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  1. For the NG this is my effects: [EFFECTS] wake=fx_wake water=fx_spray dirt=fx_tchdrt concrete=fx_sparks //(Disabled by FSFX_PFX_Effect)touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1 Its already got a // by it, and I still get the effect. Ollie
  2. How do I remove this??!? Thanks Ollie.
  3. people are saying a sold 30fps like its a good thing in 2020, while vulkan has 70fps oh and no stutters which are in every p3d version...
  4. should i get titan x 12 used or wait for nivida 3000
  5. how despeate are people for like 10fps more *******
  6. is v5 got better physics like more realisitc?
  7. cheers pmdg $80 down the drain for the same 737 with some fancy new pbr textures if i want it for v5 😛
  8. as long as its as smooth as x-plane vulkan ill buy... p3d v5 has some seriouse competition imo!
  9. Thanks @virtuali good idea!
  10. will a gTX 1060 6gb be enough for all the typical addons (30fps atm in v4-orbx, active sky, pmdg) or will i have to pay for like a rtx2060 super
  11. As long as DX12 is like vulkan for x-plane (double-fps etc) I will buy
  12. 717 is my second favourite VC, the colours and shading is very similar to aerosofts a320 series. Very good product.
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