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  1. Hi David I am using Process Lasso now since it "remembers" the AM for apps upon windows startup. Do you also kick windows task and Nvidia stuff of 0 and 1 ? Thanks Michael Moe PS! Maybe we can have a dedicated list with window task that is "safe" to move away from 0 and 1 ?
  2. SLI GTX1080TI? cheaper and more performance? Thanks Michael Moe
  3. Hi, I am having a hard time sharing and gaining access to my workgroup PC´s on the network after updating to 1709 Creator edition. Strangely enough my shortcuts on the desktops for network PC , ASCA and AS2016 as well as direct link to the sharing pc´s folder do work as usual. (Also AS2016 has no problems injecting the weather on my Master PC. But i have no access via windows explorer . Contact administrators it says I do not have setup a dedicated homegroup . Never did that. Thanks Michael Moe
  4. Hi Mark I was wondering the same , Will you be able to do a basic test with your gain on the new system later ? I am trying to see benefits moving from i7-4770K@4,6-4,7 Thanks Michael Moe
  5. For reasons not known everything is back to normal this saturday. Something must have "blocked" the system in the background . The mouse was also behaving like slowmotion or "auto" click like. But no issues . Thank god :-) Thanks Michael moe
  6. I can replicate this pause/stutter at KSFO Flightbeam at about 0,5nm out Runway 28R and down the runway at 28L about 0,2nm with slew or Chaseplane and always when FTX NCA is active. No issue what so ever with OPENLCNA. I also have it at New York . I will try to disable all SODE related if its possible PS! This weekend i had a flight between LEBL-ESSA (3hour) and sim freezed 50feet above runway 26 (FTX ORBX ESSA) OPENLCEU,Vector and never recovered. Thanks Michael Moe
  7. Hi and Yep always Thanks Michael Moe
  8. Not only related to 4.1 but I noticed that changing FTX Vector to off in library during a saved flight doesnt honor the change at all. I noticed i have problems with some FTX regions airports when FTX Vector is active. KLAS and NZQN for instance with FTXSCA and FTXNZSouth. Is there an option with saved flight to honor disabling on the run? Thanks Michael Moe
  9. Me to, Havent fix it yet . also a hanging windows 10 start button and taskbar shortcuts like windows store is slow or freezing Did you fix it ? Strange enough , My Active Sky for P3Dv4.1 on a network PC still works Thanks Michael Moe
  10. Hi, Lately (after Black Friday sale) and installation of DD Design New York and Washington X my windows 10 version 1709 is acting strange. i have a hard time using the start menu and the shortcuts on the taskbar. There is some solutions around the web like : 1. Try reinstall graphic drivers 2. WSreset.exe 3. Powershell command to re-register apps 4. Rolling back to a prior version of Windows 10 i havent roll back but tried 1-3 , and was wondering if anyone else is having this issue or maybe have a fix? Thanks Michael moe
  11. Funny I was about to make a thread about it. Guess we are a lot in the same boat. Can't say the time after the latest windows10 1709 update has bin a walk in the park. Suddenly my network pc's are not allowed to share allthough ASP4 still works over network. I had a lot of those 5-10 seconds pauses without the responding thing and the sound keeps going in the background around KLGA,KJFK,KEWR and KDCW with D D New York as well. Maybe 16 GB DDR is not enough? no HRT. Thanks Michael Moe
  12. I also noticed the blurryiness for the first time on a trip from EDDH to LOWS in the FSLabs A320-X. I was pushing the system for sure with FTX Germany North and high resolution textures but normal settings regarding autogen. The Blurriness started at the end of the flight. Maybe a crossover between photoreal scenery and normal textures ? VRAM was about 3.0-3.6GB . Thanks Michael Moe Latest drivers 388.31 i7-4770K@4,7 HT off SLI GTX970 4GB 16GB DDR4 SSD 1TB
  13. But this isnt working on my system Thanks Michael Moe
  14. Thanks but nope W10 1709 dosnt have an on/off option Thanks Michael Moe
  15. Forgot all about this "game mode" but i do remember having better performance without it before 1709. Hitting WIN+G doesnt bring it up (nor does hitting an xbox controller )any so how do i check and disable this ? Thanks Michael Moe