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  1. Hi Alberto, Thank you for replying! So, take your time and good luck. Regards,
  2. Hi Alberto, Currently the link is dead. Could you re-upload? Many thanks in advance. SORRY: You state discontinued? Let's remove the topic then?
  3. While trying to download I got: Error code: 2S119/1 Hope this guide can be available soon. Thank you all for the efforts!
  4. Hi Gypsy Baron, Thank youi for your helpful post! As you can see it was very useful 11 years later... Have a good day.
  5. Hi r22s7, Glad you mentioned the too low nose gear issue of the mentioned distribution of the wonderful POSKY Boeing 747-400, and for sharing your contact points! The contact points you provided seems to be working fine for the 747-400 (Pax) and 747-400BCF aircrafts. What I find strange is that point.0 and point.1 have different values for the eight and ninth parameter (0.0, 0.0 against 0.3, 0.5) One would assue that the values are should be the same for the 2 nose-wheels? Or am I mistaken here? Many thanks in advance for replying to my post.
  6. Reload the flight with CTRL+; then the TOW Pushback will disappear.
  7. Hi Independence76, A great initiative as I agree that the VC textures for Thomas Ruth Airbus are to today's standards the original VC textures are getting old, while the outside models and flight models are still great, I sincerely hope you can get in contact with Thomas. Greetings
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