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  1. Hi folks, here is a preliminary version that I would kindly ask you guys to test: http://www.aviaworx.com/files/not_released/aviaserver_25-jun-22-004226.zip Note - this hasn't been tested under P3D/FSX and MIGHT break things there - that's why this version hasn't been published yet. Many thanks Mark
  2. Guys, when you are saying you are confirming the above, are you refering to that post from the user stating the issue is related to the hyd pumps / load state?
  3. A user has sent me this information - perhaps it is of help to others:
  4. Error Status: Confirmed - waiting for a fix Summary: After PMDG's latest update to version, aviaCDU's display stays dark Reference Post on the PMDG Forum: https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/pmdg-737-for-msfs/199727-aviaserver-cdu-blank-since-3-0-24-update Details: A number of you have been reporting a dark screen in aviaCDU after updating to PMDG's latest version. As it would seem right now, the data broadcasting interface has been changed by their latest release. Note - P3D/FSX users are not affected by this topic. I'm sorry about this as I understand this can cause quite some frustration but I hope a remedy will follow in due course! This topic will be updated as new information becomes available.
  5. An Email NOTAM has just been sent out asking you to open a ticket with PMDG if you are affected.
  6. I would check your network configuration, network strength and firewall / router settings
  7. Hi Brian, no, aviaServer is not supposed to close automatically. It will automatically reconnect to MSFS or P3D once a sim is started. This makes using aviaServer essier. Why that installer is having problems, is beyond me. Perhaps a bug in the installer or SimConnect - but not related to aviaServer directly.
  8. Thanks John. Happy to hear you are up and flying 👍
  9. John, one idea just came to my mind: make sure your pc's date and time are set correctly! If it's off, it can cause https connections to fail. Let me know if that helps! Mark
  10. Ok, then I think we need to involve PMDG at this stage. I will do so from my end however I would like to ask everyone who is affected by this to also reach out to PMDG and open a ticket so they can find a common reason why this is happening to a few of you but not to the majority of users.
  11. Hi Stu, aviaFlightMonitor is not restricted to specific aircraft types, so yes, it should work with the A320. Assuming you have a license for MS FS for aviaFlightMonitor, can you please send me your LastApproach.dat (if that file was generated?) If not, please send me your logfile.cdulog after your approach with the A320 so I can check what's going on.
  12. Hi, that's a very interesting finding - thank you for sharing this! Can you please check, if the RIGHT CDU is working? (the EnableCDUBroadcast.0 is for the left CDU, EnableCDUBroadcast.1 for the right). If the setting gets deleted, then that's something the PMDG team will need to investigate (aviaServer doesn't delete this). But first let's see if the right CDU is working or not. And as to your last question: Yes - as described in the manual, it is perfectly normal to have multiple connections.
  13. Ok, please send me your logfile.cdulog and your lastapproach.dat files and I'll have a look!
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