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  1. Hilkiah

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    Can also confirm the problem is related to traffic in UTC. I will have to find the sweet spot. Thanks again.
  2. Hilkiah

    vanishing / disappearing lights

    I use UTL myself and see this problem at various Addons airports (LFPG is notorious for this). Do you use addon traffic yourself? If so what level do you have yours set to?
  3. Only workaround that works, is to access your MFD using the 2d menus.
  4. Hilkiah

    GSX Menu

    Interesting that the mouse selection works for you guys. For me I simply select (mouse) the AS option via the Addons menu, let it quickly flash by and then disappear and then I select (mouse) the GSX menu (which then acts like normal). If if I were to select (mouse) the gsx menu straight it quickly flashes and automatically selects an option. Note I do use numbers for my CP views. Some have suggested changing CP assigned keys (ie don’t use numbers), but that didn’t make a difference for me.
  5. Thanks Willy, however I uninstalled EZDok (back to Chaseplane full time).
  6. Hey Willy, Having recently purchased EzDok myself, I like the idea of seamlessly switching between them. I have installed your Switch Camera System app and set my paths correctly. I am running as Admin also. However when I open the program I can't select Chaseplane, SimpleCam, EZDok or NONE. They are all greyed out. Am I missing something?
  7. Hilkiah

    FreeMesh in P3D v4

    I think the answer is in that link (essentially put it DIRECTLY above Scenery\Bathymetry). I had the same question as you and saw the above post.
  8. I concur. I have 5.124 and the problem persists!
  9. No mate. I am still using my work around.
  10. Hilkiah

    taxi to gate

    Just wanted to inform you that your advice worked well!! Thanks.
  11. Hilkiah

    taxi to gate

    Thanks Dave. That was quick!! I'm going to do another flight KMIA-KCLT. I will try to use the info panel when I land. However one question....According to the info panel with AAL flitered, D25 and D26 are both American Airline gates. Thus why do you think P2ATC refused to allow me to change to D26, even though D26 was free and D25 was occupied?
  12. Hilkiah

    taxi to gate

    Hi I'm using the demo version of P2ATC with p3d 4.2. I landed at KMIA and requested taxi to the gate. I was assigned D25 (I'm was flying an AA livery) however that gate was already assigned (according to GSX). I tried to "request taxi to gate D26" (which was free/unoccupied), however P2ATC kept assigning me to D25. Question, does P2ATC take into consideration AI traffic at the gates when determining availability? How do you request taxi to a specific gate or to change the assigned gate?
  13. Unfortunately for me the 'v' workaround doesn't work. I've done a clean install of P3D and ALL add-ons/flight sim related software. I changed my chaseplane assigned keys to CTRL+F1, F2.... and SHIFT+F1,F2... (before I used the 1,2,3, keys and ALT+1,2,3...) I access Active Sky via the Addon-ons menu. I 've set Pro ATC shortcut key to 'v'. I have FSUIPC 5.123e. Thus I don't use the numeric keys for anything. Yet the problem persists. For me to enjoy use P3D now, I have to use my mouse to select the Add-ons menu and then AS, let the problem happen and then use mouse to select Add-ons GSX or press v for Pro ATC. Really hope LM sorts this out.
  14. Do you use chase plane + gsx + pro ATC + active sky?
  15. Hilkiah

    NUM PAD Issue

    In case you are wondering where to download the new version: http://www.theskylounge.tv/topic/9712-fsuipc-v5123e-for-p3dv42-released/