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  1. Hi guys, does anyone uses Foreflight Trip Assistant? I found this feature to be pretty amazing and very helpful. If you fly long hauls on a general aviation aircraft or commercial i found this feature to be very helpful. I've always wish for and app that calculates fuel stops best for you. For example pushing at A320 or 737 to fly around the world and having this feature recommends you where to stop for fuel. I've use several flight planning apps in the past but always found this feature to be missing. I don't know if pfpx has this fuel stops calculation feature ,but if it did i would find it to be amazing. If anyone care to share your thoughts on this. Also if you have any other suggestion from and app that does similar work please share your suggestion? Here is flight im currently planning which is from FSIA Seychelles International to KVEL Vernal Regional. This is what Trip Assistant did for me
  2. This happen to me on every single aircraft . The rudder is too sensitive I realize that now that I hardly touch the rudder I can land on the centerline without issue. I did however made some correction might seem odd but there is an option to configure left /right rudder axis . I just set each axis to it corresponding control. In other sim one axis would control the rudder either if it was left or right rudder the same axis would control all. Now with this new sim you can assign rudder axis individually which came to a surprise to me. It is giving me better control but I try not to aggressively use the rudder. Its like trying not to wake up a baby lol
  3. Seem a lot of user are having the Hard Drift when landing or takeoff . I have the Thrustmaster Warthog , using Saitek rudder pedals , I am currently facing this hard drive left when landing . I manage to land centerline then I get this hard drift left that pulls the aircraft to the left drastically , when trying to correct this it gets even worst it lift from one side. Doesn't matter the weather .
  4. Thanks I will consider the premium deluxe after trying the standard version. Yes this exactly my plan. Can't wait for this new sim .
  5. Actually No. I get this message saying this game is a bundle on the game pass app. That's why I had to ask if game pass give you access to the premium deluxe.
  6. Oh well standard it is out of the box. I sign up for game pass subscription for one month. It only cost me 1USD for the first month . Depending how I feel about the standard then I will mostly likely make the jump to Premium Deluxe.
  7. My question is does game pass lets you try out the Premium Deluxe or is it just standard ?
  8. Hi everyone is it normal that orbx installs 2 Orbx Library in V5? Its label as FTXAA_ORBXLIBS(1) & FTXAA_ORBXLIBS(2)
  9. Well I push the slider with in AS for cloud drawing distance 250. I have a 1080TI I hope it can handle this setting.
  10. Thank you , that makes sense . Its good to know that I am not the only reporting the same problem . How strange with other weather engine the clouds seem to be everywhere . That's how it is in the rw when I travel on long hauls most of the time. Such a great experience that I thought LM found the magic bullet when I first saw this. Hope to see it again . I will have a look in the AS forum . By the way I am doing a long haul right now from YMML to TJSJ. ETE is about 17:30hr. I have yet to experience the same cloud coverage stretching all the way to the horizon despite the weather updating every 15 minutes .
  11. Hi is there any way to increase the clouds drawing distance with active sky + true sky? I remember using FSGRW and having some amazing clouds covering more than 120nm radius. So much clouds that I was very impress. So far in active sky I haven't seen this reproduce like in FSGRW.
  12. It did a few takeoff and landing but didn't see any texture issues. This is was with the Default QW livery.
  13. She flys amazing . Did a few takeoff and landing at YMML with AS in V5 great performance no lag even with overcast condition.
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