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  1. kiki

    Unreallistic Oceans - no white foam

    Absolutely! Or even next 3-5 years! This is where I started my simming 🙂
  2. kiki

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Just Flight? I wish some one would make an smaller freighter (a jet or turbo prop or piston, anything...) of this kind!
  3. kiki

    Embraer 190E2

    It´s a huge Project and will take many years. But I wish you all the best! And I would do that if you decide to do some changes on your goals. That would be loved product even with lower expectations!
  4. kiki

    jet for low end pc?

    Does it work in P3D4? (With no FSX in the same pc?). In their site there are only FS9 and FSX options.
  5. kiki

    Feelthere and liveries

    Thanks for your answer, Benjamin. With McPhat payware liveries this is no more an option. The FSX should work… It looks like it is best to pass the Feelthere products and send my money somewhere else...
  6. Hi! Feelthere has updated the E-jet and ERJ to P3D4. They are not so good, but stii interesting. But how about the liveries. The links in their d/l page seems to be dead, the McPhat repaints are pretty expensive. Do the repaints in Avsim library work in P3D?
  7. kiki

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    Thank you for your answers. That was helpful!
  8. kiki

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    Well, I will try to ask again. Hope someone would be able to give me some light and help me a little more. IF I would like to have one KingAir, which one should I consider? Which are the pros and CONS of these three models by Carenado. And, yes, I know which way 90, 200 and 350 are different in real life. Because the products of Carenado could be good or pretty useless, how are these three?
  9. Good find! I will try that. I have not used PTA because of this problem and also because there was no advice from the community or the developer to sort his out. Perhaps this is the answer! In other aspects this is a great product. Some times you just get frustrated with the on going problems.
  10. kiki

    Rhodos for Free

    That´s a broken link.
  11. kiki

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    I´ll hijack this thread and ask: which one of the King Airs might have the best: visuals systems flight dynamics performance (fps) availability of the liveries Thanks in advance.
  12. kiki

    EDRM-Repaints on the F50

    Can´t wait to use these two great repaints. Thank you in advance!
  13. kiki

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    What about Europe? Which GA AI for the old continent?
  14. I would be interested to read what went wrong.
  15. Never mind, I am one of those who get the CTD before I can even start my flight. Sadly this is a no go product for me. P4.1.