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  1. Just goes to show that they really put their heart and soul into this. Also I love your addon and a very satisfied customer. Thanks for your service.
  2. Wow I am amazed by this. Didnt know MSFS did this. Truly next gen.
  3. In the last Q&A they said that they plan on rebooting the atmospheric simulation. This is a limitation in their current weather engine. But its a long range fix which means by the end of this year. Now that last part really surprised me. So basically they are going to take 6 months to get such a crucial weather parameter right ? Makes you wonder where their priorities are. @ 49:38
  4. Anyone not noticed the missing visibility settings in the sim? Aerosol density is completely missing from live weather. Its either cavok or clouds on the ground situation. Humidity parameters are not present in the sim to depict low visibility and haze. Is the weather engine not getting this info from Meteoblue ? I have seen multiple threads on this on the official forum aswell but no answer from the devs. Even FSX had visibility sliders. Besides this aerosol mumbo jumbo should be get rid off. There is no such thing as aerosol density in aviation. The phenomenon is knows as visibility to pilots.
  5. I don't understand. Is it them hiring or is it Microsoft? How can they hire if they themselves are hired?
  6. Yes you are right. So they probably delayed it to fall or winter.
  7. I guess we will see Xbox release in June with DX12U update for pc coming in July with Sim Update 5.
  8. Runs fine on my 5900x, Rtx 3080 @ 5120 x 1440. All ultra settings locked @ 30 fps solid.
  9. If people think that they went into so many partnerships and have the entire planet to explore just so that it can be used as an amateur simming platform, well you are so wrong. There HAS to be some commercial application of MSFS in the near future once the sim is stable enough. That will earn them a lot of revenue to keep the ship afloat for many years to come. Also Xbox will earn them a huge ton of money.
  10. I have it on since it enhances the visuals at night. Also as someone mentioned above, it also gives clouds a more vibrant look during daytime.
  11. Happened with live traffic no multiplayer
  12. I encountered same problem after the hotfix. My graphics setting were reset too. Its unplayable right now...
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