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  1. Funny but the vibrations start and then slow to a stop then start up slow to fast over a period of approx 10 seconds.
  2. Ah. Ok. I’m flying the Nemeth Designs CH-47. Not sure if it’s labelled as helicopter or not. On the default settings the engines certainly do not behave as one. Any ideas?
  3. Ah got it. Thanks. I’m trying to get the opposite with my rotary aircraft. The vibration gets more pronounced with increased torque (RPM in the sim as collective is linked to throttle) Do you have any presets for rotary aircraft at all?
  4. Could anyone give me more information on the following below please? In relation to engine effects. exponential decay and amplitude
  5. Looking at a previous topic it looks as though Chaseplane works ok in VR according to this user. Can I confirm that when you add vibration effects, the outside view is normal, or does that vibrate too? It’s the problem I have with EZDOK. I just want the aircraft cockpit to shake but not the outside view.
  6. I also strongly advise to have a demo mode. It makes a lot of sense for most add on utilities. I can imagine lots of potential buyers are put off by the high price if it doesn’t have the desired effect.
  7. I believe you stated that the latest version would support VR. Is there a reason for the long delay?
  8. The only reason I ask is that I only want realistic vibration effects in the CH47 within P3D 4.4 with Oculus Rift. Its a lot of money to spend if it’s not to my requirements. Thanks for any help.
  9. Thanks. 1080 at the mo. My other option was to upgrade to the ti instead. I have to admit that I’m more or less happy with my current setup, mostly maxed settings in VR. But my Pimax 8K will be arriving soon and I believe it’s going to need more horse power to run.
  10. Thank you and with this in mind, is it possible to upgrade the mobo and processor only and keep everything else, and all will work ok?
  11. I bow to you superior knowledge. Thank you. My current CPU is liquid cooled and only oc’d via a switch on the mobo. I have no idea how to oc it further. Would you suggest that the 4770K is out of date nowadays and that I should upgrade my whole PC?
  12. Hi. I currently run an i7 4770K @ 4199MHz (according to CPU-Z) would I benefit much upgrading to an..... i7 4790K stock 4000MHz (assuming it can be OC’d via mobo) MSi Z87-GD65 Gaming Thanks in advance
  13. I’m not sure if active sky would be beneficial to VR users such as Oculus?
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