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  1. Yep.... They messed with engine fuel flows in 4.4. I will have to re-balance start fuel flows to get the TPE331s to start correctly. I hate it when they do that because it takes a great deal of time to get the sequence right. I don't know when I'll have time to do it. Sorry......
  2. Steve, I haven't had the chance to upgrade P3D to 4.4 yet. When I do, I'll take a look at the problem. Sorry, Bill
  3. I must have been brain dead when I replied to your post. I could have sworn I was in the 690B forum. Oh, well.....old age, I guess. I will take a look at the ITT at normal cruise. Just know that the data is largely extrapolated from the performance charts. There is no chart that tells what EGT/ITT is at any particular altitude or power setting. One can only extrapolate from where the engine becomes ITT limited. I am confident that ITT numbers are accurate at maximum continuous power. Below that, there is no printed data to go by.
  4. I have not done the ITT correction on this mod yet. The ITT here is the normal FSX/P3D programming. Before I can do a mod however, I will need actual data on how the ITT behaves in the -10 Turbo Commander. I don't have any of that data, so I'm dead in the water.
  5. whamil77

    Should I get the 690B?

    File in a PM for you.
  6. whamil77

    Should I get the 690B?

    So....I want be sure I get your intent.....Do you want to use my overall mod but also want to use the mouse for the landing lights? If that's the case I can fix you up quick.
  7. whamil77

    Should I get the 690B?

    Ed, If you revert back to the original code as suggested in Olivier's post, FSUIPC is not needed in any form for the landing lights. The "un-mod" takes you back to only using the mouse. If you want to use a hardware switch for the landing lights, FSUIPC is required however I do not know if an unregistered copy will suffice. I have always had the registered version.
  8. whamil77

    Request - Saab 340 Military - Sweeded / Argetina

    Wrong thread. A mod needs to move this to the SAAB 340 thread.
  9. I sent you an email with a link to various beacon effects to try.
  10. The only fix is to switch it out. It doesn't have to be a Carenado effect. Any beacon effect will do. There should at least be a generic effect in FSX/P3D. Just keep switching until you find one that works.
  11. All fixed.... Something in my computer. A reboot fixed everything...like they normally do.
  12. Bought latest IL2, Bodenplatte, my first foray into the IL-2 line. After taking my money it now says the download server can't be reached. Been trying for hours. Is 777 Studios a money scan or is it legit? I suppose I should have asked the question before the purchase.
  13. whamil77

    B200 Mod

    Thank you very much. But I have original Beechcraft manuals for every variation of each King Air. However, I am sorely lacking in information for the following: Cessna 421, Beech 18, Aero Commander 500S, PA31T Cheyenne II, PA42 Cheyenne III.
  14. Only to add.....many, if not most, King Air pilots delay advancing the props until AFTER touchdown due to the noise making passengers uncomfortable. Not terribly unsafe as long as torque limits are followed on a go around. Some turboprops have higher torque limits at reduced RPM.
  15. whamil77

    LH/RH Fluor Switches?

    I'm pretty sure it's florescent lighting. The cockpit lighting in Carenado aircraft is a normally a box of rocks so I wouldn't expect too much from it.