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  1. Baber20

    X-Enviro is OUT

    Someone posted this screenshot on FB. Just speechless... If this doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.
  2. Personally I am in love with the new haze. It just adds so much realism to the sim. Unlike Xp10, the atmospheric effects of Xp11 gives you a feeling of fullness. Xp10 atmosphere always looked like a vacuum to me. Present of no haze and zero atmospheric effects in Xp10 was my biggest gripe with the sim. I just hope that they add a slider for haze effects to satisfy everyone and not permanently get rid of it.
  3. They posted this on their Facebook page.
  4. Baber20

    Outerra development news

    I did see a ton of square blocks Need someone to import objects from FSX or X-Plane. Nevertheless looked quite impressive.
  5. Baber20

    Outerra development news

    Looks like OSM has been implemented. We need that in the next update so people can start building cities.
  6. Baber20

    Too bad we can't have it all :)
  7. Baber20

    Too bad we can't have it all :)

    Did someone say god rays ?
  8. Baber20

    Too bad we can't have it all :)

    This is not even an alpha version and it already looks pretty damn sweet. Was reading some of the features of Unigine 2.0 on their website and its one hell of an engine. Possibilities are endless.
  9. Baber20

    Too bad we can't have it all :)

    Why was that topic locked? This is so upsetting. NGIS team needs the support of the community. More people need to know about this sim.
  10. Baber20

    Too bad we can't have it all :)

    It's their decision which engine they want to use. Not that Outerra is any better Unigine anyways. Have you tried their new demo ? I have been a long time user of Outerra and I can daresay that their engine(Unigine) is quite better than what Outerra has to offer currently. Don't get me wrong I really like Outerra and always thought of it as being the top dog as far as sim engines goes but I was pleasantly surprised after trying NGFS demo. There are quite a bit of things (I dont want to go into detail here) that I noticed which are present in Unigine that are absent in Outerra. The atmospheric effects looks better and the overall lighting specially global illumination looks better. The weather and rain effects are also top notch. I'll be honest with you. I dont really care about Outerra anymore. We have waited. And we have waited long enough. I'd rather show my support for guys who are actually in the process of building a new advanced sim rather than hoping against hope for Outerra to become a flight sim one day. NGIS devs are super nice. They are actually willing to include the community requested features( They are very dedicated and passionate about NGFS and I wish them all the very best. P.S. IMO NGFS needs its dedicated thread here on AVSIM.
  11. Baber20

    NextGen Flight Sim - Port Angeles Demo out !

    No idea.. Downloading it as we speak.
  12. You can grab it from here
  13. Baber20

    Too bad we can't have it all :)

    Agree with everything you said. Its extremely disappointing why more people don't start using or developing for Outerra. Its rendering engine is leagues ahead of xplane or p3d. Outerra is the closest you can get to reality. The atmospheric effects are just too good. And all of this while getting extremely good frame rates. If and when Outerra starts development for a flight sim, it will completely sweep the market. People will flock over it once the see the true potential of outerra. I gave up on FSX/P3D. Everything in those sims looks too artificial and the night flying is horrendous. I do still use XP10 from time to time but i'll shelf it for sure once Outerra comes out with its own Flight Sim. I am also keeping an eye out for Next Gen Flight Sim. Looks pretty impressive so far.
  14. Baber20

    Outerra mods news

    Agreed. Once we get that, I am 100% sold. Also I hope that someone starts converting some freeware FSX/X-Plane airports and aircrafts to Outerra. Its about time we start populating Outerra with goodies. Levi did convert the marvelous Project Airbus A380 and I am pretty sure he cant get the permission to convert TDS 787 and Projectopensky aircrafts aswell. It will be a huge undertaking but definitely worth it.
  15. Baber20

    Outerra mods news

    Great video HiFlyer !