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  1. OK so I just updated to the latest 2.7 beta and weather is now working (all I did was download, unzip and install). I imported the same flight and was able to get weather. I compared the METAR and it matches exactly that from https://aviationweather.gov/
  2. Dave I also tried uninstalling, deleting the C:\Pilot2ATC_2021_x64 folder and reinstalling the application. I am getting the same error
  3. OK Dave I tried with both NOAA Real Weather as well as SIM Weather, both give the same result: SERVICIOS INTEGRALES Seven Six Seven Sorry, weather for your location is not available. Say again weather request with airport code. I actually imported a flight from Simbrief (TDPD/TAPA).
  4. Hi, all/Dave, Recently P2ATC has stopped giving me weather with the announcement 'weather not currently available'. I have the option set to in game weather. I am using the latest (registered) version of FSUIPC v7.4.0 and P2A_2642_x64_with_Navigraph_1801 (with the latest Navigraph AIRAC). I am also using the latest version of MSFS 2020 (SU 14). I also use AivlaSoft EFB v2 and I can get weather from it. I am hoping some light can be shed on the situation as it is really affecting the immersion (can't fly without P2ATC tbh). Thanks much. Hilkiah
  5. Hi can P2A import taxi ways and gates from MSFS? I am using a networked setup and have shared my c:\msfs folder (which contains 2 subfolders: official and community). I have mapped my network share \\msfshostcomputer\msfs as my M: drive on the secondary computer (running P2A). In P2A I set the FSX Root folder to M:\ but when I try to import taxiways and gates it runs MakeRwys but it fails to import anything. I have tried copying the MakeRwys to the M:\Official\OneStore folder but running it there yields the same results. Note P2A works well otherwise using the FSUIPC 7 beta with wideclient. Regards, Hilkiah
  6. BTW my headset is a USB headset which is connected to the main PC. I have a 3.5mm audio cable running from the speaker output of my second computer (P2A) to the line in on my P3D computer so I can hear output from my P2A through the headset on the P3D computer. What I have never been able to figure out is how to get the audio from the usb headset connected to the P3D computer to be sent to the P2A second PC.
  7. Dave would multiplicity allow you to use your mic on your main machine to communicate with P2A on the second machine? Thanks. Hilkiah
  8. Thanks Willy, however I uninstalled EZDok (back to Chaseplane full time).
  9. Hey Willy, Having recently purchased EzDok myself, I like the idea of seamlessly switching between them. I have installed your Switch Camera System app and set my paths correctly. I am running as Admin also. However when I open the program I can't select Chaseplane, SimpleCam, EZDok or NONE. They are all greyed out. Am I missing something?
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