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  1. Nickbe

    Aircraft system malfunctions Falcon 50

    Mark, Hi! Falcon 50 v.1.4. Again noticed a bug, when not working backlight on the buttons of the control for generators, signs - "fasten your seatbelt" and highlighting on the buttons of the autopilot in the VC. The sequence was this: after loading the aircraft, I turned off the avionics, turned off the engines, alternators, pumps, generators and batteries. In the previous flight, with the same sequence of actions, after refueling and flight planning, I started the engines, turned on all the systems and the flight was without problems. But this time, before starting the engines, I made a small change in the properties of the P3D4.4 graphics through the menu and the terrain was rebooted. After that, I started the engines and systems and there was a problem with backlight on the buttons, as I described above. In addition, I still do not work TCAS. Perhaps the reason for this is that the traffic in the simulator is disabled and I'm using Flight1 Ultimate Traffic Live.
  2. Nickbe

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    And I've already done a lot of flying on Falcon 50 from another FlySimware, and it was very good. I need to know how the Proline21 is made now in Carenado. If it is good, then there is a chance of flying on this bird.
  3. Nickbe

    Falcon 50 Artifacts in Cockpit view

    Once upon a time, a similar problem was with the PMDG Jetstream 41. This is corrected when you load the FSX default Cessna first, and then the reload our plane. Maybe this will help in this case?
  4. Nickbe

    Falcon 50 performance data

    Some useful information about Falcon 50 with Garrett TFE 731-3-1C can be found here:
  5. Nickbe

    Flysimware's Falcon 50 Demo on YouTube

    Hi, Mark! Please check with P3D4 how the autopilot will work if we only use Flight director before switching autopilot on. After switching on the autopilot, whether the modes will be displayed on the autopilot buttons. Another problem - the reaction to the Yoke deflection seems very sensitive,as on a fighter plane. Here, perhaps there is a fsuipc fault where all my joystick axis assignments are made as Direct mode. P.S. And please forgive my English. I know that he's terrible... 🙂
  6. Nickbe

    Flysimware's Falcon 50 Demo on YouTube

    In my opinion, it looks great. Some screenshots from Prepar3D 4.4:
  7. Nickbe

    Aircraft system malfunctions Falcon 50

    I made a new flight today. When loading the aircraft, I did not choose the option "All system off" and turned off the engines and systems manually. After starting the engines, all systems worked correctly and after turning on the avionics, all radio modules worked correctly. However, after takeoff, I discovered a new problem. Originally I made the takeoff with the Flight director in the NAV mode connected to a GPS, controlling the flight manually with disconnected the autopilot. After 10000ft I just connected the autopilot and the autopilot mode panel has ceased to be highlighted in green all active modes. Pressing the mode button (for example, ALT) - enabled this autopilot mode, but the button was not highlighted. Please, any help that I'm doing wrong?
  8. Nickbe

    Aircraft system malfunctions Falcon 50

    Yes, certainly. And all the other instruments are working. I'll check all again today.
  9. Hello! I have a question about aircraft system malfunctions. Whether the fault at the completion of the flight, if not clicked the option "Repair Now"? The question I have for the reason that in the first flight all the systems worked properly. But when loading the aircraft on another day, all systems worked fine but there is no indication in the radio for COM1/NAV1 and COM2/NAV2. The ADF1 / ADF2 indication is active. The inverters are connected and there is no fault indication. I will be grateful for any answer why this can happen. My best regards.
  10. Nickbe


    Q400-the model is unique in that it uses an external flight dynamics module, so it does not give information about flight parameters to simconnect. Therefore, ChasePlane as well as other well-known camera control software can not properly apply the effects for this aircraft. When you use a ChasePlane just remove all the effects of the movement and fly. Another program to camera control the makes for Q400 a little more effects, but it does not work the effect of dynamic movement of the pilot's head with the Q400.
  11. Nickbe

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Download link for 2.8 version... Support latest P3D , also support all version P3D v3.xx v4.xx FSX , FSX-Steam Edition. Fixed ZOOM issue (mouse wheel) in Aircraft cameras.
  12. Hi! Try as an experiment, remove from the aircraft.cfg file (A2A Connie folder) all sections [CameraDefinition.XXX]. Backup this aircraf.cfg to bring back if this experiment does not help solve the problem.
  13. Nickbe

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    Hi! I'm from the EZdok development team. I can just say that we paid a lot of attention to the different effects that make the perception of the flight real. We made the shaking of the pilot's camera dependent on turbulence (turbulence values are taken directly from ActiveSky), shaking depending on the engine RPM (if you fly on small GA aircraft), shaking from the landing gear and flaps. We pay much attention to the realism of the flight. Now we are conducting a closed beta test of the new version of Ezdok Camera 3 with improved interface and new features. Soon it will be available, I think until Christmas. Soon we will be able to offer a new reality, but the existing version of EZCA v2 on the realism of the effects of flight is what we are proud of.
  14. Nickbe

    EZDOK V2 not connecting with p3d V4

    Hi! EZCA v2.0.2.25 not compatible with P3D 4.3. Install the version Download Just install it over v.
  15. Nickbe

    Nosewheel Steering Problem

    Do you have version EZCA installed?