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  1. That video guy is annoying. Jim CYWG
  2. I fly the Coolsky DC9. Jim CYWG
  3. RCV4 & Ultimate Traffic Live. Jim CYWG
  4. Hi all. Thanks for the tips. I originally posted this in the P3D forun as that is what I am using. Also am flying the Coolsky DC-9. If the odd feature doesn't work, not a big deal. Mostly looking for a good yoke and to know if the throttles work. I can see your point Brian about the trim. Would have to figure something out. Need a good trim key combo. ywg256, you'll be golfing with The Jets. Ha ha. Thanks all. Jim CYWG
  5. Anyone using the Honeycomb yoke and/or throttles? Thanks Jim CYWG
  6. Thanks for the replies. Will check them out. Jim CYWG
  7. Looking for a Twin Otter. The one at Simmarket doesn't say whether it works with Win 10 just Win 8 and older versions. Anyone know if it works or is there another one? https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-dhc-6-twin-otter-extended-(download)-p3dv2.phtml Thanks Jim CYWG
  8. Thanks men. Appreciate it. Neat that it is on the same page as the manual I have. I guess it has not changed. Jim CYWG
  9. Probably in the manual but I can't find it. Tried searching but never really found anything. How close do you have to be to say a VOR for RC to recognize station passage? Thanks Jim CYWG
  10. "Virgin Atlantic’s flight is expected to be fueled by SAF made primarily from waste oils and fats such as used cooking oil." Gonna smell like french fries onboard. Jim
  11. FYI. Mine always opens on the monitor that it was last closed. I have 4 monitors on WIN 10. Nvidia card. Jim CYWG
  12. Try this again. I'm doing something wrong. Make a flight plan. There is no climb or descend Flight Plan Elevation profile. Enroute is OK and both the departure and destination airports are shown at the cruise altitude. Just a strait line. What ever altitude I put in the flight plan little altitude window is where the yellow line is. Thanks Jim Figured it out. Did not have the Top of Climb and Top of Decent button clicked.
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