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  1. Apologies for not being able to answer all questions. Extremely busy with school at the moment. I plan to fix bugs and hope to add FS9 support as time permits :).
  2. Please install ImageMagick using the provided executables in the “dist” directory and the error will go away. If you don’t do that, then night and scenery creation won’t work.
  3. If you’re going to manually run SceneProc, you need to take the @ out and just write the paths you needs. Out of curiosity, why are you trying to run it manually? Please let me know if you need more help.
  4. I just fixed a bug which prevented water masks from working properly with certain providers. Please redownload to obtain this fix. BTW, how can I have a "sticky" topic on the first page in order to announce what my latest bug fixes/feature additions have been?
  5. I actually began work on this. However, I have hit a roadblock because resample for FS9 is more different than I had expected, and I am not very experienced the file structure required for water masking for FS9. If you have an example project with water masking for FS9 that I could take a look at, it would help me a lot at the place I am currently stuck at.
  6. What do you mean. Which bug is this and what are the steps to reproduce it, so I can attempt to fix it.
  7. You can definitely get decent results with scenproc. The problem is that the script I have provided is very basic, as I am not very well-versed in scenproc. I was hoping someone from the community could experiment and provide better scripts.
  8. Unfortunately, the way that the pipeline is set up right now, you need to select all the check boxes as shown in the tutorial video for creation of autogen to work. I will try to make this more modular in the future so that you can create autogen without having to run all the steps.
  9. There's instructions in the readme for how to compile the pyd files. Just set building of all the seasons except summre to False in Ortho4XP.cfg. The pyd libraries won't be needed, and the program should run fine. The caching would be a great addition btw. If you cold implement that, test it, and create a PR, I will happily merge the changes :).
  10. Can you tell me where your resample.exe is located? I can send you the Ortho4XP.cfg you will need which will make it work.
  11. If you want to build geotiffs, the provided exe won’t work. You need to install python 3, as well as the gdal library I linked to in my previous reply (and possibly all the other libraries needed for Ortho4XP to work). Then, open a command prompt, and type python PATH_TO_ORTHO4XP\Ortho4XP_V130.py. If what you want to do is build tiles for xplane, the exe will work with no additional setup required. if what you want is to build tiles for fsx/p3d, you need to provide the location of resample.exe in Ortho4XP.cfg. If you want autogen, you need to download scenproc and provide its path in Ortho4XP.cfg. Instructions are in the readme on the GitHub page. We can provide more help here or via pm to get you up and running, since I’m guessing what you want is to simply build tiles for fsx/p3d? Making geotiffs currently requires running the program WITHOUT the exe I have provided, which requires installing python and a bunch of other stuff, so it’s more difficult. And geotiffs won’t show up in fsx/p3d. edit: I am thinking of making a new tutorial video as the one I originally made lacks clarity. Or if anyone wants to make a new one and upload it/or send it to me to upload, that would be great :).
  12. Please see this: https://github.com/oscarpilote/Ortho4XP/blob/master/Install_Instructions.txt#L49 You need to have the gdal whl installed into your local python. That fixes the issue. Unfortunately, the way Oscar wrote the code, it won't work from the .exe file I have provided. However, it works if you open a commnad prompt and run python Ortho4XP_v130.py, as you would run the original Ortho4XP anyway (which doesnt provide an exe). I will investigate to see how to make it work with the prebuilt exe file.
  13. I am getting the same error. I downloaded the default Ortho4XP (without fsx/p3d support) and I also get the same error. This makes sense, as I did not touch this part of the code (and the parts of the code I did touch, I added conditional statements to ensure that my new logic would only execute when in fsx/p3d mode). Can you download the original Ortho4xp and see if you get the same type of error (you should). If so, I will talk to Oscar so we can hopefully fix it in the main Ortho4XP program. I always pull the latest fixes of Ortho4XP into my program, so when he fixes it, I will merge those patches into my fork. Here is the original Ortho4XP v1.3 - https://github.com/oscarpilote/Ortho4XP You might try v1.2 ortho4xp - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cjjwu92mausoh04/AACt-QzgMRwKDL392K_Ux3cPa?dl=0. That might not have the same bug.
  14. Thanks for the error message, I will check it out.
  15. Sounds good. If you could let me know which tile it is, I could test it out. The OSM servers limit the size of each file downloaded. Currently, I split each tile into a 16 pieces and download each individually. It could be that for the tile you are downloading, each piece is still too large. In which case, I’ll need to modify the code to split the tile into even more pieces when the download fails (currently it just split it into 16 pieces for every tile).
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