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  1. Hi, thanks. Can you post the change log? Cheers, Roberto
  2. Great! I was trying to start the GPU when "Ready to Start". Nice GPU options. Thank You! Roberto
  3. Outstanding!! Great update that I think makes this the best business jet for Flight sim simulation. Surprisingly although the new texture size is like 2 times the old size, the performance is really grate, I should say also that is better than before!! Congratulations for the Flysimware team and hope this could make a solid platform for future developments. Commercially I would understand a price increase that I would be certainly willing to pay, What we would want is a solid platform for future developments 😃. Just only one little issue, I can't get the GPU in aircraft configuration, FSXE. Cheers! Roberto
  4. Ralvarez232

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    Great Ramon!! I'll wait for your updated mod 😃. Thank You very much for your outstanding work Roberto
  5. Ralvarez232

    EHSI Update

    Hi Marcel. Thanks for the update. Bert, I'm PM you, thanks! Roberto
  6. Great Bruce. I 'm PM you with my email address (hope this time it works!) Otherwise I'd appreciate a download link via PM. Thanks!!
  7. Hi Bruce. As you pointed out in another threat, just using Synch_GPS_NAV and Synch_XPDR_MODE gauges from your mod do the trick, so the RXP GTN master the PFD CDI and XPDR modes. Also used your GTN_RXP_DIRECTTO and GTN_RXP_HOME gauges that work fantastic. Thank You very Much! Also many thanks to Bert Pieke fantastic integration mod that was made for the F1 GTN and with this updates also works perfectly with RXP unit, doing the sync between the GTN and PFD. Best Regards, Roberto
  8. Thanks Bruce. I downloaded your mod and try it today. I will let you know how it goes. Roberto
  9. Hi Bruce. I don't have the Phenom 100, I have the Phenom 300, but I think that t the avionics are prety similar. I wouuld like to try your mod with the 300. I am PM you with my email addres Best regards, Roberto
  10. Ralvarez232

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    Hi! This was quoted in the RXP forum: ¨Make sure that your RealityXP.GTN.ini file calls for the GPS to drive HSI and Autopilot and the CDI mode to drive NAV/GPS. Hope this be useful.¨ Also both CDI keys in the GTN and in the PDF must be set to ¨GPS¨ Best Regards, Roberto
  11. Thank You Al. Now is working with the updated Lua Script. BTW, I'm in FSX SE. Best Regards, Roberto
  12. Thank You Al. Great! I tried it and works fine but the strobe lights do not turn on. Everything else works fine. Best Regards, Roberto
  13. Ralvarez232

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    For the RXP GTN750 showing the entire display: gauge04=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 579, 69, 385, 510,NO_BEZEL Regards, Roberto
  14. Hi Jean-Luc. Thanks for your comments. Yes, you are right. Those values are just for my preference on the size and position of the 2d window. Cheers, Roberto