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  1. Yes that's the Terrain Warning Inhibit feature I referred to in the initial post. I would like to permanently disable this feature for some aircraft.
  2. I have some low and slow aircraft that are always setting off the Terrain Proximity/TAWS warning. It is distracting having to Clear or Inhibit Terrain while hand flying tight valleys and hills. Is there a way to edit the .ini file to permanently disable this feature? If so, how should it be worded?
  3. 😂 Thank You!!!! That is a clear and concise answer. I appreciate it. I like to program in user waypoints for sightseeing and deleting them defeats the purpose. I will continue to experiment with "Export User Generated Waypoints"
  4. I have just tried it as we speak and it did not work for me. Bert you are tops in my pantheon of helpful gents so I'm disappointed you think I am "entitled." I may be too thick to understand what I'm reading, but I have read and tried to understand all the responses I have been given. No one yet has pointed me to a procedure to unlock "locked waypoints." I stand by my statement that it is FPpilot's quoted response is demeaning and condescending and if anyone has an entitled attitude it's not me.
  5. Yes I turned that up in my research and I have enabled it in LNM but I'm not sure that it works yet. The core question that I asked has not yet been answered or I haven't been clear in my query. When you say "and I tend to delete them in the GNS to get a valid flightplan" what is the process used to delete the locked waypoints? RXP has done a lot of clever work here but he basically does a search for "locked waypoints" and points me in a dozen different directions rather than answering a simple question. Is there a chapter I missed in the User Manual entitled "How to Unlock Waypoints" ? I think not. I searched on both "waypoints" and "locked" and was unable to turn up an answer. Oh and BTW, FPpilot who is a very smart and experienced guy, takes the opportunity to virtually slap my hands with his condescending tone of "Did you read this topic before posting? There is a lot of information in the messages above about how and why waypoints get locked. It gets tedious to type the same information over and over again." [edited] I did not ask "how and why" waypoints get locked. I just want to unlock them so I can use the flightplan I created in LMN with this darn gadget. It's like I asked him "what time is it?" and he told me how to build a watch.
  6. Is it too late to get a refund?
  7. Can someone please walk me thru step-by-step exactly the procedure to "unlock" a waypoint? I have searched in the User Manual (RTFM!) and have not found it. The ever helpful Bert Pieke in lovely BC refers to "manual verification. How is this accomplished? Almost every flightplan I create and import from LittleNavMap has locked waypoints and it's very frustrating.
  8. I am running out of drive space on my rig. I have a M2 slot on my mobo as well as another hard drive tray open. I found a SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 2280 500GB at a price I can afford and it's only about $10-15 more expensive than an equivalent storage SSD. I'd like to migrate my Orbx installation over to a drive setup that would give the fastest and smoothest loading. What's the best way to achieve this? Do I clone my OS and P3D install to the new M2 or do I use the M2 strictly for my Orbx and other scenery? current specs: Win7 Pro 64 · CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i7-6700K 4.00GHZ 8MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1151 (Skylake) · CPU / Processor Cooling Fan: Corsair Hydro Series H60 120mm Liquid CPU Cooling System · Motherboard: ASUS Z170-K ATX · RAM / System Memory: 16GB (8GBx2) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 · Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 (Maxwell) · Power Supply: 600 Watts - EVGA 600B 80 PLUS BRONZE Power Supply · Hard Drive: 512GB Samsung 850 PRO Series SATA-III 6.0Gb/s SSD
  9. Got it. Thanks for the help. I enabled the Master Device and now the autopilot tracks the selected flight plan.😃
  10. GPS was not set as "master device" GNS V2 is in GPS mode. I don't know about the RXP GNS preset. Mutley's Hangar says in their review: "• Optional RXP GNS WAAS gauge integration (RXP gauges are a separate purchase from Reality XP) with multiple configurations (dependant upon the RXP package) including: 1 x GNS530, 1 x GNS430 + 1 x GNS530, 2 x GNS530, 2 x GNS430 or 1 x GNS530 + 1 x GNS430, all with cross fill;" There is a file labeled "panel_200609_042652.gns.rxp in the Panel folder but AFAIK it is not enabled in anyway unles it was enabled by the installation of the RXP GNS V2. It reads as follows:
  11. gau: 20/09/02 02:26:57.691 08656 - ] # rxpGNS2.dll version 20/09/02 02:26:57.690 08656 INFO ] GnsSim: GNS20/09/02 02:27:00.700 08656 - ] # rxpGnsSim64.dll version 20/09/02 02:27:00.699 08656 INFO ] 20/09/02 02:29:05.899 08656 INFO ] using: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\RealAir Legacy V2\checklist.gns 20/09/02 02:29:05.960 08544 INFO ] G500.2 - TRAINER 3300 menu: 20/07/26 00:26:17.088 12348 - ] # rxpGNS2_menu.dll version 20/07/26 00:26:17.096 12348 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Douglas C-47 3.1406-MVC\panel.modern\panel.cfg
  12. I followed the suggestions here and upgraded to 2x 8gb RAM and it seems to run smoother on my system. I'm very pleased with the improvemet. I'm locked at 30 fps and I get down to 20-18 going over Orbx Los Angeles/BUR scenery with an occasional stutter or freeze but I'm OK with it. I'm more of a rural flyer. I was intrigued with the suggestion of an M2 SSD. I'm about maxed out on my 512GB Samsung 850 PRO C drive. I'd like to move all my ORBX (currently about 75gb) and my P3D (about 65gb) install to a 512gb dedicated M2 SSD. I've got another 70gb of Addon Scenery left over from FSX on a Crucial SSD that I probably should move as well. What spec M2 drive should I be considering to get the smoothest maximum loading times for my scenery? I'm a little confused on specs? Am I looking for the fastest write speeds? This SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS 500GB is about at the top of my price range. Is there something better for the same or less money? Orbx Central has a migration tool for the scenery so I'd use that. What about the P3D itself? Should I uninstall it and reinstall on the new M2 drive? That'll be a pain as I have customized a lot of the aircraft.cfg's but I have 'em backed up and could copy and paste once I have them installed. I've got it running good now and I don't want to muck it up making it "better" on its own dedicated drive.
  13. I've got the GNS500 nicely installed in one of my favorite planes the RA Legacy,. It's starting to work well but I can't get the autopilot to lock on the desired track in NAV mode. HDG works as it should as does ALT hold and VS. I have GPS selected on the NAV select toggle switch on the panel. I try to intercept the desired course at a 45 degree angle. The HSI needle seems to read correctly but when I engage NAV, the plane goes into a slight bank and starts to circle. I can fudge my course with using the HDG bug and function but I'd like the autopilot to follow the flightplan automatically that I have input into the GPS. My first thought is maybe I don't have the config panel setup correctly. I have a set of screengrabs but when I try to "insert other media" it can seem to find them.
  14. Thanks Frank. It is unrealistically labor intensive to manually "verify" each waypoint in the flightplan. I tried simplifying by removing lat-lon waypoints, small airports/heliports, I changed from Skyvector to LittleNavMap (excellent planner btw) and I am still getting the wpts locked errors. Even a simple direct flightplan KMRZ>CA51 causes it to choke. This program is making my head hurt. I wish I had never purchased it. Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem now that I understand the previous postings on this issue.
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