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  1. Do this: 1. Go to Content Manager -> Search for KAVX (It will be inside WU X) -> Click files button -> Delete KAVX by Microsoft (602 MB) 2. Restart MSFS
  2. How did you know that ? I never turn my PC off, so..... LOL
  3. Speaking like that ? You should know better ! You call yourself a developer ?
  4. Its a pain and it looks ugly and im not gonna flip that switch everytime I fly.
  5. Deleted coz this tweak is mentioned in another post.
  6. Please get rid of that pilot in the mirror. Its a pain to switch it off so I dont fly the aircraft anymore.
  7. Oh. The Kodiak is the only SWS plane I have.
  8. This Kodiak gives me 30 -> 38 in places I should have 48. My target is 48. Oh man oh man thats a pain. Have to lie down and troubleshoot. Cant fly around with 38 so I place it in the hangar. Why did I buy this piece of #¤%& ? LOL.
  9. This is a nice tweak on SWS kodiak 100 that work: 1. CTRL + 4 2. Pull out STBY ATT (screen turns off) Now you have 10 extra FPS
  10. Orbx mesh (including Alaska) dont play nice with SU9/WU9: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/worlds-most-dangerous-airport-has-just-become-a-bit-more-dangerous-related-to-orbx-mesh/520679/10
  11. I found this on the official MSFS forum: Off gave 23.6 FPS, Low gave 23.2 FPS (2% reduction) Medium gave 22.5 FPS (5% reduction) High gave 21.7 FPS (9% reduction) Ultra gave 20.9 FPS (13% reduction)
  12. Look at the Vram on these. 12 is better.
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