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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has the TFS A380 RR model, I have searched for it on avism but I couldn't find it, if anyone has it in there fleet please drop me the download link :) -Thanks in advance Ollie.
  2. Thanks guys, I realized on landing I was accidentally hitting the brake button causing auto brakes to turn off, I changed the button and my issue is solved.Thanks for the solution :)
  3. Ok, good idea I will try this tomorrow and get back to you :) -Ollie Seaward
  4. I only have the PMDG 777, by other aircraft I mean Aerosoft A320 etc.. And in FSUIPC in "buttons & switches" I have the a key on my joystick set to "brakes" do I need to add an "auto brake" key?
  5. Hi Romain, Sorry I wasn't clear :) The spoilers work fine, it is just on touch down the auto brake "disengage" warning shows up even though I haven't applied manual braking. Sorry I don't know what this is. I only know my auto brakes work on every other aircraft, accept my PMDG 777.
  6. Hi I know this has probably been asked before, but please don't re-direct me I just want some help, also please don't say "read the manual!" thanks! I arm the spoilers and arm the auto breaks to 3 on landing but they never deploy, I have to manually break which over heats the tires. I have FSUIPC and am worried that might be the issue, has anyone encountered this issue and can tell me how to fix it? -Thanks in advance Ollie Seaward.
  7. Thanks, I didn't know ATC vector the big airlines into airports, personally I thought it would be the other way around. The small aircraft need vectoring because they are less advance and the airlines can just plug in a STAR and only need to talk to ATC on final for landing clearance. Thanks for clearing this up -Ollie :)
  8. Hi I'm looking for a real pilot or someone who has extensive knowledge of London Gatwick. I fly into EGKK a lot and always do an approach at 2000 for 26L as indicated on the charts, however when I use Flight Radar 24 I see all the real planes turning much later and establishing there approach at 3000/4000 feet. Please could someone tell me why no real aircraft follow the 2000 feet approach? And general info on Gatwick's approach because it is really confusing me! -Thanks Ollie Seaward.
  9. Yes, as an airbus lover I was expecting a lot of practice in the 777 because how big she is, the height above the cockpit and ground and how far back the wheels are!
  10. Plus i'm still amazed the PMDG 777 can give me more FPS than a little Aerosoft Airbus lol I'm gonna love fly'in that big bird!!
  11. Thanks guys, all I want is to do some nice landings ;)
  12. Thank you! I just attempted a landing at EGLL and landed at -124! These are great tips!
  13. I read somewhere that below -150FPS is good
  14. Hi! It's quite early on in my flying carer in the PMDG 777 so my landing aren't that good, however I know people can give me some tips to help out! I land at -180 to -290 FPS. I want to be a -150 every time... Can you guys give me some landing tips, I would really appreciate it! -Many thanks Ollie seaward.