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  1. I'm still struggling, It's working in P3Dv4 on my side but not in P3Dv5. I'm in contact with their development team so hopefully we can get this resolved soon. It's for sure not a general platform problem since other addons are working correctly in v5 - so that's reassuring.
  2. They would need to add a SDK for me to be able to interface with their product. Best bet is to raise this with them as a paying customer. Regards Mark
  3. Gentlemen, I confirm that it's not working in P3Dv5. This is most likely due to a glitch on QualtyWings' side - please raise a ticket with them.
  4. Hi, can you please send me your logifle after you have loaded the 787?
  5. Thanks. Can you guys please test this version and let me know if that works? http://www.aviaworx.com/files/not_released/aviaserver_21-may-20-213514.zip
  6. Can you please send me your logfile directly through the app?
  7. See the manual for the hidden click spot to activate night mode. Note - it's slightly different between the standalone and the browser version, due to the different layouts.
  8. On its way... BUT - as you may know, PMDG accidentally broke the SDK so they will need to provide an update first before aviaServer will work correctly. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/pmdg-747-queen-of-the-skies-ii-forum/61108-sdk-changes
  9. Hi Mike, sorry for not getting back to you - I had some offline topics I had to look into. Nothing dramatic and not related to the current worldwide situation, but pressing nonetheless. But I'm back and looking into this. In the meantime, can you verify your DPI settings are default in Windows? And does this happen on the standalone overhead client or in the browser or both? Thanks Mark
  10. Gentlemen, sorry for my delayed response here. Yes, I have been monitoring this issue myself and also believe that PMDG need to provide a hotfix here. An update that will support P3D5 is on its way. Stay tuned Mark
  11. Hi, I trust you are by now equipped with the license and flying?
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