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  1. Well I push the slider with in AS for cloud drawing distance 250. I have a 1080TI I hope it can handle this setting.
  2. Thank you , that makes sense . Its good to know that I am not the only reporting the same problem . How strange with other weather engine the clouds seem to be everywhere . That's how it is in the rw when I travel on long hauls most of the time. Such a great experience that I thought LM found the magic bullet when I first saw this. Hope to see it again . I will have a look in the AS forum . By the way I am doing a long haul right now from YMML to TJSJ. ETE is about 17:30hr. I have yet to experience the same cloud coverage stretching all the way to the horizon despite the weather updating every 15 minutes .
  3. Hi is there any way to increase the clouds drawing distance with active sky + true sky? I remember using FSGRW and having some amazing clouds covering more than 120nm radius. So much clouds that I was very impress. So far in active sky I haven't seen this reproduce like in FSGRW.
  4. It did a few takeoff and landing but didn't see any texture issues. This is was with the Default QW livery.
  5. She flys amazing . Did a few takeoff and landing at YMML with AS in V5 great performance no lag even with overcast condition.
  6. Great I was hoping it wasn't like my X52 from Saitek that without the throttle the stick won't work.
  7. Excuse me to revive this thread , does the warthog works very well today with aircraft such as FSLAB A320 ? I am looking to purchase this side stick. Only the side stick not the throttle. I am coming from and old X52 Saitek. I just want to know if its worth the investment , also if it works without the throttle just the side stick ?
  8. Good thing I found this post I was about to order the same product . Thank you avsim , and thank you to the OP and others.
  9. Do we really need to uninstall every addon install currently on V5?
  10. Could take HIFI a week or 2 after LM release the hotfix for P3D V5.
  11. If you get it to work please report back, I am looking to give this a try. I am just curious to know if there are any clouds instantly pop up when the weather is being loaded from time to time ?
  12. Great news guys , is there any other support beside active sky ?
  13. That's not true , if you purchase some of the scenery we have today for p3d v5 , they work without no issues at all.
  14. The initial problem on release was what got a lot of folks to pull away from EF. I was one of the first to purchase it on release day. Now with V5 Reed might be working on something new either for EF or SF even both. The new true sky technology as I see it still label as Beta in p3dV5. I wonder whats going to happen with the progress active sky or any other weather engine has made. I think the best option for developers is to wait for a hotfix or maybe there current work right now might go to waste when the next hotfix comes out .
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