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  1. Michael Moe

    Keyboard Commands not working consistently

    I think i remember this being an 4.2 issue. Also GSX suffers here. Holding down shift for a few seconds and then a 0-9 do the trick. Thanks Michael Moe
  2. Michael Moe

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    Thanks. Sadly the last combo would have bin nice om my low VRAM system. Michael Moe
  3. Michael Moe

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    Thank you , my first concern with only 4GB VRAM then. I need a new GPU Thanks Michael Moe
  4. Michael Moe

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    Hi everyone, Just a small observation which might have bin covered. I notice a increase of sharpening textures in the distance using high resolutions textures and TEXT_BAND_MULT=80 The differentcies is the distance that texture was loaded including photoreal (ORBX LOWI) Can anyone explain this ?. Seems that my SLI 970 can keeep up quite a bit Why is High resolution texture also improving distance photoreal loading ? Thanks Michael Moe
  5. Michael Moe

    P3d v4.3

    Agree almost 😎, but going from 1080P to 4K a cheap way for me was adding the extra 970 during P3Dv3. 1080TI in SLI would benefit Dynamic Lighting,reflections and shadows for sure. I see a giant differents single vs SLI performance wise. Thanks Michael Moe
  6. All of the above and also FTX Germany South with Aerosoft EDDF, PacSim RPLL as well. Taxi2gate EDDM Thanks Michael moe
  7. Michael Moe

    P3d v4.3

    I am still fiddling with TEXT_BAND_MULT with my SLI GTX 970´s which almost is a no go in 2018. Mostly because of the sparse 4GB(3,5GB) VRAM. SLI is actually kind of nice these days with P3Dv4.2 Would love some improvements that gonna make me skip SLI for 1080TI or next version 😃 Thanks Michael Moe
  8. Overlooked this thread David, I have 4 real life cockpit flights with the real thing and the most iconic sound volume is the tires bumping down the runway for sure. Takeoff and landing you almost never hear the engines from VC Thanks for this, Michael Moe
  9. Michael Moe

    AS16 & chaseplane wont recognizes my sim is on

    These suggestions of mine was only if you had it running on a network PC 😎 Sorry you need to adress it otherwise Thanks Michael Moe
  10. Michael Moe

    AS16 & chaseplane wont recognizes my sim is on

    If you have AS16 running on a second PC it has a simconnect.cfg file in c/this PC//documents folders On Server PC (where P3Dv4 is installed ) theres is a simconnect.xml file in c/users/appdata/roaming/LM/P3Dv4 folder Thanks Michael Moe
  11. Michael Moe

    AS16 & chaseplane wont recognizes my sim is on

    Do you have AS16 on a network PC ? You might want to check your simconnect.cfg in the document folder on the client (not server PC). Your IP adress might have changed on one or both PC´s Happens from time to time on my systems. Also look at the Server PC, c:/users appdata/roaming/LM/P3dV4 folder for a simconnect.xml (edit with notepad the IP adress if needed) Thanks Michael Moe
  12. Hi, I always have issues when switching to outside cameras in the air that the FPS is busting the refreshrate of the Monitor. For instance 25HZ gives me stuttering 30-35 fps in outside views. Back to normal in VC at 25 FPS What is causing this ? Thanks Michael Moe
  13. Michael Moe

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    Yeah the 777 is another beast but still you would never set vref speed as the command speed with 25 headwind gusting to 35 in the MCP with At on would you.? Thanks Michael Moe
  14. Michael Moe

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    From top of my head you must not set the speed to VREF in any Boeing aircraft in the MCP if there is wind calculations to be done. You need to add this calculations in the MCP (NGX for instance) Same goes for 777 as well. The speed in the FMC is often 170 knots and only a recommended speed. Vapproach speeds (MCP) and VREF speeds (FMC) Are not the same Thanks Michael moe
  15. Michael Moe

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    Hi Jim What was the wind like ? I cant find info regarding this. Energy calculation for the gust and wind is + VREF . Airbus has an other energy known phenomenan called GS mini . Thanks Michael Moe