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  1. i am still on 457.30 with p3dv5.1 (and MSFS2020) Michael Moe
  2. Hi, I am getting this one CTD upon loading the airport in eventviewer in P3dv5.1 and i recall i had this also a year ago or so but all the sudden its back. Anyone recall the issue or what we did ? Thanks Michael Moe
  3. This issue has being there since day 1 on MSFS2020 release on my setup. Throttle and mixture cut after entering menus or changing to outside cam Michael Moe
  4. Well i bought Logitech/Saitek multipanel and radio stack. Works great Michael Moe
  5. Hi , this App is nice but i cant seem to see any traffic. Maybe its down? Anyone else? Thanks Michael Moe Ps any other App outthere?
  6. Taxi and landing lights but also navigation and strobe is not working (reflection is really bad) Michael Moe
  7. the hang error is not present when shadows is off , installed twice as with the maddog also. Michael Moe
  8. Thanks for the reply but i have 5 percent landing , taxi etc. compared to version before so i cant see anything from the VC. :-) Michael Moe Michael Moe
  9. no issues with external lights ? Thanks Michael Moe
  10. is this fixed with qw 787 1.4? i seem to get black screen in P3dv5.1 with aviaserver thanks Michael Moe
  11. This QW787 is just so fun to fly and its getting better and better . It really is a must have for any Boeing fans . Latest update is also a blast except for the outside lights which is way to dim on my system. I heard someone has a fix for it ? (link please) Other than that i am so pleased with this. If there is going to be an immersion sound upgrade i would buy instantly. Otherwise its super stable (Trueglass/Reallight gives me device_hang_error when using cloud shadows in P3dv5.1) Michael Moe
  12. I actually dont have any complains stepping in on Leonardo MaddogX ,FSL and PMDG at all comming straight from MSFS. The systems and handling is way more occupied than looking outside . The new airports in P3DV5 is really great. Michael Moe
  13. I am using Truesky might be it. Michael Moe
  14. Hi, Just want to say that i discovered the clouds to be moving rapidly faster than v4 and before (i guess) (strong headwind 100 knots) which is quiet amazing . Now it would be cool to have a simular speede when descending through them despite the speed of the wind. Not claiming to be first which i know i am not but just to inform. Michael Moe
  15. Flying the 777-F and having a lot of fun . I still have the Brians , Airline2sim videos in my hangar but i havent had the time to recall them as i also using the brand new FSLA320 videos. I recall the KSFO special approach in that series. This aircraft is so easy to manage and yet there is so much to discover (look at the QRH section for instance) so i can recommend airline2sims video for great details and learning. I am still a supporter so i might go with the 200ER later on (EFB, performance etc )but i read that the airport moving map is not present. This would be nice to have as an update like the 747-8. Michael Moe
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