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  1. Hey Everyone! So I'm hosting a giveaway for my channel reaching 200 subscribers. I'm giving away BlueSkyStar Simulations Aerosoft Airbus X A318/19/20/21 CFM and IAE Soundpacks for FSX If you own the Airbus X, and FSX. Then this is for you! Value of giveaway: $32USD I use adf.ly on my links to track number of people clicking, this is not a virus or anything. PLEASE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE ENTERING! Video and how to enter: (Be sure to open in YouTube because the link is in description). Why am I posting this here? I need more entries so that picking a winner is an actual contest, (so far I have 4 users), So that means a 1 in 4 chance of someone winning.. Those odds are too good. Please enter! There is nothing to lose. Thanks, all. Have a great day! - lorenplanes
  2. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to mention something that may or may not have been brought up before. I've been getting P3D stopped working errors in all versions in Windows 10 if I was using the Aerosoft Airbus and tried to change airports through the menu. I also would get crashes at times if I fiddled with the FMC inflight. I did a fresh install and the problem happened again. The source of the problem, in my case, was that I had the wrong box ticked in the Airbus configurator. There's a choice between what navdata to use: Navigraph or Nav Data Pro. Make sure to check the right one if you are using one of these products. Just thought someone would like to know... John
  3. Hello all, I haven't posted in a long time so please excuse me if my post is in the wrong area or rather lengthy. So lets get started! I have the Blackbox Airbus Prologue at the moment, but usually only fly the A320 model. For any other Blackbox A320 users out there, is there anyway to get the Airbus to descend at a faster speed, say, 300 KTS? I have talked to various Airbus pilots about the A320 aircraft in general (descent speeds, types of descents, and descent rates) and have learned a lot about the bus, and know that it can and usually will descend anywhere from 280 up to 300+ Knots depending on weather, weight, cost index, etc. The blackbox A320's MCDU however has a set managed descent speed of 250 Knots. You can change the cost index, which will affect the cruise and climb speeds, but the descent speed is always set to 250 for me :huh: . Is there anyway to get the aircraft to descent faster? Sometimes I find myself preparing to fly a STAR with a constraint of 280 Knots, and the descent speed still set at 250. I have inputted selected mode speeds in the MCDU before descent of 280+ but it doesnt seem to change the T/D point, and still descends very poorly causing an early level off. Questions: -Can I get the A320 to descend at a faster speed and fly the vertical profile to meet all constraints? If so, how? Thanks for taking the time to read this! Blue skies & Tailwinds! :t4013: -Chris
  4. Hello, I am writing you because I want to ask you if possible to study the possibility of a new very interesting aircraft , but a bit old now . Since Fsx , and lack of support SSW , the abscence wonderful Harald Nehring and Simon Topmann , it lacks a true and beautiful A300-600/600ST and A310 family , and I regret it !! If only I had the time and capabilities for devellopper I would ... I think as the MD-11 , that to be interesting for the community. These aircraft are still flying , and can still do interesting things . I understand that you were very very busy especially with the release of 744v2 and DC6 . But if you feel like it . I have some documentation :-) A310 proud repainter. Rafael Braz
  5. Hello Flight Friends,i converted Airbus A 400 M with Toolkit 1.1.28 and here are the results! working: not working: - left Engine - other three Engines - Gear - Sound - Flaps - Instruments in Cockpit - 3D Cockpit View - Steering controlls about Cockpit - all Steering controlls - taxing and starting from Ground ( not Power enough) - Lights - Ramp door open/close - left side front door open/close - perfect controlls on gliding Modus (Engine off) - all Camera View`s - HUD - inside view Cargo Room You see it is more working as not working,but now i need help and tips for the fine settings! You can see some Pics here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6cOWqZoMNCbTml2TDl3RlRjcmM Best regards,Steff
  6. The other thread was chocked full of dead links due to previous, ongoing and final updates to all of them. Only the liveries here should be considered complete. Airbus A321 IAE Lufthansa 'Fanhansa' D-AIDG - [link removed] Airbus A319 CFM KLM Royal Dutch Airlines PH-AOT (fictional) - [link removed] Airbus A321 IAE Lufthansa 'FC Bayern Siegerflieger' D-AIDF - [link removed] Airbus A319 CFM Brussels Airlines OO-SSR - [link removed] Airbus A320 Condor Airlines D-AICK - [link removed] Airbus A320 CFM Brussels Airlines OO-SNF - [link removed] Airbus A319 Sharklets American Airlines N9008U - [link removed] Airbus A319 IAE Thomas Cook Airlines OO-TCS - [link removed]
  7. Hi, I know this is an old topic and I've searched everywhere for a solution but haven't found one yet so I thought I'd ask anyway in the hope that someone out there that reads this has worked one out. The auto brakes on my Aerosoft Airbus X A320 and A321 disconnect every time I land. I've tried low and medium and tried bringing the throttles to idle at a variety of hieghts i.e. 20', 30'. 40' and 50' just before landing but the deacceleration green light pops on for a second then both lights go out and I have to brake manually. I've also tried using reverse thrust and not using reverse thrust. I can't believe there isn't a solution to this very insignificant but annoying little problem. Any help from anybody would be sincerely appreciated. Regards Steve
  8. Hello everyone, I have been having this problem for a while now. When I try to fly the Aerosoft Airbus at UK2000 Heathrow, the sim will freeze sometime between startup and takeoff. I can't even takeoff! Everything will be working fine until suddenly, the sim freezes but the sound keeps going. I have rebuilt the cfg many times and applied only an affinitymask 84, highmemfix, and forcewindowedvsync=1. Everything else works fine. Along with this, the safedock systems have disapeared along with their support poles at the non gate stands at UK2000 Heathrow. Please help! 1251452
  9. So i did a landing comparison of the FSL320 vs. the FF320. A sidestick camera is included in both videos. Conditions are relatively the same during both landings. Variable winds /w light turbulence. I made more adjustments than needed to show the differences in response and feel. Enjoy P.S. I don't intend starting a war over which is better. FSLA320: https://youtu.be/x36g0o73SKI FF320: https://youtu.be/DM7whpazKkA
  10. I have an issue with the default A321 cockpit. Whenever I download an Airbus addon which already has the default a321 cockpit installed, the 'roll bar' of the flight director never works. The 'pitch bar' always works fine but the roll bar is never active in any mode. Anybody know of any fixes for this?
  11. Hi everyone... EGPF Park Cockpit Takeoff Climb Nice wind... FL330 Metar Final Shadow Landing End. Thanks!
  12. I am a newcomer to the VRInsight MCP Combo product only discovering it a couple of few weeks ago. As a dedicated Airbus flight simulator flyer (X-Plane JAR Design A320neo and FSX Aerosoft Extended X Airbus A320/A321), after some research, I ordered the MCP Combo Airbus FCU version. The design and build quality is excellent but I immediately found the software support limited. The VRISim driver replicates the Airbus functionality but I found the key mapper flaky and impossible to master. Further research on the internet revealed the brilliant LINDA (Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning) freeware which provides an easy and highly flexible interface for programming all the functions on the VRInsight Combo II MCP and other controller buttons (joysticks, yokes, throttle quadrant). However, the LINDA developers have (at present) decided not to support the Airbus FCU variant. I was not going to let that stop me with my real-world airborne software maintenance background. Hence, Project Linda2Airbus. In the past week I have reworked the Lau code behind LINDA to program all the functions for reading and actioning all the buttons, switches and rotary knobs on the Airbus FCU and am in the progress of defining the display functions to replicate the Airbus displays. The only problem is that modifications will be required to the LINDA user interface. My aim will be to present the developers of LINDA (Guenter Steiner and his colleagues) with a full set of code and data to upgrade LINDA to support all the VRInsight Combo variants. There will be a short delay due to a hardware failure with my Airbus FCU (with a horrible electrical burning smell) but my replacement is on its way. Watch this space.
  13. I have a question; how come when i start recording with fraps the frames drop significantly with 1920x1080x32? They also drop with 720 but not as much. The default resolution(i forgot what it was) has no frame drop with fraps. What is it about 720 and 1080 that make fraps want to eat fps? I also tried bandicam and same thing! can't put my finger around it and i searched for an answer and can't figure it out.
  14. As per the topic, a new full installer 1.15 has been released. Changelog from AS forum:  ECAM o WHEEL GEAR NOT DOWN appearing when Thrust set to TOGA Fixed. o Now dimmable o Fixed Cruise Page showing after Gear Down and below 16000 ft. o Fixed Stuck at WHEEL Page after both engine shut down.  MCDU (left) o ALTN Functions significantly reworked o SEC FPLN significantly reworked o Minor Fixes to DME Arcs o GO AROUND phase problems mostly solved o CI Range changed to 0‐999 o Independant Radios for VOR1,VOR2,ILS1 o Added full support for LOC Approach o BRG/DIST in PROG page updated constantly now. o ”CF" waypoint was on the wrong side when selecting a runway without final approach o VAPP in PERF APPR page changeable o DH changed to RADIO, MDA changed to BARO o RADIO accepts 'NO' as a field o ALT Predications significantly reworked o PPOS Mode added after discon o Some cases of wrong HOLD exit curved fixed o Vspeeds Fixed.  ND o XTK should remain active even in HDG mode o Full Approach name now displayed (eg: ILS APP now to ILS27) o Optimizations to code o Energy Circle Added o If VOR1 is auto tuned, a "‐‐‐" is now displayed in VOR ROSE mode in upper right corner o ”TRU" and indication of approach name do no longer partly overlap o Chrono display: Position and size slightly changed, also background colour changed to grey  PFD o Fixed THR CLB when ALT* active. o Fixed Flap 3 Config no F Speed on PFD. o Fixed Managed DES ECON Speed profile showing when leveled off.  FDE o Custom EGT o Engine Startup tweaked to be longer now o BLEED OFF PROVIDE 0.7 % increase in N1. o Increase N1 Acceleration a bit  Diverse o Chrono Clocked Fixed o Retard not called out once when thrust levers at IDLE o Fixed AUTOLAND Light Lighting up above 200 FT RA. o Autotrim not trimming in previous version fixed. o Fixed Preselect HDG Take‐off. o Max ND Symbols default settings lowered to 100. o Webserver off by default. o FMGS, FBW, ASINPUT logging off by default o Variable IRS Alignment Time based on lat pos of aircraft. o Fixed Early Descend (‐1000fpm) wrongly activated when OP DES from ALT CRZ. o VC Click spot mouse wheel scrolling now standardized  The English and German tutorial has been modified to fit with the functions of this release. o Some screenshots have been modified based on the MCDU PERF APPR page change from MDA/DH to RADIO and BARO o The GA (Go Around) Checklist / Co‐pilot functions have been extended (chapter 5.22). o Also included is a tutorial part how to set up the MCDU in case of a diversion to an alternate destination airport (ALTN) and how to work with alternate company routes (ALT CO RTE). Details you will find in chapter 7. o NPA (non‐precision approach) the chapter has been completely reworked and some general explanations added (based on the information of a real A320 pilot).  Aircraft States o The four aircraft states have been modified. All FCU settings of the COLD / DARK state have been set to a minimum respectively to 000 whereas the TURNAROUND state loads now exactly like after a “managed” ILS‐landing. The TAXI and TAKE‐OFF states are fully “managed” and the first altitude for both states is set to 7.000 feet.  View System o There were graphic “artefacts” respectively PFD, ND, UPPER and LOWER ECAM were “greyed out” if WING VIEWS were set to ON and the user changed between FULL SCREEN and WINDOW view mode. Those problems have been solved. o MCDU (separate window) o The left MCDU can be opened as a separate window. The key combination to open this window has been changed and is now SHIFT+2.  FCU Displays o Modified / enhanced to fit much more with the “real” Airbus.  Checklist‐ / Co‐pilot Functionality o Speed Brake deployed / GND Spoilers Armed o During the Landing CL the GND SPLRS are armed by the Co‐pilot. If the Speed Brakes are deployed this is now recognized by the Co‐pilot. o Cabin crew “Landing” announcement during Take‐off o The code has been modified so that should not happen again. o Panel Bar (day and night view) o The day and night views are no longer depending on the overhead panel light but on the FSX “current time” setting. o Switch Positions o The switch positions e. g. for TCAS and TILT, as well as for the various others switches like signs, lights etc. have been newly programmed and the checklist as well as co‐pilot function adjusted. o Co‐pilot entering ALT values o The ALT values (first altitude after Take‐off and GA altitude will be entered by the co‐pilot in visible steps (with sound) and also considering the 100 and 1000 switch. o Cabin‐crew Take‐off call o The cabin‐crew Take‐off call now starts app. one plane length before the runway holding point (instead of during taxiing to the runway). o Doors automatically closing o If the plane is “relocated” after loading the COLD/DARK state e. g. the gate is changed, then FSX automatically closes the doors and the COCKPIT PREPARATION checklist did not start. With this release the LEFT FRONT door then automatically is opened again. o Go Around Altitude: for some airports there is no GA flight path / altitude available in the NAV DB. In such a case the co‐pilot sets the GA altitude automatically to 5.000 feet.  DATABASE o New AIRAC 1309 included in new location: FSXMainFolder\Aerosoft\Airbus X Extended\NavDataPro
  15. Hi Everybody, I'm trying do get my UT2 traffic a bit better. So I installed the AI TFS A380 which is beautiful. Till now I installed the Emirates and the Singapore Airlines Livery in FSX. The Emirates livery is showing perfectly But to have the Singapore Airlines displayed I need to uncheck the "aircraft shadows" option. Anybody have the same problem or maybe know what happen ? I think it should be something with the texture file which are not treated in the same way ? Thanks in advance for your help. BR Basile
  16. Hello there my fellow flight-simmers! I'm messaging you all to announce the grand opening of Monarch Virtual Airlines! We've currently got just under 10 Pilots, but are expanding by the hour! We have a custom PIREP system for all our Pilots, you can choose whether to track your flight online or just do some private flying and update your hours by uploading PIREPS (With proof you've flown them of course!), communicate with hub managers and senior staff and participate in monthly flying events (Read further on to see what Events are coming up!) and browse through a modern fleet of Airliners, flying the same real world operations that Monarch does to date! You can see our website at http://www.mon-va.co.uk/en/, and if you require more information, just send a message to me via pm, comment below or contact us on the site! Right... Lets get down to the events! European Fly-Off This is an event that we're currently hosting through the upcoming months that Monarch Virtual will stand. Pilots will fly from their selected hub (Manchester, Luton, Gatwick, East Midlands), and will fly across the UK, to Europe and back to their hubs. The first Pilot to complete the full circuit (Each hub) will receive a special prize! So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and become a part of a fast expanding virtual airline today! http://www.mon-va.co.uk/en/ See you soon! Ryan
  17. Hi everyone, I recently build an Airbus Throttle Quadrant. I show you a preview:On my website: www.mycockpitsolution.com you will find: more photos of the finished object, constuction phase photo and guide and .dwg drawings.Greetings,Filippo
  18. Especially for Aztec Airways: http://www.aztec.pl/virtual/ One pilot + squirrel Without AP and SOP With English subtitles.
  19. Hello, I've recently purchased the Aerosoft Airbus X packages. Everything works great apart from one thing, the brakes are VERY insensitive. I use a button and when I'm taxing and want to stop, it would take me about 25 seconds to stop if I was going 10 knots. Also this issue seems to only occur when I do a cold and dark set up. This is extremely annoying and I would love to know if they'res a fix for it! Thanks ;-)
  20. Will PMDG be making a Dash 8 or an Airbus?
  21. For those of you who are interested Aerosoft have said that they intend to release the new Airbus X-Tended-extended (A318/319) next Monday at 14:00 Paris time. For those looking to upgrade, you'll have to wait until Wednesday. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/82081-airbus-projects-preview/page-77 Not sure about this, i was unhappy that they are going to charge, but it's only a 20 euro upgrade fee for 4 models and improvements. Might wait for the FSL A320, but i don't think i'll use all the features.
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