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  1. Hi! Try as an experiment, remove from the aircraft.cfg file (A2A Connie folder) all sections [CameraDefinition.XXX]. Backup this aircraf.cfg to bring back if this experiment does not help solve the problem.
  2. Nickbe

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    Hi! I'm from the EZdok development team. I can just say that we paid a lot of attention to the different effects that make the perception of the flight real. We made the shaking of the pilot's camera dependent on turbulence (turbulence values are taken directly from ActiveSky), shaking depending on the engine RPM (if you fly on small GA aircraft), shaking from the landing gear and flaps. We pay much attention to the realism of the flight. Now we are conducting a closed beta test of the new version of Ezdok Camera 3 with improved interface and new features. Soon it will be available, I think until Christmas. Soon we will be able to offer a new reality, but the existing version of EZCA v2 on the realism of the effects of flight is what we are proud of.
  3. Nickbe

    EZDOK V2 not connecting with p3d V4

    Hi! EZCA v2.0.2.25 not compatible with P3D 4.3. Install the version Download Just install it over v.
  4. Nickbe

    Nosewheel Steering Problem

    Do you have version EZCA installed?
  5. Nickbe

    Chaseplane (ezdok) question

    Greg, Hi! As one of the Ezdok developers, I just want to point out that our support team is working on the forum: (you can see for yourself). About the complexity of our UI, you can see our videos on the channel: and I can remind you that we have a refund within 30 days, so if you do not like Ezdok2 you can get your money back. And finally - we continue to development, ahead of a big update which we will tell in October.
  6. Nickbe

    Trouble with flight controls.

    Update EZCA2 to version
  7. Nickbe

    Looking for documentation, manuals

    8 years ago I posted all available documentation for 747RFP on the Russian Flysim website. Look here: ====
  8. Nickbe

    EZ-Doc vs Chaseplane

    I don't have a 737 from iFly at all, so the video is PMDG 737. If you are confused by the classic version of MCP, I like it and it's all configurable through the CDU in PMDG 737 aircraft. 🙂
  9. Nickbe

    EZ-Doc vs Chaseplane

    I really want to see a video of ChasePlane making reality in a flight simulator. Let someone on the video show what ChasePlane effects. All I've seen is usually ChasePlane users have all effects off. Show me a good effect of Chase Plane in real operation and I believe that this program also has a focus on realism.
  10. Nickbe

    EZ-Doc vs Chaseplane

    Once there was a question about the impact of Ezdok2 on the behavior of PMDG 737 when landing on ILS. I then made a couple of videos, first in P3D3, then in P3D4 to prove that EZdok2 doesn't interfere with the autopilot. In the first video landing turned out a little to the right of the line, most likely it is a problem with ULLI old scenary, but the second Video proved that EZdok is good friends with PMDG. Below are both of these videos, you can see how the effects of the camera in EZdok v2. P3D3: P3D4:
  11. Nickbe

    EZ-Doc vs Chaseplane

    Hi! I just want to point out that EZdok doesn't use physics and dynamics from addon models. Ezdok has one of its features that is compatible not for all aircraft - it is shaking the fuselage, allowing you to make interesting effects on light aircraft. This feature can be disabled, so as not to disturb the physics of complex models such as PMDG, Majestic, etc. And we as developers are proud of the effects processor to accurately simulate the shaking of the head of the pilot and camera. In addition, we have direct integration with HIFI Active Sky allowing us to take real-time turbulence information from the weather engine.
  12. Nickbe

    747 and P3D V4.3

    Hi! None of the owners of the PMDG 747 have reported a similar issue using Ezdok Camera v2.
  13. For P3D4 I would be looking in the direction of the i5-8600K in combination with the Intel Z370. This is a real 6 cores working steadily in overclocing to 4.5 GHz with a good air cooling system. In addition, Intel promises that the new processors 9XXX will work with this chipset, so in the future you can always make an upgrade if you will not have enough power.
  14. Nickbe

    Ezdok problems

    The "Components is registered.Restart application" message appears if EZCA2 has been uninstalled and one of the updates ( has been installed. Updates are not a full installation of the program. Be sure to install the version 2.0 of the Flight1 installer (wrapper) when you completely reinstall EZCA2 and then install the latest update (currently
  15. Nickbe

    Ezdok problems

    You need reinstall with Flight1 wrapper EZCA 2.0, then update to