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  1. Interesting! Does it work with TrueSKY?
  2. Thanks Oliver, that's clear. And also I have missed out that without filter they are correctly displayed at the bottom in gray color. I'm learning 🙂
  3. I may be wrong but It seems that the EXE.cfg file located in \AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 is not read so its entries are not displayed. Mine contains 3 entries but under Other addons tab, when I filter with EXE I can't see them in the component list.
  4. Thanks Oliver. As the scenery.cfg initially loaded by P4AO was containing SCE groups and those groups were not shown in group list, I was a bit lost, sorry.
  5. Hello, I think I have read somewhere that last P4AO version is able to import Groups from SceneryConfigEditor. I'm unable to find this function, is it only in my brain?
  6. And the hack seems to works fine, see here the MJC Q400 in P3Dv5 HF1 and ASP3D beta 2:
  7. I'm sorry Jim, I have no idea of the problem as it works fine on my rig. Let's wait other users feedback.
  8. Actually there is NO change in the code itself. I've only changed the module string called to match the new HiFi Dll name. I believe one can do a dirty hack on PMDG or Majectic Q400 Dll involved in weather radar, simply using an Hexa editor and find/replace the old module name by the new one, because luckily both have the exact same characters number (as_connect_64 >> as_connect_v5)
  9. Let Let me see... that's correct. Actually I moved the C++ project to Visual Studio 2019 and I did not changed the default version number. But if you open the Dll Properties/detail window you will see that "Product name : for P3D x64" so that's the one I've build last week. I'm using the same in the A2A Cherokee right now without trouble (P3D v2 HF1 and ASP3D Beta 2). >>>>> Check that you installed the redistributable for VS2019 x64
  10. It seems to work - radar displays rain area - but as HiFi explained, the rain areas are less accurate in EA.
  11. Oh Oh ! In the meantime, if you wish to test the new Radar gauge Build for ASP3D and P3Dv5 - at your own risk -you will find a direct download link in this thread @ HiFi forum: https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/free-wx-radar-gauge-for-popup-or-vc-integration-x64-p3dv4-build.8594/post-54031
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