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  1. If you are using a USB mic, check your power settiings as Windows may be turning the USB off after a period of time.
  2. krono

    P3d Multi Monitor Problem

    Hi If you have the 3 monitors on when you start p3d then as you say drag the picture across all three screens and then press ALT ENTER. This will remove the task bar for you
  3. krono

    Headset Plus Speakers

    Hi Sorry but you are incorrect in saying that a USB headset is needed. If you have 2 soundcards in your computer then 1 can be used for ATC and the other used for the main sound. A USB headset is just another option because it is in essence adding its own card Ken
  4. krono

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Hi I was just reading this and wondering. Are you running on your main pc or your networked pc. If you run on your networked pc all of your flight controls can then be attached to your networked pc. This means that you dont need vJoy etc. will use fsuipc,simmconect or Lvars on you networked pc. As far as sound goes Multiplicity is great on networked machines but I stopped using the audio section from that a couple of years ago but still use everything else multiplicity offers. There is a donation ware software called Voicemeeter Banna that is brilliant for audio on you computer and sim. I use 2 computers and 4 soundcards to run P3d and voicemeeter banana controls them all. It can send the main audio to you main speakers and send ATC audio to your networked machine. I use programes on the networked machine where the main audio is sent back to the main pcs speakers but Pilot2ATC for example is on the networked pc. Ken
  5. Hi Try Simstarter Ng, it does exactly what you are looking for. No more need for batch files.
  6. krono

    Can't Hear P2A sometimes over FSX SE

    Good to hear you found a solution, I had forgotten all about that setting and yes you are correct in saying voicemeeter is a mixer. if you use the VB-Audio Cable This becomes a virtual input that you can set pilot2atc in as its own stream. There is a lot in the program that is not seen at first glance. Ken
  7. krono

    Can't Hear P2A sometimes over FSX SE

    Hi I use a program called voicemeeter banana for all my sound. There are 3 cards running on my main machine and 2 on my network machine. The program is donation ware and although can be fun to program at first once you get use to it you will find it great. There is a lot of info on the net about it since that is how a lot of people make their donation to the program. You will find the home address below. Ken
  8. krono

    Nav2 ADF through headphones

    Hi Dave Im afraid multiplicity will not help here as I started the network PTT stream years ago. FSX or P3d will separate the ATC and engine noises etc to different outputs as you know. It does not however allow you to place the nav frequency codes to a separate output. This means that if you are using headphones for ATC then the vor station codes allways have to go through your main speakers. Since Pilot2ATC reads each VOR station and shows the information on screen I was hoping there was a way to be able to send this information to the same output as the ATC voices. Putting the network system aside even on a single machine setup you cannot have the VOR codes in your headphones and engine noises etc on the main speakers. Thanks for your time Ken
  9. Hi I use two computers to run the flight sim with Pilot2ATC on the client machine. Since P3d does not separate the nav2 or ADF recognition signals they have to go through the main speakers. Is there a way you could implement the Morse recognition signals to be recognized by pilot2atc through MakeRunways for example and then broadcast to the headphones like the ATC is. Thankyou for your great program and time Ken
  10. krono

    Headset recommendation

    I use a pair of Dave Clarkes H10 from ebay with the track IR modified to clip permanently to the headset.Changed the helicopter cord to a general GA cord which allowed the headset to be in stereo without having to rewire the headset. Cant get any more real than that. Ken
  11. Hi Pete I hope you dont mind me chipping in. I have P2A on a network machine programed to a saitek yoke button through Spadnext. I know this is probably different to your setup since you would be using your own programs but I have to have spadnext up and running before P2A or the yoke button will not be recognised even though the green connect button lights up in P2A. Just thought you might need to check your start up sequence. Ken
  12. krono

    No voices in drop down menu

    Thanks for that information Pete, thats something I definitely did not know. Ken
  13. krono

    Switch to outside views

    Hi This is straight from Chaseplane site. Cinematic Mode Cinematic Mode can be manually enabled by clicking the Play button located next to the camera modes in the top-right of the Camera pages. Alternatively, you can enable it from the In-Sim View Selector or via a key or button shortcut set in the Preferences. By default, Cinematic Mode will auto enable after 10 minutes of inactivity when flying above FL180. This behavior can be changed in the preferences. You can also manually interact with the cinematic viewpoint using the same controls you use to move the normal cameras. The following options are available in the Preferences > Camera section of ChasePlane: Change camera angle every X sec.: ChasePlane will automatically change the camera angle after a set amount of time. You can change how long each angle lasts or disable the automatic switching altogether by setting the slider to the left and use a control assignment to do request a new angle instead. Automatic camera motion: Defines how fast the camera is moving the Cinematic Mode. 1x is very slow and 50x is very fast. Zoom offset: If you feel like the aircraft is framed too tight on your display, you can adjust the zoom offset to zoom out or in as desired. Auto-Enable above FL180 after X min.: Set how long it takes before Cinematic Mode automatically enables above FL180 (18,000ft). You can disable this feature by setting the slider to the left. Control override Speed: Sets how fast the camera is going to move if you manually try to control it. Control override Inertia: Sets how smooth the camera is going to move if you manually try to control it. Resetting a specific camera axis You can reset any slider in the Camera > Controls page to the default value by double-clicking the white slider knob. Alternatively, you can directly input a position in the text box located next to the slider Here is the URL Ken
  14. krono

    Switch to outside views

    Hi If you have chase plane it is set to change to outside cinematic view after a period of time. This can be turned off if not wanted. I use a button on my yoke to turn it on or off.I use an older Razer Nastromo for TrackIR pause plus quite a few of the commands you dont want in your flight controls so that I never have to reach for the keyboard since its foot print is much smaller and less intrusive. Ken
  15. krono

    No voices in drop down menu

    Hi Make sure you have the 64 bit voices as P2A will not even recognize the 32 bit voices. Ken