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  1. GTN 750 & 650 with X-Plane 11.11 and Airfoil labs Cessna 172 running with Ljcockpit GTN Stack hardware
  2. ljay37

    New Ljcockpit G600 & GTN Stack

    Ljcockpit GTN Stack running with X-Plane 11.11 and Reality XP GTN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGgpLRF5grA
  3. ljay37

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Here is a G600 hardware waiting for RXP G600 for X-Plane release (GTN Stack hardware also available) www.ljcockpit.com
  4. ljay37

    New Ljcockpit G600 & GTN Stack

    www.ljcockpit.com is up , orders are starting now
  5. ljay37

    New Ljcockpit G600 & GTN Stack

    GFC 500 will follow just after G600 & GTN STACK
  6. After several months of development here comes the new LJCOCKPIT G600 & GTN STACK , orders are starting in april www.facebook.com/ljcockpit
  7. ljay37

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Hi , can we expect a release for the first half of the year ? thanks .
  8. ljay37

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Hi , any news about the release maybe ? is everything going on as expected ? I can't wait to try it with my G600 hardware :)
  9. ljay37

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Any news about it now that the FSX/P3D GTN has been released ?
  10. ljay37

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    The G600 trainer with SVT now comes included with the GTN trainer 6.21.1 , if it's also available with the rxp version then it will be the perfect glass cockpit for fsx and prepar3d , even flight1 with their G1000 simulation doesn't have SVT function . GTN + G600 is the perfect combo
  11. Hi , i would like to know if your upcoming G500/G600 simulation will integrate SVT function (synthetic vision terrain) , assuming it will use the garmin trainer as base like you GTN , thanks .
  12. Hi , can you also please tell if your G500/G600 simulation is planned before the end of that year ? thanks
  13. ljay37

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Thanks for your answer , so you're planning to release both FSX/P3D & X-Plane versions at the same time ? why not releasing the X-Plane version first like for your GTN ?