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  1. slip-stream

    CPU upgrade.

    Thanks. 1080 at the mo. My other option was to upgrade to the ti instead. I have to admit that I’m more or less happy with my current setup, mostly maxed settings in VR. But my Pimax 8K will be arriving soon and I believe it’s going to need more horse power to run.
  2. slip-stream

    CPU upgrade.

    Thank you and with this in mind, is it possible to upgrade the mobo and processor only and keep everything else, and all will work ok?
  3. slip-stream

    CPU upgrade.

    I bow to you superior knowledge. Thank you. My current CPU is liquid cooled and only oc’d via a switch on the mobo. I have no idea how to oc it further. Would you suggest that the 4770K is out of date nowadays and that I should upgrade my whole PC?
  4. Hi. I currently run an i7 4770K @ 4199MHz (according to CPU-Z) would I benefit much upgrading to an..... i7 4790K stock 4000MHz (assuming it can be OC’d via mobo) MSi Z87-GD65 Gaming Thanks in advance
  5. I’m not sure if active sky would be beneficial to VR users such as Oculus?
  6. I actually prefer no clouds. I drop vis to between 10 and 20 nm and that is was looks realistic to me. It also means I can crank up the scenery textures.
  7. slip-stream

    The dreaded blurries.

    Thanks Ben and Howard. I will indeed create a new cfg. I’m pretty certain that a vanilla one will do the job just right now.
  8. slip-stream

    The dreaded blurries.

    Hi there. I think you mean default 4.4 and you are correct. What an amazing difference. I think they may have finally solved the dreaded tweaking that we’ve done for all these years.
  9. It couldn’t have come at a more convenient time for me. I’ve only just migrated over to P3D and was highly disappointed. But only for a few days. Lol. The extra time loading is well why it IMO.
  10. Thank you Sundevil56. Appreciated.
  11. Once 4.4 has installed do we need to reinstall Orbx scenery or does it all work off the bat?
  12. slip-stream

    The dreaded blurries.

    Thanks. That’s what I’m praying for.
  13. slip-stream

    P3D v4.4 and settings ... and video samples from Beta

    Excellent information but my head hurts from trying to piece it all together. Which tweaks would serve me best in order to reduce PR texture blurries please? i7 @ 4.5ghz 16 ram 1080ti
  14. slip-stream

    The dreaded blurries.

    Forgot to add that pausing the sim has no effect whatsoever. The blurries are fixed no matter what.