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  1. Bob I'd be interested in these settings either here or via PM. there are a couple of settings I use to improve texture redraw behavior (MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE and SCENERY_DRAW_DISTANCE)
  2. mslim

    Avsim Store??

    Thanks for the responses. MilViz took care of me. Superb customer service.
  3. mslim

    Avsim Store??

    I don't think so. My records say Avsim Store.
  4. mslim

    Avsim Store??

    I'm a bit at a loss where to post this, so mods please move to a more appropriate forum if it seems out of place here. Like many members I have recently made the switch to P3D V4. I have managed to get new installers for most of my favorite FSX planes. On 8/17/2012 I purchased the the MilViz B55 Baron from the Avsim Store. I don't have a download link or any idea how to get one now that the store is closed. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Pretty much what the title says. Is Nick N's guide still applicable to I7-6700K processors and GTX 970 cards? mslim
  6. Thanks for the refurb tip. I will check it out. Could you not run an outboard data drive thru the USB 3.0 or the Thunderbolt port for 3rd party scenery? Slim
  7. Thanks for the tip on the 8gb ram. I am going for the 13" screen. By FTX do you mean the global mesh or the actual scenery regions? I don't have the mesh but I have pretty much narrowed my flying down to the West Coast of the USA and Canada as well as the Rocky Mountains. Do you keep your scenery on an outboard drive? The 256gb internal hard drive seems like it would fill up fast. Slim
  8. My wife has got it in her mind she wants our next computer to be a Macbook Air. I see they are available with an Intel I7 processor and I've heard Bootcamp allows you to run Windows programs but are there any avid FSX or P3D users running the sim successfully on their Macbooks? I'm interested in your experiences pro or con before I make the purchase. Thanks, Slim
  9. Just to set the record straight here... I am not a "promoter" of any sort. I'm just a Flightsim guy like the rest of you here that desperately wanted a decent Van Nuys airport. I have purposefully waited to respond to give Glenn Johnson a chance to work on a solution. KVNY is special to me as I did a lot of RW flying out of it back in the day. I had previously tried to get Aerosoft interested in doing it for a couple of years but they never got off the dime. When Glenn Johnson came forward and said he wanted to do Van Nuys, I tried to help by confirming some details and taking some pictures for him. I did beta testing for him using the RealAir Citabria and I had VAS and OOM issues that I reported to him and he worked on. My machine is so low spec that I figured I was the "worst case scenario" beta tester for him. How his scenery performed on more capable computers I have no idea. At some point he decided KVNY was ready to be released to the public. WinXP Pro SP3 Intel Core Duo CPU E7500 2.93ghz 4GB Ram Radeon HD4350 Suffice to say that Glenn is very aware of the problem and working on a patch. Also I'd like to give a shoutout to scianoir for his objective way of posting his problems. Clutch Cargo sounds like he might have some optimization tips on the "art of scenery development" so I'd encourage him to contact Glenn through his website and perhaps offer some suggestions. Best Regards, Slim
  10. I would like to buy a Warthog HotasX throttle and joystick from Thrustmaster. I would like to have the dual throttles for Baron 55, Twin Otter, DC3, and Bronco. It is a large expenditure for me at $400-500. I am concerned about the lack of reliability and the alleged poor customer service from Thrustmaster. I know AvSim represents a large group of FlightSim users. I would be very interested in hearing (only) first hand accounts of user experiences with the Warthog Hotas X before laying down what is a large sum of money for me. Thanks in advance. M_Slim
  11. FYI: http://www.fsxphotoreal.com/#!kvny/c1u7g http://www.fspilotshop.com/fsx-photo...rt-p-5892.html full disclosure: I was an advisor and beta tester on this project
  12. The MV Baron55 has one of the best looking GA steam gauge cockpits I've seen. I love the needle deflection on the ammeter. It amazes me how many developers overlook this item which is on most, if not all checklists. Maybe the cockpit designer could chime in with some suggestions?
  13. +1 here. I love my RealAir Scout. It's my "go-to" aircraft, but I've got to put in a word for the default Maule. It and the Beaver are very nice aircraft for circa 2005. Just as an interesting aside. I was at SZP last week and met a Scottish gentleman with a new Maule M4-180V in the yellow livery. It was a two seater with the old style tail. Very lovely. Apparently Maule was looking at the M4 with a Rotax but couldn't meet the LSA standards weight spec.
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