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  1. Hi, CTD occurs during splash screen phase after reading MT6 SimObjects.No error message si displayed, P3D simply closes. MT6 is externalized through Simobjects.cfg entry (old MT6 installation, unmodified since many P3D versions). If I disable the MT6 entry, I don't have the problem. Am I alone? Thanks
  2. 64bits Wx gauge is dedicated to ASP4 and P3Dv4+.
  3. Very nice Ron! Thanks
  4. Thanks, I'm waiting your feedback :) Remember to open the ReadMe as you need to install additionnal autogen definition!
  5. Hi, I think it should be compatible with any photo coverage.
  6. Not sure if it's linked, but after the last Windows Update, AT&T voices are again available in x64 P2A.
  7. Dave, Is it normal with the x64 version that the installed AT&T voices are not seen anymore by P2A? Thanks EDIT : I checked that the x86 version is still able to use them
  8. I have also experienced many freeze situations where I had to restart P2A. This is really more often than in previous versions. The last time I just stand-by, and after a very long time it pushed out several sentences at once, like when you unplug a blocked hose in your kitchen ;) At the same time, as a recent W10 user, I wonder if this can be linked with W10 game mode as it probably reduce resources from background processes? I'm using W10 game mode with P3D, what about you? Most of the time I had freezes after "saying" a sentence that P2A might have difficulty to understand, just thinking...
  9. I'm not sure to understand. you can use the standard implementation ORadGauge and put it behind a circular shape housing in the VC. The circular shape device will mask the gauge corners display. You will find an picture sample in this thread (sorry I don't remember which aircraft).
  10. On my side I'm using AT&T voices flawlessly since a long time (W7 and W10). Their quality maybe lower than Ivona's, but as I deliberately downgrade the sounds to be closer to the real ATC feeling, it's not a problem at all
  11. To be accurate ASCA clouds are handled dynamically by ASP4/ASCA, but also ENVTEX cloud textures if you tick "ASCA integration" option in ENVTEX settings.
  12. Yes, sure. I'm using only P3Dv4+
  13. Don't forget to open the "readme". I'm waiting your feedback :)
  14. My understanding is that Ecosystem folder is dedicated to documentation storage.Some developers put also paintkits. But I don't think it's the right place for scenery.
  15. Dave? me? Oh no, Roland