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  1. Same problems here , works great in the ngxu in P3D. Michael Moe
  2. I Also not having White dot in center . Controller is used to move around in vc alot. I use to bind 0-9 on keyboard for all aircraft views external/internal. Cant crack that in MSFS.Alt-0-9 yes but not just 0-9. Michael Moe
  3. Like everybody else , the delete of photogrammetry Cities was a keeper here . Took the PMDG737 for a SWA1550 - KDEN-KMDW with a blast in performance not seen before. Michael Moe
  4. Quite amazed as well . The performance is also WAY better than i expected. I just need to deal a little with my Honeycomb Alpha as i found it much more sensitive than other aircrafts to small adjustments on the elevator axis. Anyone care to share there setup her ? PMDG is back indeed. (looking forward for CPflight drivers , (MCDUII VrInsight when popup is ready) or just Aviaworx for the FMC Michael Moe
  5. Hmm , i might have a problem on my end because my B737 throttle has a button action on the spoiler lever for spoilers arm and it "holds" the switch enabled. Not quite sure how to setup when a button is "holding" (or enabled constant) Thanks Michael Moe
  6. Thanks but isnt the penalty rather huge in terms of quality? I meen will i be back of P3D5.3 with MCE and ORBX TrueEarth? Will give it a try Michael Moe
  7. Thanks , i went from 200 to 150 but still problems. Will try 100 Thanks again Michael Moe
  8. hmm , i am having these stutters and FPS drop while panning on ground . Almost like the old days and maybe my PC cant handle the NG3/MD82 at 25fps but as soon as i leave the ground no more stutters or FPS loss. Michael Moe
  9. May i ask how you did the pull out of factory ? :-) I am on a SWA001 KRNT-KDEN Thanks again for the inspiration Michael Moe
  10. Great shots , is it DD KRNT? Michael Moe
  11. i just need shortcuts (Like ALT+0-9 for custom camera´s) for the wing/cabin views . for instance just 0-9 and then use FSUIPC to map those to a button. Michael Moe
  12. 2k at 150% is likely close to my 4k@70% scale. Thanks will try high settings instead of ultra and T-LOD 100. Michael Moe
  13. Hi , i just bought KLAS and was wondering what FPS you have? Performance for me in the Maddog on ground is not the best. 19-26 at best. Not really any differents day or night. Is T-LOD the best way to increase performance? Vram is about 10gb 4k scaled at 70. Thanks Michael Moe
  14. Nice shots , liveries are they only required for the user to show up for everyone? Thanks Michael Moe
  15. Do you have terrain and/or Cloud shadows enabled? If yes try test without both. They do give the error here when enabled mostly. Michael Moe
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