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  1. Hi Al! Your Poor Man's Autothrottle utility is great. I have tested in the Realair Turbine Duke V2 so far (Windows 10 FSX SE) with excellent results. I tried both the LUA script and the XML gauge but I think that the XML gauge works better. I will try in other aircraft and let you know how it goes. Excellent job!! Thanks! Best Regards, Roberto
  2. Hey Guys! Just a head up. I just noticed that In the RDR_GTN panel the transponder gauge is missing and is not related in the panel,cfg. I just copied the FLYSIMWARETranspondertransponder.CAB gauge from the RDR_GNS panel folder and also copied the respective VC ([Vcockpit12]) into the RDR_GTN panel.cfg. Now works OK and have a functional transponder unit in the RDR_GTN panel option. Best Regards, Roberto
  3. Hi Jorge. Great! PM sent Cheers, Roberto
  4. Thanks to all for your response. I will download again the fix. Cheers, Roberto
  5. Hi! I posted this topic in the general forum and I'm opening as a new subject in the Falcon 50 forum. Just in case 😉 Hi. I´ve just downloaded and installed new Falcon 50 version 1.9F which includes this new realistic startup attitude animation. Wonderful, it adds a really nice touch of realism during the start up process. Regrettably, this new interior model file or any in recent updates do not include the Cockpit Flashing Issue Fix for 32 bit sims like mine (FSX SE), so when we install the fix we lose this new wonderful animation 😪. I'd appreciate very much your usual and outstanding customer support and attention in order to have a permanent fix for the flashing issue and that could be included in future updates. Thank you very much in advance!! Best Regards, Roberto
  6. Excellent work Ramon, as usual. We wait for this update distribution time! 👍
  7. Hi Al. Changes in this unofficial' Falcon_50.cab are included in new version v1.9C? Roberto
  8. Hi Bert. Should we still use your latest mods with v1.2 or should we expect new updated ones 😉? Roberto
  9. Al, you are correct. I had an active ILS frequency tuned in NAV1. I have not checked without tuning a frequency in NAV1
  10. Yes Al, GPS LPV approaches work fine and the GP is properly captured Roberto
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