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Found 36 results

  1. Hi folks, I have a rather sticky issue with the "seconds" created by TTools while compiling Traffic.bgl out of aircraft, airports and flightplans text files. for example : ,5/11:30:29,5/14:00:26, instead of a neat ,5/11:30,5/14:30, whereby 5 stands for friday and the rest are departure and arrival times, as most of us already know. Although I am able to remove the seconds that take place in most of the flightplans.txt files found here and there, by making use of the great tool "AI Seconds Remover" by Hamish Robertson, those bothersome seconds come back again upon compiling the flight plans and then decompiling Traffic.bgl using TTools. Any ideas how to fundamentally get rid of the "seconds" ? Thanks for taking your time to read.
  2. I have installed carefully these two planes in FSX, with flightplans and textures checked for FSX with AI Flight Planner. I Find the behavior of the planes is very strange: --both of them appear only with a few generic and empty textures; all white, all grey, a few chromatic details... windows and mobile parts show correctly, the plane flies and is recognised, but it doesn't show the many liverys that are in the Richard Faith's packages --the F900 shows some green points and areas on the nose and the upper engine --and the most strange thing: I go to the "Tools" menu, open the AI "Explorer" utility, use the "create" option, I choose one of the RFAI variants of the plane, and it appears perfectly, with the appropriate livery, even side by side in the ramp to the "empty" texture that I explained above. Does anyone has these beauties working properly in its FSX? If so, I would appreciate to know wether he has found these same problems. Thaks a lot in advance, Felix FdC (Spain)
  3. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am still learning the forum layout. Hello all, I am just about completed with my FSX PC and my first sim pit. I have many software and add-on questions answered, though I am still not sure what to do about ATC and Traffic. I know it has probably been beat to death, but nothing I read sways me in a direction. I try to fly as realistically as I know how, and my aviation knowledge is only basic. I kind of know what SIDs and STARs are and that is about my large aircraft ATC/Navigation knowledge. I fly general aviation aircraft and small to medium charter aircraft. I have/would like a2a 172, realair duke2.0, baytowerstudios RV, aerosoft twin otter, flight1 king air... and would like to get into the majestic Q and some PMDG's someday. So my problem is that I don't know what to look at for add-on traffic and ATC programs. I did look at VOXATC and decided not to go a "spoken aloud" direction. So considering that I enjoy small aircraft and that I generally fly into smaller airports, does anyone have any suggestions for a program? Hopefully a product that combines ATC and Traffic? I would love to come to a large airport and see planes in holding patterns rather than the occasional plane come straight in and land. Or have to wait for a plane to land at a small local airstrip before I can get on the runway. It seems at my home airport KLND, even with traffic all the way up, I never ever see any other planes. I am sorry, this post is not organized at all in it's presentation, but basically I would love a combined ATC/Traffic solution that is PRETTY realistic and something that I can continue to grow with as my knowledge increases and I move on to more complex aircraft. P.S. I will eventually try VATSIM, but don't plan to use it in the close future. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Everybody, I'm trying do get my UT2 traffic a bit better. So I installed the AI TFS A380 which is beautiful. Till now I installed the Emirates and the Singapore Airlines Livery in FSX. The Emirates livery is showing perfectly But to have the Singapore Airlines displayed I need to uncheck the "aircraft shadows" option. Anybody have the same problem or maybe know what happen ? I think it should be something with the texture file which are not treated in the same way ? Thanks in advance for your help. BR Basile
  5. Hello I am trying to create an AI flight plan for a particular plane. When I go to test the flight plan I created, the plane does not show up at the airport. I did everything like the rules, in fact, with other planes is working The weirdest Here is the aircraft.cfg that does not work [fltsim.0] description=LOD1 polygons: 1\nLOD6 polygons: 5414\n model=CFM_S sim=FAIB_A321 texture=LST_CS-TSF title=A321LSTTSF ui_manufacturer=Lusitaniair ui_type=A321 ui_variation=Lusitaniair CS-TSF 2017 (LST) atc_id=CS-TSF atc_airline=Lusitaniair atc_flight_number=123 atc_parking_types=GATE atc_parking_codes=LST "i only have one fltsim" Now, doing this change, the plane already appears at the airport right. [fltsim.0] description=LOD1 polygons: 1\nLOD6 polygons: 5414\n model=CFM_S sim=FAIB_A321 texture=LST_CS-TSF title=A321LSTTSFTest ui_manufacturer=Lusitaniair ui_type=A321 ui_variation=Lusitaniair CS-TSF Test 2017 (LST) atc_id=CS-TSF atc_airline=Lusitaniair atc_flight_number=123 atc_parking_types=GATE atc_parking_codes=LST [fltsim.1] description=LOD1 polygons: 1\nLOD6 polygons: 5414\n model=CFM_S sim=FAIB_A321 texture=LST_CS-TSF title=A321LSTTSF ui_manufacturer=Lusitaniair ui_type=A321 ui_variation=Lusitaniair CS-TSF 2017 (LST) atc_id=CS-TSF atc_airline=Lusitaniair atc_flight_number=123 atc_parking_types=GATE atc_parking_codes=LST Why? Why not accept in the fltsim.0? Regards João
  6. Hi, So I have recently installed FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol and it is AMAZING. There is so much going on around the airport; busses, airtram, ground service trucks, and so much more. The level of detail is off the charts, and I have only lost about 5 fps! My only issue is that there is hardly any ai traffic. With my airline traffic slider set to 50%, only 2 airplanes spawned IN THE ENTIRE AIRPORT!!! I tried waiting at the gate for more to spawn, but they never came. I am not using any traffic addons. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, David UPDATE: This not only happens at the FlyTampa airport, it happens at default airports too (I loaded into EGLL and there was only 1 plane)
  7. I own RC4, PFE, and VOXATC. VOX is by far the most realistic for my money as it assigns you SIDS/STARS based on current weather conditions. I know PFE will do that, but it basically requires you to create a database or just pick your own on take-off and landing. My one big complaint with VOX is the way it handle traffic. I flew a flight from LAX last night and another from Heathrow this morning. In both cases, there was plenty of traffic at the gates but once I was airborne, there was little to no traffic in the surrounding airspace. Yes, you hear some chatter between ATC and traffic, but visually it's non existent. This is one area I'd like to see improved if/when there's an update.
  8. So I'm trying to create scenery and traffic for a local airport with a skydiving operation. The scenery was the easy part, the jumper dumpers ehhhhhh not quite as easy. Well easy but the way I have planned out seems time consuming to me. What I was planning on doing was creating a flight that leaves every 15 minutes starting around 10:00 and contiuning until 19:00ish (make it 16 maybe for randomization) to another airport maybe 5 miles away and have it do touch and go's for 10 minutes then come back. But I'm using a freeware program called AI flight creator which does allow me to do repeat flights every 1,2,4,8,12,24 hours plus weekly. The problem is that it creates a new airplane each time I do this so I will have 6 airplanes sitting on the ground and one flying. Which for a small airport with a few other flights in and out is a bit of a problem. Do any of you have better solutions or am I just going to have to sit and peck at my keyboard for a few hours?
  9. Has anyone used this AI Traffic addon? http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=3900 (Mods, I checked with the developer and FSS and there is neither a website nor a Facebook page yet for the addon, so this is the only link available) I was thinking of buying it, but it's not licensed for P3d.
  10. I you have been following this topic over at the .org, you know that the 2.2 release of Word Traffic is imminent (imminent in X-Plane time, so weeks, maybe months), and it's the first real AI plug-in for X-Plane. Real as in complete. The feature list is fantastic, and it looks as if very soon, all our airports will be busy and buzzin' with loads of (automatically generated) realistic traffic. How's that for a change? I had almost made peace with the X-Plane AI traffic now that 10.50 made them fly better, however it's no secret that more than 4-6 of them WILL bring down your CPU (I have done extensive tests with the freely available XPFW plane models) and the constant babble on the ATC is also unnerving (albeit realistic). What's the biggest shortcoming however is that it's always the same 4-6 planes you see, as Laminar as of now has not included "profiles" or a region-sensitive loading of AI planes (I'm not a fan of changing your settings every time you load a flight). So, if Word Traffic 2.2 delivers, in my opinion it's another (after the Airport Gateway, SkyMaxx w/RWC and 10.50) huge leap for X-Plane, and at the end of 2015, many more people will consider migrating to the platform, finally generating the momentum X-Plane needs to flourish.
  11. AI Traffic Control Utilities. AI Dupe, AI Smooth, AI Cull, AI Traffic Manager, AI Controller, Super Traffic Board and so on. My head is spinning, does anyone know how or when to use these with what? Can they all be used together or only some. What is redundant and what isn't? Is there one that does it all?
  12. I got myself T2G VHHH and it is runing along P3D v2.5 latest version and My traffic x v6 but I am unable to see any ai traffic on the airport? Any suggestion tip regarding this issue? Regards, AK
  13. I would like to add WW2 warbird AI traffic to my flight environment. I already have WW2 flyable aircraft but they don't appear as AI traffic. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi I'm using the demo version of P2ATC with p3d 4.2. I landed at KMIA and requested taxi to the gate. I was assigned D25 (I'm was flying an AA livery) however that gate was already assigned (according to GSX). I tried to "request taxi to gate D26" (which was free/unoccupied), however P2ATC kept assigning me to D25. Question, does P2ATC take into consideration AI traffic at the gates when determining availability? How do you request taxi to a specific gate or to change the assigned gate?
  15. Hello All, I was searching the forums (not only this one) but couldn't find an answer for my question.. Is there any add-on, or a program or anything that could animate the airport vehicles and jetways so that they service AI traffic? It would be great and highly more realistic if all aircraft (or most of them) at an airport standing at the gate were connected to an air bridge and serviced by fuel trucks, baggage loaders etc. Is it possible at all?
  16. So im planning to make an AI Traffic of Airphil express since there aren't any available packages out there that I have seen (If you have found some pls. tell me). I already have an AI Flight Plan downloaded and AI Aircraft (The Fruit Stand) with airphil express textures and also TTool. Does anyone know where should I start and if I need any more programs? ^_^
  17. This will be a hot fall for X-Plane... along with native VR support and new X-Enviro versions, it looks like World Traffic 3.0 will finally see the light of day. There's little doubt that it will be the best AI traffic package for any sim, with features users of other simulators sim may only dream about. It's been a long time coming! https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/128621-world-traffic-30-features/
  18. I have recently installed VOXATC 7.2 Beta on my system. When loading a flightplan, in my sim, the system displays wrong ai traffic. Example: When departing from EHAM for a flight to EDDH, 90% of all my ai aircraft at EHAM, consist of AN-74-100's of Cavok Airlines (Ukraine). Have uninstalled and reinstalled VOX, but unfortunately, no remidy. Have restarted the system and was able to replicate the problem. My system: Prepar3D Prosim737 AS16 (via client) Rex soft clouds REX Worldwide airports ###ai ORBX Global, Vector, Europe, U.S. I have dissabled ai traffic in Prepar3d as suggested in the manual and have VOXATC ai traffic at 40%. Anyaone has a clue as to where to look for a solution?
  19. Does anybody use VoxATC and MyTraffic 6? I have read that VoxATC controls the AI traffic. Any issues? Especially with the next release (currently Beta 7). Thanks!
  20. I would like to ask how you guys manage to populate Hong Kong with AI Traffic. I own FT - VHHX and T2G - VHHH but I am unable to set AI flights using both payware airports. I am using the last version of P3D v2.5 and My Traffic x v6. In VHHX I am unable to set AI to use the airport even using historical schedule prior to 1998, and on VHHH I couldn´t get any AI to use the airport after the airport install no matter what I do (e.g. disabling shadows, deleting MT AFCAD, etc.) which it's strange because MT v6 is working quite well in all of my other payware airports and default ones for that matter. Any help tips or hints would be much appreciated. Regards, AK
  21. In the nine years since Military AI Works was created, a lot has changed in our little community. New simulators were released. People come and go. In all those years we kept doing what we do best: create full scale military AI packages for FS2004. But are we still relevant? Is the community still expecting the same as they expected nine years ago from us? Is it time for change and if so, where do we go? Quo vadis, MAIW? Help us shape our future. If you ever used our military AI traffic packages, please fill in our survey. We only need ten minutes of your time. Go here to begin the survey. Thanks!
  22. FSLTL AI Traffic (freeware) has finally released for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Here's my little video on how to get it and get set up. I hope you enjoy! 🙂 https://youtu.be/5VYmNhFTTFw
  23. I am still a FSX novice... I am using FSX Gold Edition (W/ Acceleration)...Windows 7 Professional...64 bit. I've just installed Traffic 360, and I'm not seeing any traffic. I am reading the Traffic 360 instructions. It is suggesting the installation of FSX SDK to set up the Traffic Toolbox. Is there anyone on this forum using Traffic 360 with FSX/ Windows 7?
  24. Hello, I'm having problems with the traffic 360 from just flight. I can't download the file finder from JF to find the files because the administrator doesn't care about the problem and blocked me to download programs from JF. Now I need help to manually find the fs9 ai files and disable them of delete them. Any Help???
  25. When most here are dealing with enlarged AI Traffic landing lights or lights that seem to hover above the aircraft. I am baffled at what has happened to the AI landing lights in my sim. They are barely visible head on at very close range. They appear to look like flashlights were attached to the aircraft. I have already replaced my halo.bmp with a 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2014 back up and no difference. The only thing I messed with recently is Zenertek (doubt that caused it) and REX 4 (thought for sure that was it, but the backed up halo.bmp didn't help) this is driving me nuts. The Shockwave Navi lights work great.
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