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  1. Hi! ESCA 3 is not officially compatible with DASH8Q400. Most likely, only a temporary EZCA OFF remains the only solution.
  2. Who got the simconnect problem with EZdok Camera 3 after upgrading to Win 11 - a solution appeared. https://www.simforums.com/forums/ezca-3-1-for-p3d-v5-here-beta_topic63649_post415002.html#415002
  3. I use the settings: pre-cash=Ultra, Terrain=300 and vsync=30 and I completely lack stuttering, but my GPU is RTX2060 and not AMD.
  4. Try set Off Screen Terrain Pre-Caching to Ultra (Graphics settings).
  5. I, too, once became a Commercial Member as a developer EZdok. We now have all messages highlighted with a beautiful yellow frame.:) And on the subject: I'm already flying on MV PC6, but I'm really looking forward to your version of Porter. Special attention will be paid to the flight dynamics and beta mode. Milviz used invisible spoilers to implement the beta mode, as I understood.
  6. I hope everything is still working as it should. But the last update was 2018. But nevertheless, Win10 is supported. I haven't checked it myself for a long time, but maybe it will help someone. It's just that I noticed that someone is interested in this right now. @Cristian Alonso https://github.com/shauleiz/vJoy
  7. The IL-62 and VC-10 were simply grandiose aircraft of their era. In those years, the development of aviation and especially large and long-range aircraft was at the very forefront of progress and now it is difficult to say which of the aircraft was more technologically advanced. Unfortunately, I have never flown as a passenger on the Il-62, although at the same time I was lucky to fly as a passenger on the Tu-154, Tu-134, An-24, Yak-40, L-410 and An-2. I still think that the IL-62 is a particularly grandiose and simply beautiful aircraft from the outside, which was created in the USSR.
  8. These "Misty" scenarios have always been my favorite place when flying through the bushes. Now that modern MSFS technologies have made quite a real Alaska, our return to Misty Mooring will be especially exciting. I loved it before, and I want to go back to Misty place again now.
  9. If all goes according to plan, the EZCA3 adaptation for P3D5.2 will be available as early as next Tuesday or Wednesday. We are waiting for our chief programmer to return from vacation. A little patience.
  10. Once upon a time, in 1996, I had a great sound card in my computer - Turtle Beach Tropez Plus. This company was on top. I didn't even know the Turtle Beach Company still existed. Very interesting news, it will be bad if the purchase is available only in the United States.
  11. Just a little sketch. Arrow IV Turbo! I continue to enjoy the power of this bird. Mountains are not a barrier.
  12. It's a beautiful day. Great weather. Powerful turbo engine. It was just a short flight from Anapa to Sochi. 6 cylinders, at full power gave excellent speed. The main thing is not to overheat this engine, I told myself. The flight was wonderful. Even the wind died down when I took the glide path. This plane, so far the only one in MSFS, I'm talking about small piston planes, which really wants to be like a real one.
  13. Your vote can help with this. For the appearance of the camera manager in MSFS, we need several functions from Asobo. https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/idea/232/camera-api.html
  14. I also noticed a very strange reaction of the Arrow III to turbulence. But the new JF Arrow IV turbo model reacts to the weather in a completely different way, very naturally. Perhaps this is a problem with the dynamics of the first (Arrow III) model?
  15. Yes, I will. I'll just be at the MSFS computer tomorrow. In any case, we have a great solution from @Chock 😉.
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