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  1. Indeed, although I meant the shortest for regular jet ops, as in 737's, A320's etc. LCY can take only modded A318's and props only, my bad. Guernsey is 1300m and Lufthansa flew 737-300's in there until not that long ago, bet that was particularly sporty.
  2. Have both Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Guernsey's airport is a little dated now as IRL the ground layout has changed and the runway uses default textures, but it's something that could very easily be upgraded when ES get round to it and the rest of the island is stunning. Isle of Man is a huge step forward and has the whole island covered in a mix of custom autogen and photo scenery, along with a very accurate rendition of the Ronaldsway airport itself. If you like flying in the UK it's a good destination as it's literally a hop from Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc. and the runway is sporting enough for an A320 or 737. The shorter crosswind runway is used by the Q400 in real life and is a lot of fun for both departure and arrival, especially if you do the circle to land off the runway 26 ILS. They are apparently also working on Jersey, which is the shortest jet runway in the UK - HMS Jersey as it's known by BA crews, which is a fun and busy flight from a host of airports on the South Coast.
  3. bennyboy75

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    It's in the FMC - menu - PMDG options - performance (I think). For what it's worth, I'm still struggling with the 777 performance. A test flight from Aerosoft EHAM to Aerosoft EHRD dragged me down to the teens, FPS wise. With an O/C'ed i7 3970x at 4.8ghz and a 6GB Titan I was hoping for better. Will keep tweaking.
  4. bennyboy75

    PMDG 777 vs LevelD 767

    If my life depended on it I think I would too. Not much FaceTiming to be done out in the wilderness....
  5. bennyboy75

    PMDG 777 vs LevelD 767

    The LDS was a ground breaker in its day (no one else has simulated since the hosties shouting at you for being too warm or too cold!) but that VC is just too old to do it for me anymore. It's like the difference between a Nokia from 2005 and an iPhone 5. Both do the job but one is from now and looks it!
  6. bennyboy75

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    I'm finding it considerably harder on the frames than the NGX - running a Titan GPU alongside a 4.8GHZ 3970x so no slouch. Will keep tweaking but worried I've been spoiled by the Q400 perhaps.
  7. Are you using ENB? I ran into this problem over and over again after installing ENB and in the end ditched it and the problem went. ETA I just re-read your post and see it isn't listed. In that case I'm not so sure.
  8. bennyboy75

    SimBrief - Advanced Flight Planning

    Very nice. Couple of requests from me: Would be nice to be able to edit dispatcher name and address. My flight from Belfast to London Gatwick probably wouldn't be dispatched by someone in America.... The flight levels are a bit screwy and sometimes the wrong level for the direction of flight. Even if I put in my own flight level it seems to pick its own - can you override it? Block fuel for the Q400 is a bit on the high side but I'm still testing that. Otherwise - great to have this thanks!
  9. bennyboy75

    Frame rate friendly airports

    I only have ZRH and GVA from FSDT but I'm very happy with the performance of both. I wish we could have more European airports from you guys!
  10. bennyboy75


    Got it. Only took it for a quick spin from East Midlands up to Edinburgh. No problems with start up now that I know that the isolation valve is coded the wrong way round and everything else went like clockwork. The APU thing doesn't bother me, really. It would be nice if it took a *bit* longer as like the Aerosoft A320's APU this one leaps into life in a few seconds - perhaps making us wait a little longer (but not 6 minutes please) would satisfy the hardcorers a bit more. The sound is excellent. Exterior modelling is good and stuff like the animated air stairs is a joy to behold. Be great to have the doors coded into a menu in the FMC if possible to save all this Shift plus E plus 2 nonsense. VC I have to admit I find a little cartoony compared to the reflections and fingerprints of the NGX and I think they've gone a little overboard on green primer wear. Just my 2p, don't shoot me. Don't get me wrong, it's a faithful representation of a 737-200 and it's done well but I think a little bit too much artistic license has gone on with the green primer and the 'well used' thing. Otherwise the VC is nicely done, proportions are good and the instruments are beautifully backlit by the fantastic night lighting. I think even the NGX is beaten by this thing at night. It's lovely. The overhead though I found a little disappointing in terms of textures. The NGX (which essentially shares many of its components) does a more convincing job with the knobs and switches, especially around the lights and starter panel. Again, just my initial thoughts. Ground friction seems a little high but once you're on the move it's nice to taxi. I had no idea what to set on the MCP for departure so I just set the throttles to a sensible setting, gave it flap 5 and launched. I had big problems setting up the SID though as the course bugs are linked on both sides as are the nav radios. I needed a VOR on one side to give me an outbound radial to make the turn and then another VOR with a different course to intercept the inbound radial to the final fix on the SID. I found no way to do this. I could get the DME of each respective radio but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get two VORs to show. The autopilot didn't do what I expected. I don't understand the difference between LNAV, FMC and GPS, and at times VOR LOC annunciated too. So my departure was a bit of a dog's dinner and I couldn't seem to get the FMC to slave to the autopilot. I tried a few times to get the aircraft to follow the FMC but in the end flew the rest of the flight in HDG select mode following the headings from EFB. Descent was uneventful, although I was unable to tune the ILS manually. The only way to do it was via the tune appr mode of the FMC. The aircraft tracked the ILS perfectly. I landed a bit deep but everyone walked away. Frame rates are excellent and apart from the few system oddities as mentioned there are no other bugs and certainly no show stoppers. So in summary - a fine first effort in the Boeing world. As we are so used to a benchmark 737 it's so easy to make comparisons that aren't necessarily valid but it's impossible not to do so when so much of the 200 can still be seen in the NG. There are plenty of systems that need some further explanation/refinement - the autopilot being one with a mix of modes that don't seem to make a lot of sense at first glance. Some solid tutorials on how the FMC interacts with the AP and the steam driven nav radios, along with some guidance on how to set the EPR panel and all that other stuff that has since been junked when the NG came along would be very useful to us glass cockpit drivers too. But that said it's worth the money and a worthy addition to your hangar.
  11. bennyboy75


    No updates since September, almost a year ago. No word of who it's for, when, where, how. Milviz would kill that one dead.
  12. bennyboy75


    Not really. The last decent one was the Ready For Pushback 747 but that was released over 10 years ago. PMDG did the 747-400 of course but that's a different kettle of fish altogether. Did CLS do one? I don't think anyone even noticed, or cared. A 747-200 done to this standard would fly out the door. Do it Milviz
  13. bennyboy75


    Need to get this. Milviz please do us a nice 747-200. There must be a market for folk who have learnt the systems of the newer jets and are happy to go back a bit to the slightly higher workload and more 'hands on' approach of the older models of the 73 and 74. The fact that they have stuff like an FMC, LNAV, LVL CHG and autothrotte etc makes them much easier to fly and navigate than say a pure steam powered 707 where not only do you really need en route charts for all the fixes etc but the really basic autopilot adds workload in itself. The 732 and say 742 are modern enough to do some of the work themselves which makes the 'one pilot doing the job of three' thing we have to live with in FSX that much easier.
  14. bennyboy75

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    Simmarket seems to give you everything you've ever bought forever. I still have products I bought in 2003 downloadable in my account. Aerosoft also seem to give you long term access in their download shop. I don't go as far back as 2003 with them but I bought stuff easily four or five years ago that is still there and downloadable. In fact, I bought the NGX off aerosoft as a download for this very reason - PMDG's 'extended download' has stung me for the last time.
  15. bennyboy75


    I'm definitely more interested in the newer version. Flying complicated SIDS and STARS raw data is just too hard to be much fun to me. In the real world you'd have someone else flipping the frequencies, rotating the course bug and doing the ATC calls. Single pilot as you are in FSX in a high performance jet I like something to reduce the workload to give me at least half the chance of flying it to a reasonable degree of accuracy. So I'll take the FMC thanks.