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  1. Airbus A318 A319 A320 A321 A300-??? A330-200 A330-300 A340-300 A340-600 A380-800 ATR ATR42-300 ATR72-200 BAe BAe146-200 Avro RJ 100 Avro RJ 85 Boeing B717-200 B737-200 B737-300 B737-400 B737-500 B737-600 B737-700 B737-800 B747-400 B747-400M (Combi) B757-200 B757-300 B767-300ER B777-200 B777-200ER B777-300 B777-300ER B787-8 Bombardier Dash 7 Dash 8 Q400 CRJ200 CRJ900 Embraer E145 E170 E190 E195 Fokker F50 F70 F100 McDonnell Douglas MD80 series DC10-30 SAAB MF17 S340 S2000 Tupolev T134 And some various Cessna's
  2. PMDG also once stated that weather radars were never going to be implemented in PMDG aircraft. PMDG also once stated that they would NEVER do the 777 But I'll most likely agree with you, my point is (I guess) that miracles still happends I guess the reason for the absence of a PMDG 767/757 is due to Level D. Would still love to see those two being brought to PMDG standards.
  3. I think thats VERY unlikely. The 717 is a dead horse, and Boeing is already developing a competetor for the CS100 and the Airbus Neo series. http://en.wikipedia..../Boeing_737_MAX I flew with Blue1 717-200 last year, quite a ride! And it was really something special.
  4. I don't remember you/know who you are. But welcome back, and I hope you kicked som &@($* to that cancer. It took three of my grandparents :/
  5. Well duuuh! It would be like the NGX pack without the -700 series.
  6. Airbus A318 (soon on nov. the 27th!)A319A320A321A330-200A340-300A340-600A380-800 ATR ATR 72-500ATR 42-300 Boeing 737-200737-300737-400737-500737-700737-800747-400757-200757-300767-300ER777-200777-200ER777-300777-300ER Bombardier / De Havilland CRJ200CRJ900Dash 7Dash 8 Q400 Embraer E170 McDonnell Douglas MD80 series. Tupolev Tu 134 General aviation Cessna 172Unknown Piper Aircraft Helicopters Bell 222Bell 212 HueyBell JetrangerEurocopter AS350
  7. My thread lives! :) I'm going to Morocco in a few months.
  8. EuropeDenmark (Home)NorwaySwedenFinlandGermanyPolandUKRussiaHolland/NetherlandsBelgiumLuxembourgFranceSpainItalyAustriaSwitzerlandCzech RepublicSlovakiaSloveniaCroatiaHungaryGreeceIcelandSerbia (Mid june 2011)Bosnia & Herzegovina (Mid june 2011)North AmericaUSAGreenlandCaribbeanCubaAfricaSouth AfricaMiddle EastIsraelUAEOmanJordan (11th. may 2011)AsiaHong KongThailandCambodiaVietnamMalaysiaOceaniaAustralia39 nations in total. :(
  9. Airbus 319-100 (Finnair, Austrian, SAS og Aeroflot)Airbus 320 (Lufthansa, Jetstar & Air France) Airbus 321 (Lufthansa & Austrian) Airbus 330-200 (Premiar, Air Greenland, Jetstar og Aeroflot)Airbus 340-300 (Finnair)Airbus 340-600 (South African Airways) Airbus 380-800 (Qantas)ATR42 (Aerocarribean)ATR72 (DAT & Laos Airlines)Avro RJ 100 (Brussels Airlines)Boeing 737-200 (Olympic Airways)Boeing 737-300 (Norwegian)Boeing 737-500 (Rossiya Airlines)Boeing 737-700 (Malev)Boeing 737-800 (Lauda Air, Qantas & South African Airways) Boeing 747-400 (Thai Airways)Boeing 757-200 (Icelandair)Boeing 757-300 (Icelandair)Boeing 767-300ER (Qantas & Austrian)Boeing 777-200ER (Singapore Airlines & Thai Airways)Boeing 777-300 (Singapore Airlines)Boeing 777-300ER (Air France)Bombardier CRJ 100 (Cimber Sterling) Bombardier CRJ 900 (SAS)Cessna 172Dash 7 (Air Greenland)Embraer 170 (Finnair)MD80'erne (SAS)Tupolev 134 (Malev)Fokker 70 (Austrian Arrows) Fokker 100 (?)SAAB T17 Supporter (Royal Danish Airforce)Bell 222 (Air Alpha)Bell 212 (Combat Tour : Cape Town) Bell Jetranger (Sightseeing over Manhatten, USA) Eurocopter 350 (Sightseeing over Dubai, UAE
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