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  1. Still not able to connect to the A2A sight here in the US. The only reports I have seen of successful connects have been by folks in Europe. Paul (2000 UTC)
  2. Nick, It seems the site is still off line. And for what it is worth, I am seeing 'long SSL response time' on a couple of other sites that I visit. One is Wells Fargo Bank. So, it may be that the A2A hosting service may be chasing their tail trying to fix something that is broken outside their realm. Paul
  3. Thanks for the update Nick. I just sent off an email to the webmaster in panic!! Paul
  4. If you have OrbX EU installed you won't see the stutters at CLN. It happens with Vector installed but not EU. ,I posted this issue on the OrbX forums over a year ago but nothing has been done to address it. I even told them what BGL file was causing the stutters. As for the NorCal/SouthCal I don't have many problems with Northern CA but Southern CA is unusable. Every few miles I was getting 3,4,5 second pauses flying mostly up the coast. Just too many stutters to even think about trying to isolate the problems so I just never enable it. Paul
  5. cvx_FTX_EU_ENG_water_4813 I reported that issue over a year ago and there has been no reply or effort by OrbX to fix the problem. If one has the OrbX EU area, you will not experience the problem. The problem is in the file " "4813_WTR_Waterbodies.bgl" found in the OrbX\FTX_Vector\FTX_VECTOR_CVX\scenery folder. When the EU region is installed that file is not used. Instead a file named "cvx_FTX_EU_ENG_water_4813.bgl" is ued in that area and does not have any issues. Paul
  6. The biggest pluses for me regarding FSUIPC is the ability to have 'conditional' control assignments, thus having a single switch operate any number of controls/switches. Additionally, the Lua script facility adds a great deal of power to the capabilities of FSUIPC. My Saitex dual throttle quads have 12 switches (not counting the 'detent' switches on the axis) and I use 2 of those switches to change the value, up or down,of a user-defined offset which acts as the 'conditional' portion of the control assignments for the other10 switches. Think of that as being analogous to the 'Mode' switch on various controllers. Those are usually limited to 3 modes where the system I use the number of 'modes' is virtually unlimited. In practice, I believe the maximum number of 'modes' for an aircraft is 10. (The equivalent of 100 assignable switches) Most are around 5 to 8 modes. With so many assignments to each of the 10 switches, I use a Lua script to display the assignments for the current mode when I change modes, or when I hit F10. The length of time the display remains is settable from 1 second up. I usually have the displays set to 3 to 4 seconds. In most aircraft I can go from cold& dark to in the air, cleaned up and trimmed just by selecting the 'modes' and operating the appropriate switches. I also use Lua scripts to display the trim value for 1 second each time I change one of the trim axis. There are several PDF files in the Modules/FSUIPC Documents folder that covers the capabilities of the program. Here is a JPG of one of my control assignment setups for the A2A B-17G: Paul
  7. Pete Dowson has stated that he will not be developing a FSUIPC addon for FSW. He is, however, developing a new FSUIPC5 x64 for P3D x64. There is more to FSUIPC4 that just assigning buttons/switches. Much more. There is access (with the registered version) to all the FSX offsets. Those that can be written are accessible as well as all that are read only. There is also a range of 'user-defined' offsets that can be used to create complex conditional control assignments among myriad other uses. There is the ability to define L:variables which then appear in the FSUIPC4 assignment menus so that one can assign switches/key strokes to send parameters to those L:Vars. Then there is a most powerful capability built in to FSUIPC4 which is the Lua implementation. Again, access directly to offsets and L:Vars. Simple and easy to implement. My current FSUIPC4 implementation for the 'aircraft specific' assignments and special functions runs to over 7500 lines in the ini file. I make heavy use of conditional assignments where 10 switches handle over 100 assignments for each of my more complex aircraft. Very little mouse or keyboard activity is needed with my setup. Most everything is handled by those 10 switches. In many cases, a single button/switch activation simultaneously operates 3 or 4 controls on some of my aircraft. (engine select, primer select, fire extinguisher set, starter activated is one example) I also have unique as well as 'common' Lua scripts for each aircraft. I have 100's of hours of work invested in my FSX setup using FSUIPC4 and Lua. Pete has said that the new P3D version will afford the same functionality as the current FSX version and that my 7500+ lines in my INI file can simply be moved over, as is! I do not see that level of integration happening with FSW and certainly not a simple 'copy over' of current configuration files, And I have seen no mention of Lua scripts in any FSW discussions. Without the ability to customize my installation to the extent I currently have and not spending 100's of hours again to do so, I'm afraid the only path to the 64-bit flight sim world in via P3D. Paul
  8. No FSUIPC is a deal breaker for me as well! Without the ability to customize the assignment of controls/switches/buttons and to run Lua scripts, I won't be a customer of this endeavor. Paul
  9. Another thought. Are you running FSX 'as Administrator'? The logbook.bin is in your Documents folder and there should not be a permissions issue but it doesn't hurt to try the run as admin. I sure can't think of what else may be involved here as any time in the past that someone had those 'hung on the splash screen' it was due to the editing of the logbook and subsequent corruption. You might try Googling those symptoms and see what pops up. Paul
  10. You aren't editing the logbook from within FSX are you? There is a serious flaw with the edit function for the logbook in FSX and can cause it to become corrupt, ending in the same symtoms you are seeing. Usually the issue doesn't occur if one only edits the vary LAST entry but editing any ofther entry is a sure way to get a corrupt logbook.bin file. Paul
  11. I have my FSX on my "X:" drive, Addon Scenery is on my "J:" drive while some aircraft are on my "Y:" drive. Orbx is on my "O:" drive and some scenery is located on my "Z:" drive. It's really up to you as to where you put stuff, as long as FSX 'allows it'. IMO Scenery, which gets accessed the most should definitely be on a fast drive/partition. If everything your FSX stuff fits on the two SSD drives then you probably do not need to divide stuff up any more than you have already indicted. I spread my stuff around as a convenient way of organizing all the various parts of my FSX install with an eye on what goes to the SSD's and what goes to fast hard drives. With OrbX, drive space is the driving force. More than 100 GB of stuff there so I have that on a suitably sized partition on one of my SSD's and mount that drive in the EMPTY OrbX folder in the FSX folder. I use that method for the Addon Scenery as well, The 'mounted drive' must be dedicated to the files that would normaly be in the default folder in FSX and be at the root of that drive. Paul
  12. I had originally put the low FLAK and AAA at the Mohne, Eder and the Sorpe, I removed the 'protection' for that in a later update. The 91st flies the mission in Lancasters with a 'makeshift wooden bomb sight'. Our flight plan takes us to the Mohne and Eder dams from RAF Scampton. That air base scenery was created for this mission. Here are a couple of JPGs of the attack run flight segments: ; I'll get back to you on the files for the mission via a PM. And Paul, yes I am in Oz at the moment. Sydney to be specific. I needed a couple of weeks of 'summer' to escape the cold, rainy San Francisco winter! I will PM you as well with the Operation Chastise files. Paul
  13. Paul, The 91st Bombarment Group flies that mission pretty much every year. I created some additional low level FLAK and AAA with tracers to 'protect' a couple of the dams. I forget which now, and I am 'down under' for a couple of weeks and on my laptop so I may not be able to pull out the files and make them available. I'll look into this a bit later. Paul
  14. I'm not really sure as I never use an external weather engine, although I have two or three. My guess would be that the external weather engine will 'take over' and the saved WX will be discarded. I have found that using the default FSX menu item 'World \ Weather' , it is an easy exercise to create custom weather for each or all weather stations along your intended route. I usually start by using the "All weather stations" option and set some global weather parameters. Then I select the "A specific weather station' and set unique weather for those stations along my route. Paul
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