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  1. Its butter smooth but i am on 231 and 4.1 Thanks Michael Moe
  2. So do i. Actually i have 1-2fps more than the NGX in 4K P3Dv 4.1. Around 50-53fps at EKCH Gate A20 medium autogen no traffic. Thanks Michael Moe
  3. +1 Really a great simulation - Love the FlyByWire so much. Can i "check out" your PDF David ? Thanks Michael Moe
  4. I just reinstalled SODE and by that reinstall my DD Design New York airports. A short hop to KEWR in the PMDG 747 and no gates at position with SODE . Then i tried the GSX menu (7 - Customize this parking position) and funny enough GSX said this position has no gateway . ? So i changed it to "yes it has" and then it worked. Hopefully this was is not the standard protocol because i need to focus on my checklist and fuel calculations :-) Thanks Michael Moe
  5. And as an update to my own fuel questions regarding this behaviour https://www.flashcardmachine.com/747-fuel.htm Term Under what conditions will fuel transfer from main tanks 1 & 4 to their adjacent tanks 2 & 3? Definition Automatically during fuel jettison, when either main tank 2 or 3 fuel quantity decreases to ~9,000 kgs Manually via the Fuel Xfer Main 1 & 4 switch (FS2CREW SOP2) Thanks Michael Moe
  6. Hi again, So i tried out my saved flight for takeoff and landing and it seems that everything was in perfect place. Only different is my memory of starting fuel from PFPX. 93.7tons it was at the gate. se picture below for takeoff and nearing ILS18R (Vatsim gave me 250 knots order that day all the way down to 2000feet yaks) https://imgur.com/yYaHlah https://imgur.com/HFIc3Dm https://imgur.com/elFDxc7 https://imgur.com/ZkGS1CY Seems like Bryan York has programmed this in the FS2CREW SOP2 (draining the fuel in 1 and 4 after landing) which some airliners aparently do. Thanks Michael Moe
  7. Hi I have a thread over at PMDG Michael Moe
  8. came across this thread over at FS2CREW https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/523260-why-does-the-fo-drain-the-outer-tanks-after-landing-sop-2/ Thanks Michael Moe
  9. Yep i know and did but this was not the questions I am talking about if the FO should enable(on) the crossfeed valves for 1 and 4 on ground before takeoff or if they are totally Captain area (FS2CREW SOP2) Thanks Michael Moe
  10. I have a saved flight just prior to takeoff and prior to land , because i wanted to make a nice video with Chaseplane Replay and Shadowplay from this nice location so will report back to tell how i was missing the configuration before takeoff . I am also in doubt wether FS2CREW SOP2 is suppose to handle those pumps/valves as well.? (not the EICAS message commands inflight) Cant find it exactly in the FS2CREW manual regarding those Crossfeed 1 and 4. The Captain is in any case responsively to check them at least mentioned in the before start checklist . My second question about 1 and 4 transfer to on in the after land checklist . Anyone who can educate me to that ? Thanks Michael Moe
  11. I have the originally SAS printed version (used by retired Maddog pilot) 😎 Great post David Thanks Michael Moe
  12. The before start checklist clearly state that the Captain need to set and check the fuel and crossfeed so indeed it must be me switching those (also with FS2crew) 😎 1and 4 to on was missing. Thanks every one and no hard feelings here. Love the product 😀 Thanks Michael Moe
  13. I should not have said bug offcause. Wasnt my actually intentions since i hardly have gone into the FCOMS on this bird as clearly as crystal 😀 Sorry for that and well noted. Michael Moe
  14. Hi. Its bin awhile since i took the mighty Queen out for a flight or two so i was exited to do 2 leg as KLM785 and KLM730 between Amsterdam and Saint Maarten on legendary rute with the Queen. Unfortunately my experince with multi tanks is in a small place so i decided to let the Queen handle those pumps during the flight. On my return leg to Amsterdam during the long taxi in from 18R both engine 1 and 4 was out of fuel. About 8.2 tons in 3 and 4. Takeoff fuel was 94500kgs. So what did I miss? What shall i learn if i want to manage the tanks in the future on a leg like this? Update. I just read Kyles thread and it could seem like a bug? The sim was setup to handle those pumps. Alternativ maybe FS2Crew? Maybe crossfeed outer was off before innertanks was at same level? Fuel transfer 1/4 is normally set to on during taxi. Is this because of hydraulic pressure to those systems? Allthough AUX is an option on both Thanks Michael Moe
  15. Love to have Chaseplane making the job including those special effects from FSFX packages showing up Love those effects but forgets to make the view outside. Lots of fellow simmers would make cool videos for sure Thanks Michael Moe .