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  1. Martin, First, thank you very much for the info. Actually, if P3Dv2 is working properly with the original release, it means the variable changed in v2. That same file will work in V3 and v4 but not v1 or FSX/Steam. Good info that I can incorporate in future mods. Regards, Bill
  2. 690B Mods v3 .....

    I emailed you the latest update this morning. Obviously, you didn't get it. I will PM it to you when I get home tonight. Regards, Bill
  3. I found the issue. Somewhere along the way (after P3D v1 but before P3D v3) the variable for a generator being active changed. I am going through the code now and will have an update soon. I will send it out via email. Thanks to you gentlemen for bringing the problem to my attention. Regards, Bill
  4. I loaded the airplane into P3Dv1 and found the same issue. Problem is....I have no idea on earth what the problem could be. All of my development and testing was done in P3Vv4 but I haven't had any serious problems with any of my other mods. This will take some time to figure out. Sorry guys.....
  5. Roberto, Could you please help me with some troubleshooting? Is the problem associated with the updated interior model file "B200_interior_NK_2" in the model.nk folder? Does the problem happen when using the "B200_interior_MOD_KNOBS" version in the model folder? Thanks in advance, Bill
  6. They are automatically turned off when the starter function is engaged. It's the same piece of machinery that provides starting power when needed and when not being used as starters provide electrical generation. The generator function must be re-engaged after start by setting the generator switches to "reset". Are you doing that?
  7. B200 Raisbeck EPIC with PT6A-52 Engines

    Released today.
  8. I have completed the Carenado B200 mod and those of you on the mailing list should be seeing it in your mailboxes. Summary of changes below: - ITT measurement and display - ITT operates correctly and you CAN over-temp an engine - Prop Deice and loadmeter - Surface Deice and pneumatic pressure gauge - Electrical system including generators and battery loads - Autopilot - EFIS - Performance (Power, airspeed, torque, fuel flow, ITT) - Night lighting of instrument panel - Gauge changes to coincide with PT6A-52 engines - Winglets permanently visible - Annunciator panel corrections - Oxygen pressure indication - Inverter power indication - Fuel transfer lights - Fuel valve correction - Auto-ignition during start correction - Start logic (normal, hung start, hot start) - Engine fire logic and extinguishing logic - Idle control - Autofeather and autofeather test - “Cold and Dark” and “Ready for Taxi” system added - FDE changes - Provisions for default GNS, F1GNS, and F1GTN avionics - Appropriate manuals included From the readme "The ITT gauge now shows real world temperatures and it is not very difficult to over-temp an engine. If the over-temp is bad enough, engine damage and fire may ensue. I also highly recommend memorizing engine fire emergency procedures (they’re easy and logical). Failure to act in a timely manner during a fire could result in loss of the airplane. " Anyone not on the mailing list that would like to give it a try, send me a PM. If you want to be included on future updates please include an email address.
  9. A bit of a teaser for the upcoming B200 Mod. Clippin' along at nearly 320KTAS, ITT's maxed out at 820C, and burning about 360pph per side. Coming soon!.... hopefully.
  10. I have all the Beechcraft POH(s) for the King Airs, but the 84 and 65 manuals would be very helpful. I have been using an 85 manual and excerpts from a Flight Safety summary of the APS 65 for modeling. The real deals would help with accuracy. If you feel like going to the trouble, I can PM you an email address if you don't already have it.
  11. I am in the final stages of modifying the Carenado B200 and C90B. I have made a breakthrough of sorts with engine behavior. While the initial mod to the C90GTX addressed only engine starting inaccuracies, idle settings, beta range behavior, and performance matching, future updates will address several other changes to systems to bring them into closer compliance with the actual POH. Included in those changes will be accurate ITT behavior including serious repercussions for "over-temping" an engine. For the C90B (with Blackhawk modified -135 engines) and the C90GTX, the ITT at maximum cruise at approximately FL200 will be maxed-out. ITT will behave properly throughout the flight envelope IAW the POH(s). The B200 and C90B mods have been quite extensive including new electrical system with proper generator and battery loads, new autofeather system that actually works and and can be tested IAW the POH, totally rebuilt autopilot in accordance with the APS-65H operating manual (at least....as close as I can get it with FSX/P3D), automatic auto-ignition during start, and probably some other things I don't remember at this moment. I fully intend to do the same with the C90GTX and the B350i. However, the weather is getting better and house and yard chores are coming due. So, I can't guarantee when I'll get to the newer King Airs. They may have to wait until next Winter. But I do intend to do them. These modifications are done and tested with latest version of P3D at the time of the modification. I have had only one complaint that a mod didn't work exactly as advertised in FSX, and it was an easy fix corrected by the user. Hope this helps.
  12. The egregious errors in FSX/P3D have, over the years, conditioned many simmers without significant aviation experience to accept and believe many inaccuracies in the simulator and ,as a result, to question the validity of programming that is actually much closer to the real world. FSX/P3D sound configurations model only fixed pitch propellers....period. I don't know if the original authors knew little about aviation or if the few that did got overridden by the ones who didn't, but the errors are numerous and obvious to anyone who has significant flight time in a diversity of aircraft. Among the most flagrant errors is sound configuration for anything other than a fixed pitch propeller. Sound configuration files provide for pitch change and volume change independently between combustion and propeller and there is no connection allowed between power and prop. In the real world of constant speed propellers, pitch changes only with RPM and RPM changes only with the propeller governor, not the throttle. The exception occurs at very low power settings where the engine and/or the relative wind cannot spin the propeller fast enough to get to minimum governor speed. In the real world we typically hear the prop get on the governor as RPM increases to approximately 1500 or so RPM when advancing the throttles on takeoff and in the landing flare as the throttles are reduced to near idle at very low airspeed. Other than those situations, pitch changes only with a change in RPM setting with the propeller control. If the original authors had any significant aviation experience, they would have allowed the sound configuration file to control volume with the throttle and control pitch with the prop levers and allowed a connection between the two. We could have approached a 99% sound solution for constant speed props with a setup like that. The default FSX/P3D sound configuration provides about a 1% solution. It provides for noise uncorrelated to anything in particular at governed RPM. Developers have learned to "trick the system" and have begun moving combustion sound files into the prop configuration sections with pretty decent success. It becomes about an 80% solution and is much closer to real world. If we could control volume with the throttle without affecting pitch we could accurately simulate an engine "straining" under increased load without erroneously also changing the pitch of the sound. I have modified many FSX/P3D aircraft with good success using the aforementioned method and I can tell you that within the constraints of the extremely poor sound configuration loop of FSX/P3D, this C310R sound system is as good as it gets. Don't let the fact that the original one was different confuse you. Like so many others, it was wrong. This one is right.
  13. Landing lights

    Dynamic lighting turned on in P3D?
  14. B200 Mod

    I am starting work on the B200 and the C90 Mods. I am in need of an operating manuals for the Collins EFIS-84 and Collins APS-65H Autopilot used in both. Thanks in advance for any help.