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  1. Hi! I'm really interested in how you guys are handling your frame-rate-limit? 🤓 Unfortunately I'm not able to run my monitors on 30Hz and just use VSYNC, as I would guess this is the best option to handle the frame-rate-limit. So I've been using the internal limiter on 30fps for quite a long time and it was kind of ok. Then I switched to RTSS with the scanline sync option and internally unlimited, which felt a bit better. But it would be nice to see what works for most of you 😎 Cheers, Marc
  2. It's not Freemesh, but I did a comparison using my good old FS Global 2010 and the P3DV5 default mesh (Comparison) I found out, that the default mesh is pretty good already, but in the meantime I enabled the "old" FS Global mesh anyway because I have seen some issues with the low-res-default-mesh when you're in mountainous terrain from a certain distance...when coming closer, the next LOD level takes over and everything is ok, but sometimes there are some walls in narrow valleys from a distance. So the FS Global version has a better base (low-res) mesh compared to P3DV5...but maybe this will be improved too over time 😉 Marc
  3. This great tool is now updated and working with P3D V5: Link Make sure that you have the new FSUIPC version 6 installed as well. It is also possible to use EFB2 in parallel with P3D V4 - FSUIPC 6 can handle both 😉 Marc
  4. Did you check these airports with the default-mesh too? I'm not on my sim-computer, so don't know if they re displayed correctly without 3rd party mesh 🤔
  5. HKKT: Elevation in V4: 5741,01 ft Elevation in V5: 6069,99 ft Correct elevation is 6070 ft -> so V5 has the correct elevation, but the mesh is not correct. HKEL: Elevation in V4: 6940,99 ft Elevation in V5: 6045,01 ft Correct elevation is 6942 ft -> so P3D is almost correct here too 😉
  6. VNLK also has a sloped runway 😉
  7. That's a good idea. There are a lot of terrain issues at the moment, so it's good that they are aware of this 👍
  8. The program for analysis was makeRunways from Pete/John Dowson. For editing I would use ADE (airport design editor). It's a development build right now, but it got P3DV5 support. With that program you should be able to edit a default airport, compile it and put it back into the scenery at a higher priority to override the default-airport.
  9. Ok, that's interesting 🤪 As there is no additional HAGM.bgl, I checked the Default-Airports in V4 and V5 and I think there's the problem: They corrected the position of HAGM, because that was actually a bit of to the East in P3DV4. So P3DV5 is correct on that. Then they changed the elevation, but with 1636.99ft it is not correct! It should be => 1771ft That would explain the sunken airport... Two possibilities right now: Wait for the release of AFM2 for the new mesh, as this should take care of such issues. Change the airport elevation by using ADE (airport desing editor). (bit more work 😉) If anyone is interested, this is the result of the great tool from Pete/John Dowson makeRunways (runways.xml).
  10. What's the point of this thread right now...? 🤣 I think the OPs question was, if P3D V5 handles FFTF internally and dynamically without the need for any tool like FSPS FFTF 🤔 So two points remain: I think P3D V5 still has the cfg-parameter FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION, because it is still mentioned in the SDK-documentation (Link) FSPS FFTF has been updated for compatibility with P3DV4 HF3 or 4.5.14 (no update for V5 available yet!) I've read in another thread, that some user experienced, that setting the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION has no effect. I did not perform any further tests on this. Now this can be closed IMO 😉
  11. AFAIK the new AFM2-tool is not yet available, but it should solve this kind of problem of course. But, because you are using OpenLC Africa it may happen, that there are some updated airfield included as well (I checked the installation and there are some additional airport BGLs). If you're using any of them it may happen, that AFM2 will not help und you would end up correcting that airport manually (with ADE airport design editor or similar). Could you provide the ICAO for the airfield you've tested?
  12. It looks like this product description was just copied over from the former "FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NEXT GENERATION". Just checked that on simmarket. So it definitely applies to P3D before V5 and I can imagine that it's true for certain regions in Africa or South America, because the default-mesh there was pretty bad. But it does not apply to P3D V5 in my opinion. It should have better resolution of course (it's 80GB for the mesh only!), but cannot imagine a factor of 500 😉
  13. I also decided to stay with the default-mesh for now. Not willing to pay so much money to deal with new elevation conflicts after all 🙄 The strange update/upgrade path is also not very customer friendly IMO.
  14. I'm a bit lost as my guess with EnvTex was not correct 🤔 Of course you can try reinstalling the scenery and this should work out, because textures will be replaced with the default ones.
  15. I think he suggests you should start using paint 🤣 it's just a joke by the way... Are you using Envtex, because it's a confirmed bug at the moment? They will correct that with the next update, but you should be able to undo the texture changes. Hope that helps...
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