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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I don't know what i did different this time, but after reinstalling, it's finally working. Maybe it was something related to admin rights, but i'm not sure.
  2. I've got the black screen again Yesterday it was working fine with 11.05, but then i decided to test XP11 11.10 Beta, and the black screen problem came back again. I reverted to 11.05, reinstalled GTN and, unfortunately, the problem is still there. I've just spend 2 hours trying to sort this out, but no sucess. I don't know what kind of further informations i can provide to help you guys find the solution.
  3. cgi_sbfz

    -300 Strange exterior lights

    Thank you! It fixed the problem.
  4. cgi_sbfz

    -300 Strange exterior lights

    It only occurs in the -300 version, with any livery. FSX-SE, DX10 disabled. Re-downloaded the installer and still the same error. I can't figure out what may be causing this.
  5. cgi_sbfz

    No landing lights at Kpsp

    Hi Greg! Did you find the solution? I don't know if it's the same problem, but i see the runway lights just on short final approach, with any ORBX scenery, and it makes night landings for me a real challenge. As far as i know, lights in ORBX airports are part of autogen, and having it set to extremely dense doesn't fix the problem at all.
  6. cgi_sbfz

    Carenado citation first review?

    GNS 530 or 430 would be much better than a useless FMS.
  7. Yes, they will. Try fill 50 gallons in each tank, you will note the needle moves exactly to 50.
  8. Scott, i guess it is normal. Check out this video, those green lights does not really turns on: About the Oil pressure, i had this same issue, but i think the problem is we are not adjusting the throttle lever to 1/2 before start. According to the Carenado's manual, we must set 1/2 throttle and mixture cut off for start, then we move the mixture lever to RICH and adjust throttle to 1000rpm, which is the normal RPM for most of piston aircrafts. But i will check it again later.
  9. The Fuel gauges and EMIS works properly. I guess the problem is: Fuel Capacity. Real Mirage fuel capacity is 122 gallons (120 usable), but If you set full tank, it will fill with 152 gallons. Check page 16: I changed the Aircraft.cfg to the correct value, from 75 to 60 Usable gallons. [fuel] LeftMain = -1, -4, -1, 60, 1 //Longitudinal (feet), Lateral (feet), Vertical (feet), Usable(gallons), Unusable (gallons) RightMain = -1, 4, -1, 60, 1 //Longitudinal (feet), Lateral (feet), Vertical (feet), Usable(gallons), Unusable (gallons) I reported this to Carenado, they are aware of this and the other issues already mentioned above and will include in the Service Pack.