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  1. I had the same issue. I dumped the ROLLINGCACHE.CCC file (AppData\Roaming) and restarted. That worked for me. Jan
  2. On several long, intercontinental flights (mostly trans atlantic) Real Traffic has the tendency to loose connection after some time. FlightRadar shows enough traffic nearby (on NAT's), but Real Traffic doesn't show it anymore after some time. Traffic re-appears after flying some time over Canada or US Northern part. Someone else had a similar experience? I also noticed Inside.net of this, because it happened several times. greets, Jan Aalders, near EHGG
  3. Back again! Delete this thread please. Jan
  4. When entering Prepar3d.com I get a database connection error. Jan Aalders EHGG NL
  5. Jarkko, Do you mean you set these descent rates manually (in-flight) or can they be set as an option in in Pro-ATC? regards, Jan Aalders
  6. I agree. One weak point of ProATC is the planning of trans-atlantic flights. I doesn't know NAT's and it just generates a whole bunch of waypoints across the Atlantic. When flying trans-atlantic, I always use PFPX (with actual NAT's) and then import it into ProATC, but quite often it still doesn't recognise the NAT-route and generates it's own route across the Pond, sometimes in one go from coast to coast. In that case I have to add the NAT-route manually. Otherwise: it's indeed a great ATC tool! regards, Jan
  7. ProATC sometimes does that. I've noticed it also. Sometimes it's a fault in the correct order of waypoints, but sometimes the reason is not clear (at least not to me). I guess you know this already, but you can bypass this by asking ATC a direct-to clearance to the next waypoint. It's not a real solution, but al least you can continue your flight. Als je het nog niet wist, probeer het maar eens Jeroen. regards, Jan
  8. I'm running Windows XP professional, FSX (SP1), VoxAtc X.Airplane in use: PMDG 747-4000 for FSX (yes I know, not the first airplane you would think of for making a trip from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, but sometimes time doesn't permit any longer trips).greetsJan
  9. Is there anybody out there?????Try flying from, say, Amsterdam-Schiphol to Frankfurt-Main. On entering Langen control-zone and making contact with ATC, Bremen Radar is also answering and the two controllers (Bremen and Langen) are repeating themselves endlessly, trying to make you switch to Bremen, Langen respectivily. I think this happens when flying near the border of the two control-zones, who share the same frequency. It's very annoying.Is there some file with the used frequencies that can be edited?Jan
  10. When flying from west to east over Germany and contacting Langen Radar I discovered that Langen Radar and Bremen Center share the same frequency (118.75 I believe). This is causing confusing and looping messages and makes ATC communication nearly impossible in this area.Digger57
  11. Same thing happens all the time when flying from EHAM to EDDF and contacting Langen Center. I made this trip dozens of times and tried everything to avoid or break the "deadly loop". Can't figure it out.Digger57
  12. Yesterday I made a flight from Amsterdam-Schiphol to Washington-Dulles (real time) using FSX with the PMDG 747-400X, Active Sky X, X-Graphics, VoxAtc X and, of course, XPax. The flight itself was OK. No problems with the add-ons, but approaching the end of the flight there seemed to be a lot of hard-disk activity going on resulting in this very annoying stuttering of the simulation. I made these kind of flights from EHAM to the US East coast several times before with all the add-ons except for XPax and never experienced this problem. By the way: I had the video option turned off as it is pretty useless and cheapish anyhow. Audio turned on (please make the gate-announcements less repetitive or looping or leave them out alltogether).When parking at the gate on Dulles Int., I Alt-Tabbed (now that's HiFi unworthy, so change that in some menu add-on or something!!) to XPax and watched the diagram as passengers unloaded. Before this was completed I read my score and it said: 350 pax transported. When the passengers had all left the plane, the score was doubled to 700 !!!!Don't know what happened.Also when leaving EHAM for the first time I was paying too little attention to the boarding of the passengers and left too early (yes, my fault). When taxiing to and reaching the active runway I could still hear the gate-PA-system repeating it's senseless (for this flight, that is) announcements. Then I saw that half of the passengers where still at the gate (Alt-Tab too cumbersome, so you miss that information easily) and started all over again. Now I know that I should wait for the on screen ticker telling me that all passengers are boarded.I liked the few announcements on-board at certain parts of the flight(climbing, cruising and descending if I remember well). The rest of the flight it's just the XPax ticker showing up every now and then telling the pax approval rate.Facit: good idea, but needs tweaking and polishing to give that special sense of realism that there are actually 350 passengers behind you, trusting you to get them safely from one continent to another.Digger57
  13. Can it be that PMDG 747-400X and VoxATC X don't go along together?On all my planes VoxATCX works well, but on the PMDG 747-400X, all I get is a big black box with nothing in it. There's no "enable" button. Nothing. Anyone knows what's wrong?
  14. I ordered it 10th of december (8:35 local time to be precise)
  15. Got mine this afternoon (Holland).Still no key, after waiting more than 5 hours. Hope it doesn't take as long as it took to get the CD.
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