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  1. I am a little confused with the liveries. Are these : https://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=root&SearchTerm=erj+145+feelthere&Sort=Added&ScanMode=0&Go=Change+View for that version of the ERJ? Or are they available somewhere else?
  2. I have been tempted but because it has so few European liveries I have hold my c/card.
  3. Do not forget that wonderful (freeware) Airports of Norway and other Norwegian sceneries! https://www.flightsimnorway.com/
  4. Oh, I miss all those Fokkers! Many many years ago we had a freeware Fokker F70 and F100 from the Project Fokker, my favourite back then. DA Fokker was sadly never finished as mentioned above. Then came out the great Flight1 Fokker F27 which I still fly. It has that charming and frustrating old school a/p, of course! I fly it mainly VOR to VOR. (Is there any other way to navigate with it?). And after that we got the Carenado Fokker F50 which looks nice but is pretty much useless because of that terrible FMS. I am looking for the JF F28. Looks like they are going to release BAe 146 (nice to have it!) before it is time for the Fokker. I don´t see we´re going to have 70 or 100 in a few years, if ever...
  5. As name states, they give turbulance on approach? Search Youtube for Realturb and you´ll see. This giveaways aren´t getting better and better but the other way round, I should say. They started with some really good sceneries and now they give us a loogbook and effects that alreay have been free. Well, I am not complaining, after all they are free. But I´m not too intereted either, not anymore.
  6. Thanks for this! But: The installer gives no option for P3D v4. How did you do the installation? And what means "pretty well"?
  7. And the next ones are: April 18: Virtualcol Dornier 328 FSX, P3D V2/4 April 19: Digital Design ULLI
  8. Well, the question is should we go for this one or wait for the EKCH of Vidan Design. Anyone know if its coming soon?
  9. Are there any P3D compatible general aviation Ai-aircrafts available (for free) with no reg´s?
  10. I have quite a few ORBX regions: Tasmania Demo, England, Scotland, Norway, Germany North & South, Iceland demo, Central Rockies, Northern California, Pacific Fjords, Pacific NW, Southern Alaska, NZ North Island & Sount Island. 90% of my flying time I do within these regions. In matter of fact I wouldn´t be in this hobby anymore without these sceneries. Germany is one of the best of the regions. I know the area quite well RL and it is quite well done by ORBX. I fly there mostly with A2A C182, Alabeo C404 Titan & C421 Golden Eagle, QW BAe146/RJ85 and Carenado Cessna 550 Citation II. With all of these the scenery looks just great. Is the scenery hard on frame rates? It is. In order to have all the eye candies on you do need pretty good system. I have i7-9700 3.60GHz with 32 Gb RAM and GeForce 2070. I can have almost all maxed out with good frames. I do not have add on - airports for Germany. In England and Scotland I do have some UK2000 -airports with no problems. With Norway I ude freeware Airports of Norway, which by the way is a great add on. AI traffic comes from Alpha India Group. I hope this gives you an idea what these regions are about and what they demand.
  11. This is not a support forum, but I wanted to share this screenshot with you. This free airport is now removed from my system.
  12. As title says: https://www.aeroplaneheaven.com/product_swift.php
  13. In which way it´s better? I have Fokker and was really disappointed. Is any of their jets any good?
  14. Some of their best products are just that. But for some reason none of their regional aircraft (F50, S340, ATR) are not even that. There might be market for a regional jet or turboprop with basic functionality and beautiful looks. They should also be able to give good Performance (fps) even on bigger airports. Carenado Fokker, Saab & ATR are not like that.
  15. I agree; not the worst out there. But the age is showing, IMHO not what I would like to see nowadays. https://ibb.co/xj8YYkM
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