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  1. I tried to do the same thing, but I only managed to navigate. LPV, RNP approaches, etc., are not working ?
  2. I notice that you mention that methods like LPV, RNP, etc. are resolved, however, I find no information about this on this site. After examining several pages, I found no explanation on how you resolved this issue related to these approaches ??
  3. The website you mentioned is dedicated to database updates for FSX and P3D. Moreover, this person has made significant contributions by providing AIRAC updates for free. We commend them for all the work they have done. However, unfortunately, these AIRAC updates are not intended for Reality XP's Garmin devices. Translate French to English !
  4. Bonjour ! Avez-vous trouvé une solution pour les approches LPV avec Reality XP ? Si c'est le cas, pourriez-vous nous informer afin que nous puissions y remédier ? Merci ! Hello! Have you found a solution for LPV approaches with Reality XP? If so, could you please inform us so that we can address it? Thank you!
  5. Bonjour ! Avez-vous trouvé une solution pour les approches LPV avec Reality XP ? Si c'est le cas, pourriez-vous nous informer afin que nous puissions y remédier ? Merci !
  6. Hello ! Please note that all provided links are obsolete. When clicked, you will receive the following message: "Sorry, this page cannot be found. Let us help you find your way." To explore the site, please click on the following link: [Explore the site](link to the unavailable page).
  7. Hello, I have searched everywhere to download the link you posted above, but in vain. !
  8. Once you have solved this problem, please let me know. It is abnormal that no solution has been found since 2018 until today. ?
  9. Bel

    I wish to contact you to transmit a relatively recent database regarding the GNS 530. Email address vfx7t@yahoo.fr 

  10. Here is what the designer wrote on the forum to apologize. Hi, I'm sorry for the delay. Just run the installer and uncheck the option to install the 2015 or 2016 database... this way your own database will be used. This is explained in the latest update release notes...! Moins
  11. Thank you. I was scared for my life once I installed Windows 10. ;D
  12. I'm addressing the manufacturer! After replacing my SSD and installing XPLANE 11, I discovered that the GNS 530 software manufacturer had banned me, believing that I was using a pirated version. I had to reinstall the software after downloading it from my Flight 1 account. I've tried to install and reinstall it several times, and although the plugin is visible, the GNS 530 screen remains black when executed. What is the solution to remedy this, thank you.
  13. I have a small problem with the reinstallation GNS530 on my X-PLANE 11, since I reinstalled a new operating system Windows 11, the GPS is displayed on the simulator, but in black screen! I have tried to install and reinstall again, no way, the GPS does not turn on someone has an idea how can I make it work, thank you!
  14. I apologize again, I understand how to solve the problem but how to do it is not easy, my GPS has become annoying, I believe since its reinstalation with update I think, question how can I restore it initially without any update thank you! and I count on you because it was not easy for me to buy it from Algeria from your site, it's a whole story a thousand thanks !! Google translation French English :))
  15. Hi, I am going to expose two problems to you, the first is that of the GNS530 on FSX, the plane does not follow the GPS then previously this plugin worked wonderfully, the second I bought a GNS530 for X-Plane, unfortunately installs with him the Rescahde, it completely blocks the plane, I read somewhere, you have to click on home, first I did not find this Home on my keyboard, once I had clicked by chance, I didn't know how to turn it off! still I will not read all the advice on Avsim and see the tutu on youtube to inform me I may disgust myself and end up abandoning aviation! because I'm really getting tired of learning the concepts, especially Xplane !! thank's Translate via Google french english  !!

    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Sorry you are having problems, but I am a P3D user, and do not have XPlane installed.. so am not going to be of any help, unfortunately..

    2. Bel


      Thank you from Algeria :)) 

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