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  1. I have the same problem but it is on the known issues tracker so I hope they come up with a solution soon.
  2. I would like to add WW2 warbird AI traffic to my flight environment. I already have WW2 flyable aircraft but they don't appear as AI traffic. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have just upgraded my flight simulator PC. On the old set up I ran ten Saitek/Logitech Flight Information Panels (FIPs) split equally between two USB 2 hubs. That set up ran without problem. On my new PC, the FIPs work if I connect them one by one, but they are blank when restarting the pc, something that didn't happen with the old pc. I have already disabled USB power management. I haven't seen this particular issue in the forum before. Any ideas on a solution? Thanks Mike
  4. After flying for a while (FSX-XP, Windows 10, Realsimear GNS 430 running RXP) the buttons on the unit stop working after a Bonjour error - "10054 an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" Any know fixes? Thanks
  5. How do I turn off update popups? They are causing system crashes during long flights - very inconvenient! Thanks Mike
  6. I have enabled that setting but the RealSimGear controls only change the GPS unit on the panel, not on the Reality XP GPS display. How do I fix this please? Thanks Mike
  7. Thanks. I believe I have done that but will double check.
  8. I have installed a Realsimgear GNS430 but the buttons are controlling the GPS on the FSX-SE aircraft panel rather than the Realsimgear display. Anyone know the setting to toggle between the two GPS units so the buttons contol the second (Realsimgear) GPS? Thanks Mike
  9. Yes - and thanks for the response, which works for me. Mike
  10. When trying to install XPR Garmin 430 on the Carenado PA 34 (FSX-SE on Windows 7) I get an error message "Destination Folder Access Denied." I have changed access settings without success. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks Mike
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