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  1. el_kab0ng

    Quest Kodiak

    There's never a 'need' for redundant aircraft. There's plenty of Cessna 172s out there by various vendors, yet Carenado still made one. I realize LHC has a Kodiak, but that wasn't the purpose of this thread.
  2. el_kab0ng

    Quest Kodiak

    Anyone else think it'd be interesting if Carenado did a Quest Kodiak to compliment their 208 Caravans? (Yes, I know they're two totally different aircraft.)
  3. el_kab0ng

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    I was hoping this one would drop on or before black Friday, but I'm guessing not at this point. =(
  4. el_kab0ng

    Ground Power

    If you're running P3D, just control+shift+E and move into Avatar mode. Then you can stand at the fence and feel the jet blast!
  5. el_kab0ng

    Ground Power

    1.1 or 1.0?
  6. el_kab0ng

    Ground Power

    It's my understanding that the ground power switch only prevents the battery from draining. Doesn't simulate real world GPU ops, but at least your plane won't starve out of power in less than 10 minutes.
  7. In other AC I have no issues with my rudder pedals and symmetric braking, but for some reason the Phenom gets asymetrically squirrely on landing when applying the brakes. I wobble all over the runway until both brakes finally settle down and brake together. Does anyone else seem to have this issue? I'm running P3D v4.2 with this thing and it seems to only happen in Carenado AC.
  8. el_kab0ng

    LH/RH Fluor Switches?

    Forgive my ignorance, but I can't seem to find any documentation on what the heck the LH and RH Fluor switches are for?
  9. el_kab0ng

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Seems stable enough for most flight styles. The EFB and QW Dispatch tool still have weight discrepancies, but that's easy to work around by just using the external dispatcher tool and ignoring the EFB weights. I did have one weird porpoising moment right after take off when the AP was engaged in the -900 yesterday, but disabling and re-enabling the AP seems to have sorted it. YMMV.
  10. el_kab0ng

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Yup. Just found that on a test flight this morning. As an aside for those of you who are wondering how to derate the 787-800 with flex temps, I managed to find this tool today which helps (and it's open sourced!) https://qsimplan.wordpress.com/
  11. el_kab0ng

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    I've had this issue with 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 (wasn't fixed), so I'm guessing they don't see it as a 'bug' per se given there's an alternative method to arming TO/GA (a click spot on the MCP, apparently, but I haven't had a chance to confirm yet)
  12. el_kab0ng

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Excellent. I'll look for this on my next flight. I've also tried binding a key like I use for every other AC that has a TO/GA, but it's not honored by the 787 for some reason.
  13. el_kab0ng

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Thanks for that. I couldn't easily find in the documentation where/when/how to arm TO/GA, though. Any suggestions/explanations you can point to which helps me understand this better?
  14. el_kab0ng

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Anyone else noticing when you engage TO/GA like you would in any other Boeing that it seems to disarm the speed brake? I've triple checked my controls and I only use one switch for TO/GA and nothing else. Is there something funky with this bird when it comes to arming TO/GA?
  15. el_kab0ng

    Library kaput?

    I keep getting this when trying to visit the library: An error occurred. Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later. If you are the system administrator of this resource then you should check the error log for details. Faithfully yours, nginx.