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  1. Excellent, I'm far from my computer but I would be happy to test it in September if possible. Is the approach/landing sequence planned as well?
  2. I forgot to write here >>> The RAAS update 3.7 (full package) is available @FS.to
  3. Hi, following a user request, I prepared a beta version 3.7 with an option to get runway length announcements in meter unit instead of feet. As FSUIPC allows a single start argument, the TTS voice id parameter must be set to a negative value to switch in meter unit. Start line example: Lua RAAS, -2 If you want to try this beta, here is a direct link: (contains only the lua script to copy in your FSUIPC7 main folder) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bMM_IVUd1zl5o-uCdbMbZmNJUvNw_nsX/view?usp=sharing
  4. You just need to have AIG active in your Community, then the MSFS real traffic will use AIG liveries. Most of the time loaded liveries will not reflect the correct real one, but it's much better than default MSFS "no brand" liveries.
  5. Yes in the Assistance settings Did you notice that with the FENIX you can't anymore adjust the assistance settings from the toolbar? And also most of the options in the Assistance menu are grayed out.
  6. Try to disable the auto ATC helper before push back
  7. I confirm, seems to work as far as auto ATC helper is Off.
  8. I know that the latch must comes out to be able to close the window. The problem is when the latch is out, as soon as you try to slide the window with mouse, the latch comes down in lock position immediately.
  9. You need to get the correct Simbrief profile from their Discord
  10. Thanks, [Off Topic] If you own a registered copy of FSUIPC7, you can give a try to my RAAS lua module, see below in the signature. [/Off Topic]
  11. Neither do I, maybe only when you try to land shortly on the Hudson river 😉
  12. I'm usually in full screen, but sometimes windowed, and actually never had a CTD after switching off my monitor.
  13. Thanks David, high value documentation effort!
  14. Can someone remind me how to redirect automatically company messages received to the ACARS display above the MCDU?
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