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  1. Yes but pure economics back Garmin, as they backed VHS, the PC (as opposed to the Mac), the Ford F150 and any other king of the hill product. We all know that MSFS is cr$%, but its the number 1 selling platform because it looks good and it says Microsoft on it. I've recently started using X-plane and wonder why I waited so long to try it. Now its my goto but MSFS will outsell it 1000 to 1. I'm patiently waiting for the G500/600, hardware is waiting. Jon
  2. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/106-carenado-alabeo-support/ Google can be your friend
  3. This is your biggest mistake. Norton is worse than all the virus's put together. I'm surprised your computer runs at all Jon
  4. For some reason the 750 will not recognize my charts? Maybe a path error to the chart folder? Jon
  5. Has anyone else had this issue where the Olbia ILS is way off? I tried it with several planes and same situation - carries you 10 +degrees to the south. Tried it in P3D default airport and its perfect. Jon
  6. Have you actually tried flying into it with ILS? Its so far off its useless.
  7. When you refer to "flight simmers" - you mean gamers, don't you?
  8. For the next year at least, its P3D (4.5). There are zero planes for MSFS and so many bugs and broken items to fix. Unless you're happy just putting around in a 152 looking at the ground. I'm likely returning MSFS for now.
  9. Send your email

    1. AustinLonghorn






  10. Hints will get me banned from the Forum Jon
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