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  1. 5 years later update. In canada, holding an unrestricted class 1 medical after passing D-15 test. Currently working through my CPL. This has been a long road...
  2. hi guys, been a while. Back to sim. Had to sell my desktop so i have a laptop now. My specs will not run p3d as fast, but just looking for some p3d tweaks. I7 9750H @ 2.8GHZ (Big drop from my i5 8600K @ 5ghz haha), i will reapply thermal paste and try and get it up to 3.5GHZ without overheating (it does turbo upto 4 ish ghz) RTX 2060 16GB RAM Now this is weird,on my desktop(60hz monitor) 30fps was a blurry mess, laggy visuals when panning etc BUT on this laptop its very clear, smooth, feels like what "60fps" would have been on my desktop... (i have now a 120Hz monitor), but basically the sim is smooth at 30fps. So my main tweaks im looking for is to get the CPU+GPU to NOT get high FPS but to focus on loading the scenery to prevent slow terrain loading. Like i get crispy terrain without it going to a blurry mess. any ideas? cheers ols
  3. At 30 it makes the plane look blurry when panning, really don't like it personally.
  4. Cheers Mark, I should be able to get one from ebay for a decent price. 8-10 fps would be worth it, especially in those low fps situations.
  5. Alright guys, Got a GTX 1060 6gb installed atm, might switch to a used GTX 1080 8gb, would I see like 10-15fps increase? I plan to leave settings the same. CPU: i5 8600k 5ghz, delided, water cooled RAM: 16GB DDR4 (8x2) Storage: p3d V4.5 on my HHD, really cba to put it on a ssd, hardly do alot of simming nowdays anyway, got fed up with low fps and poor graphics, cba to install everything on v5/get xp12/mfs2020. Running at 60Hz on a 1080p monitor. Hate locking it at 30, looks all werid and not crisp. Any input would be appreciated. Cheers ols.
  6. https://ibb.co/18cjG2Z Any ideas? thanks.
  7. I am VERY happy to report i've got it working!!!!!! Now im going to have a mental breakdown creating autogen. wish me luck lads https://ibb.co/tDFcwxr
  8. Hi i can get the otho downloaded into the orthophotos folder, how to add the whole lot to the sim. In your video you show only how to add one, can i merge them together and add them as one addon scenery?
  9. https://ibb.co/Jv7Pw1K Hi has anyone had a similar weird looking cloud? I have HDR enabled, PTA, Reshade, active sky and active sky cloud art. Its like the clouds are foggy... Any ideas to fix? Thanks, Ollie.
  10. Thanks alot for watching, I really appreciate the support 😄 I have another video coming soon, with no cuts, it may suit your style a little more 🙂 Ollie.
  11. Hi guys, just made a video of some real life flying in the Ls4b glider. Enjoy 😄
  12. For the NG this is my effects: [EFFECTS] wake=fx_wake water=fx_spray dirt=fx_tchdrt concrete=fx_sparks //(Disabled by FSFX_PFX_Effect)touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1 Its already got a // by it, and I still get the effect. Ollie
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