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  1. I also had an experience with the installer not able to create C:\FLYSIMWARE\... running on Windows 10. Then I did run the installer as Administrator and that did the trick. If the Administrator run won't create the needed folder then maybe temporarily disable your anti-virus program. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the useful Learjet 35 information!
  3. Nearly 17 years later I found this thread and gave me a solution for character spacing, thank you guys! As I love to see code snippets here is an example for this matter (thank you Rob Barendregt): <Element> <Visible>(A:CIRCUIT GENERAL PANEL ON, bool) (A:CIRCUIT AVIONICS ON, bool) &amp;&amp; (L:XPNDR_status, enum) 0 &gt; &amp;&amp;</Visible> <Position X="24" Y="29"/> <Text X="410" Y="25" Luminous="Yes" Length="4" Font="Arial Narrow" FontWeight="900" Color="#D7D7D7" Adjust="Center" VerticalAdjust="Center" Multiline="No" Fixed="Yes"> <String>%((A:TRANSPONDER CODE:1, number))%!04d! </String> </Text> </Element> The important parameters for spacing the 4 digit Transponder code equally alongside my four adjusting knobs are: X="410" Fixed="Yes" Length="4" Again, thank you all.
  4. AI Aardvark Fokker 100 Converted Base Model is rather nice in awaiting of a regular F100. I did combine it with a FSX A321 VC and some Project Fokker elements and it's rather nice then. HTH.
  5. Hi Masterius, I have not installed the airplane, but... Maybe you can use an xml file to set the magentos, with something like: <Click Event="MAGNETO1_INCR"/> <Click Event="MAGNETO2_INCR"/> If you can draw a gauge on the VC you can set an (invisible) clickspot for it. Otherwise create an init file for the B. If that won't work perhaps you can mail Manfred (hidden email in docs probably) Good luck.
  6. Hi Steffmann, I've not installed the aircraft but... it sounds like you have to check your fuel quantity. HTH
  7. Guess you'll also have to check your model line.
  8. Hi. As mentioned earlier you must indeed set the Full path to your airplane Addon, e.g.: E:\FS-Addon\Airplanes\BAC 1-11 Family\SimObjects\Airplanes So, the above path is an example for the AddOn.xml in the P3D Addons folder while the path definition that was provided in the first post in the topic is a relative path, which I use for the physical location folder xml file, and I use the xml file with full paths in the designated P3D Addons folder (paths for Effects, Sounds etc.) Now if you are in Windows explorer and you have opted 'Display full path in the title bar' (Views option), then you can simply copy the address of the root path of your AddOn folder, which I do to prevent typos. As you see in my BAC 1-11 Family path definition the separation character is a backslash character. Important to know that if you don't put your addon into the 'official' Prepar3D vX Add-ons folder you will have to use 2 different xml files. The xml file in Prepar3D vX Add-ons folder, in which you've to create a folder for your addon where you put your add-on.xml which will contain the full paths. The other add-on.xml file in your aircraft addon folder will have to contain relative paths. HTH. I've experienced that if you have a lot of AddOns including airplanes startup of Prepar3D takes a longer time to load for me then when install my addon airplanes directly in P3D's SimObjects\Airplanes folder, Which I find strange as Lockheed Martin recommends the AddOns install. Anyone an idea on the longer loading time?
  9. Hi Alberto, Thank you for replying! So, take your time and good luck. Regards,
  10. Hi Alberto, Currently the link is dead. Could you re-upload? Many thanks in advance. SORRY: You state discontinued? Let's remove the topic then?
  11. Hi Gypsy Baron, Thank youi for your helpful post! As you can see it was very useful 11 years later... Have a good day.
  12. Hi r22s7, Glad you mentioned the too low nose gear issue of the mentioned distribution of the wonderful POSKY Boeing 747-400, and for sharing your contact points! The contact points you provided seems to be working fine for the 747-400 (Pax) and 747-400BCF aircrafts. What I find strange is that point.0 and point.1 have different values for the eight and ninth parameter (0.0, 0.0 against 0.3, 0.5) One would assue that the values are should be the same for the 2 nose-wheels? Or am I mistaken here? Many thanks in advance for replying to my post.
  13. Reload the flight with CTRL+; then the TOW Pushback will disappear.
  14. Hi Independence76, A great initiative as I agree that the VC textures for Thomas Ruth Airbus are to today's standards the original VC textures are getting old, while the outside models and flight models are still great, I sincerely hope you can get in contact with Thomas. Greetings
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