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  1. whamil77

    690B Mods v3 .....

    Using a text editor (Notepad, for example) open the file "Gauge_UPDATE_DIG_2.xml" Scroll down unitl you see this... <!-- For default VC landing light operation --> <!-- (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 == (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) 0 == and if{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } els{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } --> <!-- For assigning landing lights to FSUIPC landing lights switch --> (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_ON) } (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 0 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_OFF) } Change it to look like this.... <!-- For default VC landing light operation --> (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 == (L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) 0 == and if{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } els{ (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;K:LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE) } } <!-- For assigning landing lights to FSUIPC landing lights switch --> <!-- (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 != if{ 1 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 1 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_ON) } (A:LIGHT LANDING,bool) 0 == if{ 0 (>L:ASD_690B_EXTEND) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHT,number) 0 (>L:ASD_690B_SWITCH_LANDING_LIGHT_LEFT,number) (>K:LANDING_LIGHTS_OFF) } --> Save the file. That's it.
  2. whamil77

    Bug List

    What simulator are you using?
  3. whamil77

    Bug List

    As usual, the pitch of the engine sound changes with throttle. I will fix it myself when I can get to it. The "FUEL WARNING" lights......I haven't found anything that will extinguish them. Can only start engines from the cockpit view. From external views the starter sounds are generated but the props don't turn....hence the engines will not start. First time I have seen this in a Carenado/Alabeo product.
  4. whamil77

    Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0

    I just checked mine and it's working properly. Yours is the only report of an autopilot problem I have. You might try checking the installation carefully. Sorry I wasn't more help. Regards, Bill
  5. Thank you for the very kind words. Your sentiment is greatly appreciated. I plan to go back through the older mods and update them with correct ITT and N1 behavior and yes, consequences for abusing the engines. However, the weather has gotten nice and the "Ponderosa" as well as the golf game needs attention. The mod train will be running pretty slowly until the weather breaks this Winter I'm afraid.
  6. Tell me what you mean by "live" cockpit. Does that mean you used the the auto start window to get the aircraft running?
  7. I took a look at it again with a VARWATCHER. It seems that once the autofeather test gets armed it doesn't dearm even when the autofeather switch it turned off. It will take me a while to sort it out. My guess is that at some point in the session you have put the autofeather switch into the test position per the runup checklist. When you then turn it off, it remains armed in the test position and when you reduce power on landing approach you breech the 260 ft-lb torque value on one engine before the other and the prop feathers. When it does so, it will override your hardware prop lever until you reduce power on both engines which in itself dearms the test mode. Hopefully I can get a fix out this weekend. In the meantime, refrain from performing autofeather tests or placing the autofeather switch into the test position. That should keep the problem from occurring.
  8. I have actually had this happen on two occasions and I couldn't duplicate it later. Since no one had reported it, I assumed it was something with my system. The good news is that now I know it isn't something unique to my machine. I will begin a code review to see what it might be. My guess is there is something amiss in my autofeather code. It's the only thing that could make a prop feather while overriding your hardware prop control.
  9. Then you are using some version of FSX. Did you substitute the files from the "FSX & P3Dv1 Substitution Files" folders in the download per the installation instructions (step 3)?
  10. Roberto, That's actually the way it's designed. You first plug the external power into the airplane, which will illuminate the EXT PWR annunciator. Then, check the voltage on the voltmeter to ensure the external power meets aircraft requirements. If it does, then turn on the External Power Switch to accept the power into the airplane for start. Regards, Bill
  11. I think the REX radar entry is already in the panel files. I am at work right now and don't have access. it should be a matter of removing and replacing "comment out" marks in the panel.cfg. I will take a look when I get home tonight, but it should be rather trivial to put the REX radar on the EX500 display.
  12. The electrical entries in the aircraft.cfg seem to have no meaning. They don't effect anything electrical. I did all the electrical programming in a separate update file in the panel folders. The differences you see here are inconsequential. For whatever reason, the Vmo limit for a Raisbeck modified C90 is lowered from 226KCAS to 208KCAS. I don't know why. In the C90GTX, which is essentially a Beechcraft factory Raisbeck modified C90B, the limit is restored to 226KCAS. I can't find any documentation as to why. Turns out it doesn't really make any difference. The Mmo limit is the same for both and it is the actual limit at speed and altitude. The cruise and stall speed entries have no meaning unless the airplane is being used as AI.
  13. I am starting to hear problems from FSX users. Is anyone else having problems with the mod in FSX and, more importantly, is anyone having success with the mod in FSX?
  14. I gooned-up the aircraft.cfg file. New one sent out minutes ago.
  15. It should work with either one. I tested it in P3Dv1 with the older version.