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  1. Hi On the LM site under new features they say Realistic sky, clouds, and atmosphere with Simul trueSKY integration. If you google it you get This definitely looks worth it. Also wave work 2 looks good https://developer.nvidia.com/waveworks
  2. Hi jlund you need to look at this as a team is making ai planes follow the runways in P3d4
  3. Hi Reading through the list of programs mentioned no one has as yet said Pilot2ATC. The program has your moving map in a few types. It gives you the taxi path to the runway or gate and a lot more. I use it on a separate pc on its own screen. Ken
  4. Hi I use "SimShaker for Aviators" that gives a good ouput for buttkickers in my pit. I have 2 kickers attached to my chair in sterio through this app and I find it works well. Ken https://andres.shop/software/20-simshaker-for-dcsw-sound-module-key.html
  5. Hi I had the same problem. After reading through forums it was touted as an antivirus problem. I had to turn off Windows Defender and the reinstall and register again and all was fine. Ken
  6. I Agree totally with Stefan since I have been using voicemeeter for a long time. If you need more channels the voiemeeter potato has up to 5 inputs for a small price. I use Voicemeeter banana on my second pc and voicemeeter potato on the main pc. Here is a link by Frugal on his thoughts Ken
  7. Im on P3d4 and use an app "Twomon Pc" to an android pad for Panel Builder. Makes the pad additional screen with no difference to your frame rates. The app is about $14 AUD from the windows app store. Ken
  8. I have to agree since I have been using Voicemeeter across two networked computers for a couple of years in P3d. Good to see someone else using it.🙂
  9. SimStarter NG from Aerosoft has updated today and is now compatible with P3d V4.5 😎
  10. I have to agree about the TCP being flimsy. Mine was taped together for a while but I eventually stripped it and used one side of the unit with new leds attached to a headset permanently. It takes the hassle of headset moving all the time.
  11. I always use it. Once you have your profile set up correctly to your own taste and your camera in the right spot its great. I have the TIR mounted to the top of the main screen.
  12. This statement is misleading. If you read the full statement from Aerosoft it is only their own software that is ok which does not include any of the software sold with their name branded on. SimStarter NG will not be ready until after Easter, so maybe 2 weeks time
  13. Just a note here that it is only the software Aerosoft that they have done themselves and not the software with thier names added. Even then I thought that SimStarter NG was an Aeorosoft product only And it is not usable since it does not recognize P3dv4.5 at the moment. Ken
  14. If you use pilot2ATC you can click on the frequency onscreen if you want to automatically go to the correct frequency
  15. Hi Bob If you use a program called Multiplicity you can use 1 mouse and 1 keyboard over multiple PCs. I just had a look at their web site to get the address for you and also noticed they have a 50% off the price sale on at the moment . Here is the web address https://www.stardock.com/products/multiplicity/ Ken
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