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  1. Try RTX HDR. Looks better than native HDR implementation IMO. Turn on hdr in windows. Launch game and turn off hdr if it's turned on. Quit game. Turn on rtx hdr in global settings in the app. Launch game and double check if the in-game hdr is still off. (In game hdr should always be off if you want to use rtx hdr. Applies to all games.) Press ALT + Z and configure RTX HDR as per your preference.
  2. A missed opportunity for Microsoft. Biology has officially joined Laminar.
  3. New drama is live. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftFlightSim/s/2nGXhDGQYU
  4. Must have add-ons Autoortho + Simheaven Visualxp basic Global forests
  5. I agree. The lighting engine of Xplane coupled with TE is going to be mind-blowing. I hope Orbx can come out with some Global solution for Xplane 12.
  6. This is surprising. In xplane 12, the colour of ambient lighting depends on the temperature of the weather. The hotter the weather, warmer the colors would be and vice versa. One other guy on the official forums went through the same experience like you. I am going to test this out tonight.
  7. You also forgot to mention where Biology said this "Yes, the perceptual facets should be addressed during the post-processing using color balance adjustment or whatever, but from a physical perspective what they’re doing is sound and shouldn’t be touched." So what Asobo did is physically accurate. If you want them to fake it to make it more blue than that will be purely an artistic choice and not physically accurate as Biology mentioned this again here "They can absolutely make the simulator more blue tinted and they likely should given it looks a bit too red right now, but they should do it in post-processing using color temperature adjustment and shouldn’t mess with physically accurate calculations. Artistic choices belong to post-processing, not rendering" The Devs at Asobo specially Sebastian are highly against faking stuff. They want it to be physically accurate so I doubt that this will change. And not everyone thinks it's too reddish/pink. I and many others find it perfectly fine.
  8. For anyone wondering about greenish tinge in the current non beta version..I have a few comparison pics with real life. Apart from a huge graphical difference(LOL) you will notice there is one thing that is consistent in all these comparison pics. In every shot you will see the color tone in msfs is shifted towards green whereas in real life its more reddish which is what we have in SU14 Beta.
  9. If you take a look at this comparison, you will see that SU14 beta colors look closer to what we will get in MSFS2024. MSFS2024 MSFS2020
  10. I would say SU14 beta shots look more realistic. You can notice a slightly reddish hue in msfs2024 trailer aswell. To me this looks better than what we had where everything had this greenish tinge to it. The ambient lighting from the sun is supposed to be a bit on the reddish side. The change looks drastic now because the SIM's color tone was heavily green shifted since the launch.
  11. Respectfully disagree. I prefer the current daytime color. I hope they don't change this.
  12. https://discord.com/channels/397379810067742721/745783644936994887/1168640033092272148 https://discord.com/channels/397379810067742721/745783644936994887/1168640092575903754 https://discord.com/channels/397379810067742721/745783644936994887/1168640304266625125 https://discord.com/channels/397379810067742721/745783644936994887/1168874249759506502 https://discord.com/channels/646017020412035082/744959246168227860/1168627877080727562
  13. I believe there is no need to use this mod anymore. As confirmed by Biology on discord, Asobo has done more than just adjusting the ozone coefficients. Because this arpc mod had little to no affect on day time sky colours. Now with the update, you get improved day time sky colours and the overall lighting looks more natural (no more greenish hue). As mentioned in the patch notes "Used more realistic mapping of wave lengths onto RBG values for the ozone layer scattering and the sun color, resulting in more realistic colors of the sky and the lighting in the world." So it's not just the sky colours but lighting has been improved as well. One more thing I should mention and it has also been confirmed by other beta users on official forums, the changes to sky colour and lighting is much more noticeable in HDR. Granted you have a full 1000nits HDR display. I don't know what they did, but the game looks marginally better in HDR than how it looked in the past. And all these subtle changes to lighting and atmosphere pop more. I hope @Biologycan go into details here.
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