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  1. 🙂 hopefully they will also consider P3D users as i am one 🙂 Michael Moe (again)
  2. Its gonna be standard for MSFS PMDG moving forward i guess. Michael Moe
  3. Make one for AIG Manager ? 🙂 It takes twice the loading time Michael Moe
  4. Looks promising. Give us an update when MSFS needs to open in safemode because of unexpected closing. I will properly buy it anyway Thanks Michael Moe
  5. I am the other way around after a reinstall. My performance is better but i havent more than 4 world update installed this time a round. Canada is not installed as well and at CYYZ FT i actually have 30fps in the maddogX with samscene Toronto at 70@4K with GTX1080TI and an old I7-4770K@4,5 Michael Moe
  6. Looking forward to this one as curre nt version is plaqed as i recall with CTD. Will be welcomed to my 777/747 month in july Michael Moe
  7. FSLabs compatibel would also be welcomed Michael Moe
  8. Seems like the Autothrottle is used for F/D rather than AT on/off. I dont know how to undo the driver plugin from Logitech. Maybe i just can switch it off in joblist everytime i need. Michael Moe
  9. Ah , i see the devices when i am not connected to the sim. Still not sure how to "assign" from the menu . Michael Moe
  10. I Installed the old 64 bit driver (p3dv4 plugin 8.0.150) from there sight under P3dv4 plugin as mentioned in the manual but there is no FIP found. It does communicate with the panels some how because the lights on the FIP´s comes to live when activating AAO. I only have Saitek and MIDI panels enabled since the other is greyed out or isnt in the "hardware" dropdown. Only Saitek BIP and FIP restore is an option. "Show midi devices" only shows Microsoft GS . When selecting a "key down" Maddog event and test with "0" or "1" nothing happens in the Maddog. Is this also normal ? Thanks Michael Moe
  11. Seems there is also some scripts on the AAO site? Michael Moe
  12. Ahh thanks ,i was looking for Logitech panels over there. Thanks again Michael Moe
  13. I think i need guidance 😉. Not sure where to look. Will download the demo first of AAO. Thanks Michael Moe
  14. I am looking forward to the FSL Neo and maybe the Concorde. Later in may/June its time for some Majestic Dash 8 with latest update. Other than that the PMDG777/747 is planned for vacation trips around July/August. So i am not in a hurry for v6 to be honest if it requires a reinstall. Like others so many thousands of dollars still on this platform. Side by side i will say. MD82 is my favorit all time and it gets better and better on the other platform so there goes my time right now. Michael Moe
  15. Thanks So AAO can make the above in use? Michael Moe
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