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  1. https://github.com/laurinius/MSFSTrafficService
  2. I also lived in St. Petersburg for many years, more than 15. And I was repare an American man's laptop once. We talked a lot about various interesting topics and then I found out that he the 80s flew on the SR71 and photographed the locations of Soviet submarines. We discussed this with humor sitting in a cafe on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. Very unlikely, but maybe it was you? 🙂
  3. The Lear 35 from Flysimware was my favorite aircraft in P3D. But times are changing and I am now completely immersed in the new MSFS. A very big hope now is the C414 in the new simulator.
  4. Russian is my native language. But in 2004, when I was studying PT Tu-154 (FS9) I had to take a quick flight school course to understand how this plane works. I read the "РЛЭ" (FCOM) for 3 months to understand all the features. No wonder the crew of the plane was 5 people. But it was a lot of fun. 😉
  5. The main difference between the 154M and the 154B2 is more fuel-efficient engines. There are also differences in the mechanization of the wing (flaps, slats) and another adjustable stabilizer. Therefore, piloting is different. The flight engineer panel is significantly different.
  6. Hi all! There is a good video from the RL pilot instructor about this Piper Arrow. At the 50-minute mark, there is a stall test. Before watching this video, I assumed that the implementation of stalling is not entirely realistic. Now I've changed my mind.
  7. No, it's a very long time on the deck of a ship. My Piper was brought to the island inside AN-124. 😉
  8. An amazing journey through Easter Island. Beautiful free scenarios that allowed you to make this walk: https://flightsim.to/file/3830/ahu-tongariki-moai-sculptures-easter-island-chile https://flightsim.to/file/4077/anakena-beach-easter-island-with-moai-statues Piper Arrow-this is certainly not a bush plane, but the landing gear with dignity withstood landing and takeoff over bumps. 🙂
  9. I think you can lose your weather radar and terrain mapping with it. 🙂 But you will be able to carry a lot more passengers.
  10. It was a very short flight. I didn't think the icing on the plane would be this bad. I just decided to fly to the goal. And when the airport was nearby, I trusted the instruments (I already had the ILS set up). And I still made a successful landing. But all my way to the landing was only on the instruments. But it was a lot of fun. In this simulator, I always get a lot of interesting things. Light aircraft can also fly when the weather is difficult. Modern navigation devices (Garmin, thanks!) can always give help.
  11. On the site avsim.su, a map of Russia's scenarios has been published (mostly conversions of free X-plane scenarios). The author of the Sochi conversion (URSS) - Borat Sagdiev, converted many Russian airports with the consent of their authors.
  12. A wonderful plane, an interesting airport. Sunset. Have a nice flight to all of you!
  13. Yes, after watching the video, I admit that the compass rose is spinning. But there is a possibility that different versions of the gauges could be installed on the plane. And one of them didn't spin.😉
  14. I am quite sure that the direction indicator is implemented correctly. The current direction is indicated by the rotating pin. The indicator on the AN-24 is implemented in a similar way. There is also a fixed rose - and the heading direction is indicated by the rotating symbol of the plane.
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