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  1. As someone who is still waiting after 9 months to get invited to Alpha, these leaks are the only thing keeping me sane lol. Thanks to those who keep sharing.
  2. In a sense that I have seen and heard pretty much everything that MSFS will be bringing to the table. On the other hand it will be interesting to see what Austin can do with Xplane 12 and how he aim to compete. Vulkan was a huge step for them in the right direction but definitely that is not enough. What kind of 'ultimate scenery' he has in works? Not just that, but weather, atc, flight dynamics are some other areas that can be improved coming forward. So in that regard, lots of unknowns for Xplane 12 which I am eager to hear more news of in the coming months.
  3. Unpopular opinion but I am actually more excited for what Xplane has to offer next than the release of MSFS.
  4. Along with atc, we surely need an addon for clouds aswell.
  5. In the external view of the A320 landing, the landing gear's suspension mechanism seems to be missing completely. As soon as the wheels touch the ground, the suspension remains rigid. Hope they fix it for the release.
  6. Invites just went out. Didnt get in as usual. Check your emails or insider hub.
  7. Their Facebook page just confirmed more alpha invites tomorrow.
  8. Yes people are starting to get frustrated now. There is a huge thread on msfs official subreddit regarding the alpha participation issue. The general consensus seems to be that the alpha process has been poorly handled since day one.
  9. Lets get back on topic please before this topic gets locked because people want to criticize a leaked video of an alpha product. If you ask me, I was blown away by that 748 video. I have never seen anything remotely close like that in a flight sim. Its amazing how their graphics engine captures the night environment so realistically. Talk about volumetric lighting. Just need road traffic and voila !
  10. Sure is a ridiculous number for an alpha. I think they bit on more they could chew. They werent ready for such a huge number of applicants. Thats the only reason why only 11 to 12k people are in the alpha from the 60k who applied. Another failed strategy and the most frustrating selection process of any alpha I have ever seen. Applied in September and still waiting(8 months), while I personally know people who registered in dec/jan, are probably flying the 748 as we speak. Now each time they send out only a couple hundred invites because they dont want to over stress their servers right now.
  11. Lets not forget one thing that the only reason they are communicating this much with the community atm is because they literally abandoned their product for 10 years and hence people lost faith in the brand. Flight Sim has a niche market and the only reason they premiered their product at E3 (a gaming show) so that it could reach a vast audience. People who knew nothing about flight simming now want to get into it. But keeping those interested who never had any prior experience of flight simming is no easy task. Realizing this, they came up with this insider thing and weekly updates where they show you a ton of eye candy. The hype train keeps going. Not saying I dont appreciate the weekly updates but they are definitely not doing this only so that the people on avsim can be happy. Honestly I couldnt care less about those pretty screenshots. As a die hard simmer I want to know about the systems depth(which I am sure it is there) but seriously dont fool yourself into thinking that those weekly updates are aimed at the core flight simming community. All that is straight up marketing and nothing less. They have a much wider target audience. Remember that its releasing on xbox too which will be their main source of sales. There are hundred and thousands of people who are interested in MSFS who dont visit avsim or other flight simming forums. Also to those who are still not in the alpha and registered day one like me, dont be surprised if you dont get to test the product up until the open beta. We are least of their worries right now. They have 200 devs and 10k+ alpha participants at the moment. That is already a huge number for an alpha.
  12. Why dont you sit down and relax a bit ?
  13. Is it me or there were times when you could see through the clouds as though they were transparent?
  14. Thanks for the info. Raod traffic seems to be missing? Other than that, the city looks gorgeous at night and how it realistically lits up the sky above.
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