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  1. Download the latest version of the SimServer App from Extract all files from the archive to a directory of your choice Make a shortcut to SimServer.exe and place it on the desktop Run the App (i.e. execute SimServer.exe) It will either show up in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, or in the hidden icons accessible at the right extreme of the taskbar Right-click the icon A menu page opens  Place mouse cursor on top of the line “Generate QR Code” A list of the products available through Sim Server, opens up Place the mouse cursor on the product you are interested in (for this example, I chose the PMDG B747 v3) The items available for this product open up Place the cursor on the item you are interested in (for this example, I chose the CDU left) A URL page opens up (in this example, it is: Take your mobile device that you are going to use. Open a browser in the mobile device (ex Safari for IOS or Google Chrome for Android devices. Enter the URL above (type it in) in URL address line of the browser and “voila” you are done, the item (the device) that you chose, will appear on your device. You also have the option to have the mobile device read the QR Code directly using a QR scanning app, avoiding a couple of the steps above. Obviously you have to buy the license for the item/device you want to fully use. Make sure that your license(s) are copied into the same folder where SimServer.exe is located in
  2. marcom

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Thank you Roberto for this! May I add this to my documentation?
  3. marcom

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Thanks Roberto! Dirk, let me know if you still need additional assistance (send me a private message). Regards
  4. Hi, so what you are looking for is essentially a 'Remote DU' solution. Here is a thread over at the PMDG forum: I suggest you raise your interest there - PMDG needs to hear your voice.
  5. Good idea - I've implemented this and will be made available with the next release. Regards
  6. marcom

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Hi Chris, I just created this posting on my forum - I hope it helps answer your questions. If not, please let me know. Regards
  7. Dear folks, I have seen some confusion lately about how my software works - ie is it an app, can it be found in the App Store, is it free or not, etc. If you are new here and have similar questions, then this post is for you! How does it work? 'Remote Server' (the actual executable is called SimServer.exe) is a standard Windows application and runs on your FlightSim PC. What it does is it connects to FlightSim (FSX or P3D) and communicates with the different add-ons that are compatible. At the same time, Remote Server spawns a web server and waits for a browser to connect Your mobile device's browser is used to connect to Remote Server within your local network (so your mobile device's WiFi needs to be active and needs to be connected to the same network your FlightSim PC is connected to). As such, there is no 'App' needed from the Apple AppStore or Google's PlayStore. All you need is a browser which makes this solution so compatible. A lot of effort has been put into the User Experience so that the CDU or EFB 'feel' right. Safari on Apple and Chrome on Android allow you to add web-sites to the home-screen and by doing so, you will see no difference between running a native app (so an app that you install from the different Stores) and a so-called web-app (like in this case). The ReadMe documentation gives you details on how to do this. Note: the Remote Overhead Client, which is also contained in the .zip file, is somewhat different. Please take a look at the ReadMe.pdf for further details. Where do I download it from? Visit Do I need to pay for it? Depends! When you download the Remote Server, you will not have licenses for any of the add-ons. This will put Remote Server into 'view only' mode, meaning that you can see the content of the CDU/EFB on your mobile device but not make any inputs. Ie if you click on a button, you will get a warning stating that no license has been found. If you decide to purchase a license for a specific add-on, the 'view-only' limitation is removed for that add-on and inputs will be forwarded to FlightSim. The 'view-only' mode allows you to test the connection and make sure you are good to go before deciding to buy a license. This is in part to avoid any frustration people get when buying something that doesn't immediately work (been there, seen that). How do I buy a license? All purchases are done through the Remote Server application running on your Windows PC. When you start SimServer.exe, you will see a small icon in your task tray (the lower right corner of your desktop, where you have the clock). Right-clicking the icon opens a menu with different options, including sending a 'License Request'. If your PC is connected to the internet, you can send a license request directly. If not, you can save a license request file (.licreq) and send it to me via e-mail. Further details can be found in the ReadMe.pdf How much does a license cost? 10€ for each CDU or EFB license 15€ for the Remote Overhead Client How many devices can I connect at the same time? There is no limitation! You can connect different devices, running different operating systems, all at once.
  8. Hi Michael, the EFB should stretch its size to your device's size but maintain aspect ratio. The CDUs are typically taller and thinner while the EFB is wider. So depending on your tablet's screen size (16:10 vs: 4:3) this is to be expected. If the EFB or CDU would stretch without keeping its aspect ratio, it would become distorted and look strange.
  9. Hi Michael, the second issue is confirmed and fixed - an update will be issued soon. Can you please ellaborate on the first issue? What do you mean by full tablet size? Regards
  10. Yes, both MFKs are supported (basically like a left vs right CDU - but both MFDs are always displayed)
  11. marcom

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Hi Brian, yes, this is mentioned in the documentation. Have a look at There is some good advice from a user called Berts.
  12. marcom

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Hi Dirk, make sure you have the latest version (5.0.1 as of now). You can always download the latest version from Then you can send a License Request for the EFB as described in the ReadMe documentation. Or have a look at the 4 steps mentioned a few posts above. Regards Mark Foti
  13. marcom

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Hi Paul, may I ask where you are asked for credit card information? PS the free version allows you to test the connection and is limited to 'view only'. You need to purchase a license to be able to make inputs. The way it works: 1) You download the zip file from and extract the contents to a directory 2) You run SimServer.exe 3) Right click the icon in your tray bar (bottom right). Click on Generate QR code for whatever CDU /EFB you'd like to connect to 4) Use your iPad's camera to scan the QR code and you should see the CDU/EFB in your browser. Just make sure your iPad is connected to your WiFi Have a look at the ReadMe for more details including how to make the app feel more native and how to request a license. Regards Mark Foti
  14. Hi, sorry, I missed this post. Are you still having issues? Regards Mark
  15. marcom

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Dear Boaz, I've contacted you via email. I do see some emails from 2017 and I assumed it was working. Please allow me to help you get up and running. Let's continue in private. Regards Mark Foti