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  1. Good evening, I saw there were MODS available for my Carenado\Alabeo planes; I wonder if it would be possible to send me the mods you made to the planes in this list, thanks for the excellent work, you really made a grat job!

    Carenado Turbo Commander Mod
    Cessna 340 Makeover
    Carenado PA31-310 Navajo Mod
    C441 Conquest Mods

    thanks again


  2. Hello, 

    I hope you are well. 

    I was wondering if I could please have the latest MODs including the sound update for the Carenado B58. 

    Thank you in advance. 


  3. Dear Bill

    Would like to have your Mod for the AC 690..  I have both p3dv4 andv5.  

    Thank You



  4. Dear Bill,

    May I kindly ask you to send me a copy of your mods for the Carenado B200 and Cessna 340A. It will be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance



  5. Hello!

    Would it be possible to have your latest mod for the Carenado Turbo Commander sent to me? Thanks a million!

    Email is cesar.rivera.to@live.com


  6. Hello Bill,

    When you have the time, I would like to be added to your mod list and get the newest Cheyenne III mod. Thanks in advance.


  7. Hi Bill,

    I will be grateful if you can please send me your latest mod for the Carenado Cheyenne III. Please also include me on your mods list. Thanks very much



  8. Hello Bill,

    I fly Majestic's Q400 in Prepar3D V4.5 and was looking for something a little smaller. Carenado aircrafts look nice but do not seem to be working correctly,

    Your job fixing them might convince me to purchase the turbo Commander 690B and use it with reality XP GTN 750. Would you be king enough to include me on your mods followers list.


  9. can you please include me on you mods


  10. Hello Bill,

    I too have been unable to PM you for access to your mods but would be ecstatic to join all who have benefited from your efforts.  I'm experiencing issues with the 690 but also have other Carenado birds too.

    Thanks for all your time,

    BIll D.



    I tried to send this via PM, but I was unable to, so I’m leaving it here



    I know there is a lot of requests like this, just taking my place In the queue

    At this moment I own a few carenado/alabeo planes (b120, d18, Waco, ATR72, Cheyenne III, c421 and c441, among others)

    I’m looking for the Navajo, chieftain. c406, and Cheyenne II, Perhaps in the future

    thing is I have been reading about your mods and they sound really good with very good comments from the community, so I really would like to be on the famous e-mail distribution list,  in order to access to your work. Please let me know if you need any proof of purchase in order to be able to try your mods, As far as I understood while reading the forum some files can not be shared (totally I’m understable thing since it’s payware software)

    thanks in advance and really look forwar to hear from you




    best regards


    Juan Eduardo

  12. May I receive a copy of your Alabeo Navajo Chieftain mod? Thank you!



  13. Can I please have the carenado pa42 cheyenne mod 1.2?


  14. hello sir , i noticed you made a mod for the carenado cessna 340 . i just bought it and did not realize it was missing the gtn mod. could i get a copy of your mod ? 

    email: techman34@gmail.com


  15. I would love to get your Blackhawk Mod for the KingAir 350i.  My email is tstubbs@gmail.com.




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