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  1. Interesting. Out of curiosity, how did you figure this out? Did the author mention this somewhere?
  2. Probably one of those orbx true earth sceneries
  3. This is huge. Autogen roads looked out of place in orthos. Will definitely try this out
  4. That is great news ! Whats going to happen to my already downloaded orthos ? Hopefully there is a way to update them.
  5. A few points. 1)He says that they are looking into the next gen options for the scenery but is not a priority right now. Next gen as in streaming satellite scenery? He didn't go into details. 2)They are looking to increase the mesh resolution of the airports to enhance the elevation data of runways. They also want to get the runway lighting better. 3)They want to improve the clouds further. 4) Their water physics is truly next gen stuff. 5) GPU is utilized way more than CPU. Lighting, clouds, water, scenery on GPU and flight model on CPU. 6) Austin is very happy with the lighting and says it is very close to the real stuff.
  6. I don't see any hdr toggle inside the sim ? I tried turning on HDR in windows but all it did was increase brightness in sim.
  7. Agree 100% But you can't really state facts here without being attacked by the word not allowed. I still praise your bravery.
  8. Incredible shots. Is that bing or Google Ortho ? And zoom level ?
  9. This is 2022 not 2002. Shadow rendering isn't really that hard on performance unless it isn't built into the rendering pipeline.
  10. The single biggest issue with the sim right now is the complete lack of shadows on the ground scenery. No matter how good the lighting engine is, it can only do so much. Once you look down at the scenery, it just straight up breaks the immersion because it looks like the autogen is literally floating on the ground. Shadows + ambient occlusion NEEDS to be implemented for the autogen asap.
  11. Wow..are you using global forests v2?
  12. No way that is in sim shot...looks absolutely real.
  13. I like how the lighting engine turns the lighting warm as it should be in hot and humid weather with cumulus forming. Insane tech.
  14. Didnt encounter any thunderstorms yet but I was practicing patterns at KSFO(btw I suck at flying the lancair evolution) an hour back and ran into quite a bit of turbulence and rain. I also got hit by a couple of updrafts and downdrafts. The whole experience was so engaging and I was in awe at the weather effects and lighting the whole time.
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