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  1. I have had lots of personal support from Majestic. But then again I don't complain about them on-line
  2. Hi Pete, I just saw this. RF Scenery building seems to make the same mistakes over and over. They'll take your money and expect you to chase them on FB for correct files for the scenery you bought. Ridiculous. I have fixed the scenery (including the crazy RW assignments). If you want my AFCAD files, just ask. Thank you so much for FSUIPC. Jon
  3. My GNS is updated to 2020 lol

    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Yup.. 1913 data is now happily expired..

  4. Used it once 15 years ago and regretted the minute I installed it. I run naked - everything off and rarely had an issue. There was only 1 instance that was completely my fault doing stuff at 0100.
  5. I run a GTX 970 - settings maxed out, Traffic at 90% and rarely see less than 35FPS, normally 50-60. You may have other setting issues, or too much junk on the sim
  6. HDD's are a thing of the past. ALL scenery should be put on remote SSD's This will allow the program and scenery to load faster. In some instances I even put the city scenery and airport scenery on separate SSD's
  7. I deleted the first entry (pro version) when I updated - no issues. I NEVER update the scenery - if you have add-ons like UT, GE and traffic - you've likely just messed everything up. Any exclusions or AFCADS you put in will likely be gone. I delete all the scenery files for places I'll never fly - SA, AUS, AFR, ASIA. It saves a ton of space on the HD.
  8. Don't do it - just reload (and or download) everything on the new system. Its faster and easier.
  9. Norton AV is a virus on its own - good luck getting rid of it. I'm surprised anyone puts it on their computer?
  10. I'd suggest you look on YT for a video on how to use the GNS530 (real one) Helped me alot
  11. I had to reload windows (unfortunately I lost 7) when I was attacked and Malware ruined my FS drive. I was able to save all my FS folders and a few large add-ons (UT, GEX) were stored on other drives. My scenery add-ons (airports and large areas) are on a separate drive. I re-installed V4.5 ( and ported the known working scenery folder) and then added in the traffic using the non- XML method which worked before - there was no traffic. I did the XML method (and turned off my Scenery config for the other method) and I now had traffic, although planes were scattered all over the place in my base airport, Sestri. There was also strange taxiways in the grass that the AI seemed to be following and plane and the fuel truck driving through buildings. When I re-activated the Scenery for MT6, everything seem to be working correctly again? Am I wrong or shouldn't I be able to run only one version of MT6?
  12. I am now updated to 2020 (Navigation). If you want something bad enough, you can find it.
  13. If you look to the top of the page you will see that I have done to to 2018. READ my post.
  14. Yes you can and I've done it. A simple google search can find the updates? Is that the answer you wanted?
  15. X-plane? You'll need a parachute. I updated mine in V4.5 no problem
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