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  1. A new virtual flight tracking site for VATSIM has been released, allowing interested parties to follow flights with an unprecendented level of detail. SimStatus allows users to track individual flights with accurate ETAs, expected landing runways, live radar and detailed flight information similar to that which might be seen on real-world tracking sites. Pilots looking for inspiration can also see live statistics such as popular airports and routes right now, VATSIM ATC availability, weather information and active runways based on real-time weather and operations. For more information visit the SimStatus website or Facebook page.
  2. I would like to give a big shoutout to Dimitri Ntistis for his extraordinary help in guiding me safely down to LGIO in what one would call nothing less than extraordinary conditions to fly in. My flight started of well at Skiathos, some clouds around but no biggy... once around 40 nm east of LGIO, I went in full IMC with major turbulance and major winds of up to 30-40 kts with lightning. As you might imagine, it wouldnt be a biggy if I haven't picked C-47 to fly in... which comes without auto pilot. So there I was, drifting though the wind like a plastic bag with Athens Radar being my eyes and only hope for survival. With my constant updrafts and downdrafts, and a bit of side toss - he upheld his patience for me and guided me down safely.... Even with the passangers puking around, a safe landing is better than no landing at all! This was by far the most difficult landing I've ever had to make. Best regards to you all vatsim and ivao aviators alike! /drago, JAT758
  3. The organisers of Connexion 2017 are pleased to announce the latest confirmed programme items for the weekend of 29th and 30th July 2017. In addition to the previously announced items, we are pleased to provide further information below (In no particular order) A day in the life of… a Heathrow Tower Controller A long-standing VATSIM member and real-world Heathrow Tower Controller will give a perspective from the control tower of one of the busiest airports in Europe. We will find out about the logistics, planning necessary to accommodate nearly 1,300 flights each day, bringing over 200,000 people through the airport. BAVirtual The CEO of BAVirtual will present to us the latest goings-on within one of the community’s longest standing virtual airlines. As they tackle new challenges such as pilot training it will be fascinating to hear this perspective. Pilot’s Perspective: Life on the other side of the scope One of VATSIM’s experienced Enroute Controllers will detail the tools and techniques used to keep traffic flowing safely and efficiently. This session will provide useful situational awareness for pilot’s flying in complex and busy airspace during their future flights. A day in the life of… a Eurocontrol Controller A VATSIM member and current Enroute Controller in Europe will present a perspective of life from the Maastricht UACC. This center handles approx. 5000 flights per day and this presentation will touch on some of the challenges involved in this operation. Workshop: Controlling Techniques Learn some of the tricks of the trade in enroute and approach controlling with this interactive and informative workshop for controllers. Panel Discussion: VATSIM and careers in aviation Three members of our community, one who is a Pilot for a large European business jet operator, another a Flight Safety Investigator for a UK based airline and the third an Air Traffic Controller will discuss how their time on VATSIM has influenced and affected their real-life career paths and in addition will provide some advice for those wishing to follow in their footsteps. Please note: this is not a definitive list other content will be added in the coming weeks and may be subject to alteration without notice.
  4. Virtualua.org is turning 5 on March 24th! We are having a special event that is sponsored by: Aerosoft, Imaginesim and Flightbeam! We will be giving away 5 PRIZES from the sponsors! To participate in the sponsor giveaway please join virtualua.org Here is the event information: On April 8th, from 2359z – 0400z, join us on VATSIM, as we all fly back to our beginning, at Chicago O’Hare Intl Airport (KORD). You can fly from anywhere, as long as the destination is KORD. CAT free, no route restrictions, just fly from any of our serviced airports to KORD. We want to crowd the KORD United ramp up! We will award 5 prizes from our wonderful sponsors and donors to 5 lucky pilots who arrive during the event. We will also offer dispatch services on our TeamSpeak server, from 1400z- 0400z for added realism. Sign-ups will be available on our website soon!
  5. We are planning to launch a new Virtual Airline in the Caribbean. At this moment we are brainstorming on what the community wants. The community is YOU. So come over to our forum and share your thoughts. Registration to the forum is free and not an application for the VA. Some points we are discussing about: - What should be the name of the VA - Which ACARS system should we use - Which software for the website - Which aircrafts should be in the fleet - Should we use a ranking and/or financial module - And many other questions that will rises So join the conversation to build a VA, for the community and by the community.
  6. I'm new to VATSIM ATC and have a headset. Done a few flights and I like the experience. However, I would like the headset to only play ATC sounds - NOT ambient plane sounds (i.e., engines, AC, cabin announcements, etc.) Essentially, when using the headset all sounds play through the headset and none through the speakers. Is there a way in X-Plane 10.50/Windows 10 to have headset only hear ATC and cpu speakers play everything else?
  7. What are the differences between Desk Pilot Free and Professional? Is it mostly graphical interfaces or does it impact the ability to read control inputs on the aircraft, etc.? Also, a friend and I used Desk Pilot with P3D and it worked pretty smoothly.
  8. Hey all PLEASE HELP : I can't connect FSLabs a320 with Vatsim using P3D simulator, I don't know how But I know its possible. When i get to Vatsim vPilot app on the Settings I don't find FSLabs a320 listed with the 130 other aircrafts even FSLabs a320 Installed on P3D and Launched and the Aircraft is fully ready for Pushback and Startup. I need your help on this one because I see many videos are on Youtube using FSLabs a320 on P3D connecting with Vatsim. I hope get responds on this one pretty soon Thanks
  9. Are you looking for a challenge? Do you own a copy of Microsoft FSX (Boxed), FSX-SE or Prepar3D? Do you hold VATSIM P2 and P3 ratings OR have real-world flying experience? If so, BAVirtual would like to hear from you! We currently offer training towards VATSIM ratings P1, P2 and P3 and have a P5 course launching early this year. As such, we're looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable simmers to join our team of volunteer instructors! Our Initial Flying Training course is based largely on the real UK PPL syllabus with a focus on VFR navigation, principles of flight and basic general handling. It results in VATSIM P2 and P3 ratings for the student, and we’ve had a glowing review from the VATSIM PTD with lots of praise for the quality of our material and instruction. As you might imagine, interest from students is high and we’ve got quite a waiting list building up! So I’m looking for more instructors to come on board and join our little team. Our instructors work one-on-one with students, delivering live flight instruction via JoinFS Shared Cockpit. The role would be ideally suited to someone with real-world flying experience at PPL or greater level looking to give something back to the FS community, but I’m just as keen to hear from enthusiastic amateurs (like myself!) -- commitment and a passion for helping others are the main criteria. In return, you’ll have a fantastic, rewarding experience -- there’s no feeling quite like that moment when you figure out the cause of a student’s struggles, show them how to fix it and see them “click”! It’s a great way to meet other like-minded people, give something back to the community and further develop your own skills and knowledge. We naturally provide a full suite of instructor support materials, lesson plans and resources to help you and your students get the most out of the course. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable and contains a vast amount of real and sim flying experience. Our standards are high, but we’re committed to helping you develop and succeed as an instructor, we’re an incredibly supportive bunch and we have a lot of fun together as well. If you think you might be interested -- no need to commit to anything immediately -- you can PM me here, or drop me an e-mail to training (at) bavirtual dot co do uk. I'm also interested to hear from anyone with a VATSIM P5 rating or relevant real-world experience who would be interested in instructing on our new multi-engine instrument rating course. I look forward to hearing from you!
  10. Micah210


    HI so am new to Vatsim and I was wondering if anyone knows what the busiest General Aviation airports are and which one often have active ATC
  11. I've tried researching a fix for this but no joy. It would seem that the Hawker radios do not connect with VATSIM using the vPilot client. (Unknown if other clients work). Has anyone found a fix for this issue?
  12. Does anybody know how to use COM1 and COM2 at the same time for pilotedge and vatsim in the PMDG737? I can get them to work on there own by the mic square boxes under NAV1. I need this so i can pick up atis information while listening to the controller. P3D PMDG737 -Dillon L.
  13. Hello Fellas, Would like to attach two videos recorded last week flying real time flights with the 777. One is approaching and landing at Paris CDG While "interesting" winds of storm Doris are in full affect, and the second one is approaching and landing runway 09L at London's Heathrow with a bit of a crosswind. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please feel free to leave comments about the flight or recording. Enjoy your weekend, Barak
  14. LESS THAN 72 HOURS TO BOOK - it takes 2 minutes to secure your ticket right here. This summer, VATSIM will hold its next global convention event, and all VATSIM members are invited to attend. Connexion 2017 will take place on the weekend of 29 & 30th July 2017 at the prestigious Holborn Bars conferencing venue in London, UK. This event brings together VATSIM members from all over the globe to meet and network with one another. It will feature workshops and talks on a number of topical subjects related to our hobby, as well as speakers from across VATSIM and the wider flight simulation community. Tickets and further information, including accommodation recommendations, are available at the event website: connexion.vatsim.net. If you are thinking of booking and have further questions regarding the event and/or things to see and do in London when you're here, we're hosting a Q&A session on the UK Teamspeak. Register here: VATSIM UK Teamspeak The next (and final) Q&A session will be held on: Sunday 7th May 2017 - 19:30z - 20:30z If you can't make it, why not tweet your question(s) instead. We will be monitoring tweets to the @vatsimuk twitter with the #connexionQA hashtag during the session: @vatsimuk #connexionQA Remember that the booking deadline is on Monday 8th May 12:00z - so if you have anything you would still like to ask, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.
  15. Hi there, I am flying on VATSIM, I don't turn AI traffic on unless I fly online. The problem is some AI models are not visible. I can see some people are flying with an A350 or B787 on VATSpy, but they are not visible in the sim at all. I have been using WOAI for a while, good fps but their AI traffic packages are not sync to realworld airliner, some models are missing (like A350, B77W,B787), and some airlines are not exist any longer. This is what I see in the sim with WOAI, I can see a user is flying a 77W aircraft, his ICAO code is filled correctly in the flightplan. But I can only see him flying a 772. And there is a serious problem, I have collided to an A350 last time when I was on the ground of WSSS. The user flied an A350 on X-plane. I didn't get any red text error in vPilot. And it didn't use default model as a supplementary to fill the blank. Therefore I can not see him in the sim. By the way, he saw me as a DC-10 in his sim(actually I am flying with PMDG 77W). And that leads to an accident. I tried several paywares, I got stutters using UT2, the aircraft models in MT6 are poorly designed and the fps is unacceptale. Therefore I decided to keep up with WOAI, is there a way to have more recent aircrafts (like A350, B789 etc) with WOAI that can be used by vPilot? or solving it using an alternative method? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Gordon To clearfy, I didn't literally enable AI traffic. I only use AI while flying online. Some pilot client (like vPilot) will use AI models even it is disabled by default.
  16. Hello, I recently purchased mytraffic 6, i am currently using P3D v3.2. On vpilot i try to download the rule set for it and all i get are errors saying how it could not create the model. Also, in the mytraffic communicator, how do you install the trafficdatabasebuilder ? -Dillon L
  17. UPDATE: Aerosoft discount for attendees, ticket sales deadline, Saturday evening plans and more programme items announced Aerosoft We are delighted to announce that Aerosoft have very kindly offered to provide an exclusive benefit to all attendees of Connexion 2017. Everyone who attends our event will receive a 20% discount code for use one of two highly anticipated upcoming projects: the CRJ 700/900 or the A330. This is a very kind offer from Aerosoft - we would like to thank them for supporting our event. Ticket Sales As you have probably seen, tickets are currently available for sale via our website (connexion.vatsim.net). There are a limited number of tickets available and we will be closing tickets for sale on Monday 8th May at 1200z. Please ensure you book before this date if you wish to attend. If you have begun booking a ticket and not completed payment or have not received an email from us containing your ticket details, please visit our website connexion.vatsim.net to finalise your booking in advance of this date. Saturday evening dinner Following an enjoyable and enriching day of convention content, we will enjoy an exclusive garden party in a nearby hotel (a short walk from the convention venue). Here we will have plenty of time for socialising and a BBQ buffet. We will sell tickets for this part of the event sometime closer to the date of the event. You will be able to purchase tickets for non-VATSIM members so as to be able to bring them along too. Conference Content We have just posted the latest items for the conference programme here and on our website, with more to follow. In addition to what was already announced, we are delighted to host the following sessions:- - A day in the life of a (real) Heathrow Tower controller - A presentation from BAVirtual - Pilot's Perspective: life from the other side of the scope - A day in the life of a (real )Eurocontrol Controller - Workshop: Controlling Techniques - Panel discussion: VATSIM and careers in aviation More details on these available in the thread above and on the Connexion website.
  18. An update on hotel recommendations, ticket sale timelines & seeking feedback from attendees Dear all, A few important updates below. A reminder that you can find out all the information for the event here. Hotel recommendations published The event organizers are pleased to present ashort document with recommendations for those looking to stay in the vicinity of the venue during Connexion 2017. There are a range of options to suit your budget and we will do our best to answer queries in the discussion thread here. Ticket sales scheduled to close at end of April Tickets are currently available for sale via our website (connexion.vatsim.net). There are a limited number of tickets available and while we endeavor to sell tickets as long as possible, we anticipate that ticket sales will close at the end of April. It may be possible to offer late tickets after ticket sales have closed but these are likely to be at an increased price and will be limited in availability. To avoid disappointment be sure to book your ticket now! Feedback wanted In addition to the confirmed content posted on the website, we’re also keen to hear from you, the members and attendees of the convention. We have a few slots available for you to help us to fill. If you have ideas about which talks, workshops or panels you would like to see at the upcoming event please let us know. This can include individuals, companies, organisations or just a topic you would like to learn about. You do not need to have anything more than an idea, just let us know and we will do the rest! Of course, if you’re interested in presenting something, we would also be happy to hear from proposals at this stage.
  19. Welcome! This thread will be used to post rolling updates from the organisers of Connexion 2017, the global convention of VATSIM taking place in late July in London, UK. If you have a question please start a thread in this forum and one of the organisers will get back to you ASAP. Alternatively there is a VATSIM thread being used for discussion here also. Want to jump to the Connexion 2017 website? Click here. Want to know what VATSIM is all about? Click here.
  20. Hello everyone, I've just downloaded some skins for the a2a comanche and wondered how I would pronounce the call sign for VH-DOE in the UK on vatsim? I have previously been using registrations like G-ASGF which would be annunciated "Golf Alpha Sierra Golf Foxtrot" until ATC shorten it, but is this the same with the aforemtioned reg? Many thanks in advance, Kieran
  21. [VIRTUAL] OPEN POSITION Director of Public Relations | Amman, Jordan Public Relations is the heart and soul of an airline’s image. At Arabian Airlines, the Director of Public Relations is among the most important and demanding staff positions. Working closely with the airline’s CEO, the Director of Public Relations pushes the airline’s image out into the world and interacts with pilots and staff alike in keeping the airline’s high-class profile intact. Responsibilities include: (1) directing all public relations efforts based on criteria and coordination from the Chief Executive Officer (2) work with media outlets to publish timely company information (3) maintain all news items on the airline’s website (4) create and maintain social media strategies (5) grow online supporter base and traffic (6) manage social media accounts (7) build and sustain online communities (8) work directly with VATSIM Divisions and vACCs to publicize events and news (9) manage relationships with all media outlets (10) produce and publish mass communications and marketing campaigns (11) refine core messaging to ensure airline’s consistency in all aspects of com munition including development (12) organizing and education (13) publicize videos and other media materials (14) speak at meetings and events on behalf of Arabian Airlines (15) collaborate with all aspects of the company management to ensure consistent and effective branding and advertising Minimum Skills: (1) Professional Demeanor (2) VATSIM Membership & Familiarity (3) FSX/P3D Experience (4) 18 Years of Age or Older (5) Bachelor’s Degree or Higher (6) Real World Business / Office Experience (7) 4+ Hours Per Week Minimum Requirement (8) English Fluency (9) Arabic Fluency (Preferred) (10) Microsoft Word & Excel Proficiency (11) Adobe Photoshop Proficiency (12) Acceptable Moral Character Applicants interested in this position are required to submit a resume and cover letter for consideration. All applicants will be interviewed by the virtual airline’s hiring committee. Successful applicants will be required to sign a Volunteer & Non-Disclosure Agreement upon acceptance. Click here to Apply DISCLAIMER Arabian Airlines is an equal volunteer opportunity provider and does not discriminate on the basis of economic or social status, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, political or legal status or age. Applicants understand that this is not a solicitation for employment. Furthermore, applicants understand that this is a volunteer only position with no compensation or reimbursement rights of any kind. No employer-employee relationship is created whatsoever by virtue of applying to this virtual airline.
  22. Dear All We will be holding a further question and answer session on the VATSIM-UK Team Speak server this evening (30/04/2017) starting at 19:00z. Registering on the VATSIM-UK Teamspeak server is easy, just follow the instructions here.. This is an opportunity to speak with representatives from the Connexion planning team and is a good opportunity to find out more about the event. If you are waiting to book and looking for specific information this is a great time to ask those questions. As always you can find more details on the event at connexion.vatsim.net.
  23. Mods: Kindly move this to a more appropriate board if deemed necessary. I thought it didn't fit in virtual airlines as this event is open to all on the VATSIM network and not a private VA affair. Hello everybody, Pardon the pun, but how time flies. Singapore Virtual Airlines Group is pleased to present a Southeast Asian event featuring a very iconic plane and two iconic cities. Skillfully guide your behemoth around the legendary IGS13 into Kai Tak, then bring her back to Changi Airport just in time for the weekend. This month is the fifth anniversary of our beloved Queen's retirement and to mark the occasion we are organizing a groupflight to Hong Kong and back. Bring along your 747s and commemorative tickets two weekends from now. ATC services will be provided. All are welcome so see you there! VHHX navdata: http://www.vapap.com/kai-tak-airport VHHX payware: http://www.flytampa.org/vhhx.html VHHX freeware: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/8822/fsx-kai-tak-airport-scenery/ VHHH payware: http://www.imaginesim.com/vhhh01.htm VHHH payware: http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-hong-kong-international-airport-vhhh-fsx-p3d.phtml VHHH freeware: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/11187/vhhh-hong-kong-international-airport/ WSSS payware: http://www.imaginesim.com/wsss01.htm WSSS freeware: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxscen https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=137348 Flight schedules: SIA860/SIA747 SIN-HKG Dep 1000z Arr 1410z SIA863/SIA748 HKG-SIN Dep 1430z Arr 1840z Additional notes: 1. Users with legacy "Samsoft" payware WSSS are advised to use alternative sceneries instead as that scenery has a large offset which will interfere with ATC operations. 2. Users who are not comfortable flying into Kai Tak can land at Chek Lap Kok airport, ATC services for both will be available. Warm regards, Nicholas Schuester VP, SVAG
  24. Only 3 days to go until we welcome VATSIM members from all over the world to London for Connexion 2017! We'll be reporting live from the venue all weekend on our Facebook page ('like' us here!) and on our Twitter (follow us here!). Whether you'll be joining us in London or can't make it this time, join the discussion with the #VATSIMCon17 hashtag. We look forward to passing on your questions and getting you involved! You can find out more information on the event at the VATSIM Connexion 2017 website - if you live in or near London there are even a couple of last-minute tickets available to book. We're looking forward to meeting you!
  25. St Paul Airlines Virtual (SPA) is a very special airline offering a distinctive experience to the daring pilots! Besides its 3 regular hubs in Minneapolis/St Paul, Miami and London Heathrow with more than 2’500 interesting flights on schedule for passengers and cargo heavy jets, SPA has developed a unique range of “Special Operations” involving: The largest bush and special operations department available. USA seaplane tours. Postal Flights all over the World. Helicopter and taxi flights. Historic Flights. Round the World and other adventurous VFR tours such as Great Rivers, World discovery and hundreds of other theme flights. Working and easy online multiplayer flights, + VATSIM for the more ambitious. A basic fleet with the company’s livery. Cargo & Freight division Close connections with other organizations with code share agreement or direct cooperation (Misty Moorings, etc.). Furthermore, presently we have more than 4’000 exciting VFR flights available in our amazing Special Operations Division. Thus joining our company is really a wise choice for any pilot enjoying to fly low and slow over these beautiful landscapes that our modern flight simulators can produce. Furthermore, SPA is very friendly and open minded, without cumbersome administrative harassment for it pilots. Almost no obligation, no inquisitorial control, just the pleasure of flying freely! What else? Among all our activities select your flying style: low and Slow VFR flights with single or twin props aircraft, PMDG IFR heavy jets operations monitored by VATSIM, or anything in between. When it comes to multiplayer online flying you can use the company’s own FSHOST system and communicate via TEAMSPEAK 3. We also provide our exclusive and easy to use flight reporting system and recently we added an original “economy system” allowing our members to add a financial management side to their flight simulation hobby. Of course all these goodies are free and our pilots can choose to use them or not. For more information, just visit our website. We heartily welcome new pilots from anywhere in the World and our European friends should be aware that we also provide many flight’s programs covering European countries. As a matter of facts SPA is fully active in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. And if someone whispers "fly me to the moon" we could even do it! Yoland Grosjean SPA CEO http://www.stpaulairlines.com/
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