luck! Regards, Todd Legon
  11. toddl

    Livery Downloader Error

    I have the same problem but I don't think it's the OC. Just read that Amazon is having some problems effecting the internet. I suspect this isn't a coincidence. Regards, Todd Legon
  12. toddl

    Livery download error

    Same problem here. Never had it before and TLS 1.2 is enabled on my machine. Regards, Todd Legon
  13. toddl


    I'm not sure if this is your issue but try clicking on the gross weight entry if there is an arrow next to it on the PERF INIT page. 1LSK I hope this helps. Regards, Todd Legon
  14. All, Same problem here. Not a big deal given that if I need to save a settings change I can load another aircraft and close normally but I thought I would just confirm that my set up has the same issue. Thanks! Todd Legon
  15. Michael, Thanks for this! Are triple monitor configs available for the 777 as well? Thanks, Todd Legon