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  1. Michael Moe

    P3D v4.4 stays in black screen

    I manage to get my first black screen (5 minutes then a reboot PC) both in the NGX and in the Realair Legacy yesterday at ORBX LOWI using EXP=10. Everything was ok only using HD textures from the P3DUI VRAM was about 8700mb (1080ti 11GB) Not sure why though Thanks Michael Moe
  2. Michael Moe

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    Sure i am on that list as well As a europe guy i love EDDK , Aerosoft EDDF and EDDM by Taxi2gate (FT EHAM :-) ) USA has to be Flightbeam KMSP, FSDT KMEM and KSFO by Flightbeam . (FT KBOS) Mainly using airliners. When i use GA i offen go to LOWI by ORBX , PAJN or CYSE Thanks Michael Moe
  3. Michael Moe

    DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error: Is there a solution?

    Sorry for bring up an old experience but i had this issue all the time with P3D4.3 in SLI GTX970´s when i had ticked "high resolution textures" inside the P3D UI. 4GB VRAM was the limit on those cards. Crossing my fingers now with my EVGA 1080ti FTW3 . Havent seen the error yet in 4.4 (also with exp=10) Thanks Michael Moe
  4. Michael Moe

    P3Dv4.4 night time flying

    Me too. And if the plane had 2D panel i cheat and use it for battery on as 2DPanels are not complet black. Maybe Chaseplane can make a flashlight? Its an ideer. Michael Moe
  5. Michael Moe

    PMDG 777 goes off-route

    i had the same issue twice with AIRAC1812 using the PMDG747-8F from EDDK-OMDB as UPS24 https://vataware.com/flight/5c06a4a85352332426000027 N0488F330 KUMIK L603 TESGA DCT OSBIT DCT KEMES DCT LAMSI DCT STEIN DCT INVED L606 XANEX/N0488F350 L606 ADORU UG80 EKI UL606 KFK UL620 MUT UB545 VESAR UL619 NIKAS R785 KTN A21 TAN G202 PUSTO M203 ILMAP UP975 PEBAD UM688 SIDAD R784 IMDAT B416 ORSAR R784 TATLA L223 VUTEB VUTE3E The Autopilot disconnected after some time because the plane was off route and flying straight. Look at the map . Problem after Kuwait Maybe its a fault in Navigraph ? Thanks Michael Moe
  6. Michael Moe

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I a not a champion with locked FPS situation Howard. Do you have a FFTF entry manually put in P3D.CFG ? if yes you are overwritten the default 0.33 as what i am understanding. otherwise i recommend reading there site here : https://www.fspsstore.com/blog/news/fftf-dynamic-p3dv4 Michael Moe
  7. Michael Moe

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    It you have locked FPS inside P3Dv4 your default FFTF value today is 0,33. Michael Moe
  8. Michael Moe

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Yes , its one of the method that it can . For instance a zero feet AGL the value is 0,01 , and then slowly with rising AGL it will adjust up to a predetermined value at a specific point (5000 feet and above, is my setup with FFTF at 0,40) Thanks Michael Moe
  9. Michael Moe

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Could also be that the CPU is the bottleneck using the FSLabs A320. There might just not be any more power to render the scenery/textures. I have a little of the same . To much speed with the PMDG747 at low altitude has a tendency to blurry the textures. Going up to FL300 and above the textures is crisp again. Thats why i hope the FSPS Dynamic FFTF software is soon available for 4.4. It gives me crips textures already at or above 5000 feet because this altitude is set to 0,40-,0,50 rendering time for the CPU for textures. (can be set to any altitude and time between 0,01-0,99 btw). I run unlimited FPS with VSYNC@25HZ Michael Moe
  10. Well, Not absolute at all but this should really get you a little exited. (included FSFX immersion effects) Michael Moe
  11. Hello, Yes thats right , this whole video is recording using Shadowplay AND Fabios Merlo Recording software i repeat again : This is a replay scenario in P3DV4.4 using FM-FlightcontrolReplay https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkwr7yfpay1jlc0/Alaska departure.mp4?dl=0 Michael Moe
  12. Michael Moe

    P3D v4.4 and settings ... and video samples from Beta

    Hi David Lorbis scenery organizer http://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html I must admit i went back to the "old "scenery configurator that only deals with the entrys in scenery.cfg as i had some issues with Lorbi. I was not quite "safe" with it as i it gives me som errors with priority that P3D is not giving me or the scenery configurator for that matter. I believe Lorbi can flush the scenery indexes as well. Thanks Michael Moe
  13. Hi, I flew out of EDDK yesterday in the PMDG747-8F towards Dubai and noticed that my system (I7-4770K@4,6 HT off, GTX1080TI) was struggling with FTX GES at low altitude (badly need FFTF to give me 0,40-0,50 above 5000feet , as i am running unlimited FPS) and came across the old value UseGlobalTerrainView=False in the P3D.CFG which i remember had =on so every cameras did not need to reload textures . didnt see much differents but anyone using it still ? As i climbed out i noticed textures was getting better , also in the distance as i have used Robs tweak for texture distance. Thanks Michael Moe
  14. Michael Moe

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    +1 Michael Moe
  15. Michael Moe

    Ground textures gets more blurry the further I fly

    ...or try reload the scenery (you can setup a key press for this ) Michael Moe