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  1. Kimo

    FSW Lear 35

    Wow sad news indeed.
  2. I fixed this by removing NearClipOverride=5.0 from the static camera in the camera.cfg Way better no clipping with ground, plane or scenery.
  3. Love the program but with the huge price increase incoming I will not use anymore when my subscription runs out. Awesome job you did with psxseecontraffic kiek.
  4. Can I remove that NearClipOverride=5.0 ?I really love the static camera to explore the scenery walking around but it now it clips way to much. Als walking around the plane does not work now because of the clipping.
  5. Same here in p3dv4 my buttons stopped working. After disabling exp version all works fine again for me.
  6. Recently I noticed much more clipping in static view. If I remember correctly it used to be better before. Shot is taken in P3DV4 on the exp chaseplane.
  7. Kimo

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Really looking forward to the 2.1 update. Is it delayed because V4?
  8. Kimo

    V4 AA options!!!!

    What are the options?
  9. I run the same same setup with 2 monitors. update 0.2.26 works perfect for me now!
  10. Yes count me in, same problem.
  11. It's working now for me in 1.531 :smile:
  12. After a restart of sim and Chaseplane I got the aircraft misconfigured in 506. Screenshot below.
  13. 0.1.506 unusable here. Nothing seems to work mouselook, keys, view switching nothing. Did not get a aircraft misconfigured like in 503.
  14. Kimo

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    Best wishes to you robert and sean. Thanks for or all the awesome products you made. All the best, Kimo
  15. Yes keyboard controls not working here. 1.32 P3D V3.4