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  1. I miss RealAir too. This topic is a walk through the pages of memory. Thank you all. I miss the days when the study of complex aircraft itself was a pleasure. A little bit from my archives: 🙂 SF260 RealAir Aeroworx KingAir B200 Project Tupolev freeware. ProTu TU-154-B2.
  2. I think the problem with taxiing is not directly related to PMDG. I noticed the same problem with another plane. It seems to me that the problem with the scenery of the airport where taxiing. It is worth trying to load PMDG 737 in any default port and check how the taxiing will take place. It just occurred to me and I'll check it out tonight. Why I had this thought - immediately after updating AAU1 MSFS, my DC3 (Duckworks) got stuck and did not move at LYTV Tivat airport when takeoff from the RW14. This has never happened before the MSFS update. It seems that the root of the problem is in outdated scenery. I'll check it out.
  3. Nickbe, 

    I have been working for the past 6 hours to try to get EZDock 3 professional to work.  I purchased it through Flight 1 and have researched everywhere for answers.

    I use windows 11, 

    Edition    Windows 11 Pro
    Version    22H2
    Installed on    ‎12/‎15/‎2022
    OS build    22621.1194
    Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22638.1000.0

    Prepar3D v5

    File Version:

    Product Version


    It installs fine but it does not show in the addons menu.  When I use the configure program it hides the Virtual Cockpit etc.  

    I then download the windows 11 patch (EZCA for P3D for simconnect 11 and attempt to use the config.exe tool to change the Simconnect to version 11.  I get a message that I need to install the patch manually.  I do so using administrator rights with the Defender Antivirus disabled.  I again attempt to run the patch and it states that it has patched successfully.  Then when instructed to use the Configuration tool and I get the Message, "Configure tool can not found simconnects. Please install EZSC Loader Manually. Placed: C:\ProgramFiles\EZCA#.1\EZsc_loader" After I install the patch the Configure tool no longer gives me the drop down to choose Simconnect 11.  Before I install the patch I am able to choose advanced and Simconnect v 10.0.61259.0 is displayed.  

    At this point I have lost the P3D camera presets and I am unable to use EZDock.  I spent a lot of research on what camera addon to purchase i.e. chase plane vs EZDock.  I noticed that you stated to many just give it a try you can always get your money back and additionally I have read positive reviews.  I would very much like to resolve this issue and use EZdock but I am stuck.  As mentioned I would love to use this product but can not find any good support.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.  Regards, Mickey

  4. After watching a video about this King Air, I remembered the happy times of FS9 and Aeroworx King Air. It was then very detailed and fun. That was the first time I learned what a "Hot Start" is that can damage the engine. Here now I see a very detailed implementation of this interesting aircraft. This is a Must Have.
  5. Thanks for the interesting stories. You always show an interesting description of what surrounds the flight. It attracts and fascinates to make a flight in places where you have already visited.
  6. An interesting flight. And Kodiak is very interesting when you control the flight with your hands. Unfortunately, I haven't flown it for a long time, I was fascinated by the FSW C414 and the Caravan (Black Square C208 Analog), but your flight reminded me that the Kodiak has been gathering dust in the hangar for a long time. And the next flight I will definitely fly on it.
  7. Thank you, friends, for appreciating this sketch. And a very big thank you to Mark from Flysimware that he was able to make such a beautiful plane. All my recent flights I do only on this beautiful bird. I have been a fan of simulators since 1989, and all MSFS simulators (and LM P3D too) have been with me for many years. But now, I get great pleasure from the flight that we can have now in MSFS and with C414 it is especially immersing in reality. I haven't flown a real plane (AN-2) for more than 20 years, but now I feel a new reality with a new simulator. This is very pleasing and gives optimism in this difficult life in our time. Good day to all and have great flights.
  8. When we made the EZdok camera for FSX and P3D, we could change the assignments of the simulator keys. How to implement this in MSFS without conflicts when using the keyboard, I do not see a solution. Therefore, even if the SDK provides access to full camera management, I cannot imagine the functionality of the camera management similar to what we saw in P3D/FSX. Another thing is the camera effects, I looked at how it was done in FSRealistic and it's not bad. But in my opinion, there is a lack of a realistic DHM (Dynamic Head Movement) implementation.
  9. The FSW C414 is the best thing I've flown in MSFS so far, of course if we're talking about piston-prop engines.
  10. Such a topic with similar questions has appeared many times already. I will answer from my own experience. All my 100% flights lately are pmdg737 at long range and FSW C414 at medium distance. The 414 is so good that a couple of years ago, it was impossible to imagine that one day we would be able to fly on such a wonderful plane, which is very similar to the real one.
  11. The beautiful thing is that it doesn't die. I have long found both Ponsky and Pandenorosa. And it already lives in me. And a lot has changed over the years. Now we are looking for a complete visual reality and forget to follow the accuracy. . It was the time of the search and we were flying for real then. And Fred brought joy, carefree times we have seen. We smile, it makes us young.
  12. I didn't see any camera effects on the video. I noticed only the shaking of the aircraft fuselage. In my opinion, it doesn't look realistic.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, quite recently there was a similar topic on the forum - 310 vs 414. Those of us who fly real planes in real life then said - you don't have to choose one, you have to take both. And I completely agree with them. But even though I have both of these planes, I still takeoff on the C414 much more often. It perfectly immerses in the atmosphere of the 70s, even with modern GTN 750 displays. I vote for both models, but if only one is needed, then 414!
  14. Hi! ESCA 3 is not officially compatible with DASH8Q400. Most likely, only a temporary EZCA OFF remains the only solution.
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