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  1. Hi i will jump in here. SpadNext when you get use to it us in a word awsome. I use Saitek yoke, pedals, Fip, Switch panel, Auto pilot panel, radio panel, a Derek Spears board and a PacLed64 board controlling another 42 leds 22 switches and 8 encoders all running with the use of this program. There are numerous downloads on the site for different boards and planes from all over on the site to get you going. You dont have to buy the full licence to start with, in fact I still havnt but Connex (the owner) is extremelly helpfull. You can try the program on a trial ( I cant remember how long) to see if it is for you. By the way I am also a Beta tester but definetly not a salesman. Ken
  2. Hi Have you seen Sim Shaker for aviators. I use it with 2 buttkickers in P3d and DSC. No need for opus any more as I found these effects better, using a Sound blaster play usb card through to a standard amp to the buttkickers. I have found this set up a lot better than when I was using buttkickers own amps actually. This link will give you an idea Ken
  3. Here you go Yair Since I dont use Xplane I cannot help you there ,hopefully someone else can. Ken
  4. Hi If you use the program "Scp Toolkit" to configure the playstation joy as an Xbox joy then ChasePlane works perfectly. Here's a quick video Ken
  5. Hi Keven thanks for the answer, I hope I didn't sound too abrupt as I only meant it as a suggestion for later. I am enjoying using Chase Plane at the moment and will watch its growth as time goes on. I had read the presets section in the manual but it hadnt clicked as to the shortcut as at the moment I have only kept 1 outside camera to each plane. Ken
  6. Hi At the moment unless I am mistaken it is only possible to program an axis to one particular controller. This means that if you are using TrackIR for inside camera views you cannot then map an XBOX contoller axis to the outside views or even use the hat switch on a yoke. Having multiple axis for different views would make the system a whole lot friendlier. One other question is can different outside cameras be programed to a short cut per plane so that you can go straight to a specific camera are do you have to rotate through the views to the one you want. Thanks for the program it is looking very very promising at the moment. Ken
  7. Hi I keep seeing people saying 1 download a day. This is incorrect, if you read the original statement it was 1 download a day of each download. I have been merrily downloading today and installing into a new system. Ken Ennis
  8. Bill would run perfectly well with your HOTAS it has to be told what control equipment to use so if you dont want it to effect the HOTAS you simply don't program it in. There is a bit of a learning curve in but the forum is good and there are a lot of online profiles people have put on. Ken
  9. Hi You dont actually use vpilot. The link I gave originally came from vpilot showing how to set up the button through FSuipc. Page 2 and 3 show you the settings you need. A better way to run your PTT switch is as I said in the last post. If you are using for your controls then all your controls can be on the networked machine and you can select the PTT switch through the normal way in P2A. Just a thought. Ken
  10. Hi If you use you can have all of your controls on the networked machine. Doing this allows the PTT switch to be used normally with Pilot2ATC without any extra work. works on FSX P3d and x-plane so good luck. Ken
  11. fsx-ms

    Richard You should not be worried about the voice commands. They may of take a while to get use to but once you have them under your belt they are purely awesome to use, they add a lot to the experience. Ken
  12. Hi I should of added this earlier. Multiplicity is by edgerunner, the address is below Ken
  13. Hi I have my head phones connected to the main computer running p3d. I use a program called Multiplicity that enables the use of one mose and keyboard over networked computers. In fact when Multiplicity is connected you cannot tell most of the time that you are on networked machines. You simply move your mouse over to the screen and your mouse is automatically connected. This program also has an audio to it that allows the sound from my second machine to be played through my main computer. By getting my main computer to send this input to my headphones I can use the headphones normally for P3d on the main computer while also using my heaphones with networked programs like Pilot2ATC and FSFlyingSchool which are both networked at the same time. So you only use 1 set of headphones, 1 mouse and 1 keyboard all plugged into the main computer. This gives P3d through main speakers and ATC through headphones. I almost forgot, my microphone is connected to the networked machine for the verbal inputs. I hope this can help someone. Ken
  14. Hi Pero I have been looking at the scripts above and it looks like the apply global-hybrid is not working as yet. Sorry to have jumped the gun so to speak. Ken
  15. Hi Pero I didnt realise you were going through Orbx forums. If you look at this an answer from Ben McClintock you will find the command lines you are looking for Here are the major arguments available for FTX Central v2: /nogui This will make FTX Central v2 terminate as soon as it has finished changing the group. /sim:<sim_name> This chooses the simulator that the change will be applied to. At the moment, the available sim_name's are: fsx, p3dv1 and p3dv2. If you do not enter a name, then a dialog will appear asking you to choose a simulator (unless you only have 1 sim installed). This command could also be useful if want to launch FTX Central v2 into a certain simulator mode without having the dialog box appear. (i.e. if you want a "FTXC (FSX)" or "FTXC (P3D)" shortcut on your desktop. /apply:<group_name> This will apply a group as soon as FTX Central v2 has started. The current group_name options are: ftx_off (Default - don't use this if you have FTX Global), northamerica (North America), australia (Oceania), global_base (FTX Global), global_hybrid (FTX Global with Hybrid Mode) and europe (Europe). Examples Start FTXC in P3Dv2 mode: "%localappdata%\Orbx\FTXCentral\FTXCentral.exe" /sim:p3dv2 Start FTXC in FSX mode, apply the North American group, then close: "%localappdata%\Orbx\FTXCentral\FTXCentral.exe" /sim:fsx /apply:northamerica /nogui Start FTXC in P3Dv2 mode, apply FTX Global with hybrid, then close: "%localappdata%\Orbx\FTXCentral\FTXCentral.exe" /sim:p3dv2 /apply:global_hybrid /nogui Ken