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  1. RB, I don't know about it with FSX. I haven't had FSX in quite a while. I'll try to compile it with an FSX compiler if I can find one.
  2. While fooling around with this thing I also fixed the alternator light and the EGT gauge. I found some old data on a RAM Series IV mod that makes this airplane a rocket ship similar to what I did with the 340. I can't find any fuel flow data so we'll just have to push the "I believe" button, but the takeoff and climb performance pretty well matches the advertisements from RAM. I think I remember reading in one of the posts that the fuel system was screwed. I'll try to take a look at that as well.
  3. 310R Panel Lighting See if this one works.
  4. As some of you know I have been away for several years dealing with some family health issues. Those issues remain, but I am finally able to spend a minimum amount of time on some mods. The link below is for a very simple mod to fix the panel lighting issues with the 310. It separates the dome light from the instrument lights. I know it has been a couple of years since this was a hot topic, but it was easy. Maybe some of you are still flying it. Hopefully the link will work. I just recently got around to installing WIN 10 and I'm not yet very comfortable with it. Regards, Bill https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p65pcopr4v4x6o1/AACje8G0zUIi6xrZc3l2ELTIa?dl=0
  5. I installed the MOD for the 690B Turbo Commander in P3D v5.3 but having some problems.   I tried to put in MOD 6.1 in v5.3.  It is asking for the XML tool but because I didn’t have P3D V4 installed it will not work for me.  I tried the tool for FSX but that doesn’t work.  I can’t find an XML tool for P3D V5.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. whamil77


      I tried the installer.  Can't tell if it worked because I already have it installed

    3. bigsky10


      When I ran it as admin it still says can't find directory for P3D v4.5.  Would  it be to much to as for you to send me the dll file. I had one in the 


      \Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5

      but had to reinstall now I can find one there.



    4. whamil77



      Hope it works for you!

  6. Hey there,

    Just purchased the Carenado 690B Turbo Commander in this year's Christmas sale.

    And now looking for the mod ?

    Also the Air King 350i sounds nifty.

    Can you help ?


  7. Dear Bill,

    I'm interested in you C340 RAM Air Mod. Would you please send it to me?

    Best regards


  8. Dear Bill! How are you?
    I'm interessing on your Blackhawk Mod for Carenado B350i King Air.
    Could you share this?
  9. Hi whamil77,

    i tried to send you a PM but got a response saying that you can't receive messages

    i was wondering if i could get a copy of your Turbo Commander 690B Mod

    Thanks Scotty


  10. Hi can you send me the, 

    "modification for the Carenado King Air B350i that emulates the Blackhawk modification to -67A engines."

    Sounds amazing.

    Thank you.



  11. Hi,

    if you please sir, i would like very much the Carenado Cheyenne II v3.0 and the Navajo V1.0 for P3DV4.
    If you can send me in my email

    Thanks for your work

  12. Hello,

    could you please send me your Carenado PA31-310 Navajo Mod v1.0 ? 🙂


    Thanks in advanced!


  13. Hi whamil77.

    I'm flying the Carenado Cheyenne II and see from threads that you have done a mod that includes fixing the yaw damper.

    If still available, I'd love to try it.




  14. Good evening, I saw there were MODS available for my Carenado\Alabeo planes; I wonder if it would be possible to send me the mods you made to the planes in this list, thanks for the excellent work, you really made a grat job!

    Carenado Turbo Commander Mod
    Cessna 340 Makeover
    Carenado PA31-310 Navajo Mod
    C441 Conquest Mods

    thanks again


  15. Hello, 

    I hope you are well. 

    I was wondering if I could please have the latest MODs including the sound update for the Carenado B58. 

    Thank you in advance. 


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