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  1. Mischung

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    You don't have to use an AM for P3D, but it makes sense to assign specific cores for your running addons or other background processes. Try to get the load away from core 0, which is your main rendering thread. Any interference on this core may induce stutters and long frames.
  2. Mischung

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    That's some kind of Voodoo to me and I can not understand that this is working good 😆 I once used Process Lasso to assign cores to P3D and it ended in stutters without end, because the primary rendering task had no 100% load anymore (with frame rate limited). Workload seemed to spread across all cores better, but it was not fluid anymore. Setting the exact same AM in my P3D.cfg that I used with Process Lasso before resulted in a very fluid sim with core 0 at 100% load all the time (that's the way it is with a TFR)
  3. Mischung

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    Ok Matt, we can agree on 8 cores being the sweet spot 😄 But I think there is a max number of cores which is a kind of an optimum to work with. The first rendering thread has to synchronize all of them and at a given point there is too much overhead and the sim will not benefit anymore. Maybe that's 12 or 14 cores, I don't really know, but it would be interesting. Don't have the HW to test this out (unfortunately) 😉
  4. Mischung

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    I think there are system-configurations where using an AM makes sense and can be useful. One has to find out what works best. It's all about available core, HT or not, other processes (Addons and windows processes), etc. It makes absolutely sense to assign 8 cores of 14 to P3D like Gerard - it will not improve performance to assign all cores to P3D in that case. Would guess 8 cores should be a good number of cores for P3D but 4 cores are the minimum. Had a 4790K before with HT=On and also used an AM (85=01010101) with very good results (assigning almost all other processes to cores 3,5,7). Also I'm totally aware of that I do not have to totally separate addons and other processes from the P3D cores, but I thougth it would be a nice try to avoid any interference. I will delete my AM for P3D and assign the least used cores to all my addons and also all other processes in the background using Process Lasso. The Windows scheduler can do the rest of the work then 😉 The Maxim is to get everything away from core 0, which is the main rendering task. Simple as that But just to highlight the main problem in my case: Do not disable the first core of your processor in your P3D-AM! I was not aware that I can use AM=01111111 without problems, but an AM=11111110 will lead to very slow texture loading.
  5. This is no discussion about HT=On/Off! All given AM-settings apply to an 8 core processor without HT. I just wanted to share my experience with others, because it took me a whole week to get P3D running correct on my system because of a simple "mistake". My system: i7-9700K @ 4.9 GHz (8 cores no HT) - no HT available for this processor RTX 2080 RAM 16GB DDR4 3200 M.2 SSD 970 Evo Win 10 M.2 SSD 970 Evo P3D My P3D-setup: P3D 4.4 Orbx Global Orbx Vector Orbx LC EU/NA/SA ORBX AU FS Global 2010 My plan was to use an AM for P3d of 254 (11111110) or 252 (11111100) leaving out core 0 and maybe core 1 too, because 6 cores should be fine for P3D. Afterwards I assigned all other processes and addons to the remaining cores (0 or 0/1). I also limited my frames to 30 (TFR=30) to avoid missing autogen (known from other threads). Other settings were quite reasonable, because I didn't want to overload the sim from the start. Problem: Textures and Autogen was fine after starting the sim, but almost no texture and autogen loading during the flight. I hit the "Pause" key and all assigned cores stayed close to 100% and very slow (and I mean veeeerryyyy slow) texture loading could be observed. The sim could not catch up with the textures with all cores close to 100% all the time for several minutes! Tried a lot of different settings with no luck (even limiting to 10 FPS and all sliders left!). Solution: To make it short => Never leave out Core 0 in your AM (maybe different with HT). First I removed the AM completely and texture loading was as fast as expected. But I wanted to free some cores for other addons, so I removed the last cores in the P3D.cfg (core 7 AM=127 (01111111) or core 6/7 AM=63 (00111111)). Texture loading was still fine and fast!!! So my suggestion is: Always assign the first P3D thread to your core 0 (if you have HT=on then leave out core 1 AM = xxxxxx01). If you want to free up some cores for other programs, then leave out the latter cores in your AM (from the left side in the AM) Unfortunately I have no idea why this happens and maybe it is a also a bug, but it was very annoying and I lost a lot of time I could have used for flying. Happy landings!
  6. Mischung

    Nav aids

    OMG. Thanks Matthew for correcting me 🙈🙈🙈 Of course NavDataPro is exactly the same as the Navigraph subscription. Really mixed this up... Sorry for that...
  7. Mischung

    Nav aids

    You're paying for two different things, so not paying twice 😉 Your Navigraph subscription gives you the latest NavData for all your addons (e.g. for any FMC) and the NavDataPro is really changing your sim-navaids to the correct frequency etc. So it would not be nice to have the latest Navigraph cycle and then you cannot tune the ILS-frequency for the approach, because the airport doesn't have the correct ILS corresponding to the latest Navigraph-data. Hope it is clear what I wanted to say. Nevertheless you will need an active Navigraph subscription when you're using NavDataPro and updating it.
  8. It's not unrealisitic at all. I have been on some flights around Asia and especially in the tropical regions bad weather and thunderstorms can be present up to very high altitudes (also not very nice for the passengers sometimes 😉)
  9. Mischung

    Flight instruments running on 2nd PC

    I'm using Prosim in my home cockpit and it's a really good 737 simulation. But from 2018 on there are no more individual modules on sale. You have to buy the complete suite now. It I'm running the displays on a 2nd PC and it is not very demanding on HW, but it has to run Win 7 at least because of the used .NET framework version. The simulator PC then runs the Prosim system simulation and the MCP-module (which connects to the HW-MCP). Prosim can connect to almost any kind of HW, in my case a self-built OVHD with Opencockpits-cards and MIP from CP-Flight. Very easy to setup in my opinion.
  10. Mischung

    Flight instruments running on 2nd PC

    Hi. If you're planning to use the 737 exclusively, then there is also the Prosim737-Suite to mention. Another software is the iFly 737 CBE (Cockpit builder edition). Prosim is quite expensive (1250€ ex. tax), the iFly CBE for P3d is around 570€.
  11. Hi! I just read some things about the revealed Intel design flaw and wondered if it will affect the performance of P3D in a noticeable manner? As far as I know it is about the caching of memory mapping for applications and the kernel. In my understanding this should tax programs with a lot of access to kernel functions (hd access, etc.). Hope we won't get an additional parking brake with the next patchday on Tuesday (estimated) Marc
  12. Mischung

    fsAerodata question

    Hi Jeroen, it is just an idea, but are you using Orbx Vector? Because if you do, it will override many of the stock airports (and of course airports FsAerodata is trying to update). I had the same problem with Herve's data, as it only corrects stock aiports. The other side is, that I cannot use the sim without Vector, because of the airport elevation corrections It's a vicious circle. So the main problem is to get the current navdata into the Vector-aiport files or not to use the Vector-airports. Regards Marc
  13. Mischung

    For Those Using AM

    I'm also using 85 for P3D on a 4790K. For all other programs/addons I use an AM of 168, which assigns them to LP 3,5,7. Most important thing is to keep everything off LP 0,1. That's the key for a smooth experience. Marc
  14. Mischung

    CP down "Connection closed"

    Confirmed! Working again
  15. Mischung

    PILOT'S AFM2 RC2 - where?

    Hi Rob. You have to register your product at www.pilots.shop. After that you will find AFM2 under "My Downloads" -> Select Download Folder "FS Global Ultimate" -> press "Show Downloads" and you will see the link just below. I have access to it, so it should work for you too hopefully Marc