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  1. This has now become my go to light business jet because of the fantastic work of Novej757 (Jevon), without his GTN 750 mod this AC would still be parked in my hanger Thanks Scotty
  2. Ok thanks John, will have a deep dive Regards Scotty
  3. Hi Bill, link still not working for me Regards Scotty
  4. Hi whamil77,

    i tried to send you a PM but got a response saying that you can't receive messages

    i was wondering if i could get a copy of your Turbo Commander 690B Mod

    Thanks Scotty


  5. Hi Tim-HH,

    it's saying that you can't receive private messages,

    Would i be able to get a copy of the C441 conquest mods please


    Email: morgan.scott.e@gmail.com

    1. Tim-HH


      Thanks for the message! My inbox was full. I've sent you the files.



  6. Has anybody had any luck getting the Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0
  7. Hi Andi, The Link for your mods is not working says file has been deleted Scotty
  8. Hi Whamil77,

    could i get your c340 mods

    Thanks Scotty


    e: morgan.scott.e@gmail.com

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