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  1. So it looks like a good WiFi 5 above 800mbs is better than a wired connection.
  2. Also surprisingly for me the transmission rate seems to be lower using USB-c, compared to WiFi 5, roughly half. Is it the same for you ?
  3. My explaination was unclear, sorry. The idea is to connect directly the WiFi from Pico to computer to avoid crossing the router, thus reducing the overall WiFi latency.
  4. After the first test with the Pico and a USB câble I'm a little bit disappointed with the latency. So I opened an Hotspot access on Windows side and connect the Pico directly on the PC through the WiFi6 adapter. Using Streaming Assistant metrics I notice a much lower latency. I did not test yet with MSFS. Does someone use that connection option?
  5. No as I don't have it yet It's ok using the Android Pico App, merci bien !
  6. As my G2 is almost unusable now (and finally it's not a cable problem), I jumped into the black friday craziness to get a brand new Pico 4 (at a used price) and a WiFi 6 PCI board. I wanted to prepare the software side and I'm unable to buy a Virtual Desktop license from Pico store. Any tips ?
  7. You can also have a look to "Sim EFB". It's not popular, no advertising, but very powerful.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Maybe the G2 cable issue will lead me to a jump at a time. But I would prefer to move to a model with eye tracking capability.
  9. Very interesting thread. I own a HP Reverb G2 since a while, is there any benefit to look at the Pico 4 in my situation? Per eye resolution is equal, so is the different lens type is enough to expect a better clarity?
  10. Beautiful! Thanks for the update Vincent.
  11. If it's a standard ingame panel, then it should be good for VR!
  12. Sorry, I don't understand this. I think I should stay in French zone, as our pilots
  13. I know English is the official ATC language however, at least in France, all VFR dialogs are in French, and also IFR when pilots are French. Maybe it's French specific?
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