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  1. Hi
    I need to create scenery in FSEarthTiles with only one LOD level - without mipmaps - so, for example, I currently need Lp8 scenery and I want after opening bgl in: TmfViewer-View-Level of detail to also display only this level - in this case LOD 8.
    In the P3d v4 SDK documentation it is written that this is possible, I quote

    "LOD=Auto should be changed to provide a minimum and maximum level, or simply one level"

    https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/world/terrain/terrain_overview.html#Performance Tips for Aerial Imagery

    What should be changed in the fsearthtiles.ini settings to make this possible? I have tried various UseLODLimits and MinimumDestinationLOD settings but nothing works.

    1. kjjj11223344


      This was programmed by hb-100, and frankly I don’t know how to achieve what you want. Looking at the manual, it seems the settings you modified are the right ones, but I don’t know the behavior programmed into FSET. I will look at the code and let you know how it works.

    2. m33


      Thank you for your answer. Dropping an .inf file with a value such as Lod = 8 onto the resample.exe file is as it should be, only Lod 8 is displayed in tmfviewer. This means that FSET simply does not support single values yet.

    3. kjjj11223344


      You’re right, it doesn’t. I looked at the code, and the only time it writes an LOD line is when you use LOD limits, which doesn’t set a singular LOD.


      I would need to alter the code to support this.

  2. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime. The yoke was a lot heavier than I expected. I went from a Logitech extreme 3D to a thrustmaster hotas, but not even the thrust master comes close to how heavy the real yoke feels. I actually had to use both hands to pull back on the yoke after idling the engines on my first landing, as one hand wasn’t doing the job 🤣. Nevertheless, the precision of the real yoke is unparalleled. Much easier to get the plane to go where you want than in the sim… PMDG did a fantastic job on the trim. The trimming felt very close to what I feel on the PMDG.
  3. After many years of simming, I got the opportunity to go on a level d 737-800 sim today. All the years of playing flight sim payed off - all my landings were on the markers, smooth, and on centerline. The instructor was very impressed with my knowledge, and basically let me do whatever I wished as he didn’t have to instruct me :). Just writing this post to say - our home sims really are great training tools. In fact, the level d sim felt easier than my home cockpit (peripheral vision, g forces, more precise controls).
  4. I recommend using FSEarthTiles (FSET). It’s just better for fsx/p3d than ortho4xp_fsx_p3d (better quality, etc). I’ve also recently written a custom water masking solution. Before, FSET just used ortho4xp’s water masking code, which downloaded a lot of data not needed by FSX/P3D. My custom solution doesn’t do this and the result is much faster water masking, without as many timeouts from the OSM server (basically no time outs ever). Download it here: https://github.com/stackTom/FSEarthTiles/releases
  5. FYI: the latest FSET version is 2.0.3. I’ve written a custom water masking implementation that doesn’t rely on createMesh.exe (which is essentially ortho4xp’s water masker under the hood). The result is significantly faster water masking with less time outs from the OSM servers. Download here: https://github.com/stackTom/FSEarthTiles/releases
  6. For anyone in the future wondering: purchased a thrust master warthog and I can now fly smoothly in msfs just like in p3d.
  7. I have an old Logitech extreme 3d pro that’s now 14-15 years old. In p3d it still does a great job. However, in Msfs, I can’t seem to figure out how to make smooth inputs. I’ve tried various sensitivity curves and null zones, but none provide smooth inputs… the joystick is incredibly noisy and twitchy inside Msfs. In pmdg 737 in p3d - smooth inputs. In Msfs - my approaches look like a drunk pilot is behind the controls. Ditto for the FSLabs a320 in p3d and the just released Fenix a320. Anyone have success with this joystick in MSFS? I know my joystick is old and noisy, but it simply works great in p3d. Not sure why it doesn’t in Msfs. If it’s time to replace it, then what’s the highest accuracy/precision stick you guys recommend buying?
  8. Unfortunately, I can't find the code included with those downloads on source forge. Been trying to find it on Github, but haven't been successful either. Would you happen to have the link?
  9. I recommend using the updated FSEarthTiles to make photoreal for FS9/FSX/P3D. Orth4XP for FSX/P3D is nice, but I am personally using the latest FSEarthtiles (v1.3.1) on my own machine 🙂 (due to better quality, more flexibility, etc).
  10. Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the TileProxy source code? Or, can anyone send it to me if they have it? I see the source is supposedly GPL license, but I am not sure as to the accuracy of that.
  11. I am not using EA nor any traffic. However, these are the same settings as I had in 5.2.
  12. I am getting way better performance in v5.3. At latinvfr kfll with the FSLabs 321 SL, a scenario which would give me an average of 22 FPS in 5.2 is now giving me an average of 35 FPS with the same settings. Another scenario - Latin vfr kfll, FSLabs 321 SL, VR enabled, I’d get 11 FPS average (unflyable). Now I am getting a solid 23 FPS average. I am amazed at the performance increase on my old i7 2600k overclocked to 4.5 ghz. I fully uninstalled v5.2 as well as all of my addons and re-installed from a clean slate. I usually just update, but I had some corrupt scenery files from orbx, so decided to start fresh. Not sure if this might make the difference between those suffering from performance issues vs those that see big performance gains. Note - I have all traffic disabled. But these are the same settings I used to use in v5.2.
  13. Use FSLabs with experimental channel until they release their update on the public channel. The new update fixed this issue for me.
  14. V 1.3.1 is out. Improvements are: “ This releases adds a new parameter to FSEarthTiles.ini called SkipAllWaterTiles, which, when set to "Yes", will not create BGLs for tiles which contain solely water. Also, this releases fixes a crash that could occur when downloading very large files from OSM for scenProc autogen creation. ”
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