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  1. How did you get Smiths FMC to work? I was never able to get it working as of today.
  2. It was some POSKY aircraft that had been converted over for Prepar3d. The Boeing panels I have have the Autobrake/RTO built into the panel and most Airbus panels don't have it. I use a generic Airbus panel to make things easy for me when flying and apparently someone added a Autobrake/RTO gauge and a "squeaky brake" sound gauge to go with the panel. I went and disabled both.
  3. Ok, I think I figured it out. There is an autobrake gauge in my Airbus panel that even if I right click and close the window, the noise happens. There was also a "squeaky brake" gauge in the gauges folder. I removed the gauge from the panel cfg and changed the "squeaky brake" gauge to something else and all seems to be normal now.
  4. Was not able to duplicate the issue, then again I haven't had it happen again as of this post. I did unplug the rudder pedals and plug them back in. Maybe enough to resolve the issue. I'll continue monitoring.
  5. Hey everyone. I have been getting this random noise that happens when I apply differential or regular braking in my aircraft while on the ground. It almost sounds like brake squealing. I am using Saitek/Logitech Pro Rudder Pedals. The noise doesn't always happen which is really weird. Maybe someone else has encountered this and know what's happening? I recorded my landing at KSLC and happened to have an instance of this "noise" occurring. Make sure to turn up the volume to hear it.
  6. Hey everyone, sorry for all of the questions recently. Have been trying my best to learn everything I can without having to ask. Is it possible to copy non-default FSX/FSX-SE aircraft into Prepar3d v5? I was able to move the stock 737-800 with a couple of my Delta liveries over and I can see them fine in the simulator. I have a few POSKY and Camsim Boeing and Airbus aircraft that I moved over in the same manner but I do not see a preview of them in the Vehicle page of P3D and they are completely invisible when they load in the sim. Is there a certain way of importing aircraft into P3D or am I stuck having to sink a lot of dollars into payware aircraft?
  7. We're you able to install it directly into P3d or did you just copy the files? I did the install and it didn't copy any of the files over to the Gauges folder.
  8. Really loving v5 since I got it installed and got most of the bugs worked out. One thing I was used to when I was using FSX/FSX-SE was the ISG (Integrated Simavionics) Smith's FMS but apparently I can't get it to work in Prepar3d. Has anyone gotten it to work in v5?
  9. Sorry for the late reply, life has been pretty busy here the past few weeks. Looks like the majority of you have recommended v5.4 and I am downloading as I am typing. Thanks for all the replies!
  10. Ok, I think I am sold on v5 since that was the majority of suggestions. I fly on VATSIM primarily and I have a model matching schema which works with Prepar3d. Also have GSX Level 2 so we're golden there. I mainly fly Delta Air Lines jets so I have most all the current aircraft from POSKY and a repaint or two. Can those be imported in P3d? My understanding is that they can but I want to make sure. The rest of the add-ons outside of FSUIPC and weather engine I'll budget in as time goes. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  11. Finally thinking about taking the plunge and trying out Prepar3d. Not sure which version would be best for the system I have. For my specs below, what is my best option? Many thanks! Intel Core i7 12th Gen 12700KF 2.7GHz Processor Microsoft Windows 11 Pro NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB GDDR6X 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM 1TB Solid State Drive 10/100/1000 Network 802.11ax Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 AIO Liquid ML 240L RGB Cooler
  12. Seem to have solved the issue. Make sure in FSX_SE.cgf file, make sure this setting in the hydraulics section is 1 and not 0: "electric_pumps=1" Hope this helps some FSX Steam noob somewhere down the road. You can close this thread.
  13. Don't know if anyone else has encountered this but with the Project Airbus A321, I can only open the cargo doors with the engines running and hitting Shift+D. This didn't happen when I was running the boxed FSX, only started doing this when I got FSX Steam. I think this is happening on several other aircraft too. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
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