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  1. Just purchased. Happy with the discount! Is there a way to import controls settings from v4 to v5?
  2. Yeah, it took me hundreds of hours to have a nice, up to date AI package with newer models and new liveries. I'm absolutely willing to pay $45 for this if they have new liveries, new models (hello A350 and CS100), and they update them regularly as well as schedules (last UT2 update is something like 2013...). If not, I'll keep what I have thank you very much.
  3. ...an old United livery? They didn't update the old UT2 liveries?! That's a major dealbreaker for me.
  4. Using a static IP is what you want. Using the name requires you to run a DNS server, it takes a bit of dedication to do that. I do, but then again, I'm a bit crazy.
  5. I know you're a pretty vocal critic of a lot of devs in this community, but I think that HiFi is still there and working hard. They respond fast and efficiently to concerns addressed by support ticket as far as I know. As of the apparent lack of updates for some add-ons (AS16, FSL A320 to name a few) I do think it has to do with v4 development. Knowing some devs already have access to it by their statements (Orbx) or by mistake (Aerosoft), it's reasonable to assume they would want to devote the majority of their resources to making add-ons working as soon as possible on the new platform while integrating fixes and new features, to then trickle them down to the v3 builds, rather than the opposite. It's a perfectly fine business decision by me. If v4 turns out to be 64-bit indeed (it seems pretty safe to assume in this case) it'll be a huge help in the cases of VAS-hungry add-ons, and it makes total sense to boost the visuals, features sets, and functionality for such a platform. A lot of projects and current add-ons have apparently slowed down a lot lately, and to me it's a pretty clear indication of the impending release of v4. Let's be positive Roi. Think about the wonders devs will be able to do if you remove VAS limitations. It's an exciting age coming.
  6. I'm heartbroken that I didn't get the chance to buy it. The Duke Turbine V2 is my absolute favourite GA airplane.
  7. Of course, it hasn't been released yet. Only PMDG knows.
  8. It's been there for a while. Click on the 747, go to "expansions".
  9. It was also shown by Mathijs Kok accidentally yesterday night.
  10. As big as the changes are, the charts and the navdata will be updated, and not much will change apart from pilots who operate regularly in those areas will have to lose their muscle memory and get used to the new procedures. Interesting project, they seem to go with more "european style" procedures. Given how well they work over there in their (extremely) crowded airspace, the results could shape how it'll evolve over the rest of the country.
  11. It's Canada, but VAC is pretty cool. Very wide variety of flights.
  12. I'd say it probably is. Had my share of frustration with calculation errors, random system faults, engine problems, before I figured out the states. I like a "turnaround" state for most of my flights, so I created such a state for both CFM and IAE versions, and it's worked flawlessly.
  13. I have to say, on P3D 3.3.5, after several flights all over the world, it definitely is a favourite of mine (I've been flying only that and the Queen lately), and never had one of those issues myself. There are definitely some quirks (especially with saved panel states) but if you start from the default or cold and dark, it doesn't bug at least for me. Saved panel states need to be done in the same aircraft version for now.
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