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  1. generale84

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    Thank you marius..can you plan in future this one?:
  2. generale84

    Matts ATR Paints

    please, this one:
  3. generale84

    1.2 Update now available

    A2A released good rain effect free for developers...why they don't use it.... to lazy...
  4. generale84

    1.2 Update now available

    any possibility to have 1.3 with better FMS like Citation?
  5. generale84

    FMS UNS-1 weights

    Hi there is a way to set FMS UNS-1 in KGS instead of LBS?
  6. generale84

    Cockpit Texture problem....

    anyone have the profile for Saab 340 now?
  7. generale84

    Universal FMS?!!

  8. generale84

    Universal FMS?!!

    @Fabs, can I have your file for improve the SF340 FMC? Thank you very much!
  9. generale84

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    Hi Carenado F50 VC result too much darkest...anyone now how I can edit it?
  10. Hi to all My buildings roof, during night,appear black. I don't know if depened from using PTA (actually not used anymore). A pic: any ideas? Using 4.1 P3D
  11. generale84

    Addon Organizer Not running

    ok I send it to you
  12. generale84

    Addon Organizer Not running

    Hi Oliver! I solved my installer normally (not As Admin) and now the software work well. I have only a Allarm Message wen it start about simobject.cfgw with invalid characters and not visible contents
  13. generale84

    Addon Organizer Not running

    I've tried to install As Admin...I will try to launch the install as normal mode and verify if it work. I let you know tomorrow. Thank Oliver!
  14. generale84

    Addon Organizer Not running

    absolutly yes...install, unistall and reinstall always "As Admin"