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  1. JRBarrett

    FSW Falcon 50 ver 1.6

    Do you have the Milviz/Rex weather radar? If so, it needs to be updated to the newest version for P3D 4.4, or any aircraft that references the weather gauge will cause the sim to CTD on loading the aircraft. If you do not have the radar add-on, then your crash is being caused by something else.
  2. JRBarrett

    FSW Falcon 50 ver 1.6

    You said it “refuses to install”. Do you get an error message when you try to run the installer? Perhaps your download was corrupted. Might want to try downloading it again.
  3. JRBarrett

    Loud warning sound ... clicking sound

    Yes, In the real aircraft, it sounds whenever the HSTAB trim is moving, either when the pilot activates the trim switch on the yoke, or when the autopilot is engaged and automatically retrimming during pitch changes.
  4. JRBarrett

    Eaglesoft Challenger 605 under development!

    Actually, the CRJ is a lengthened Challenger. The Challenger came first, and the CRJ was derived from it!😎
  5. JRBarrett

    How to calculate the Radial a Fix is on ?

    There is no formula to calculate the radial that any given airway is located on. The only way to find the location of a given fix without a GPS is to use a chart - either paper or digital. https://skyvector.com is one popular online source for free IFR and VFR charts. If you check the “L2” low-altitude IFR chart for Northern California, you’ll see that GRENY intersection is on the 185 degree radial of RBL VOR at 20 miles DME. If you have no DME, GRENY can also be identified as the crossing point of the RBL 185 and CIC 254 degree radials. Another reason to use a chart is that it will show the minimum altitude you need to fly a given airway segment to insure safe terrain clearance when flying on an IFR flight plan. For instance, once you fly past GRENY southbound on V25, you need to be at an altitude of at least 9000 feet. That does not apply on a VFR flight, where terrain clearance is the pilot’s responsibility - but the IFR chart will at least show if a given route segment might have a minimum altitude that could possibly exceed the aircraft’s performance capability. Important planning info to know when flying a piston GA aircraft.
  6. JRBarrett

    Flight1 GTN 750/650 Upgrade to 1803 AIRAC!

    The the Lorby Organizer is an outstanding utility.
  7. JRBarrett

    Flight1 GTN 750/650 Upgrade to 1803 AIRAC!

    In the OP's case, with FS Aerodata active (and placed at the top of the scenery library), I am showing all 5 current KOLM approaches in the default P3D GPS: ILS 17, RNAV 17, RNAV 35, VOR 35 and VOR-A, and each can be loaded and activated. There is a specific problem caused by Orbx FTX Central, where opening the program will scatter the various FSAD entries at various lower priority locations in the scenery library - even with the ORBX injection point properly set. It does the same thing to the FSElite Time Zone Fixer entry, which has to be at the very top of the library. Easy to fix with the Lorby Organizer.
  8. JRBarrett

    Flight1 GTN 750/650 Upgrade to 1803 AIRAC!

    I have FSAerodata. I just checked, and I do have all 5 approaches at KOLM in the default GPS. FSAD creates three entries in your scenery library: FSAD_Navaids, FSAD_Approaches and FSAD_Approaches1. These should be placed at the very top of your scenery library so they take priority over all other installed scenery. (With the 1901 release, FSAD appears to have added a fourth category: FSAD_Comms) If these entries are not in the correct location, the easiest way to move them is to use the free Lorby Scenery Organizer, though I believe you can also do it from within the scenery library screen in P3D. If you own any Orbx products, and use FTX Central, just opening that program will move the FSAD entries down in priority for some reason. I have to use the Lorby Organizer to fix the FSAD entries after any use of FTX Central.
  9. JRBarrett

    Loud warning sound ... clicking sound

    In a Falcon you will hear that sound any time the pitch trim is in motion - either manually or under autopilot control.
  10. Was that FSDT Charlotte? It almost looks real!😁
  11. JRBarrett

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    I have been flying the Flysimware Falcon 50 for several weeks, and it is an excellent emulation of an older analog instrument DA50. I’m reluctant to try the Carenado 50 after my experience with their Hawker 850 a couple of years ago. That was supposed to be a “Proline 21” aircraft too, but their emulation of the systems and FMS was horrible. They simply made a “pseudo FMS” out of the default FSX/P3D GPS, and it never worked remotely close to the actual Proline 21. Maybe they have made improvements, but I have my doubts. I do suspect the FDE will be well done, so the flying characteristics will be probably be quite accurate. I’m not “anti-Carenado”. I own and enjoy several of their GA piston aircraft. The ones in X-Plane in particular are very nice - but that is partly because they outsource the XP systems development to a 3rd party company. But it seems that whenever they try to tackle a jet aircraft with complex systems, the result falls well short of the mark.
  12. JRBarrett

    Falcon 50 engine fail light on take-off

    It’s perfectly OK to preselect flight director modes before takeoff - HDG, VS etc - just as long as you do not engage the autopilot lever to the UP (on) position before becoming airborne.
  13. JRBarrett

    Falcon 50 engine fail light on take-off

    The engine fail light illuminates on the real aircraft if the number 2 engine has not achieved 85 percent N1 by the time the center power lever reaches 84 degrees. On the real aircraft, the engines tend to accelerate faster than they do in the sim, so the light typically will not illuminate during initial power application for takeoff unless the pilot firewalls the power lever very quickly, in which case it may come on for a moment then go off as it does in the FSW Falcon. To alleviate that problem, on the Falcon 900, the engine 2 fail warning does not become active until 10 seconds after the power levers are advanced. In both the 50 and 900, the fail warning becomes inactive as soon as the aircraft becomes airborne.
  14. JRBarrett

    Need some direction for Falcon 50 Navigation

    Also, make sure your GTN is in GPS mode. If the text at the bottom of your map screen says VLOC (in green), press the CDI icon to change it to GPS (in magenta).
  15. JRBarrett

    Installed Databases - Error (resolved)

    Yes, it can be run as a stand-alone program. That was its original purpose - to serve as a training and familiarization aid for customers who had purchased an actual GTN for their own aircraft - or who were contemplating doing so. But, when integrated into a flight sim aircraft that can actually be navigated from point A to B, the unit “comes alive” in a way that it can’t when run as a static desktop app. That is probably why Garmin was quite willing to allow vendors like RXP to use the trainer as the core of their FS GTN programs. From a marketing standpoint, it is a “win-win” for all involved.