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  1. jagabom

    Looking for documentation, manuals

    Thanks Chris. Jim CYWG
  2. jagabom

    Looking for documentation, manuals

    Could I get a copy? Thanks Jim CYWG.
  3. jagabom

    civa ins manual

    Anywhere to get a pdf civa ins manual? Thanks Jim CYWG
  4. Thanks for that Jim. I had the same problem using Firefox. IE worked OK F5 fixed Firefox. Jim CYWG
  5. jagabom

    FS Navigator?

    Brian, did you ever try the supposed free FSNavigator? Did it work? Jim CYWG
  6. jagabom

    Eyes skyward!

    http://heavens-above.com/GroundTrack.aspx Jim CYWG
  7. jagabom

    Forum so slow....

    The last few days avsim can compete with the best. Jim CYWG
  8. jagabom

    Any 737-200 combi for P3dV4

    Looking forward to it man. Quick question. Are you able to remove the yokes from view for better visibility? Thanks Jim CYWG
  9. jagabom

    Revitalised My Sim:-)

    What does Active Sky not have that ASCA adds? Thanks Jim CYWG
  10. jagabom

    Comment out a line in Prepar3D.cfg

    See here for further info. Jim CYWG
  11. jagabom

    Engine height

    I think they are too high. Jim CYWG
  12. Ever figure it out? Jim CYWG
  13. For me, the OP is right. Too much flaming going on. It is too easy to fight and complain if you are not facing the person. jim CYWG
  14. jagabom


    I have P3DV4.1 and it works perfect. Jim CYWG