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  1. I tried the VOX ATC demo but it baffled me and installing the panel into my aircraft was problematic. Next... Radar Contact is old and clunky but does what it says on the tin. PFE is good for immersion (has lots of different accents - German controllers are German, Alitalia pilots are Italian etc - but is a chore to set up and is temperamental in its operation. Great when it works though. Pro ATC X isn't there yet. It could be great - dynamic SIDS and STARS, a doddle to set up and use but the actual ATC instructions are so screwy it's unreal. You'll get cleared to random intersections and VORs that are not along your flightplan (indeed not even in the FMC!) and you're often left flailing about in a descent miles away from the airport. Pity, because it really could be a winner.
  2. Excellent feature and adds to the realism of actually flying a large modern airliner which is more about managing systems on the ground and in the air than heroic feats of stick and rudder skills! I too hope this can be made to play nice with GSX. My only criticism of that program is the way you have to open and close doors for it and generally get distracted from the task of pre flight. If we could set PMDG ground ops to do its thing with the excellent vehicles from GSX doing their thing at the right time at the right door, that really would be excellent.
  3. IIRC you need to 'show hidden folders and files' on both to allow each to see one another. I'm not by my PC now but I'll look later to see where the folders are pointed to on my EFB.
  4. EFB shows you where you are on moving map. Might be worth a look if you get lost a lot and contains a huge amount else besides. Remember very few airports actually use follow me cars, so you might want to swot up on the ground chart before you land/depart. Unless it's somewhere like CDG, where I get hopelessly lost within 500 m of the runway.
  5. Welcome back. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Looking forward to hearing what you've got planned. I did an add-on crew soundset for the LDS 767 back in the day and I was inundated with requests to do different languages/accents etc. so you have a market out there. The hardest bit was tying it into the existing sounds without ballsing up the rest of the aircraft! Good luck with your future endeavours and we're glad to have you back.
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