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  1. I have just subfolders under my storage folders. Like ”Liveries TBM”, ”Sceneries Spain” etc.
  2. Click that Piper-text above the rotating a/p dial and voilá.
  3. Does anyone edited Little Navmap performance menu for the Turbo Arrow and would be kind enough to share it?
  4. Where can we d/l that? Never mind, I was able to find it.
  5. 1080p. So there is nothing I can do with that resolution?
  6. Are you able to read the texts at the dashboard? For me they look bad and I can hardly see what is there.
  7. Will the color of the Lake Tekapo be more realistic (not the default lake textures)?
  8. Worn out look is okay, but those low res textures are not. Nice to fly though.
  9. I enjoyed my first flight from and to EHRD with the III. Feels good (at least for me), but some of the textures in the cabin are really poor. I hope they will fix them.
  10. My first ever day-one-purchase. Let’s see...
  11. I am not the right person to say if your system is good enough for MSFS. But for the sim, I am sure you will not look back if you change to a modern sim. There is disc version available, but you don’t want that. And you don’t have to use Steam either.
  12. Is there any information on the cargo version of the DC6?
  13. I really do hope, they would come out with the JS41. That would be perfect for the short flights to fully enjoy the sceneries of the MSFS.
  14. How about the airports (default and add on) and their elevations? Any problems with this new mod?
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