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  1. yes that was the one without the wx radar.
  2. OK I was able to figure it out myself. Here's what worked for me: //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window??] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=320,285 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=2 visible=0 ident=GPS_PANEL type=SPECIAL //window_size= 0.710, 0.552 //window_pos= 0.290, 0.480 gauge00=B55_XMLGauges!FBS_GNS530_1d, 0,0,320,285//234
  3. paging N4gix ... Can you shed any light on this anomaly? Your popups in the MV Beech Baron work great. Is there some I hack I can do to make this functional? I've tried the few tricks I know and nothing seems to work for me. I'm running P3D 4.5
  4. Not that I could see. I did select Milviz 530/430 in the GPS config page.
  5. Although the tool tip has labeled the default MilViz GNS530/430 as a pop-up, I can't get it to work. There doesn't seem to be a view that features it either. I love the bird and she flies sweet but I'd love to have the pop-up. Oddly enough, the Turbo Otter pops up the whole radio panel.
  6. "A monitor program has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your system." What monitor system? Where is it located? How to fix this?
  7. I always felt the Beaver was one of the best default Airplanes in the original FSX. I bought a Turbo Otter from MilViz but never bonded with it. I was excited to see the Beaver was offered as one of the generous "freebies" from Blackbird. I have a problem in that once the revs are advanced above 2300 rpm there's an irritating metallic banging sound. Has anyone else experienced it? I thought maybe I had screwed up the download or gotten a corrupted file so I uninstalled and reinstalled it a couple of times but I can't make the banging go away. Any thoughts would be welcome.🤨
  8. Thanks for patience and excellent tutorial Rogen.😃 I am aware of the addons.cfg but I really didn't understand how it worked. I've downloaded the Lorby app. Beautiful Corsair BTW.
  9. Yes it's MilViz freebies that are giving me problems. Rogen if you could post an example of your addon.xml file for Effects or Sound it would be helpful for me to emulate. Do you create a special folder in the P3D root drive for these files to reside? Is that what the "H:\Addons_P3D\01.Aircraft" path is about? Is the H drive (in your case) where your addon Aircraft reside? What purpose does the "\0.1" serve?
  10. I've only had intermittent luck moving addon aircraft from my P3D root drive to another drive. It's likely user error rather than an inherent problem with the system. Is there any downside to using a junction link instead of an xml file to "point" P3D to an alternate location? I've used this system in FSX without a hitch.
  11. Same problem with invalid product key on the MD530. If anyone has any sway with Milviz/Blackbird can you ask them to please check the product key. Other downloads seem OK so far. I was hoping that with the MD530 I could dump my other helicopters unless the 407 is pretty good.
  12. Thanks to both of you! I just clicked on the file icon. I didn't notice the download arrow.
  13. Anybody have a link or a lead to Dave Garwood's fantastic Mosquito? I had it on a previous computer but I can't seem to find it on the internet anymore. I went to the CBFS library but the zipfile didn't download.
  14. I've been flying the excellent Baytower RV7 for quite some time usually with the RXP GNS530 linked to the autopilot. Last night I was trying to fly VOR to VOR and I noticed the NAV select buttons on the audio panel would not stay engaged so I could not identify the VOR. Is there a fix or workaround for this? Failing that... How does the Orbx RV4 compare to the Baytower bird?
  15. KVNY I can't believe a good designer hasn't taken that on yet. Celebrity FBOs, GA, Warbirds, News Helos, Airwolf's old hangar, Condor Squadron T6's and clubhouse, Clay Lacy, Fire bombers and Helos. What's not to like??
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