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  1. yes sure! Any ideas regarding the Prop Lever Config? why is it on this aircraft not working?
  2. Hello Guys, I just got the MV King 350 and have 2 strange problems with it, need advice 🙂 1. after 30-45 min of flight, both horizons on left and right PFD stop working, they turn sharp left or right and up (like on a piston plane with suction system, when the vacuum pump fails) It happens on every flight after a time... but the stby horizon continues to work. 2. The Prop levers don't move with my hardware (CH Throttle quadrant) its set up via FSUIPC, it works on any other prop I have... additionally, I set it up via MVs own tool, but still dont move, I can only usw the prop levers with the mouse. Can someone help? Best Marc
  3. Hello,

    could you please send me your Carenado PA31-310 Navajo Mod v1.0 ? 🙂


    Thanks in advanced!


  4. Hello All, why a 737 MAX? there is no such a big difference to the NG... as a side project, I would appreciate a max or new NG, but as Major Project, I would wish from PMDG something totally new... what about a Airbus A380 or 350? I guess, If you don't do it, there will be no 380 in SIM until the real aircraft diappear from the skys. Or what about an old iron? I wait for a least 15 years for a good 747-100/200/SP or a DC-10. Or what about a 767-200/300/400? The one from CS is an absolutely bad low Level Simulation, and LevelD is so old, and outdated. If you wanna do another 737, please do a 300/400/500, there isn't a good one in the sim world for so many years, an Qwings finally stopped there Project. Cheers Marc
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