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  1. Yes I see, such a shame that so basic functionnalities are broken since SU5
  2. You can switch to "Legacy" mode in Accessibility to have the previous behaviour. However on my side I have erratic behaviour or the mouse move and interaction since SU5.
  3. Actually it seems that my diagnostic was false. I had again CTD's, until I remove my GPU overclocking (using MSI Afterburner) I cross my fingers ... and currently experiment the last 466.77 version.
  4. Hi there, my personal feedback on NVidia drivers with VR, running a RTX 2080 ti: I was using 457.09 since a long time with good results, but since MSFS WU5 I have had CTD's on all flights started /: 457.30 and 461.92 gave both CTD's as well I tried the most recent 466.77: No CTD but unusable due to permanent stuters Then I tried 466.11 with the best results I ever had so far, no more CTD's and best performance ever in VR! My VR scale settings are 100% MSFS / 65% OXR Cheers
  5. Following ticket opening, JF informed me that they expect an update next week 🙂
  6. Thanks, how do you know that? Is there a JF forum somewhere, or a tracking list?
  7. When I want to move a switch in the virtual cockpit, the mouse cursor is not a the same distance: it's at a nearest distance from my eyes. So I see 2 cursors and it's difficult to click at the good place. It's the case for example with the fuel pump, or landing light switches. There is no problem with rotating knob however: knobs and mouse cursor are at the same distance in the 3D space. As JustFlight dont have their own forum, I wonder how we can send feedback or issues on the product.
  8. Does it apply to Enhanced Atmosphere mode?
  9. Same here, but it's not a modification on my side. I guess that's part of bug fixes made by HiFi on Beta 4 related to corrupted data, or maybe more a workaround.
  10. Can you try with the oRadGauge declaration? Did you read troubleshooting section in my doc?
  11. The "No Radar link!" message says that the Callback function has not been called by ASP3D with a valid pointer on data. It's like ASP3D is not running. Do you run ASP3D before starting a P3D scenario? Is the HiFi XGauge working correctly?
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