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  1. that's a pity...there is a lot of space on pedestal for example..why the don't support it. They will give a new Life for 1011
  2. hi. I'm interested to buy it but before I want to know if I can install it on all type of VC, in my case the 1011 of CS. tks
  3. I never said that A330 is Better of QW787. I speak only about the different development of two product. Read again my posts. Bye!
  4. garbage??? seriously??? Black Box Simulator is garbage...Aerosoft is SOP product need to be a follow up update (and It have a follow up by developer).
  5. true, If you pay 100-150$ for an addon. But not also the same for a 50$ addon
  6. I don't blame anyone... I said only that also when QW787 was relesed, they give it to us with bugs...differents, maybe harmless bugs, but with it. I start fly in '98...never seen released an addon of any kinds without a next update.
  7. guys, AS A330 was released only 3 months ago...QW787 went out years ago...give to AS times to try to fix and improve it at least
  8. @exeodus here the insertion point of FTX: https://imgur.com/9ixlfNk and my scenery library how: OPEN LC https://imgur.com/tqbQrhM VECTOR https://imgur.com/UuwxN9z last entry of VECTOR https://imgur.com/jECKnok
  9. I've checked but I think is correct. I will post you a shot of scenery library amd also ORBX library setting for check it. thanks.
  10. blurry effect don't stop if I use HD res or change texture res in P3D settings. Only texture directly under plane remain constantly with right focus and without blurries. The blurry increase with the increase of the altitude/FL of the flight.
  11. I will post my setting asap. about texture value, yes default is 1000. I set 32000 by following a guide on youtube about it. By the way also without this value on vanilla P3D blurry still remain.
  12. thank you for explain how FPS setting working. Well, if I understand right with lock to 30 FPS I priorize texture loading actually. I use HT on om Bios; I will try to set it off and use all core and make a test in this way. about MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE I use 320000 for prevent black texture loading of buildings. About HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES I think is the same tickbox of HD texture in Graphic menu. Usually I turn it OFF, never seem help against blurries. About UseGlobalTerrainView=True I've to check and try also this test.
  13. yes, also without using pause if I mantain a external visual for 3-5 seconds the texture and also mesh details (if I'm over moutains for example) near to me will popup and improve itself in order of details and resolutions
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