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  1. @vgbaron Thanks for that answer so i will be able to run chaseplane with smooth camera movements in low fps situations as p3d is better optimised?
  2. So i should spend £733 for a GTX 1080 for a simulator which is meant to be better optimised? 😑
  3. Sorry i don't understand this part
  4. I am *not* going to run things on MAX, i'm pretty sure a i5 8600k @ 4.7 and a GTX 1060 6GB can handle it-right?!?!
  5. @sparkie66 are you saying my hardware isn't good enough?
  6. @J van E Yes i understand what you mean-sorry lol But i did say this, however i might of not been clear. I fly commercial jets with orbx, active sky etc
  7. @chock thanks for the reply yes I have DDR4 RAM @ 3000MHZ
  8. Thank you for confirming that @willy647 😄 (i never run anything a MAX anyway normally 3/4 for sliders and i am gonna leave dynamic lighting off)
  9. I am running a standard 60Hz 1080 monitor so do you think the GTX 1060 will be fine there?
  10. Hello! I am moving to P3D v4 in a few months time, as i am fed up with low fps, chunky camera movements and OOMS! I run all of orbx's stuff (expect trees) and use aircraft such as the Aerosoft Airbus and PMDG 777 etc... My specs are: I5 8600K @4.7Gh z GTX 1060 6GB 8 GB RAM 128GB SSD 2TB HHD can you guys recommend which settings i should use and how good fps will be? Thanks Ollie
  11. @W2DR Ok then! 😉 -Ollie
  12. Hi Jim, So would I put [BUFFERPOOLS]UsePools=0 -Ollie
  13. Hello can someone recommend which "Pool Size" I should use for my FSX-SE system. Specs: I5 8600K @4.8GHZ GTX1060 6GB 8GB RAM At the moment my size is default [BUFFERPOOLS] UsePools=1 I know you can change it to hundreds of combinations, can anyone who has a similar setup recommend a size for me or should I leave it off? -Thanks Ollie
  14. Is there any way to make a smooth transition from the outside to the cockpit? -Ollie
  15. ok, with deactivating scenery do you mean airports? -Ollie