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  1. jagabom


    So what do you think it would look like if everyone kept their headlights on above 10,000 feet? Safe or not?
  2. American Truck Simulator. Jim CYWG
  3. I like Firefox. Don't like the fact I have to use a registry hack to turn off the annoying notification about new version is available. Jim CYWG
  4. I have the X52 but not the G. Don't know what the difference is. I have only one complaint. After a while the spring on the joystick gets tough to move sideways and forward and backward. Wrist gets sore. I wired the spring tighter to make the joystick easier to move in all directions. Might not be able to get gaming software for the one I have. May need the G. When not in use I keep the plastic over all of it to keep dust out. Jim CYWG
  5. Sorry I can't help you but was wondering if you got this resolved? I have 2 SSD's and either boot to one of the other depending on which i pick. https://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/ Jim CYWG
  6. Ray, sorry to change the topic but could you point me to this AIG traffic program? First I hear of it. Thanks Jim CYWG
  7. Reminds me of Marty landing on Mountain Men. Jim CYWG
  8. Now that's a nice place to live. Jim CYWG
  9. At 6 minutes into the video he says that he can't see how the water effect plays into flight simulation. He may take off from runways often but has never taken off from the water in real life. That is exactly how it looks and is. Other then that, great review.. Is that the dog barking at 8:00? Jim CYWG
  10. I like the idea of just having it hidden upon initial first startup. Then if you want it just place it on the map the normal way. That way those who like the zoom feature will still have it. Once it's gone, it's gone. I do use it on occasion. Jim CTWG
  11. The flaps keys are F5 through F8 on the keyboard. Jim CYWG
  12. HWInfo64 That is quite the program. Lots of info. Jim 747-100 till the end.
  13. I just tried your program. So far I like it. I am coming from FS Commander which I like a lot. One thing I was looking for was the ability to NOT show the aircraft on the map. FS Commander did not do that even though I asked for that feature and they said it was easy to do but never did it. Your program seems to do that but we will see. Donation is sent. I hope you are receptive to suggestions and this program works with Radar Contact and P3D? Thanks Jim CYWG
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