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  1. So, everyone has helicopters flying around? I can't for the life of me get any AI helicopters. Which helicopters can be used as AI? I've got the H135 and H145 (Hyperperformance Group). They are great to fly with but they don't show up as AI (I did put their location and soms liveries in parameters.xml).
  2. MSFS2020 PSXT version 29.9 Since vs 29,9 I get this message about the app not being able to load static aircraft due to no gates with an airline and type option that fit. I didn't have this message before in previous versions. Jan near EHGG the Netherlands
  3. Can someone explain to me (in simple terms) how to add Helicopters to the AI?
  4. Hello oscyrk, You can find that "parameters.xml" file in C(or whatever HDD you use):\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\PSXT_MSFS Actually, when you're using AIG with MSFS2020, then you should already know the existance of this file. If not, it won't work, a.f.a.i.k. Anyhow: open it with Notepad++ and look for the following part and fill in the links (of course using your locations of the Liveries. Also don't forget the link to your add-on Aircraft-folder. I used the Community file location and it works. Btw: I'm not an expert. This is how I did it and everything is working fine with MSFS2020, PSXT_MSFS, Real Traffic and AIG-liveries. "...<parameter name="lfolder0" value="E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" /> <parameter name="lfolder1" value="E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\GA Liveries" /> <parameter name="lfolder2" value="" /> <parameter name="lfolder3" value="" /> <parameter name="lfolder4" value="" /> <parameter name="lfolder5" value="" /> <parameter name="lfolder6" value="" /> <parameter name="lfolder7" value="" /> <parameter name="lfolder8" value="" /> <parameter name="lfolder9" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder0" value="E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community" /> <parameter name="afolder1" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder2" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder3" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder4" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder5" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder6" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder7" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder8" value="" /> <parameter name="afolder9" value="" />....." Greets, Jan
  5. Fixed it meanwhile. I'm using AIG-liveries and in "parameters.xml" I accidentally added an lfolder-link to the wrong folder: aig-aitraffic-oci-beta_CVT-folder. After removing the link to the aig-aitraffic-oci-beta_CVT-folder (and of course keeping the link to the correct aig-aitraffic-oci-beta folder), the taxiing started again.
  6. Well, what can be wrong? Can you help me out? I haven't clue what I'm doing wrong here. Seems like they don't recognize the taxiways. I have tried with no aircraft parked at the gates, so there's plenty space for arriving traffic. No effect. Still no taxiing!
  7. Dear Nico, don't take it personally and let me make one thing perfectly clear here: you sir, are doing one hell of a job here with this wonderful piece of software for us avid simmers! Groet, Jan
  8. Yeah, I know. I remember a sketch from the Benny Hill show, I won't quote here.
  9. In my younger days one of my teachers on medical school once told me: "never assume... "😉
  10. Oh well, guess I'm the only one with nothing taxiing .
  11. I've been spotting traffic on EHAM (and also on EGLL and KJFK for that matter) in MSFS2020 for an hour or so. I'm using PSXT_MSFS and RT with AIG liveries. There's plenty traffic, but not one aircraft is taxiing from or to a gate. After landing they disappear at the end of the runway. They take off after appearing out of nowhere on the runway. Many gates have parked planes btw. Is there a way to get the planes taxi to and from the gates? Jan near EHGG, Netherlands
  12. Well, I actually do see quite some of that jittering, stopping, accelerating etc. in Europe as well. And also those very strange take off patterns: appearing on the runway out of nowhere, accelerating slowly, then faster, then taking off like a rocket and after a while leveling off. Sometimes disappearing. So, there's still some tweaking to do I guess. Overall, I'm still very happy though with PSXT and RT. Btw: I'm using MSFS2020. Greets, Jan near EHGG, Netherlands
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