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  1. The Autogen for California is now ready. >>>> If you are interested, you can download it here Read the text file carefully as it requires extra autogen definitions.
  2. Cargostrom has send me the good news this morning:
  3. Not yet, but Cargostorm has tested PMDG 777 with P3Dv4.0 and ASP4 last build and the Wx radar fails as well.
  4. Fabio, So my understanding is false: I understood from your PM that you were using v4.1. Then can someone tell me if the gauge is working with P3Dv4.1 and ASP4 build 6491? Thanks
  5. Hi Fabio, CargoStorm already pointed out the issue through PM yesterday, but he uses P3D v4.0. I have checked and seen the same behavior on my side. Current situation is: P3Dv4.0 + ASP4 build 6452 => working P3Dv4.0 + ASP4 build 6491 => Not working P3Dv4.1 + ASP4 build 6491 => Not working I checked the HiFi radar API documentation and I'm unable to find any changes. I also compared the sample code with my gauge code and both are using the Init and Callback mechanisms with same function prototypes. I checked the cause of my "No radar link!" message in the code, it seems that the Callback function is not called anymore, so I can't get the pointer on data array. Then, my guess is that there is a bug in last ASP4 build. Maybe I have to open a ticket on HiFi support.
  6. More pictures around lake Tahoe, this time with vegetation shadows activated:
  7. Vegetation in North Sierran, north of Lake Tahoe:
  8. Hi there, Here are some screen shots around LA with a first mix of buildings and vegetation: Still a lot to do ...
  9. Do you mean for California?
  10. It should run well on both, but maybe you will have to reduce the autogen density setting with v3 to avoid OOM over LA area. This is really a unique hudge place! Sure I'm not the author of Austrian autogen and don't have any photoscenery (yet), sorry. But you should really avoid MSE for european sceneries. Sure I will Not planned at this time because I don't know any freeware photoscenery source for PA.
  11. I'm using several tools but the main one is ScenProc from Arno (magician of FSDeveloper!) This shot is a dev preview of buildings around Los Angles-KLAX (LA city counts around 4 millions of autogen buildings so it requires P3Dv4 with x64 I guess to avoid OOM ) I found also a great and detailed source to create various vegetation so I expect a nice vegetation coverage. But still a lot to do, dozen of hours of computing and checking... Actually I have already covered several European countries (Italy, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece...) All can be downloaded from F-BMPL (Filipo's web site), autogen section.
  12. Wow, did you try the great freeware photo sceneries from Blue Sky Scenery? They propose many Western US states including California. Really higher quality than MSE payware IMOH. To me, MSE is probably the worst photo provider in our sim world... By the way I'm working on a full autogen cover for California state.
  13. In this case you only need to send a "request higher" to ATC after the initial step, and other steps. ATC will assign a new cruise level without issue. The only limitation I think is that you cannot choose exactly the new level. If I remember correctly it usually gives you 2000 feet above to keep odd/even rule.
  14. You may have a look to Multi Crew Experience product which is handling very well these aspects. It handles as well GSX crew if you use it. See the related Commercial sub-forum.