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  1. Jim, did you solve the issue of last two seats missing? If positive, could you post your cfg lines here?
  2. Thank you so much for the repaint
  3. I always used that way since fs2004, this is the first it happens to me, never heard that minimizing could cause troubles. No, performance doesn't recover. Yesterday i kept P3D maximized the whole flight in the way you suggested and the FPS remained stable. Thanks, Rogen. FSO was already disabled, unfortunately didn't solve it.
  4. Guys, i noticed this strange behavior few days ago and this is driving me crazy. W10 and Nvidia were updated less than 24h apart and i don't know which one started the issue, but i managed to revert nvidia driver to two previous version and didn't solve it. Everything is running smoothly, then i minimize P3D (i run it in window mode always), when i maximize it again the FPS drops massively to a point that is absolutely impossible to continue flying. It happens to different aircrafts and sceneries. Tried clean reinstall of P3D and no success. Does anyone have any clue what it might be?
  5. I improved the C550 annunciator panel and some other minor bugs. -Master Warning will now flash and reset -Separate LH and RH for each annunciator (like in the C525 CJ2) -Improved logic in many of them to match with the real aircraft (HYD PRESS ON will display during landing gear, spoiler and reverse operation. ANTI-ICE and DE-ICE now have a timer of 120 and 12 seconds.) -DH now possible to be set by +- 1 instead of just +- 10 -EHSI corrected some small issues and now able to show HDG and Wind vector together. -Added a black rectangle with 0.5 transparency to simulate ANUM panel behavior during engine start. Send me a PM with your email. Hope you all like it and please leave a feedback.
  6. It has been 5 months since the announcement and no more previews. I still hope it to be released this year, i'm so looking forward!
  7. Could you or someone send me this update? I also can't properly control the throttle levers. Sometimes a press F1 and it goes to around 400lbs(i believe it's beta range) torque then i press F3 and it drops to 260 (seems to be idle position). It has been very confusing to determine where exactly is the idle position. Could someone help me?
  8. Thanks for the quick response. I don't know what i did different this time, but after reinstalling, it's finally working. Maybe it was something related to admin rights, but i'm not sure.
  9. I've got the black screen again Yesterday it was working fine with 11.05, but then i decided to test XP11 11.10 Beta, and the black screen problem came back again. I reverted to 11.05, reinstalled GTN and, unfortunately, the problem is still there. I've just spend 2 hours trying to sort this out, but no sucess. I don't know what kind of further informations i can provide to help you guys find the solution.
  10. Thank you! It fixed the problem.
  11. It only occurs in the -300 version, with any livery. FSX-SE, DX10 disabled. Re-downloaded the installer and still the same error. I can't figure out what may be causing this.
  12. Hi Greg! Did you find the solution? I don't know if it's the same problem, but i see the runway lights just on short final approach, with any ORBX scenery, and it makes night landings for me a real challenge. As far as i know, lights in ORBX airports are part of autogen, and having it set to extremely dense doesn't fix the problem at all.
  13. GNS 530 or 430 would be much better than a useless FMS. http://www.airteamimages.com/pics/131/131889_800.jpg http://img1.jetphotos.net:8080/img/2/6/1/1/76163_1145005116.jpg
  14. Yes, they will. Try fill 50 gallons in each tank, you will note the needle moves exactly to 50.
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